By Liz Collin

ELK RIVER, Minn. (WCCO) — Manipulation, brain washing and greed. For months, they have been the allegations mounting against a large suburban church.

WCCO has learned the organization that oversees Baptist churches in Minnesota, the Minnesota Iowa Baptist Conference is investigating complaints against The Crossing in Elk River.

For the first time, the pastor of The Crossing, Eric Dykstra, talks about the controversy. He said he’s misunderstood.

It sounds like a concert in Elk River and it’s exactly how the church wants it. Dykstra wants to be different.

Dykstra has spent the last 11 years in Minnesota. First, as a youth pastor at Grace Fellowship in Brooklyn Park. He started his own church seven years ago, when he and his wife, Kelly were asked to plant their own church in Elk River.

“I knew when our pastor approached us and told us he thought we should go and start a church. I knew it was the beginning of something really exciting and exhausting,” Kelly Dykstra said.

At first, there were 40 members. Today there are more than 2,000 along with three satellite locations.

“The average church in America is doing one to three baptisms a year. And we did 547 baptisms last year,” Dykstra said.

It is a trajectory that most churches will never experience.

Randy and Kim Quick were members of The Crossing for years, along with Jen Haag and Woody Manias.

“It was very contemporary. It had an edginess about it that was very refreshing,” Manias said.

Last spring they started to leave when they say something changed.

Whatever happened at The Crossing has left their faith bruised and left them feeling broken.

“If I can just stop one person from hurting as much as I do it will be worth it,” Jen Haag said.

They are just five former members of The Crossing who are part of a support group who have left the church. There have been more than 100 in the last few months.

“It became about numbers and it became about money. Absolutely about money,” Kim Quick said.

Last spring, the church launched what it calls The Code of the Samurai, with a goal to get a two-year commitment from members to raise millions to makeover the Elk River location and eventually open 200 Crossing campuses.

For weeks, there were sermons about giving above and beyond.

“We cashed in our 401(k). The whole thing is coming to the church,” the pastor said in one sermon.

After telling members of his own generous gift and raising three million dollars, Dykstra bought a new house on the river.

WCCO asked Dykstra about the purchase.

“We switched houses mostly because where we presently live 2,000-plus people knew exactly where we lived and every morning on the drive we would have people drive by, honk the horn, every single day,” Dykstra said.

“We had people stopping over at the house constantly to the point where I actually had less peace at my house than I did at the work place,” he added.

“At the very least, after your big give it’s bad form to, before you even break ground on a new building, to go buy a house and truck first,” Randy Quick said.

The Quick’s, who started a blog about their experience at the church, were members of The Crossing for more than two years. They were dedicated volunteers and small group leaders. They describe a tightly choreographed service at The Crossing. They say volunteers are told where to sit to stir up the crowd — laughing and clapping at just the right times.

The church said that’s not true, that the response is real.

Woody Manias grew tired of what he calls the constant pressure by Dykstra to get new people in the door.

“He said ‘Are you going to bring somebody? I’m not here for you. I’m here for them’ and he pointed outside. I’m sitting in my seat … and something inside of me just went ‘That’s not right,'” Manias said.

There are also questions about just what Dykstra is preaching.

This summer, Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio visited Elk River. Rosebrough challenges his listeners to think critically about church teachings.

After analyzing more than 20 of Dykstra’s sermons, Rosebrough calls him a Bible Twister. In a phone interview, Rosebrough said he’s never seen a pastor put so much pressure on his members to give such big amounts of money.

“I’ve only in my 25 years of studying religious predators, seen religious predators talk like this,” Rosebrough said.

Dykstra said that’s not at all close to the truth.

“I’m not making anything up. You can read the passages for yourself. I tell people to take notes every week. They can go back later on and see if I’m smoking crack. They’ll find out I’m not,” he said.

Dykstra said he doesn’t understand all of the fallout, believing people are suspect over anything that’s different.

When WCCO visited a Sunday service, there were a couple hundred people in the audience clearly moved by the message. Members are even told they can take money out of the offering each week if they need it.

Jeff Bergman has been going to The Crossing for years.

“You can hear a lot of things and people like to talk negativity but if you show up and see the life change. The reason why I like coming back to The Crossing is this is the only place where I’ve seen the true life change in such huge numbers,” Bergman said.

The Crossing is ready to distance itself from all the questions.

“I’ve been misunderstood and misquoted,” Dykstra said.

Unlike some denominations, there is a lot of autonomy that goes along with Baptist churches, so pastors are able to implement their own plans.

While, Dykstra doesn’t have a board or an organization that holds him accountable, a spokesperson for the Minnesota Iowa Baptist Conference told WCCO they are “in dialogue with the church and working with folks on both sides.”

While it’s very rare for the conference to distance themselves from a church, it’s not out of the question.

A pastor from Dykstra’s former church, Grace Fellowship told WCCO “from this vantage point it looks messy. We are praying for both sides.”

WCCO has learned that there is a board that is responsible for the church budget and to hold Dykstra accountable in all areas. It is composed of two couples from within the church and a pastor from another church.

Liz Collin

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  1. Must Be Doing Something Right says:

    “At first, there were 40 members. Today there are more than 2,000 along with three satellite locations.”

    1. Brandon says:

      You could say the same about ponzi schemes. Numbers dont equal “doing something right.”

      1. Auntie Venom says:

        Yep. I prefer the earthy analogy of billions of flies eat poop, doesn’t make it wholesome.

    2. Mike says:

      He is doing what all religions offer, false hope.
      I am sure that the beginning of any religion, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, ect., were all determined by a majority to be cults.
      If you don’t want to attend, stay away and mind your own business!

    3. don says:

      There is nothing that is right at the Crossing right now. Numbers do not equate to a successful Church, and Eric Dykstra is all about the numbers period, Numbers of people, numbers in the form monies given to his Church, etc. At one point in time when there were 40 or so attenders, and for a while afterwards Eric did a good job, he was edgy, he had a great perspective of God’s Word, he was a good preacher, but something happened, and what happened was not good. The Church does not have 2000 people attending right now, many have left the Church. When you talk to Eric, if you can even get close to him anymore, the first thing he will say is ” … we had x amount of people hear on such and such a day …” Numbers are great if you are helping people but what good are they if you are hurting people in the process? Lots of people have been hurt by the Crossing, lots of people have been lied to, lots of people have given everything to the Crossing in hopes of attaining prosperity, it is really sad.

      1. Dale Gribble says:

        Idolator. Spawn of Satan. How dare you criticize this man who does the Lord’s work? You will burn in Hellfire for an eternity.

        1. don says:

          Dale good to hear from you. How it going?

        2. Daisy says:

          I just have to say that the Bilbe talks about having gentleness and respect when talking about Jesus and spreading his word. Being overly negative and judgemental telling people they are nothing and going to Hell is not what the Bible teaches.

          1. Dale Gribble says:

            The Bible teaches that those who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit are unforgivable and will be cast into the Lake of Fire for all eternity. If you deny the word of the Lord, then you shall suffer the same fate.

            1. Daisy says:

              I do not deny the word of the Lord. I deny the way that Erik portrays it..There is a difference. I will follow anything the Bible says over Erik any day. What would the church do if Erik left? Would it fall because he is not there or would it continue to stay because it is about Jesus and the church?

              1. Dale Gribble says:

                1 Corinthians 14:34-35. Be silent, woman, and submit.

                1. Buks says:

                  Hey Don, me again.

                  1 Cor 14:34-35 (Paul Writes):
                  “As in all the churches of the saints, the women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says….”

                  I have a question: Has Erik’s wife ever preached a sermon in the church, and if so, have you publicly rebuked her as you just rebuked Daisy?

