ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – The plans to build a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings whether it be in Minneapolis or Arden Hills, hit a significant stumbling block Tuesday at the State Capitol.

Gov. Mark Datyon and legislative leaders said there is no support for a sales tax increase to fund the stadium unless voters have their say in a referendum.

The move essentially takes using sales taxes as a means to help fund the stadium off the table. On the surface it would seem to be a setback for a Vikings stadium in Arden Hills. But the Vikings said Arden Hills is not off the table.

Only a county sales tax to pay for it is off the table. Gov. Dayton said lawmakers are now looking at other funding sources for a stadium. The one with the most support: Electronic pull tab machines in bars around the state.

“I think the electronic pull tabs probably has the most promise at this point in terms of broad enough support in this legislature,” Dayton said. “I dont speak for the legislative leaders, they have to speak for themselves and their members. My sense is that it’s the most immediately available and plausible source right now.”

Dayton said this is not a setback, but rather a step forward.

In the world of politics it’s actually better to eliminate the options that don’t work, and focus on the ones that might.

Dayton still plans to introduce a bill for a Vikings stadium that can be discussed among legislative leaders before it would go to vote in a special session later this month, shortly before Thanksgiving.

Comments (72)
  1. Rockfish says:

    Not a problem, they are working on a solution. Thank you legislators for doing the job your were elected to do.

  2. Brandon says:

    Thank you state government.

  3. Matt says:

    how about give the Stadium an onsite tax of like 2% all sales and services have a 2% tax!

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Great Idea! Now that’s having the new stadium pay for itself. A user’s tax on the premises etc.; it works in other cities.

  4. Danny Ocean says:

    STATE RUN CASINO!!! My god how hard is it to realize that is the easiest solution…. Everyone wants it

    1. Dancing Queen says:

      Not everyone!

    2. Dave Campbell says:

      Sorry Danny! That’s not even close to true!

    3. Dale says:

      By far the best way to go. What a bunch of fools in the capital.

    4. Maddog says:

      The tribes who have a lot of power and money sure don’t want it. And they get what they want. Send the losers to LA.

    5. Geronimo says:

      I don’t want it.

  5. maxey says:

    Hello Los Angeles.

  6. j speedbag 64 says:

    i wan’t the same for the guthrie ,the zoo,walker art center,no free money for these worthless places,what a lousy goverment we have in minnesota

    1. Kyle Weaver says:

      then leave

    2. Frankie says:

      The Guthrie was a one time funding of 25 million. The Walker is privately funded. The Minnesota Zoo is funded about 6 million a year and is free for many schools. So let the state give the Vikings 25 million to build the stadium and infrastructure, support them further with whatever 6 million will bond at the stellar AA rating, We can watch the face of Ziggy turn puple

    3. Jake says:

      You hit the nail right on the head, speedbag, otherwise, you wouldn’t have gotten such a negative response. Geez, the people in MN are SO STUPID.

  7. zyppisuks says:

    Bye bye zippy. Don’t call or write.

    1. Kyle Weaver says:

      zippi? did you break out of a mental institution?

  8. Ziggy Wilf says:


  9. The State is better off today. says:

    Thank You Governor and Legislature. You did the right thing.

    No public money for a private enterprise. Firefighters are getting laid off in St Paul and other communities in the State are suffering.. It is impossible to justify this building with our tax money.

    1. The Fan says:

      What about the twins?

        1. The Fan says:

          They received money in the form of a state sponsered sales tax. They are no more deserving of that increase than the Vikings.

          1. debs says:

            We are talking about NOW…NOT the past and not another team. Don’t compare apples to oranges! The vikings are whining about leaving…let them!

            1. Get educated says:

              No they dont want to leave. The might be forced to leave though if something cant be put together.

              1. L.A. Vikings in2013 says:

                No one is FORCING them to stay they will leave because the owner want to.

  10. WhatBS says:

    This is a move to make suly inre the new stadium goes in Minneapolis.
    Rybek blows Dayton and he comes up with this which is a smoke screen for some other angle. The people don’t know what it is yet but it won’t be long before we find out.
    Bottom line is, there will be a new Vikings Stadium, it will be in Minneapolis and the people of Minnesota will pay for it, probably indirectly but we will pay for it.

