CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann’s former New Hampshire staffers say they were deceived and treated as second-class citizens before they quit in frustration last week.

In a news release, the five former staffers said they hold no ill will toward the Minnesota congresswoman, but they could not continue working for her given their treatment by members of her national team. They did not get into details, but characterized the national team’s behavior as “rude, unprofessional, dishonest, and at times cruel,” toward the New Hampshire staff, and “abrasive, discourteous, and dismissive” of the state’s voters.

WCCO’s Chad Hartman Interviews New Hampshire Campaign Staffer

“These are our neighbors and our friends, and some within the national team treated them more as a nuisance than as potential supporters,” the group wrote.

Bachmann’s spokeswoman did not return a call seeking comment Monday.

Bachmann has focused her campaign on Iowa and South Carolina, where her social conservative message has more appeal. She has visited New Hampshire just twice since announcing her campaign in late June, and during her latest trip earlier this month, blamed her absence on the August debate in Congress over raising the nation’s debt limit. While other candidates have been traveling to New Hampshire last week and this week to formally sign up to get on the ballot for the yet-to-be scheduled New Hampshire primary, Bachmann’s campaign told the secretary of state’s office last week it might send her paperwork by mail.

In their statement issued Sunday, the former staffers also tried to clarify confusion that arose Friday when Bachmann’s national spokeswoman said she had not been notified that any New Hampshire workers had quit. The group said Jeff Chidester, Bachmann’s New Hampshire campaign manager, quit on Thursday, sending an e-mail to a national official saying that while he was “done,” others might be interested in staying if national officials reached out to them.

The other four staffers quit on Friday after their efforts to get in touch with the national team to discuss their concerns were ignored, they said.

The staffers said all five of them had been full-time, paid employees until Sept. 11, when they were asked to temporarily go “off payroll” due to financial concerns.

“It saddens this team to see a dedicated patriot — a person so desperately needed in the White House — sequestered behind a wall of pretense, guarded by political operatives consumed by their own egos,” the group wrote.

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Comments (27)
  1. James P. Stout says:

    Much ado about nothing. Ms Bachmann seems to have the same attitude toward staffers as she does toward facts: ignore them when inconvenient.

    1. Earn it! says:

      I love how the libs come out as soon as they here the word MB wise up people she is a non factor in this race I under stand that the left wants everything for free sit on your butts and collect a check free food free rent,you people have been suckered by a man who you think is god so put away the obama shrine blow out the candles he will not save you.

      1. AWOLGolfer says:

        I think instead of commenting, you should go back to school and learn how to create full sentences along with the use of punctuation!

        1. Little Tin God says:

          You forgot to mention spelling. But then, this is the kind of person that actually believes the BS that MB spews.

      2. Exp says:

        @Earn It!: Wow… could you possibly have tried to pull out any more stereotypes against Democrats, all the while proving the stereotypes about Republicans?

        “rude, unprofessional, dishonest, and at times cruel” indeed. Would you like a few more nails for that stereotype coffin of yours?

        Do you honestly believe that the only ones willing to work in this state are your Beloved Republicans, and that everyone else is solely there to leech off of you? If so, you need help. A lot of help. I’m not a Democrat but you certainly have done a good job of putting me off Republicans…

  2. jamie spencer says:

    Being rude, offensive, and entitled —basically is what is called Minnesota nice— basically the rudest people on the planet

    1. D says:

      Hey jackwad she’s from Iowa, just ask her.

  3. Tom says:

    Im surprised they didn’t mention the word stupidity! But yet Im not surprised because it does take a nut to campaign for a nut!

  4. john says:

    Michelle Bachmann running for president is rude

  5. Kevin says:

    She sounds exactly like every other republican on earth.

  6. worryfree says:

    Damn!! I was so hoping that Michelle would be the repub. candidate…make it easy for Obama.. Well she can probably count on the maroons in her district to reelect her..

  7. maxey says:

    Or, as the male staffers said about Marcus: “He rubs you the wrong way.”

  8. red says:

    That Michelle for Ya

  9. Not surprised says:

    Don’t feel bad that she only visited you twice, NH. That’s two more times than she’s been in her own district.

    1. Tammy Belka says:

      ^award! best comment!

  10. j speedbag 64 says:

    i can’t beleive she’s still trying to campaign,maybe the gop should shove her in the election next year and witness a historic whipping of the likes of mcain and palin but probably worse…..go ahead gop ..make our day….

  11. Kent says:

    What! That’s very private information.
    Funny though

    1. Dissed Hairdresser says:

      I also gave you one Kent so you could wear your nylons. Remember?

  12. Little Tin God says:

    ‘They did not get into details, but characterized the national team’s behavior as “rude, unprofessional, dishonest, and at times cruel.”’

    Michelle Bachmann to a tee. Oh yes! She should begin every speech with “Once upon a time,” just to clarify that anything she says is a fairy tale.

  13. billy says:

    Put a fork in her, she’s done!

  14. Matt says:

    I kinda want MB to win now. It would be kinda funny. I mean after the damage Bush and then the Teaparty have done to the US how much worse can it get really? I never execpted Obama or McCain to beable to fix the world in 3 years, unlike some others that thinks the president has some magic wand that fixes all problems.

  15. Rick Perry says:

    I hope this purty little filly stays in the race. She believes in God and I mean the right one. She ain’t overly bright so as to make the rest of us look bad. She ain’t afraid to take a shot at whoever’s leading in the polls. I like havin’ her. Now, if she’d just keep that husband a hers away from me.

  16. G Dog says:

    Keep the faith Michele!! Keep running for the Presidency. The longer you do that, the less chance that you will run for re-election in the 6th District and continue to ignore your constituency!

  17. Oh what a mess says:

    I again saw the beetch’s face hiding in my toilet bowl when I went to flush it …. is this ugly thing everywhere??? Can we not hide from her anywhere?? Is she inside me since she’s shows up everytime I pinch a Bachmann?? Please tell me what to do ….. HELP

  18. Murph says:

    Gee with all those essential GOP traights.You’d think she’d be doing better in the polls!

  19. Down under says:

    again saw the beetch’s face hiding in my toilet bowl when I went to flush it …. is this ugly thing everywhere??? Can we not hide from her anywhere?? Is she inside me since she’s shows up everytime I pinch a Bachmann?? Please tell me what to do ….. HELP

  20. Mike Jacobson says:

    I pray she stays in the field long enough where she has to give up her seat in MN. Her ego may just answer my prayers!

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