                  By the way, Daisy was not preaching in church, as the scripture you quoted instructs, she asked a simple question. Are questions not allowed?

                2. Buks says:

                  Hey Dale, hehe, its 00:52 here is Cape Town,and I should really go to bed now. Sorry about the type, I meant to ask you (Dale) the question…

        3. Buks says:

          Hey Dale,
          My name is Buks, and I am from South Africa so I have not real interest at what is happening at the Crossing, Neither do I know your Pastor, but the tone of your post struck me as being very angry and I was wondering about something you said. But before I ask my two questions, I would like to tell you something that I know about myself and about Don, even though I have no clue who he is:
          Don and myself are both sinners, and because of our sin, we both deserve to go to hell. We have both done much worse things than speaking critical things about other people. We have actually rebelled against God himself, and yes, we were both “spawn of satan” as you put it, in other words, we were born into this world as sinners and children of the devil. In this you are actually 100% correct.

          But now I have two questions for you to think about:
          1) Do you really, in your heart, wish that Don and myself end up in Hell?
          2) Do you pray to Jesus for Justice, and that he would send Don and all other people who says anything negative about your pastor to Hell?

          Those are two simple yes/no type questions that deserve an answer. God has actually already answered those questions, but I would really like your answer on them.

      2. don says:

        Well it comes from first hand experience. Your right a Church is never perfect. and once you find one it won’t be perfect any longer. But last I checked a Church should not lie to it attenders

  2. Aingyl says:

    I grew up in Elk River. My parents, who still live there, have been to the Crossing and call it powerful, albeit unconventional.

  3. John1387 says:

    Very nice site!

  4. Pavel says:

    There is no supervising board for the congregation to monitor the huge amounts of money being given? No organized church should operate that way. The new house on the river and new truck right off the bat are suspicious, to say the least!

    1. Qtpies7 says:

      There isn’t anything in the news story to suggest there is no one supervising the money. Them buying a house and a used truck do not suggest that they are pilfering money. If you had people who were going overboard crazy and contacting the news over and over and over and over until your family couldn’t live in peace, you’d move them, too. And moving further away means you can’t live with one vehicle. Nothing suspicious about it.

    2. J says:

      There is an Elder board at The Crossing first off… and Pastor Eric and his family moved homes because of saftey and privacy issues. If you want to know the true heart of The Crossing church and the heart of Pastor Eric come check out the church instead of joining the mob. Another little tid bit about Pastor Eric he refuses to touch and of the money that goes through the church it is all handled by other leaders.

      1. PJG says:

        2 couples and a multi million dollar mega church leader are hardly a true elder board that would provide accountability and guidance. And they don’t. Eric has said multiple times that the church is “pastor led” and that he is in control. Sure he doesn’t physically touch the money as it needs to be counted (numbers numbers numbers!) and they need to tally up who is giving and who is not so the “you haven’t lived up to your Samuri commitment” letters can go out. Eric is an amazing speaker and at a time used to having a caring heart but he got lost. He’s lost in his desire for fame and all the turmoil and poor choices are resulting from it. I truly pray his eyes get opened to what he has done and the Crossing can go back to being a healthy church that is there for people and not simply to be a mega church player.

  5. Rejoice says:

    Seriously people religion, the only other thing in this world based as much on lies and manipulation is politics, neither plays a role in my life, and things are just fine here in the burbs.

    1. Don says:

      you can go ahead and feel that way if you want to but let me tell you Jesus Christ is real, and He died for you. That’s one thing that you have to know and understand. The Bible is not a book of lies, Jesus is not a lie, Jesus is real. Religion may be about manipulation but Christianity is all about relationship, a relationship with Jesus Christ. Salvation is a free gift from God, and I ask to to give Jesus a chance to work in your life, He will change your life if you let Him, I urge you to check Him out today, he’s real and He wants you to choose Him today.

  6. aMx says:

    Manipulation, brainwashing, greed… IF YOUR LOCAL CHURCH ISN’T DOING THIS… they should be investigated.

  7. floyd says:

    All things are perverted through man, only one man was able to sustain the worlds pressure and he paid the price with his life so that others might live and have a role model and hope for their own lives. The only time in the bible that christ became physically angry(that im aware of ) is when he entered the church and found it to be a money grabbing circus. All men are to discern false teachings, at all times , from all sources, . According to the story it was the head of the jews that disdained Christ and his teachings, apparently, they liked it just the way it was. No free thinkers allowed.

  8. jdwarner says:

    Dykstra stated that he recently moved because there were 2000 people who knew exactly where he lived. I assumed he was referring to the 2000 who make up his congregation. I’m trying to understand how that is a problem for him.
    Isn’t the sheperd supposed to tend to his flock? Did Jesus ever feel the need to hide where his home was from his disciples and followers? I have never had to search to find my priest. He wants me to know where he is so if I need him I can find him. I doubt very much that the Baptist faith differs from the Catholic faith on this point. The fact that he has admitted that he wants his address to be unavailable to his congreagation tells me all that I need to know about Dykstra.

    1. Qtpies7 says:

      He is not a priest who lives alone, he is a man who has a wife and kids who need his time and attention. I respect that he doesn’t want to be that pastor whose kids go crazy because he is always helping everyone else and not spending time teaching and loving his family. I admire that. His family IS more important than random people. There are pastors and counselors set up to help people, he doesn’t need to, and certainly couldn’t, be expected to help every single person himself in a church that size.
      Do you think those 2000 people are all sane and normal? Think again. Drug addicts coming to your door at all hours of the night? Not cool. And then there are crazy people who can’t just walk away when they don’t like something, they attack and attack, going to the news when they can’t get their way. And if that doesn’t stop him, then they’ll KEEP going to the news over and over and over, no matter the outcome. I was hurt majorly by a pastor and elderboard, and I didn’t go bringing in the news when I couldn’t get things to turn out how I wanted. Being hurt doesn’t give a person the right to harass a family, and they ARE being harassed due to all this press. Crazy brings out the crazies. People who have never been to the church hear this and then go psycho just for fun. Those children deserve to feel safe and undisrupted in their HOME.

      1. tooloose says:

        Or perhaps people come to his door up in arms and wanting justification? A good Pastor is as human as the rest of us and sins as much as the rest of us. A Pastor conveys the word of God, they are not God themselves. To presume because he is a Man of God and is ordinarily a “good man” is being naive. People who make mistakes and commit crimes don’t admit to it… look at Denny Hecker. Tom Petter. The list goes on and on. At the end of the day, they’ll all be held accountable by God when He lays his judgement against them.

      2. Daisy says:

        Eric does not even speak to members of his church unless they are deep with in the church. He walks around with body guards and pays no attention to his weekly members. Just to the people he feels are important.

        1. Dale Gribble says:

          Make yourself quiet, woman. You have no voice in the Lord’s house. You are to submit to the word of the Father, and accept the will of men.

          1. Daisy says:

            I will not. Who are you to tell me what to do. It sounds like I am bringing up good points and you have nothing Biblical to rebuke it but to try and quiet me. Dale do you know the Bible or do you make it up as you go? Women do have voices in the Lord’s House. Hmmm ask Kelley…

            1. Dale Gribble says:

              Eric requires bodyguards to protect him from the servants of the Anti-Christ, like you, who would destroy his ministry and mock the true Faith. You are the wh@re of Babylon!

              1. a strong womans voice says:

                Dale, I have the most respect for my husband and the lord, as my husband does also. You better believe if he EVER talked to me that way we would have issues. I sure hope you do not have a wife or daughters you treat that way. If you dont like what is being said about this then DONT READ IT. There is concerns that people have brought forward about this church, and if everything was just fine WHY WOULD PEOPLE BE LEAVING AND WHY WOULD “THE CROSSING” AND ERIC BE UNDER INVESAGATION??? Do a little research why so many bad things about the church that is found and not so many good?!?! I pray you find the truth like so many people are finding and getting out of that un-holy place

              2. cj says:

                Dale, you are one sad, brainwashed SOB….you have your nose so far up Dykstras behind you can’t see whats going on!! Who are you to comment to Daisy that way? What cult did you survive to end up here?