  11. joe says:

    The best place for a new stadium is in MInneapolis. It has the infrastructure to handle the crowds. Arden Hills doesn’t have the capacity to handle the traffic. Ziggy wants it there so that he can develop new shopping malls–just what we need more of.

    I don’t like the idea of an out-of town owner making big decision like this. We should do what is best for the state. Keeping the Vikings here is good for Minnesota but it should be in Minneapolis or St. Paul–not Arden Hills.

    1. me says:

      THe place for a new stadium is in LOS ANGELES. Bye bye Ziggy.

  12. sigh of relief says:

    Dayton has suprised me here. I thought he was going to be onboard for tax increases for the stadium. I feel public money should not go toward the stadium ever and especially given the reality of the economy. I expected the Rep controlled legislature to do the right thing but didn’t expect Dayton to.

  13. Keith C. says:

    0.5 % sales tax is simply pennies. If Minnesota looses the Vikings because of a
    Govenor and Legislature that is so stupid. Minnesota will loose much more than pennies,

    1. Jan says:

      pennies? Give me a break. I spend money on cars, car repairs, home appliances, lawn service and a one half cent sales tax is not pennies, it adds up to quite a sum.

    2. Maddog says:

      Yea a losing team.

    3. 12 men in the huddle says:

      Where does it end?? What if someone would rather have their pennies go towards improving schools, preservation of wildlife, or to bridge repair and inspection…….just to name a few??? I’d much rather have my tax money go toward improving schools than some lame football team that hasn’t done a dang thing since their inception (0-4 in Super Bowls, the “whizzinator”, the boat ride, 12 men in the huddle, take a knee, the Herschel Walker trade, etc, etc..).
      If I want that much more laughter in my life, I’ll go to a local comedy club.

  14. Sue says:

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised at this “news.” Mark Dayton says what he thinks people want to hear and then when things go wrong (e.g., government shut down) he points the finger of blame at the legislators and calls it “playing politics.” He is preparing the ground work for when the Vikings leave because they can no longer be profitable in this state. First, by saying he believes that they will leave if they don’t get a new stadium; second, by saying he’s prepared to call a special session to get this voted on once and for all, but not until there’s a viable stadium plan including the means to pay for the state’s share; and finally, by saying that he is against tax increases to pay for the stadium, essentially saying that all of the options proposed thus far are not acceptable, so no special session. This way, he’s the Governor who fought hard for the Vikings to stay, but in the end, he couldn’t in good conscience get behind raising taxes on the people of Minnesota in this “tough economy” so he had to tell the team it was a “no go” and if they felt they had to move the team, so be it. He’s so transparent it’s not even funny! Plus, that vacant/disturbed look in his eyes really does not inspire confidence in me … just sayin’!

    1. Marcus B says:

      You make no sense whatsoever.

  15. rcunningham says:

    Can’t believe all the people on here that are glad that the Vikings may leave.

    I for one will always love and support this team, no matter how much they lose. Winning and losing doesn’t mean much to me, so long as they entertain me every Sunday, and they do.

    I will gladly pay taxes for a new Vikings stadium. I’m sorry the rest of you don’t feel that way.

    1. Jack Noff says:

      Maybe so, but you are a dhead.

      1. rcunningham says:

        Why? Because I support the Vikings? Sorry for being a fan I guess.

  16. zippy w says:

    Go Vikes, GO!!!!! All the way to California!!

  17. enveloper says:

    Say good bye to the Vikings, they will be crying in 3 years for a new team

  18. 12 men in the huddle says:

    Just leave already!!! It’s unbelievable how these owners of pro sports teams take the public hostage. What other business tries to extort money from the public to finance their own operations (and I’m not referring to non-profit businesses)?? Do they raise taxes when Target or Best Buy wants to open new stores, or if General Mills or Land O Lakes were to want to build new headquarters?? At least one can buy stock in local companies if they wish. Besides, what does the public get out of their investment besides a mediocre team with a checkered past??

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Your comment had no merit whatsoever.

  19. A new place to "play" says:

    They can get arrested in Calif and maybe no one will notice.

  20. Swamp Rat says:


    Hey, sports fans! Read Matt’s comments about a 2% on-site tax which is in essence a users’ tax for the new stadium. With spectator’s and the lessee paying this tax and with on-site/area casino gambling etcetera just think how fast it could be paid off. When the stadium is paid for it really starts making money/revenues for the state coffers. Make the Wilfs and the users pay for it without overburden the general taxpayers. How simple could it be????

