MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Justin Bieber might be the admiration of teenage girls, but the singer has no time for one Minnesota politician.

“Whoever she is, she needs to know I’m saying she should be locked up, put away in cuffs,” Bieber said. Those words were directed at Sen. Amy Klobuchar during a radio interview Bieber did in Washington D.C.

He was reacting to a bill Klobuchar proposed that would make it a felony for anyone to profit from unlicensed online content.

“I just think that’s silly,” Bieber said.

A website called FreeBieber.org even ran with it, suggesting Klobuchar’s bill could put him behind bars for 5 years.

Problem is: Bieber might have been misinformed and misled.

“It’s just equalizing the penalty,” said attorney Ken Abdo. “It’s not creating any new crime.”

Abdo represents Johnny Lang, Owl City, Three Dog Night and other artists. He said Klobuchar is simply trying to create stiffer penalties for people who do illegal bootlegging and selling online, making the penalties similar to bootlegs done on the street.

“There’s so much illegal downloading,” Abdo said. “It’s billions of dollars in any estimate.”

Klobuchar’s office also responded with a statement, saying, “Justin Bieber may have been misled about the content of this bill.” And added, “The bill only covers intentional commercial theft of things like books, music, and movies.”

Abdo says Klobuchar is actually trying to protect Bieber’s music so others don’t illegally make money off it.

“Justin Bieber is really an innocent in the whole story. If it wasn’t for his celebrity it wouldn’t even be an issue,” Abdo said.

Performing another artist’s song and then posting it on Youtube is still OK under Klobuchar’s bill.

It’s when the poster starts trying to make money off the video without permission that the problems start. Klobuchar is looking to make that a felony in some cases.

Comments (37)
  1. steve says:

    Hey Beiber get a guy’s haircut, you look like a girl.

    1. The Real Issue says:

      What Abdo (who is probably an attorney) doesn’t seem to understand is that recording artists gain huge benefits including increases sales, free advertising and brand enhancement from the this ‘online content.’ So the artists want the benefit/cash/free stuff, but want to penalize others who receive any gain. That’s selfish and not right!!!

  2. Jenny Pienstoph says:

    People of MN take notice….at dorky 16-year old is smarter than our over-liberal senator.

    1. P. yorn says:

      Ah, no. He’s a clueless twerp. You excited to read his autobiography Jenny?

  3. Thomas Keim says:

    i think they both should be hauled away

  4. Cage Match Time says:

    I’d pay to see them both bloodied. Liberal pain in the arse, and no talent political activist. Although the little dork does have a point, she is way out in left field on this one.

  5. Le says:

    Spoken like a typical kid…. I kind of want to hear what she has to say in response….

  6. G Dog says:

    17 year old spoiled no-talent punk Canadian kid vs. educated accomplished attorney and United States senator.

    Place your bets people.

    1. Deep Thinker says:

      I’ll go with the one that can hire the best attorney. Since Bieber has a hell of a lot more money, my money is on Bieber. By the way, why are you so jealous of a small boy?

    2. :) says:

      You mean educated accomplished liberal hack who needs to be replaced.

    3. See BS says:

      Didn’t lawschools lower their standards during the Vietnam war era? Public School War profiteering from Draft Dodgers.

      Of course Senator Klobuchar is up to her neck in political contributions from the law industry.

      1. teabaghater says:

        dont act like the right wing dorks dont get money also

        1. See BS says:

          So people aren’t allowed to sing and have fun on youtube without a potential lawsuit eh’?

          According to WCCO, Lawyers gave 39 million dollars in Election 2008, 81% to the Democrats and twice as much as big oil.

          Maybe Amy Klobuchar needs to introduce a law that bans laywers from making any political contributions at all.

    4. Real Talk says:

      Educated? Accomplished? Famous last words…she is protecting the rich and powerful music industry who spend billions each year on lobbyists and legal teams. The RIAA and similar groups are SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS!!! How can the small business or internet-entrepreneur compete?