          2. Frank Rice says:

            Calm down Dale. Women do have a voice and should be allowed to use it. I value theur opinions. I know what the bible tells us about women preaching. In this world though with all the single parent families we need women and men to preach Jesus word. There are many women thzt bring their kids to childrens ministry to start their walk with God. I think it’s great.

    2. BR says:

      Except you are not taking into consideration that the man does have a family, and deserves to have some time to devote to his family, to rest, and to have time alone without people showing up at his door at all hours of the day and night…sometimes asking for help, sometimes just wanting to hang out, sometimes wanting to express their opinions about everything under the sun and looking for an argument. Remember it IS a church of 2000 people. That is a lot of people who want his attention and believe they have the right to it anytime they want. Anyone who doesn’t understand that and believes that a pastor is responsible to be at your beck and call is just selfish.

  9. Joe from Mn. says:

    I gone to a Baptist church in Napa years ago. When the church first started the sermons were great, as the congergation grew, the sermons turned to money. 10% of your gross income is to be given to the church, is what he ended up preaching every week. That is not why I go to church and why I stop going to that church. I guess even humans of the cloth get greedy.

    1. Ang says:

      The Bible clearly states that we are to give a 10% tithe to our church! I give every week to my church, I have been unemployed, a student and a part time worker surviving while I tithe to my church and raise my child. I have gone to The Crossing and 2 other churches in the northen suburbs, I tithe at whatever church I am at. That is the word of the Lord to Tithe! If I may add, God has always provided for me, and I have always trusted in him too!
      I am thankful for The Crossing, a dear friend of mine came to know the Lord and their marriage was saved after they started attending the Crossing. It’s an awesome church that God is using to bring many people to know him and have an amazing love for Jesus!

      1. don says:

        Please tell me exactly where Jesus or anyone else in the NT tells us we have to tithe 10%. You will find it in the OT no problem, but that is old covenant. Eric Dykstra has said that your kids will not get cavities if you titthe, and orbit everything you have around the Crossing Church, every single thing, finances, time, talents, gifts. You don’t have to go to heaven exhausted like eric preaches. Do you beleive all this? I have all this on DVD so there is no skating around the fact that Eric wants your money.Do you really believe that one Church should get your entire tithe?

        1. Ang says:

          In the New Testament we are not under “Law” as in the Old Testament. We are asked to give freely. I do believe in the entire Bible. I don’t agree with the no cavities thing. I do think that there may be many of his words being pieced out o make it seem negative as I have seen done. We should all use our spiritual gifts to glorify God but we shouldn’t exhaust ourself.
          I give my church my tithe that I attend weekly. If I go to a different church I give my tithe there. I have visited the Crossing many times and have gave my thithe there when I go. I have visited other churches and give it wherever I am. It is said in the bible to give our tithe to our storehouse, our church. A church is really the entire body of believers. I think some of the preaching may be misunderstood but I will say that i support Pastor Eric and Kelly! They are working for Jesus, non-believers are coming to know Jesus because of the Crossing so there are more brothers and sisters coming to know the unconditional love of Jesus everyday!

          1. don says:

            Ang, Well thanks for the sermon, I think you would agree that tithing is not commanded in the NT.
            I do not believe his words have been pieced together to make them look bad, Eric does that just fine all on his own. He used to tell his students at Grace Fellowship years ago to not believe what he or any other Pastor says, that they need to go back into Gods word and read before and after the verse he or another Pastor spoke on to get the true context. He dos not do or say that any longer. Eric is now the one who takes scripture out of context and twists the meaning to suit whatever he wants. Eric is famous for omitting certain words/phrases from scripture he selects, so one really needs to test what Eric says against the scriptures Again at one time Eric was right on, at one time he was a good, edgy Pastor, but not anymore … seriously something has snapped. I pray for him all the time that he is broken and that he repents. he’s not doing the Kingdom any good

            1. don says:

              I forgot to add one more thing about eric. He would not consider you a tither. Eric teaches at the crossing that your whole entire tithe must go to the Crossing and no where else.

              1. Christian says:

                That’s a lie Don. You’re entitled to your opinion, but to spread lies as fact is wrong. I have been to many a service at The Crossing, where the congregation was told that they didn’t have to give to The Crossing specifically. They were told that they could give at any one of the local churches, because it’s not about The Crossing, it’s about honoring God for what he blessed you with.
                I will stand by that until my dying day. Again express your opinions as you like, but please don’t lie to push your point further.

                1. don says:

                  Sorry but you are wrong, my child who attends the crossing did not ‘tithe’ to the Crossing for a time, instead my child tithed to a friend who was in need. My child was told that, that was not good enough. My child was told the Crossing deserves the whole tithe. You can find where Eric preaches on this in a sermon on ‘onemothersjourney’
                  You folks just do not get it anyway, we don’t have to tithe, tithing is not mentioned in the NT, Jesus does not command it, giving to God is a matter of the heart, he owns it all.anyway. Again there is not one Church out there that deserves your whole tithe, Eric does say the crossing deserves the whole tithe and more ….

              2. BR says:

                Not true… if The Crossing is your church home you should tithe there but they have said many times ‘”if you don’t want to give to The Crossing, take your money to the church down the street, there are a ton of good churches in Elk River, give it there.”

                1. J says:

                  When is the last time you heard ‘tithe down the street”/ Not for a LONNNNNGGGGG time. He even had a guest pastor come and preach about tithing only at your home church.

                2. BR says:

                  J – actually just a couple months ago they said give to the church down the street.

                3. don says:

                  This is what your Pastor Eric says about tithing. ” … just so you know, the Bible says the minimum offering is the tithe or 10% of your income. So if you are going to really live like Jesus is coming back in the next 12 months that means you are going to give more than 10% of your income to your local church …”
                  Notice he says ‘your local Church’ not the Church down the street, or the Church in the next town..
                  He says you are going to give to your local Church. How does one define your local Church? I guess its the Church you go to.

                  So it seems your Pastor can’t make up up his mind?

          2. Facts Of Life says:


            Do you eat seafood or pork?

            If you tithe to a church based upon the OT, I assume that you refrain from these food as well.

        2. BR says:

          He never said your kids won’t get cavities if you tithe, that is just something you made up. Or it was something that you are taking out of context – probably a joke he made or something. He never said that the way you are saying it… don’t lie.

          1. AW says:

            He said that if you gave God could make it to where your kids didn’t get cavities. Didn’t say it would happen for sure but the implication was there that if you gave to his multi million dollar building that was one of the ways God might bless you. In context – not a joke – I was sitting in the audience and heard it myself. You can also go look at their Samuri sermons and it’s on there.

            1. BR says:

              Well you just said yourself, it was one of the ways God MIGHT bless you, he did not say that if you give to the church your kids won’t get cavities – BIG DIFFERENCE. He also doesn’t make any guarantees that Gods blessing will be financial in any way. If you put God first in all areas of your life including your finances God will bless you however he chooses. It may be with good health, with good relationships, with answered prayers, with finances with however He chooses. He is simply saying put God first. Don’t put your bling first. A good way to not let materialism get ahold of you is to give your first fruits to God and trust Him with the rest.

              1. Ang says:

                Amen! We have no idea how we are going to be blessed and sometimes we are blessed but don’t realize at the present. I have been faced with this many times!