    1. Debby says:

      Makes sense to me! Of course…since it makes sense…no one will go for it…LOL

  21. thankful to hear good news says:

    I’m so thankful to finally hear good news of a politician that is doing something for the majority of the regular working people out there. We are in struggling times. We don’t need to spend that amount of money on a private entity sports team right now. Thank God that Dayton is doing the right thing!

  22. So True! says:

    Minnesota Vikings and their supporters should find a way to pay for a new stadium that doesn’t include local or state tax increases.

  23. Krissi says:

    I like this statement, “The Vikings have sought a replacement for the Metrodome for years, calling the Minneapolis venue no longer sufficiently profitable.” Could it possibly be that the players themselves and other key people (and not the stadium) are to blame for the lack of profits? Hmmm.

    1. Hello! says:

      Maybe, but prob not. Look at the Twins. Before the new stadium had open seats to almost every game. Now almost every game was sold out. Its a huge draw to see the new stadium.

      1. Hello! Hello! says:

        Hello !
        The Vikings sell out now, so the problem is not the same as the Twins. The Vikings want a stadium where they can charge more per seat and get parking revenue. They are not talking about building a much larger stadium.

  24. Cache says:

    Why is it every owner or player bum involved in this deal makes money but the big investor(?) the public will get fleeced with more taxes??? Hooey Phooey,,,you want me a taxpayer to “invest” in this I WANT part of the REVENUE STREAM…just like any other investment I make…I want to make money not get taxed again…They tax the heck out of us and are still collecting taxes for the “WE” PAID FOR metrodome and the dipswitch politicians want to sell it to the Vikqueens for a Buck…$1,00. It’s mine I want big bucks for it. Pony up ya crooks… it’s time to share!

  25. Jay says:

    The good thing about the Vikings leaving is that the Packers games would most likely be broadcast locally. Go Packers! A real football team.

  26. Paul Bunyan says:

    If we become the first state to lose an NBA,NHL,and NFL team I’m going to start a petition to rename this state East Dakota.All the sports media outlets are calling our state leaders gutless,I agree

    1. Scary says:

      That petition thing……now there is a real threat!

      1. Naw says:

        I prefer North Iowa. North East Nebraska sounds nice too.

    2. Wow says:

      How in the world did you possibly query ALL sports media outlets? Now that would include all TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, etc. in the nation.

      I’m impressed!

  27. Wilfstinks says:

    It’s a known fact that if people keep paying ransom that the kidnappers will keep kidnapping. The truth is that the NFL is holding cities hostage with the threat of leaving an area if they do not pay for much of a new stadium. Stop paying this ransom to the rich owners and league Minnesota. Let’s call their bluff and take the chance they will say goodbye. I’ll be at the airport to give them the bum’s rush.

  28. Jake says:

    I would have rather seen a new stadium for the Vikings than the twins, hands down. The twinkies no longer deserve our support, what with M&M going into the wheelchair tank right after the stadium got built. Still can’t believe that I see mauer’s commercials on tv these days. 2nd STRINGER BACKUP is all he’s worth now, and he isn’t even 30 years old. Same for Morneau. Since we are getting burned so bad by the Pohlads, who can only put up ‘gay friendly’ films, a AAA team in the major leagues, with no hope in sight, this town has NO HOPE of seeing ANY kind of ‘championship’ within the next decade. We are the LAUGHING STOCK of ALL the **REAL** professional leagues. Sorry, women’s basketball and soccer don’t cut it, not in this town.

    1. Phil says:

      You make so sense whatsoever!

  29. Walter says:

    When you take money out of sectors of the economy and give it to Zygi for his billion dollar stadium, those sectors become depressed, those tax revenues are lost, those jobs are lost.

    This is a net LOSS for the economy.

    Only a politician will tell you something is good for you while he takes your money.

    Only a fool believes him.

    1. Enough, Walter says:

      Give it up Walter. Your constant repetition isn’t helping make your point. We told you we agree with you but we also told you we’re getting ready to stuff a sock in your mouth.

  30. Bill says:

    The governor balks? What a two-faced sleaze ball. He was willing to raise taxes and use public money until he found out how angry people are.

