WAITE PARK, Minn. (AP) — Legislators heard from both opponents and supporters of unionizing in-home child care during a House committee hearing in Waite Park Monday night.

Proponents say a union would enable the 11,000 in-home providers in Minnesota to negotiate with state officials on child care subsidies or regulation of providers. But, opponents told lawmakers a union could drive up the cost of child care and give providers less say on how they run their business.

The St. Cloud Times reports Heather Falk told legislators that initially she was curious about the unionization effort, researched the issue and found such unions in other states have done little to help providers there.

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Comments (17)
  1. Carla says:

    Please give Daycare providers the option of Unionization. Forcing them into something is not what our Govt is supposed to be about. It certainly wouldnt hurt to look at other States attempt to help Daycare Providers thru unionization and what the effects have been.

    1. J Hoffa says:

      This is such a scam. If daycare providers would like to “negotiate” with the state, they can form a coalition to lobby the government just like every other industry’s members do. This is a strong-arm tactic to force people to pay dues to the declining unions.

  2. Kevin says:

    Mn is ranked #1 in the Naiton for daycare cost. Why is the Govt invovled with this? It is not the job of Govt to form unions! Enough of this bs….

  3. Jake says:

    If the state was not subsidizing day care the union would not care, The government is a gravey train for union negociators. This is so corrupt and every law maker that votes for this should be ousted.

  4. Sue J says:

    Just another attempt of the government to get into business and pushing the unions on us. Stay away Unions your not welcome!!!!!

  5. Kim says:

    Hey Gov, I thought you were for the middle class, first you sold us out with the Vikings now more Unions, I want my vote back.

    1. komw says:

      Agreed, as much as I hate to say it. T.Paw would have never considered this.

  6. gdog says:

    The governor is anything but for the middle class. He is for his rich union buddies, his rich NFL buddies, and wants the middle class to fund every little thing so he can buy more votes with OUR money.

  7. komw says:

    Minnesota already has one of the highest costs for child care. If they get unionized we will be the highest. Thankfully, my wife is a stay at home mom but I really feel for those who rely on childcare. This is a field that has great demand. They do not need unionizing. This is just being pushed by the unions which hold a lot of power over weak minded people like Dayton.

  8. Bob says:

    It’s a money grab by the unions who want a piece of the money being sent by the state for subsized care.

  9. it won't end unless you vote them out says:

    Why is the legislature wasting time on this? We still have a $5 to $6 billion deficit hanging over the state. It needs resolution folks.

    Our foolish elected officials, all of whom pledge to represent “the people,” but who mostly do anything but represent “the people,” waste their time and our money on gay marriage, day care unions, sports stadiums, and everything and anything but the largest problem this state has ever faced – the economy and balancing the state budget!

    Our governor is a silver spoon fed imbecile who has never had a real job, got kicked out of the family business after almost a whole summer, and who couldn’t even manage a paper route, we have at least one US senator who keeps the baboons entertained instead of accomplishing anything of importance, and the list goes on and on.

    Get government out of peoples’ lives!!! Voters – WAKE UP and vote these people out of office!!!

  10. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

    Tax payers already directly pay for over 40,000 children in daycare! Unions will only increase the cost to us all! I am sick of Govt unions! The Govt WORKS FOR US! Not a Union head! End all Govt Unions!

  11. redneck purist says:

    This is an attempted money grab, pure and simple. The unions collect the dues, put it in liberal campaign coffers, who once elected, negotiate against the customer for the employee. It’s incestuous. It’s payola.

  12. MNGuy says:

    If you work for the government, you should not be allowed to unionize. Don’t like it? Pick a new job.

  13. Murph says:

    It makes little difference union or not.For non unionized workers the stick may be a bit longer and the carrot shorter.But the SYSTEM,will find a way to see that you will probably die broke now matter what you do! Most of the things promised to any worker manage to be made too expensive for them to keep and too little to cover ever expanding costs and financial trickery endemic to boardrooms and high levels of local,state and even the federal governments. So why even cry about it! It’s likely that most pension benefits are just another cook book to designed to reward those at the top of the food chain!.That’s just the way it is! Not worth dividing people over.The problems are at the top.You and me at the very bottom!

    1. Jake says:

      speak for yourself cellar dweller and go get a job.

  14. Reailty says:

    This is Mark Daytons way of paying back his Union buddy’s who got him elected in the first place. There should be no way a Union should be involved in someones private business. Hey if you do not like how much the state is giving you for your business then use capitalism to you benefit and either stop dealing with the state and find other clients or close your business down.” The St. Cloud Times reports Heather Falk told legislators that initially she was curious about the unionization effort, researched the issue and found such unions in other states have done little to help providers there.” This one sentence says the truth. Unions just want your money to push there agenda.

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