                I do eat pork and seafood. I eat turkey more. I believe that I need to give to my church. How is the church going to continue to be a place of worship and bless people with a place to go if there are no tithe’s or offerings?

              2. PJG says:

                Ah nice; Legalism 101 – if you do a,b,c then you get something. Treating God like the big slot machine in the sky that always pays out. Who knows what your blessing might be but if you give then you’ll be getting something! That must be the problem with those women in the Sudan who our holding their dying children in their arms…they aren’t putting God first with their money. That must be the issue with the child sex slaves in India…they aren’t giving their first fruits. These are all part of the manipulation tactics. Sure they won’t guarantee you anything but they put the notion that it’s going to work out to your benefit. The Crossing even showed a video of a couple who gave and then got a big check in the mail the next day. Yes, they said this might not happen to you but the thought it then put in your mind that it might. It’s the same with the cavity statement; for the parent in the audience thinking about how high insurance costs are and that they can’t possibly give to the multi million dollar building, it puts the notion in their head that if they are giving then that will be their ‘insurance’ that it will all work out. It’s manipulation and it’s wrong. If you attend a church regularly you should give to them. The lights don’t come on by themselves. Everything there has a cost and if you call it your church then it’s the right thing to do. But manipulating people into giving way beyond their means for “the vision” is wrong.

          2. don says:

            BR, you really need to do back to vimeo and see the sermon where Eric preaches on and mis-applies/mis-quotes/mis-interprets Deuteronomy 15:10.

        3. Frank Rice says:

          During several sermons where my church asks us to tithe Eric has made it very clear that it can be at the Crossing or any other church.

  10. Dale Gribble says:

    Pastor Eric is a great man of God, and he is filled with the Holy Spirit. All those who oppose him are in league with Satan and will burn for eternity in the Lake of Fire.

    1. don says:

      Dale, you are entitled to think and believe what you want. I know Eric personally and he is not like he used to be. At one time he was a shepherd of his ‘flock’ but that is not true any longer. A Pastor has to be a shepherd to the folks under his care, and eric just does not do that. Church is not just for unbeleivers it is for Christians. I love the guy, and I trully and sincerlely hope and pray that he repents.

      1. Dale Gribble says:

        Lake of Fire for you, then, as you have commited the Eternal Sin by blaspheming against the Holy Spirit. You are damned beyond redemption.

        1. KYnative says:

          Wow. He was not blasheming the Holy Spirit, just a leader. It’s comments like that which make the rest of us believers look bad.

          1. Dale Gribble says:

            He criticizes Pastor Eric. Pastor Eric is filled with the Holy Spirit. To speak against Pastor Eric is to speak against the Holy Spirit. You should mind your words, lest you join this other blasphemer for an eternity of torment.

            1. @Dale says:

              Religion, the greatest sham on earth! Dale swallow a tailpipe.

            2. Daisy says:

              Sorry to say Eric just a man. He is not the Holy Spirit. You can speak against any man but do not speak against the lord. To compare Eric to the Holy Spirit is idolarty

              1. Dale Gribble says:

                Eric is filled with the Holy Spirit. It is not Eric’s message or Eric’s word, but the word of the Lord. To claim that Pastor Eric created the Word would be blasphemy. You must not speak against the Holy Spirit, and Eric is filled with the Holy Spirit. You sound like a Catholic or other heretic.

                1. Daisy says:

                  Any person who has accepted the Lord is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Not just Erik. I sound like a person who reads and knows the Bible and Jesus that is all.

    2. J says:

      Hey bro you are doing no good for Pastor Eric or yourself speaking in such a hateful way. I urge you to love your attackers and pray for them but it is not your place to pass judgement. Christ was about love and forgiveness and we must mirror that to our opostition . I am a long time member of The Crossing and I know that your actions do not fall in line with the hope and love the Pastor Eric is preaching about.

      1. Dale Gribble says:

        Your failure to rebuke these blasphemers is disturbing. I should think that you would be concerned for their souls. Perhaps, instead, you do the work of the Deceiver?

        1. don says:

          Dale, I have a pretty good idea of who you may be, but that is besides the point for now. What would eric think of your words? That is a very good question to ask yourself. would eric condone what your saying, I think not. another question to consider is: “What kind of a picture am I portraying of the Crossing?
          The answer is not a good one. Your coming off as a radical, condemning, unChristl like, and a little weird. What has eric said that he cannot do all along? That’s a good question for yourself, and a good time for some self introspection on this matter. Now is the time for you to open your eyes, see what is really going on here, see and acknowledge how you have been lied to, and how you have been deceived

          1. Bonk! says:

            Oh good grief! The deceived in this case are those who fail to notice that Dale’s tongue is pretty firmly planted in his cheek. He’s being satirical, man! I mean, if satire were, say, a trout, Dale’s got that bad boy by the tail, he’s lifting it high and swinging it around, and then he’s bonking you over the head with it. Bonk, don! Bonk again!

            1. don says:

              OK ‘Dale’ …

  11. BillyBoy says:

    Why did the lady that started this have to hide her face ???????? Jesus didn’t hide his face. Eric and Kelly didn’t hide their faces. What are they hiding and what is behind her story ????????? Like thy say, “if you only hear one side of a story, you’ve heard less than half”. Is she ashamed of what her real motive is and she is the one that is controling other people ? The opening statment before almost every Crossing talk is ” We are not here to fource anything on you, and we just hope you take something about JESUS away from this and process it at your own pace”… Eric has also said in his talks “If you are not happy with this church to leave and go find a church that you are happy with, just make sure you go to church”. The world is full of choices some right some wrong. This lady and her little group need to move on with their life and let her 20 year old son make his own choices.

    1. straight up facts says:

      Just to clear up some inaccuracies in your post….The mother of the 20 year old had nothing to do with this story. The person with her face hidden was not the mother. If the church congregation is 2000 people and the support group is 100 and growing every day, that is not a “little group” in proportion to the size of the congregation.

      1. BillyBoy says:

        If you listen to the story the interveiwer states that was the mother.. How can you say she has nothing to do with this, she was mentioned??????? Thats like saying Peter or Paul had nothing to do with the BIBLE. If you can’t tell the truth how can you beleave anything that was said here. What is the trouble between them??? Or is this another hiden fact ??? Most parents would be happy to have a child be involved with a church. Maybe some parents would rather have their child live at home till their 32, spend their money at the bar and marrie a stripper…..Not me…. JESUS showed his face and died for what he beleived in. If you can’t do that you must be asamed of your cause. Did JESUS tell his 12 follower to sit in a little room and talk amonge themselves… ..NO, he said to go out and tell others………… If you don’t, thats being lazy and selfish, GOD does no belong in a box. Eric never held a gun to anyones head to give. If a cop buys a new house or car do people think he is on the take?? With out all the facts about the house how can you say anything? Did he pay cash, what was his down payment, what are the payments?????? You are just throwing stones and hopeing they hit something…. The church gives to everyone. I’ve watch a pastor walk up to someone and shake thier hand and a $50.00 or $100.00 dollor bill was in that persons hand….without asking. And it doesn’t stop there. The BIBLE states “you can not worship GOD and money” I guess money is a big deal to some people, If you want to give, GIVE if not thats up to you. JESUS was different and the Crossing is different. People are afraid of things that are different…… GOD bless!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Katie says:

          The mother in the story was not me, I have already come forward- there is no story with me….its not about me…peace!

          1. BillyBoy says:

            There is just so much “HE SAID SHE SAID” to this story. Theres no facts that are concret.. People just are throwing opinions around. How many movies and resturaunts have you gone to that people said were great and you thought they sucked. There are THOUSANDS of people that have found help and JESUS at the CROSSING. It’s what you take away from it that matters. I have been going to the CROSSING since the movie theater days and have had ERIC and other people take time and ask how I am. Eric came up to me in the lobbie last week and was concerned about what I was going through. He does care. The service is like a rock show but it is informitive and he talks TO YOU NOT AT YOU !!!!!! And it keeps the interest of people that would other wise walk away. I will continue to go there and tell everyone I can about JESUS and a great place to find him.

