MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – In an effort to keep the Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis, Mayor R.T. Rybak and Minneapolis City Council President Barbara Johnson released three plans for a “people’s stadium” on Thursday.

The sites include along Linden Avenue, and the Minneapolis Farmers Market, which are both near Interstate 394 and Interstate 94, and Downtown East, which is around the current Metrodome site.

During the entire stadium proposal process, Vikings officials have stressed that they are only focused on their potential site at Arden Hills. Rybak and Johnson said each of their three plans secures three state-wide facilities in a stadium, the Target Center and the Minneapolis Convention Center at a cost that is equal to or less than the proposed Arden Hills site.

The plans were submitted to Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative leaders on Thursday.

Each plan calls and provides for a renovation of the Target Center at a cost of about $150 million, $50 million of which would come from private donations.

Rybak and Johnson presented two options to finance each potential stadium site. One plan calls for a .35 percent city-wide sales tax and a one percent lodging tax. The second plan involves taking revenue from a proposed casino on Block E in downtown Minneapolis, with five percent of its revenue from now through 2020 going towards the stadium. After 2020, three percent of revenue would go to the stadium along with a $20 million licensing fee.

The Vikings issued a statement following the proposals on Thursday, staying strong with their stance on Arden Hills.

“We respect Mayor Rybak and the City of Minneapolis for trying to find a stadium solution.  However, the Minnesota Vikings have a local partner – Ramsey County – with whom we have negotiated for several months.  Arden Hills is the ideal stadium site for the State, the Vikings and our fans,” the statement reads.

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  1. Tom says:

    Usually when a city offers a sports team a cheaper option that sports team will jump on that offer, but for some reason the Vikings are pushing for the most expensive option. So Ardin Hills must be offering the Vikings one SWEET deal!

    1. GoodBye Queens says:

      Plus a sloppy hummer! No Friggen way any tax dollars will be spent on any purple palace stadiums. Built it yourself or leave!!!

    2. Notaxes says:

      I agree with you about most teams would be jumping at the offer but I believe Ziggy wants the Arden Hills location not for just a stadium. It’s well known that he wants to build a shopping and entertainment complex so he can soak more money out of Minnesotans while we also pay for the complex. Rats are a higher species than the Vikings.

  2. Matt says:

    AH has parking, Minneapolis doesn’t

    1. TFerguson says:

      Absolutely right Matt….Minneapolis offers no parking (that the team owner’s gouge participants at each event held at the Arden Hills stadium)

  3. EN says:

    I will not support a new stadium in Arden Hills, but I woudl support one in Minneapolis, The economy is already suffering and think of the hotels, resturrants, and other businesses that would go out of business if the vikings no longer played downtown. Why build new ammenities and businesses in Arden Hills if it is goign to hurt already established businesses? Our downtown could use a boost anyways, and it was going in the right direction with the new Twins Stadium so imagine the excitement if there was a new Vikings Stadium downtown as well? It would help attract people to downtown, help the already established businesses, and they have been playing downtown for years already so why the huge adversion to downtown all of a sudden? Downtown Minneapolis is also a more central location. Maybe AH woudl have some better parking options, but Minneapolis already has plenty of parking ramps, lots, street parking, not to mention there is public transportation that goes right to the dome currently such as the lightrail and busses. I think that the currect site of the dome makes the most sense. Why hurt local business owners just to give the Vikings exactly what they want? Whatever happened to the phrase “beggers can’t be chooser”?

    1. Michele says:

      “Whatever happened to the phrase “beggers can’t be chooser”?”

      How did we come to this? The NFL makes a LOT of money off this franchise (Minnesotans love to buy gear), but somehow we’ve been conned into thinking they would be doing us a favor to stay.

      We’re NOT beggars: we are negotiators. I want to know why we’re not assured that the planning, building and employment in this stadium will be from Minnesota, and why a penny or so out of every dollar made from sales isn’t going to Minnesota schools, at the very least.

  4. EN says:

    Sorry for the typos, I do know how to spell “would”!

  5. Paul Bunyan says:

    Rybak waited to long to push this.Now he’s in freak out mode.

    1. TFerguson says:

      Rybak is doing Arden Hills a service by preventing it from becoming a Pontiac, Michigan in ten years.

  6. djp says:

    Vikings..get a grip. IF you were paying for ALL of the stadium you could choose your site…but, take what you are offered or just leave!! No great loss after seeing you perform recently!!!

  7. The week is not over yet. says:

    Vikings–please leave. You are such wonderful roll models for our kids.
    Oh wait….none of them have gotten arrested yet this week.

  8. Don't let Zygi blackmail us says:

    The same old song … Zygi wants Arden Hills because he can make even more billions developing the site.

    The economy can’t support the taxpayers building a new stadium for him. If he can’t pay for it or finance it himself, he shouldn’t get it.

    Yes, Rybak is in panic mode. And Gov Goofy is in double-deal mode; he sure switched gears fast.

    Thank God it APPEARS that the legislative leaders want to get reelected and aren’t going to go along with using public funds for a stadium. At least some of them can see that Zygi is, in fact, attempting to blackmail us into doing his bid.

    Let the Vikings leave if that’s what it takes. Maybe some other city is willing to host them for 51 years without a Super Bowl win.

  9. Walter says:

    When you take money out of sectors of the economy and give it to Zygi for his billion dollar stadium, those sectors become depressed, those tax revenues are lost, those jobs are lost.

    This is a net LOSS for the economy.

    Only a politician will tell you something is good for you while he takes your money.

    Only a fool believes him.

  10. Ted says:

    Instead of paying blackmail to Ziggy why don’t we do what Wisconsin did, form a public corporation, sell stock and buy the team from Ziggy. In the long run it will probably be far less expensive and divisive.

    I mean, when was the last time you heard any drama like this coming out of Wisconsin about the Packers?

  11. No Tax Dollars says:

    Zygi pays
    Zygi plays.

    No Tax Dollars.

  12. blah says:

    A new Casino would be nice but I doubt the Indians would let that happen since there greedy just like ziggy

  13. Johnny77 says:

    i think the vikings should get this new stadium they bring in so much more money than the twins ever do and the government should just give up up and give in because if the state of Minnesota gave the twins a new stadium which the twins never needed it in the frist place. Just give the vikings this do all the fans and season ticket holders really want them to leave Minnesota just suck it up and make the deal so every one is happy just deal with it damn how greedy can the government be. if the vikings leave get rid of the twins to because the suck worse than any other team around. I have been a vikings fan since i have been little and I want them to stay right here in Minnesota so please do the right thing.

  14. Pavel says:

    Another “greedy” owner wants it his way so he can make millions on development of the land and all the parking fees for all events. How do these people get rich? Just this way! They take government money and turn it into personal wealth.

    Downtown is the only reasonable option. Much less development costs and the advantage of public transit.

    Development costs of Arden Hills will be far more than even anticipated. If the Vikings don’t like the downtown site, let them move.

  15. Vikes says:

    when the vikings leave town, atleast Minneapolis will have this gay biking thing going……


  16. Susan says:

    What a clueless story.

    The issue isn’t where to build a stadium.

    The issue is how much money can the politicians steal from the taxpayers to give to Zygi Wilf and still keep their jobs.

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