    Now he’s the tough guy protecting us? What a loser he is. And so are all the gullible fools who think the state needs to build Zygi a stadium so he can get richer.

  31. Rags says:

    Why is Mark Dayton’s facial expression always that of a man who has just been told he has terminal cancer?

    1. spare me says:


  32. Thank you Zellers and Gov says:

    Finally the governor and a legislative leader give the appearance of listening to the people. THANK YOU!

    I’m a fan of the Vikings and don’t want to see them leave. HOWEVER, I also firmly believe that they need to pay their own way – without any public money in any way, shape, or form.

    Hopefully our politicians can tell Zygi “NO!” loud enough for it to sink in and then he can spend his time lining up private financing to build his stadium instead of constantly begging for public funds. He could have had his stadium ten years ago if he would have used his own money and private financing instead of looking for ways to fleece the public.

  33. Lee says:

    Put a line on the state tax form for a tax free contribution like
    the Wildlife deal. Start this Year and get a kiddy going.
    Should had one for Years, Green bay has CAR PLATES, STOCK,
    Whatever it takes.

  34. lzzrdgrrl says:

    hey…. I read someplace aggregate property taxes paid to local and state govenments about equal aggregate mortgage payments when volume is considered. Mean anything to anyone?…… durr…….

    Anyway…. any tax that goes to pay for the stadium whether sales or otherwise, goes into the general debt to be payed whenever. A general shortcome of tax revenues whatever source in this economy definitely will. Minnesota is in the top tier of indebted states with 20 Bil that have to be covered in the yearly state budget. That’s for nothing – that’s for DEBT. Localities all over will try and renegotiate state contracts for public employee pensions and health care plans to counter that. Float a stadium plan on top ot it?……. good luck……;>…….

    Other points:

    A construction job ain’t not no job – okay?…….

    A low-level service job ain’t not no job – okay?……

    Building more retail and entertainment facilities in the present real estate market and current economic environment is rubbish – we have no need to improve the current abandoned building stock…… kay?…….

    Entertainment and service activity produces no real wealth and pays down no debt, it only spreads the debt around. Now; if you can teach a linebacker to run an automated spot-welder and we build a new Ford plant out in Arden Hills – we will have something……

  35. Wick James says:

    If a new stadium is built, roughly how much money will the Viking organization and players pay in state taxes during the first 30 years of the new building? If the Vikes leave, that money is gone. Also, assuming we get 1 Super Bowl and 1 Final Four during the first 30 years, how much money will that bring into the metro area? Again, that money is 100% non-existent without a new facility. If those numbers add up to (or exceed) 600 million (roughly the amount left to be financed after the Vikes make their contribution), doesn’t getting a deal done make financial sense, regardless of the intangible vaue the Vikings bring?

  36. lzzrdgrrl says:

    “…..If a new stadium is built, roughly how much money will the Viking organization and players pay in state taxes during the first 30 years of the new building? If the Vikes leave, that money is gone……”

    I can answer that question. NONE. That’s part of the Arden Hills deal along with the $650 million taxpayer subsidy. Also, Ziggy wants to be a land developer and landlord of retail and hotel properties on that site and get first cut off the revenues these properties may develop. Did I already say that this is beyond stupid?…….

    Let’s cut to the chase – not all economic activity is created equal. A Toyota or Lockheed campus on the Arden Hill site will be far more beneficial to the State of Minnesota than a Viking stadium out there. Of course, I’m saying this in the face of Ford leaving West St. Paul earlier this year……..0_o……

    Now, if the Vikes take the Metrodome deal being put on the table, they would do so with infrastructure already in place and a liability for $30 million in property tax over the next twenty years. Free stadium to develop as you like, not a killer tax burden – what’s there not to like?……

  37. I can love football in LA says:

    Hey if they expand gambling for a money stream. Maybe they can legalize prostitution as well. Imagine how much money we can make for independent and profitable businesses that are owned by people outside of the state. Maybe have a state run opium den. Imagine the potential!. On another note. how about a blue collar open air stadium with no bells or whistles… to tailgate.. kind of like the socialist Packers. Hey, lets build a gilded new stadium with retractable roof and heated seats…… but let us buy a controlling interest in the team…. That will never happen.

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