            1. Jesus Follower says:

              BillyBoy, It is NOT our Job to keep the interests of people, IF THEY ARE TRUELY FOLLOWING JESUS, THE HOLY SPIRIT KEEPS THEM INTERESTED, OTHERWISE IT IS JUST A FALSE WORSHIP! God does not need us to entertain people to follow him……He is God, he does not need us, we need him, God does the work, not US……my prayer is that you get into the Word of God and start reading about the New Testament Church, they layed out the Church and the foundation. God does not need us to bribe anyone, we are to share the truth of the Gospel…..What would your crossing do if there was NO electricity to entertain??? From what you are saying is that the people would just walk away, IF THAT IS TRUE THEY ARE NOT FOLLOWING JESUS, THEY ARE FOLLOWING ERIC.

        2. This is the hidden mother says:

          The mother is not the same mother as the original story and that is a fact. Out of respect for ones children a parent may want to not have their face shown on the news, not ashamed of the cause. No troubles between the parent and child, just saddened for the young adult being lead astray. Parents should encourage their children to worship God and do good works for him, give generously and serve others Take a look at the Bible and compare what Eric says and what the Bible actually says. It is clear, if it is not as stated in the Bible then it is deception. There are different forms of pressure that are just as hurtful as a gun. Spiritual wounds go deep to the core and the scars can be lifelong. People are getting caught up in the hype and not focusing on God. I have faith that God will take care of his children as it states that “Train a child they way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6 The child may go astray down a wrong path, but God is in control and eventually the young adult will have an eye opening experience that will show the truth. That is this mother’s prayer. I do pray for Eric and Kelly that God will show them that they are way off base.

          1. Annonymous says:

            “People are getting caught up in the hype and not focusing on God” – You all started all this hype. Do you actually think ANY good has come from ANY of this? Even if Eric and Kelly are wrong. THIS is the way you have gone about it? From following these news stories and the way your group has handled all of this I believe God would be just as disappointed with your actions and the smearing of a man and his family (godly or not). It’s time to shut up and stop ruining the name of Christianity. Let people choose their own church, you’re trying to control them and their church decisions just like you SAY Eric is trying to control them.

            1. don says:

              I think lots of good has come from this. You wonder if God is disapointed with us or the mother? I think the real question to ask is, “Is God disapointed with Eric and Kelly?” I beleive God is very disapointed with Eric and Kelly, they have preverted God’s word, they have abused people, they have kicked people out of the Crossing for questioning their actions, they have pushed people to give financially beyond what they can afford with assurances that they will be blessed, they are not good shepherds of the Crossing Church. Eric and Kelly are being exposed for what they are, and people are becoming aware, and that is a very good thing. I know them both, I do feel for them my desire is that they repent and return to God. I pray for them, they need our prayers now more than ever. Eric is doing more to harm Christians than anyone I know

              1. Annonymous says:

                You are missing the point…. even if these things are true… is it YOUR job to rake them over the coals? YOU are taking things into your own hands and I believe that smearing a man and his family is never what God intends. I think that God can stand up for his own name, if all of these things you say are true. Let GOD deal with peoples hearts and minds not your manipulation, by doing all these things you are no better. Starting facebook pages, reporting to the news, passing out fliers, gossiping. I’m pretty sure that’s not the way to go… all in the name of GOD mind you. I saw one person’s comment on another page that said she hoped Eric had a mental illness. WHAT???? Why would you wish that on anyone? Disgusting and I’m disgusted with it all. This is doing more to harm Christians and Christianity in general. If what you desire is to change Eric and Kelly and their thinking, one thing I have learned in life is that you cannot force people to change. They will change when God is ready for them to change no matter what you do. By the way, I think it’s funny when people say, “I was in the inner circle”, or “I know Eric personally,” or “my son said this” as if they know the mind of Eric and it gives them some credibility.

                1. don says:

                  Eric Dykstra is an ‘anti-Christ’ and what he is doing is disgusting and he is far different from when I knew him when he started the Church, as I was one of the 40 or so, I am extremely disapointed in how he has turned out, I had such high hopes for him. Pastors are not supposed to hurt their flock period, pastors are to be good sheperds. I’m sorry eric needs to be exposed, he needs to come to terms with what he is doing, people need to be made aware.

                2. Annonymous says:

                  This is in reply (since you removed the reply button, nice touch…also proves my point) to the comment below. I was also one of the 40 who started The Crossing.

                3. annonymous says:

                  Nevermind, I see you didn’t take the reply off, it did that on mine too. LOL!

                4. don says:

                  The two organizations that had .some influence over Eric and Kelly really chose to do nothing. Their deep down hope and desire is that Eric just fizzles out and in effect goes away, i was told this. I guess that is a plan, but just how many more people are you willing to ‘sacrifice’ so to speak? If you wait until Eric fizzles there will be a long, long trail of hurt and abused people left along the roadside. Eric caters to those who don’t do church, now these people could be true unchurched people, they could be people hurt by other churches in the past, they could also be people that have simply given up on Church, and decided give the Crossing a chance. The point is these people (this includes most folks from the crossing) have a very limited understanding of God, and His word. Once they are hurt or kicked out or don’t get their needs met they may give up on church all together then you have really lost them. lets face it if you want a ‘feel good’ topical message with a small amount of biblical truth mixed in here and there then go to the crossing. Eric knows the scriptures, so he can give the people what they need but he chooses not to, and he should know that the Willow Creek Model does not work ( I know he does not follow Willow Creek model, but what eric does is not that much different then what hybels does) It has been learned/discovered that the ‘model’ does not build healthy mature Christians as hybels had hoped.So again the question is, “How many more people are you willing to give up on?”
                  I know this will not satisfy you and it is not what you are looking for but they may explain somewhat a ‘why’
                  Eric may not ever fizzle out, Furtick hasn’t, and he is still going on his merry way preaching a feel good message not giving the congregation what they really need and who knows how many people he is hurting by giving his “If you know Jesus, this Church is not for you.” message which by the way is very familiar to eric’s message.
                  People from Churches like the crossing, elevation, etc really know very little about the Bible, and that is sad.

                5. Robin says:

                  I think you are missing the point. God uses people to carry out his will. Did God stop Jim Jones before he had 912 people kill themselves? Nope—maybe he was speaking to people to intervene and they didn’t listen. I have seen cults before and the memebers are not listening to God’s voice because they believe their “man of God” is the only one they should listen to. The only chance to save them is a rude awakening so I commend everyone who is trying to expose the truth and not being scared of the “don’t gossip” rule

      2. Just telling it how it is says:

        Keep in mind that of the 100 people, at least 1/2 are friends of the alleged “victims” of The Crossing, and they’ve never actually attended the church. They are not part of the group of haters because of personal experience. They are haters because of hearsay & slander.

        1. SI says:

          Where are you getting these numbers? Because the people I know left or were kicked out. They all attended, served and gave to the Crossing. They are speaking out from their own personal experience. I am one of them. I faithfully gave, handed out cards to services, brought people and served there. There are people who are damaged and broken due to what happened to them at the Crossing. As a Christian you should care about this. No one is speaking out because the place is different. There are churches like the Crossing everywhere. People are upset and speaking out because what is going on there is wrong and it’s hurting others. If you want the news to stop doing stories, blogs to stop being posted and people to stop speaking out then stop hurting people, stop taking the bible out of context, stop using people and kicking them out.