    5. Dawn says:

      I choose to cut Justin Bieber some slack. He is very young. It takes time for young people who become famous to realize that everything they say or do can become the subject of conversation and debate worldwide. Bieber has to work on developing a streamlined public image and keeping most of his personal thoughts and reactions private. He will get there. It takes time.

  7. Fordville says:

    The Senator must be terrified at this …what else can you expect from an adolescent with the intellect of an ant.

  8. smb says:

    The Beebs once again opened his mouth and showed his ignorance.

    When is this loser going to finally go away.

    1. Wlater says:

      Do you mean Amy?

  9. PS says:

    Come on Amy work on the real issues facing families!!!!

  10. angus says:

    She is but I doubt you read anything other than comics and get your news from Fox news. Plus the punk kid did not understand the bill, typical of conservatives,

    It’s a publicity stunt and the media falls in line to promote it

  11. jack handey says:

    time to close the border and turn off the internet.

  12. Judy Mayer says:

    Why would a non citizen of the United States even worry about our our Federal laws.
    May be he should go worry about his laws in Canada. Maybe that’s why we don’t allow people under 18 to vote they need to understand the whole story before they open their mouths.

    1. Disinformation says:

      Yeah, you tell them.

  13. Jake says:

    Justin is right on with this, and maybe, a lot of other issues. Amy, PLEASE, SHUT UP!!

  14. mel says:

    If people don’t pay to watch the videos on youtube, how is it copyright infringment? (sorry for the spelling, I went to public school.)

  15. ash says:

    Yep.next thing you know you’ll be getting a felony for jay walking or maybe littering. they’re already handing em out like candy. and if that’s a priority on this lady’s list then maybe she should be locked up. maybe we should start charging stupidity with a felony.

  16. Fred says:

    i think they should both be caned.

  17. Frankie says:

    Many on this board have no concept of intellect,and much less of a chance understanding intellectual property.

    1. Fred says:

      is that because intellectual is a longer word than just intellect and you added another word after it to boot?

  18. B.A.K says:

    Busty Amy wants to make everyone a criminal. What’s next?

  19. Pof et teer says:

    I’m surprised many of you are in Justin’s corner, at least on the surface of it. If this law isn’t in place, I can go online to sell my bootleg, homemade Justin Beiber T-shirts and not have to give him a flippin’ dime. Everyone needs soft cotton to wash their cars.

  20. angus says:

    Notice the right wing immediately attacks the victim being attacked by Twerp Justin. Nobody asks if Justin is here legally but that is ok because he is white.

    Send him to school until his reading comprehension improves and also tell him not to use a senator for publicity purposes.

  21. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

    No one here has actualy read the proposed legislation. Nuff said….

  22. Lost says:

    Amy has lost at least one vote in the next election. Not just cause of this issue but many other issues i disagree with her on.

  23. Citizen says:

    America has WAY MORE pressing problems than this one. Amy, you are a U.S. Senator, and the U.S. is facing yet another debt crisis the middle of November. Remember the latest budget needs to be approved, STILL? What are you doing to solve the serious financial problems this country faces? Obviously, this law is the concern of very wealthy media types who want to rake in still more cash. I feel very sad to say this, but it seems Amy knows “where her bread is buttered.” From what I can see she has yet to really get embroiled in the hard decisions we face as a society in this country. And, ‘CCO has conceded coverage of the OWS protesters to other media outlets. Didn’t even cover the Iraqi vet who was injured. Shame on you, ‘CCO. But, then, I don’t know why I’m even mildly surprised.

  24. Little Tin God says:

    Let’s not waste any more time on this non-story. Bieber is a kid who obviously doesn’t have a clue what the bill is about. Why on earth do people ask kids to comment on things they don’t have a clue about? But then again, why do people ask adults about things they don’t have a clue about?

  25. jlynn says:

    It really concerns me that this US Senator is more concerned with protecting the music industry then fixing the wrongs in our country… What is wrong with this picture???? Seriously someone needs to give her a good smack and while they’re at it anyone else in office who thinks it’s a good idea to focus on anything but the job/debt crisis we face as Americans!

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