ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — The mayor of St. Paul is making a public plea to get more money for bridges and roads.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman is pushing for President Obama’s jobs bill, which many Republicans have called “just another stimulus package.”

Coleman stood in front of the Lafayette Bridge where construction has been taking place after the bridge was deemed “fractural critical.”

He said the work on the bridge is an example of the types of jobs that could be created with Obama’s jobs bill.

“At a time when our economy is struggling, where too many men and women are struggling to put food on the table, where too many of our building and construction trade members are without employment or have been so for a long time. We have a great opportunity to use this money that has been a part of the jobs act, the infrastructure bank, to put Americans back to work,” Coleman said.

Coleman was joined by Minnesota Department of Transportation Commissioner Tom Sorel, President of the AFL-CIO Shar Knutson and Harry Melander, President of the Minnesota State Building and Trades Council.

The group is calling on Minnesota’s members of Congress to help pass the president’s jobs bill.

Coleman said it’s just not about replacing infrastructure but it’s also about improving business overall.

Comments (8)
  1. Enough says:

    ENOUGH OF THE ROAD CONSTRUCTION!!!!! Why are we tearing up perfectly fine highways? Is it just to test our patience during rush hour??

  2. no way says:

    I had a girl come knocking at my door asking for Colemans support.

    I shut the door on her face.

    I never get any republicans annoying me at my door, just libs.

    I didn’t vote for this tool, and I never will.

  3. The End says:

    Here’s another red flag.

    Q. We (the state of Minnesota) don’t have money for repairing infrastructure so how will the gov and the legislature pull the rabbit out of the hat to find money to hand over to Zygi for a stadium?

    A. They can’t so Zygi will need to pay for his own stadium.

    We don’t want to have another bridge collapse while the Vikings are busy not winning another Super Bowl in their new stadium.

    1. Lin says:

      What will bridges and roads do?
      Make me get to work faster and on time.

      What will Vikings do for me?
      Make me depressed.

  4. Lance says:

    They always act like its free money because it comes from the fed. When are they going to get it through their head its all tax money and creating a job with tax money is still tax money and in this case tax money we don’t have. Please elected officials stop spending money we don’t have.

  5. DougT says:

    And what happened to the last 1 Trillion the gov wasted? Where did it go and what good did it do?

    (ok it helped support the unions – and kept the gov workers well housed and fed…)

  6. me says:

    So what do you all suppose we do to increase jobs. AT least OBAMA is trying, which is more than what I can say the republicans are doing. We need to do something to create jobs and get people back to work. How do you propose that be done? With the world’s population now at or soon to be at 7billion do you really think we have 7billion jobs? Enough for each and every person on earth to contribute to society? C’mon people, something needs to be done. If not this jobs bill, then what? If you can do better, maybe you should be in office so we can all start working again.

  7. Joe from Mn says:

    So ME do you take your car to a person that trys to fix it, or to a person that gets it fixed. The only thing I get after listing to Obama is smokey farts.

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