          1. Just telling it how it is says:

            Were you kicked out? Legitimately? Because being asked to not lead a volunteer team anymore does not equal “kicked out”, even if Kim Quick tells you so.

  12. St. Cloud says:

    I’ve gone to that church a few times. It seemed cool, we got caught up in the action. But there is a vibe there I can’t explain, it feels like everything/everyone is covered with a thin film of oil… something isn’t healthy in that church.

    1. zimmerman says:

      That feeling is your discernment. I felt the same way.

    2. CITBOC says:

      Amen to that! I have also attended the church a handful of times. Sometimes the message was good, but some things stated ( and the way they were stated) made my hair stand up on the back of my neck, as it was far from biblical truth.

      I think Zimmerman is correct…it is about discernment. I have been born again for the past 20 years. I personally don’t need ‘gimmicks’ to get me into a church. Maybe some need this, but I don’t. So the gimmick part of bringing members through the doors, has always bothered me.

      I enjoy pastors that are on fire, Holy Spirit filled pastors. The difference is, the ones I am familiar with, are men of God that need no worldly ‘gimmicks’ to get people to attend.

      The true test for the Crossing church will be in the next 5-10 years. Baptizing many is one thing, but ‘growing’ and nurturing the congregation after the baptism, teaching biblical truth and retaining the members, is a whole different situation.

      Although the Crossing is not for me, I can see where it serves many brand new Christians. I will continue to pray, that it is Holy Spirit filled, biblical truth and not wordly jargon that flows from Erik & Kelly’s mouth’s. Because if it is truely Holy Spirit filled, you will begin to hear NO worldly jargon, but complete Holy Spirit filled worship in their sermons.

  13. gone astray says:

    A church goes bad when it becomes all about the church instead of it’s true mission and reason for existence. It is a sad thing to see.

  14. Nancy Aleshire says:

    To Joe, the giviing of 10% of your income to the Lord is scriptural. It is called tithing and it appears both in the Old and New Testament. The trick of what goes on in a church service, though unconventional as it may seem, is whether or not it is Bible based. I was a young adult during the Jesus people movement of the seventies and most of my recent church involvement has been with Charismatic, Non-denomination, Pentacostal churches. Many of its practices such as laying on hands for the sick, speaking in tongues, deliverance services, etc. are viewed with suspicion. Yet, all of this is Biblical. However in the report on the Crossing, I saw no scriptural references. I have never visited one of their services. Sermons and practices that are not based on the Word of God (the Bible) I view with suspiicion.

    1. Facts Of life says:

      Please take the time to read this with an open mind. Consider it God’s gift to you!!

      Many Blessings

    2. Ang says:

      I agree with you Nancy. I too strongly believe what you believe and live a spirit filled life. A church of this size and magnitude is being scruitinized because the devil is trying to tear it down. There are so many people coming to know the Lord as a result of Gods work in the area! People of all lifestyles and “stereotypes” are coming and giving their life to Jesus! I know people thought I was weird or in a cult when I started attending LWCC and after they saw the light and how my life was and the love I have for others they realize it really is all from the Bible! I pray that the Crossing and Pastor Eric and Kelly are covered in the blood of Jesus and continue to preach the word as God has called them to do!

    3. don says:

      Nancy, again show me where it says we are to tithe in the NT? Give me book and verse please. The fact is that you will not be able to. The truth about giving is that some are/will be called to give more than 10%, others will give less. The OT is about Law. (What the people should do as well what the people should not do) In the NT we are under the new covenant where things are more a matter of the heart than anything else. If the 10% belongs to God, to whom does the 90% belong to?

  15. Safe up North says:

    BillyBoy… if he can hide the location of his home for whatever reason, the “lady that started this” can hide her face for whatever reason.
    Obviously she’s afraid what will/could happen if he or his faithful followers would do if they learned who she was!

  16. Michele Menuey Ekern says:

    Sounds like a real life story from As the Shofer Blew by Francine Rivers. Identical. It all blew up in the pastors face.

  17. Glad it's not my church! says:

    I attend a much larger church. Our pastor doesn’t hide where he lives. Why? Not because everyone in our church is perfect. It’s because our pastor doesn’t make himself the center of the congregants lives. That’s where Christ should be. There are also many other leaders and resources in the church that people can turn to for support, in addition to congregants being encouraged to find support and encouragement and wisdom in the Bible and in small groups. The idea that the leader of a healthy church needs to hide from congregants simply makes me laugh. If Erik wanted a bigger house or a house on the river or whatever, if it’s all been bought on the level, no excuse needs to be made (or made up). He could just say he wanted a bigger house. Imagine that!

  18. Objective Observer says:

    CCO, next time you profile this church or do another expose, please don’t interview the victims. Giving arrogant Erik more screen time speaks volumes more about how far off the rails he has gone, than what other people observe/say. He is his (and the church, where so many good people attend and serve and give) own worst enemy. Wake up Crossing elder board. Rein in your pastor before he ruins your ministry and more lives!

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      Another servant of Lucifer!!! He spreads lies and destruction. Get thee behind me, Satan!!

      1. Dale Ribble says:

        You are funny. Very funny. What other things can you say? Oh I got one.. I shal strike dow yo ye workers of devile and be in my golrie for truth and Busselbib burn in their own blood for your lies will be burn eyes broken arms and see what the real flames in thy might and rgh goobie gobbie…..

  19. Billomatic says:

    Thank the earth, wind and fire I don’t believe in the invisible man in the sky. If you need religion in your life to explain what no one knows then go for it if it makes your stay here better. I believe in truth and science. I really tried to believe in god but my good sense tells me otherwise. Something to check out if you want is

  20. LEZ says:

    The Crossing is one of “the best” churches around doing a wonderful work. I am so sorry that some people got hurt, did stupid things like give all their stuff away without really doing for the Lord Jesus but for a man or a “religion”. You know church can do all the right things but still get slammed. You know if I were an orange and I tried to be the best oraonge possible all juicey,all bright orangey in color, with a nice thick skin and everything an orange could be. The problem is there are people who just don’t like oranges or are allergic to them.
    That’s this church they are doing all the right things for Jesus, and being all a church can be, but you have some people who will blame them the church for their own faults, mistakes or like you see some people will use this to slam Jesus and what He stands for.

    1. zimmerman says:

      I’m concerned that this man of God is not being monitored by a church board or leadership committee. All good leaders and pastors have an accountability group. I’ve watched a few of the messages online and my concern is this pastor seems to still appeal to the world and not to God.

    2. Daisy says:

      I have a few concerns with this church. The biggiest though is written in the Crossings values. We are to follow Erik as God speaks through him. All I have to say is we are not to follow anyone but Jesus.

  21. Richard says:

    You stupid suckers deserve to lose your dignity and money believing in that BS, what a parade of fools.

  22. leaflea says:

    Does anyone think a $270,000 home is outrageous for a 40 some year old who probalby had some equity? Where do you guys live to make a big deal about that and about buying a used truck? Are your vehicles immune from needing to be replaced at some point? While he may not be perfect, making points like these really reduces your credibility and makes you seem like malcontents wherever you go. Maybe it got so big, he wasn’t able to give you as much individual attention and therefore YOUR needs weren’t being met in the same way while the vision was to expand and meet the needs of more in this generation? Seems to me…

    1. AW says:

      You’re right; a 270K house and a used truck are not exorbitant items IF you haven’t just stood before your congregation telling them they need to sacrifice to build a multimillion dollar new church – IF you hadn’t manipulated people to give more by saying “I have an old car and a small house” “we will all give sacrificially” “I’m giving $40,000” “if the amount you gave doesn’t hurt then I’d question if you are giving enough”– IF you hadn’t cried fake tears to produce more emotion in the audience to sell their homes, cars, trees (yes, he said “some of you need to sell a tree”). This isn’t a matter of not liking the place as many of the people speaking out where a large part of it! Many were kicked out for asking questions, not submitting to church authority and other ridiculous reasons. People are speaking out because they don’t want more people abused by this destructive “church”. Listen to the sermons as everything being said about them is there.

