PLYMOUTH (WCCO) — Police are asking for the public’s help in finding the person or people responsible for a vandalism spree in Plymouth over the weekend, including the toppling and damaging of 45 gravestones at a church.

Plymouth Police said they responded to more than 25 reports of criminal damage along the Northwest Boulevard corridor, from 35th Avenue to 55th Avenue. A majority of the incidents occurred between Friday evening and early Saturday morning.

In addition to the graveyard vandalism, the reports include multiple tires slashed on several vehicles, landscape lights broken, pumpkins smashed and a rock thrown through a vehicle’s windshield. The total damage amount is unknown at this time.

A St. Joseph’s Historic Church representative said the church’s insurance will not cover the gravestone damages, so it will be up to the relatives of the individuals buried at the site. It’s an old cemetery, so it might be very difficult to find relatives connected to the toppled gravestones.

“I hope [the vandals] are happy with themselves.” said David Thayer, whose family member’s headstone was vandalized. “What was their goal here …. Just bored or what?”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Plymouth Police Department at 763-509-5160 or the Hennepin County Dispatch at 763-525-6210.

Anyone who prefers to remain anonymous can contact the Crime Stoppers website or call 1-800-222-8477.

John Lauritsen

Comments (25)
  1. Ghost of the Grave that was tipped over says:

    One of these punks will get busted for bragging to his friends. Unfortunately our very liberal justice system will do nothing. Plus these kids rich parents can afford nice attorneys.

    1. Good Guy says:

      Big assumption that it was ‘rich kids’. Plymouth has become heavily diversified. Eastern/Central Plymouth has become thug central. there really is no escape. They will continue moving west until every last nice city is destroyed.

  2. Love my Caribou! says:

    Vandals, not vandels.

    1. Mr. Always Right says:

      wooo woooo woooo grammar police…pull over…stfu

  3. somebody says:

    Happy Haunting to those individual(s) responsible for the damages.

  4. Typo says:

    Your headline is a typo. Try Vandles…

    1. Good Work says:

      Being snooty about spelling only works when you yourself know how to spell. Try vandals.

      1. ha! ha! says:

        bahahahahahahaha….I think that was a funny comment!

        1. wake up says:

          It was a joke dimwit.

          1. ha! ha! says:

            oh REALLY… thanks for letting me know…Einstein!

  5. Amanda Morrison says:

    Some peoples kids!! SMH

  6. Now if this says:

    had happened in North Minneapolis, can you guess at

    what the tenor of the comments would be?

    1. DROP IT...Don't even begin!! says:

      yeah well it didn’t…so your point??????????????????

      1. You seem bright enough says:

        to get the point.

      2. Then again says:

        ya never can tell.

    2. Kevin says:

      You trying to tell me there is no “diversity” in Plymouth? Are you insane? You need to get out of mommies basement from time to time…..

      1. Uhhh says:

        Don’t think that’s what the guy’s saying at all. You sure made his point though Kevin.

  7. Kevin says:

    These are clearly children of republicans.

  8. Something like that says:

    Happens all the time ’round these parts. These good Minnesota folk can’t seem to help themselves.

  9. j speedbag 64 says:

    it was the bachmann team they hate everybody

  10. Suburban crime capital says:

    I told ya, Plymouth has become the cornerstone c-e-s-s-p-o-o-l of International Village. Life was better there before all the trash moved in. Even if the cops can catch ’em, the courts let ’em out with barely a slap on the business.

    1. Mike says:

      If Plymouth was completely composed of your ilk than I couldn’t agree more that it was a cesspool. Your bigotry is despicable, but I am sure it’s not completely your fault considering it’s likely your trashy parents nurtured you into not accepting people whose skin color and cultural background was different than your own. The world and Plymouth would be a better place without you and your kind.

  11. Sandi in Golden Valley says:

    These comments are ridiculous….. The fools who did this damage deserve jail time and I don’t care who they are !!! This is vandalism of the worst kind. I hope someone turns them in so they can be punished.

  12. Insurance Agent says:

    I am an insurance agent and I just wanted to let the people affected by this know that most homeowners insurance policies cover Headstones that are owned or managed by the homeowner. Check with your Insurance company.