CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — In keeping with the scant attention she has paid to New Hampshire, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann has signed up by mail to get on the state’s presidential primary ballot instead of showing up in person or having someone else do it for her.

Though Bachmann could have traveled to New Hampshire herself, sending a staffer wasn’t an option after all five of her paid New Hampshire staffers quit last week, complaining that they were kept out of the loop and treated rudely by her national campaign team.

Most of the major candidates have filed in person, although Texas Rep. Ron Paul and Georgia businessman Herman Cain sent campaign workers instead. Bachmann, who has visited New Hampshire twice since launching her campaign, has been focused almost exclusively on Iowa.

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Comments (35)
  1. Just me says:

    Bachmann, it’s over.

    1. T.Emmer says:

      My wife & I fantasize about having a 3some with her..If not her,then Marcus,her effeminate Hubby.

  2. Walter says:

    She’s the best of the candidates.

    That’s why the media relentlessly attacks her.

    1. billy says:

      I love how Bachmann supporters always blame the media!

      1. Matt says:

        reporting the truth has always been a problem for GOP

      2. Tom says:

        @ billy

        I love how her followers are just as delusional as she is! Maybe her followers should suggest to her that the only media that she should talk to is FOX NEWS because they make her look smarter than she actually is!

    2. jim says:

      based on her politifact ratings, her statements have been mostly false, false, or flat out lies nearly 75% of the time.

      and you think she’s a good candidate for the presidency? just how stupid ARE you?

      1. Also disgusted says:

        @ Jim – If she lies only 75% of the time, that is FAR to low to qualify as President of the USA. Needs to be between 90 and 95% (higher for Dems). A couple more years on the Hill and she’ll have it up there.

        1. Get educated says:

          Actually, statistically speaking, Reps lie more then Dems. Google is genius.

      2. You tell 'em!! says:

        I’m with @Also disgusted. I too find that fact-free comments are much easier to make. I can stay naive AND uninformed at the same time!

        Being a TeaBagger is way too easy.

    3. @walter says:

      you mean Walther now, don’t ya. lol

    4. llp says:

      for what using her own words?

    5. markH says:

      I think she hurts herself with her arrogance and ignorance-the media is only there to capture the absurdity. Peace.

    6. Tom says:

      @ Walter

      What REAL FACTS are you basing your claims on that she is the best candidate?

  3. steve says:

    Stick a fork in her, she’s DONE

  4. G Dog says:

    Who runs her campaign…the Ketstone Kops?

  5. ks says:

    Fat lady is siniging. Time for her to go home.

  6. rw says:

    She’s got a couple bats in her attic, but I guess she’s no worse than most politicians.

  7. Books...anyone want a book! says:

    she gonna weep like a baby when she finishes in the bottom half in her home state eh.
    She’s looking to peddle her book in MN and Iowa only I guess. My money says Sid’s babble outsells this skanks. Half Price Books has Sid’s used for $2.95 – or about 80% off new retail. lol

  8. Deep Thinker says:

    I hope she sticks it out just for our entertainment. She’s funny….not very bright..but damn funny.

    1. I’m inclined to agree, but someone that is so convinced that she’s actually speaking the truth is somewhat scary.

  9. Down she goes says:

    I dunno – kinda sick of her face appearing everytime I flush the toilet …… nasty to look at.

  10. V says:

    Unless she thinks that only Iowa will be voting for president next elections

    1. Tom says:

      @ V

      That is true! Bachmann and her followers live in this bubble they consider “reality” and never leave that bubble.

  11. Horace Mann says:

    Nice that she’s finally supporting the USPS

  12. Joker says:

    She is just another in a long line of political embarrassments Minnesota has spewed out (Jesse…Franken…etc.)

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Iowa spewed her out. Minnesota just swallowed the spew.

      1. They smarter than MN says:

        Ahaaaa – Iowans are smarter than Minneotans. They realized she was a POS and tossed her north. We were the idiots that kepp her around with the tax dollars for kids, the tax dollars for marcu’s game of prayer, and the iggnits in that 6th District continue to pay the Ho for services (not) rendered.`
        God Help Minnesota

      2. truth hurts says:

        Tell us more…Jesse & Franken.

        When was the last time you got a rebate check from the state of Minnesota, under Jesse’s watch!!

  13. jackactionhero says:

    Tick tock, Michele…

    Your 15 minutes are up.

  14. PostalGuy says:

    What i think is ironic, is how she had to use the mail. This is the same mail service that she has supported gutting and privatizing. Shelly does not support the U.S. Postal Service. Her and her ilk in congress have been the cause of the finiacial woes of the U.S.P.S. Glad we could help you Shelly.

  15. TomK says:

    Oh darn, I guess it’s time for you to ‘fold the tent’ and get back home…….or to work or whatever it is your ‘day job’ really is. Now why is it folks don’t want to work for her? Well, when you hire rude and crude folks…………ya sorta get what you deserve.
    Go HOME MICHELLE!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!

  16. TW says:

    She is hanging on only because she wants to be someones VP candidate. That move could get BO re-elected.

  17. mit says:

    She’s an amazing gal.

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