      1. BR says:

        I am so sick of people saying they were kicked out. They were not kicked out. Asked to step down from leadership because of their own issues, how they were treating people, failing to lead well, integrity issues etc. is not being kicked out of the church, it is being asked to step down from leading because you can’t handle the role. AND if their names and their issues and some of the things that these people were doing that got them removed from leadership went out to the public, put on the news, written in blogs and comment sections… some of these people who claimed they were kicked out would be pretty embarrassed. These people who are claiming they were kicked out… just plain LIE! They are hurt or embarrassed that they were asked to step down from leading a team so they want to tell a sob story so everyone feels sorry for them.

        AND the money from Samurai has nothing to do with their house or truck. They moved. Get over it. I hope you are not judged so harshly the next time you have to buy a vehicle or a decide to move.

        1. AW says:

          MANY people have been kicked out. Formally sat in Eric or Kelly’s office and kicked out. Told to leave. Told they are no longer welcome there. Former friends, of the Crossing, were told to no longer associate with them or talk to them. Ask Pastor Diane how many have been kicked out? She’s had more than a handfull booted from her alone. I won’t be judged at all for buying anything because I won’t stand on a stage telling people to give sacrificially to buy a multi million dollar building! No one is denying them a new home or vehicle. People need to live. The point is that they did a four part series on how everyone was going to give, how much they were giving and how everyone needed to suck it up for the cause. It’s plain rude and poor taste to go buy a home and vehicle after people in your congregation are selling theirs for your building.

          1. BR says:

            AND was anyone forced to sell their home? or even asked to sell their home??? I know he gave suggestions of ways you could give sacrificially if you wanted to but again those are examples he also gave examples like… don’t buy a coffee at dunn brothers every day before work and save the extra $25 a week as a way to give or cut down on smoking and use the money you save for something good that will help more people come to know Jesus. He also said he didn’t care what the amount was… he didn’t care if all you wanted to commit to was a dollar. He was just asking people to give out of a generous heart above their usual giving. There was never a required amount.

            1. J says:

              Oh, I can dispute that! My daughter (a student) and her disabled husband were told their $10 commitment per month was not enough.

            2. AW says:

              There were many told their amount wasn’t enough and some were asked to leave if they weren’t going to give to it. BR – these are just some of the many examples of how the Crossing has gotten caught up in its desire to be one of the big boy mega churches. Getting people in the door, standing up in the audience to whip out some emotional prayer and dunked doesn’t help them the next day when the foreclosure happens, the electricity gets turned off, their spouse leaves them or they find their child is dying. People need a true pastor who will be there for their needs. Speak to them in the hall and not just if they are one of the premier volunteers. Meeting people’s emotional, physical and spiritual needs is what a church should be doing. Not just pump up the numbers. And please don’t give some bs about CR because what’s going on with “Pastor” Diane is an entirely different, and horrifying, story of abuse of power. BR – I’m glad nothing has happened to you. I pray nothing does. But what you are hearing isn’t gosstip. It’s real stories of real hurt caused at the hands of those you worship. As a Christian you should care. Those speaking out are not trying to slander but to warn others and to open your eyes to what is going on. Ask questions and see what happens to you. Ask Pastor Diane how many people she’s gotten kicked out. Ask Pastor Eric how many people he’s sat in his office and told to leave. Ask to see the financial records. Start asking some hard questions and see how long it is before you’re shown the door.

          2. GJ says:

            The people who appeared in this story do not LIE. They are people of integrity and I personally heard them praised by Eric and Kelly many times. Asked to assist with events at the church after being kicked out. The LIES start with John Hill, Diane Rauma and work their way up to Eric and Kelly twisted and distorted. Eric and Kelly are unaware of what is even happening in the billages of their “building” – I refuse to call it a church – and as for the blogs, I’ve read them, they ask that if any part of it is untrue, to say so. Why would you pick this forum to make these inaccurate statements. Do you have personal experience to know what the “terms” of anyone no longer attending? Hope you keep thirsty, there is lots of kool-aide for you to drink!

          3. annonymous says:

            You’re telling conflicting stories here. You say that Eric is only concerned about numbers. Yet now you say that MANY people have been kicked out? If he were only concerned about numbers and wanting peoples money why would he kick people out? What’s true? (NEITHER, by the way).

            1. J says:

              What you fail to realize is, after you are counted in their numbers, you no longer matter. They will see to your needs up to the point of either you getting baptized or you become too needy. Once you are baptized they can count you as saved, even if they throw you into the fire later. If you show neediness, they expend too much energy on you to keep you happy, so they will do every thing they can to ignore you. As far as the money goes, they can always run another “Big Give” promo when the bank account starts getting low. That is always good for a few million dollars.

        2. GJ says:

          The people who appeared in this story do not LIE. They are people of integrity and I personally heard them praised by Eric and Kelly many times. Asked to assist with events at the church after being kicked out. The LIES start with John Hill, Diane Rauma and work their way up to Eric and Kelly twisted and distorted. Eric and Kelly are unaware of what is even happening in the billages of their “building” – I refuse to call it a church – and as for the blogs, I’ve read them, they ask that if any part of it is untrue, to say so. Why would you pick this forum to make these inaccurate statements. Do you have personal experience to know what the “terms” of anyone no longer attending? Hope you keep thirsty, there is lots of kool-aide for you to drink!

  23. Tim Dolan says:

    Drinking the kool-aid there Dale. Oh my, what brain you have left has been thoroughly washed. May God help you….

    1. Hank Hill says:

      Dale isn’t a real follower. Dale Gribble is the weirdo character from King of the Hill. This guy is just a pot stirrer looking for attention. He’s probably got comments on every story WCCO has posted.

  24. J says:

    I would like to know where his people go when they need someone to talk to. Phone numbers for pastors are not made available, nobody is ever available when you stop in to the office. They all want to live in secrecy. Who is tending the off-weekend needs of the flock?

    1. zimmerman says:

      Completely agree with this statement. In fact a few years ago I called the church to get more information. The pastor’s wife, Kelly, answered the phone. Maybe it was a bad day, but she was completely rude and cold.

  25. Revelator says:

    I agree that giving to the church is important but in no way shape or form does the bible say it has to be to one church. Period. I know the bible I know Jesus. Let’s pray for clarity for all

    1. CITBOC says:

      I agree! The ‘church’ is the body of people, not a building. I personally don’t give to one ‘chiurch’. I give to many organizations, people in need, etc. wherever the Lord leads me to give. That is how Jesus ministered…on the street…to all types of people.

      I agree with Revelator, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is what it’s about for me. I believe that ‘religion’ is Satan’s way of keeping everyone entangled and busy arguing with each other. All these ‘religions’ fighting about various doctrines…not able to focus on God.

      Does anyone agree that when this is happening, God’s work is being neglected, and Satan is winning the battle?? ,

      It’s about LOVE people…plain and simple…LOVE!!

  26. Mick J says:

    Pastor Eric is doing my work, and in a wonderful way and in haste.
    Do not stop him now or I may lay your soul to waste.
    Pleased to meet you won’t you guess my name..

    1. J says:

      Could it be SATAN!?!?!?!?! (Said in a churchladytype voice)

  27. markH says:

    “Manipulation, brain washing and greed.”

