MADISON, Wis. (AP) — State wildlife officials say a young cougar is apparently roaming far and wide across west-central Wisconsin.

Department of Natural Resources ecologist Adrian Wydeven says a trail camera snapped a shot of a young cougar near the town of Pray in eastern Jackson County on Oct. 20.

Agency biologists believe it’s the same cat another trail camera caught on film on Oct. 16 near Mauston in Juneau County, about 42 miles from the area where the Jackson County photograph was taken. Wydeven says the cougar in both photos appears to have the same spot pattern.

Trail cameras have snapped photographs of cougars eight times in Wisconsin over the last two years. The DNR believes the photographs depict at least three different cougars.

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Comments (8)
  1. Kevin says:

    Ain’t diversity grand??

  2. Supports wild life & farmers says:

    That is so cool! So now people, BE SMART AND LEAVE THEM ALONE, if you don’t mess with them, they won’t mess with you! Bring your pets in at night and lock up the livestock. I don’t want to read people crying that they lost livestock if they won’t take responsibility in locking them up, and I’m sorry to say, that is why farmers should have insurance on livestock, my uncle is a farmer in the area, he knows he could loose a few head of cattle either by wolves or by the cougars and he’s ok with it. Why? because it’s life, let it be!

  3. "young cougar" says:

    ….That comment is, by definition, wrong. A cougar cannot be young; they are always older than their younger male prey.

  4. Lonely Guy says:

    I hope the DNR posts thos pics of the cougars on the internet. It will give me something to look at in those long and cold winter nights.

  5. Oh Yeah!! says:

    Is she wearing high heels?!!

  6. Susie! Come back home! says:

    That’s one of my mother’s friends!

  7. Go "Cougars" says:

    LOL to all the “cougar” comments, finally something on these posts to actually laugh at!

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