    Let’s be brutally honest here, this is exactly the kind of thing that goes on in ALL churches, regardless of denomination or faith. This is why religion values the very young-because these nonsensical ideas would have very little sway on those who attain the age of reason and have functioning critical faculties. There is absolutely no substantive difference between the allegations levied against this church and mountains of evidence and allegations against the Roman Catholic Church, Lutherans, etc. The only reason they are a target is by virtue of their membership vis-a-vis the former. Hypocrites! People, think for yourselves and stop allowing the ideas, practices, “revelations”, and “truths” from former epochs and “prophets” to do it for you. Peace.

  28. Tommy Gust says:

    Blah blah blah. he’s a heretic just like his neighbor down the street at solid rock. As christians, we are called to deny ourselves . Not chase money. These false teachers are gonna burn. You people in Elk River need to run from that Godless man.

  29. Very Curious says:

    Hmmmm, wouldn’t it be interesting to get the opinion of a professional who identifies the truth through the science of body language? I have to admit, I’m not a professional but have done some study of reading body language as it pertains to people who are lying. WCCO, would you follow up with a story to give facts as to who, in this story, and maybe others who are the liars vs. who is telling the truth?

  30. Frank Rice says:

    I attend and serve at The Crossing Church. I wonder fi some of these comments come from people that have never sat through even one service. What we ask is simple. Coime for four services then make up yopur own mind. Many of our criitics have never set foot into The Crossings door.
    We have a motto to Thrill snd move.. His passon is to bring people closer toWe do so by thouwing everythin g we can into the weekend services. What I see as far as Pator Eric goes is a man with passon. His passon is to bring people closer to the Cross. Yes he does so in ways that may not be conventional all the time but I read the Holy Bible and I don’t believe Jesus was a conventional man. I am not comparing Eric to Jesus. when I say that so please don’tp on that statement. Jesus was perfect. No man is perfect. All Eric is doing is trying to save as many people from going to hell as possible. I don’t know how many times have heard Eric say “It’s always only about Jesus.” If the Crossing was about Eric or any other person I would not be going there. It’s alswys only about Jesus. As Jesus was assending to heaven He told us to spread His word. We at the Crossing are following Jesus direction not Erics.
    Whenever I have questioned what I hear in Erics services I read the bible. I find that Eric is preaching what the bible says.
    The Crossing may jnot be for everyone and we don’t pretend to be so. We have our target audience as most churches do. Like we say we are looking for the beer drinki ng , McDonalds eating men in their yopunger years. These are the people taht will bring fazmilies so their young can start their walk with God. God has created a path for each of us. I urge you to follow His path. For some of you that path will bring you to the Crossing. For others itr will bring you to another church. I just ask that you do follow the path that God made you. Please don’t follow your own path. Seek God’s will my brothers and sisters.
    Love and blessings to all of you,

    1. J says:

      Frank – Its called Easy Fruit…that is why they focus on the 20-30 beer drinking Mcdonalds eating men….people that don’t really read or understand the Bible (and tweets from Eric telling you not to read your bible…but get busy) ..and they don’t test what he is saying. Ear itching self help…you know with a little “bible” thrown in. It is not a loving environment. Test Test Test…everything he presents with the Bible. You will find the truth.

      1. J says:

        I pray for everyone involved..the people that were hurt, The Crossing and people that attend. I pray that the Gospel become the center of The Crossing..and only the Gospel. Take Care.

    2. Glad I left says:

      Went there for years so I know quite well what I’m talking about. First of all churches have been doing the loud band, “we accept everyone & aren’t we cool” thing for years. I went to much harder rocking churches in the 90’s in LA. Nothing original. The targeting of young males is from raging myisogynist Mark Driscoll. Eric’s vision is from Steven Furtick, check Elevation church’s website and you’ll see the original Code with a very minor changes. There is nothing new here so really the talk of people having trouble with something ne different is not even applicable. People are upset about the manipulation, misuse of funds, lack of accountability (2 couples who worship Eric and a mega church pastor are not an elder board), spiritual abuse, taking verses out of context, greed and lust for power and fame. Yes, we can all go to another church. Many have. Many have checked out of church all together after what they experienced at the Crossing. You can bet they experienced life change. Their spiritual life will never be the same. If you truly feel every life counts then as a Christian you need to care about those being destroyed by your church.

      1. Glad I left too says:

        Well put…praying for everyone involved.

  31. Leah Dawson says:

    Frank, I feel bad that you are so deceived. I know many of these comments come from people that have known Eric for over 10 years. I have as well, and did attend his church for over 6 weeks straight. Eric may have once had a passion of bringing people to the Cross. I’m glad you can still see that in him. I’m glad you are at the surface point with Eric and see that he thinks it is always, only, about Jesus. The criticism comes in when you know him, his family and his motives a little deeper. Some of us have seen his verbal abuse to his family, his staff and his parishioners more first hand. Some of us have seen the parent church, Grace Fellowship, bury their heads in the sand when some of the above has happened. This is what brings the criticism. While you may see the good things – and I do applaud that – you must agree that the bad now outweighs the good. When a pastor has to hide from his own parishioners, that is something to be questioned. When a news station decides it’s newsworthy enough to investigate, you must question your moral compass. Do not blindly follow someone that is so controversial. Investigate, ask questions, and compare it to the Truth My guess is that you will find the Truth – the Bible – wins.

    1. Annonymous says:

      It’s not newsworthy enough to investigate. It simply makes for a good controversial story. News stations love a good Christian controversy. See all the drama it’s caused? Way to go.

  32. Follower of Christ says:

    HELLO!!!!!! is everyone forgetting why God put us on this earth??!!!?? TO SPREAD THE WORD OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats exactly what eric is doing!! we are ALL children of God and this man is being criticized for his good works!?? i thought we were all brothers and sisters in CHRIST??? we work together as christians as a whole!! we all need to stop with the debating whatever you think and go do what the lord jesus christ himself told us to do and SPREAD THE WORD OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Follower of Christ says:

    HELLO!!!!!! is everyone forgetting why God put us on this earth??!!!?? TO SPREAD THE WORD OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats exactly what eric is doing!! we are ALL children of God and this man is being criticized for his good works!?? i thought we were all brothers and sisters in CHRIST??? we work together as christians as a whole!! we all need to stop with the debating whatever you think and go do what the lord jesus christ himself told us to do and SPREAD THE WORD OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. J says:

      Yes, of course, by all means, spread the word of God, regardless of who gets trampled along the way.

      1. AW says:

        Well said J.

  34. Preachers Daughter says:

    I am a pastor’s daughter. I went to this church one time because I was truely interested in attending. Scared the Hell out of me. Anyone who preaches throwing the Bible under the bus and listen to his (Erik’s) version of THE WORD is self serving, NOT SERVING GOD!!!! I then started Googling this church and ONLY found negative from former member, member’s parents and family members, other churches. Erik and The Crossing Church as put a fear in me, fear of things to come and how close FALSE PROPHITS are to us.

    1. Preachers Daughter says:

      And just how easily people who want to believe can be lured in and taken for everything. I urge members to take noted, get out their Bibles and cross reference, question the things that are twisted and different with other members and confront to source as a whole. I pray for you all that you will be saved from this man that appears to be a FALSE PROPHIT and find your way to a loving GOD.

  35. don says:

    I am going to say some things that will anger many of you that consider the Crossing your church, but you need to hear this. Before I say what is on my mind please remember that there is a group of people that truly do love and care for you. Many from our group have been hurt by the crossing, many have been kicked out of the crossing, (yes kicked out), and many have family members at the crossing. Let it be known that we love and pray for you, we pray that your eyes and ears be opened. We pray that you seek God’s truth, we pray that it is made known to you. We also pray for eric and Kelly. We pray that eric and Kelly see what they are doing is wrong; our ultimate goal is that they repent and ask God for forgiveness.
    I want you to know that you have been let down and that you deserve so much more from a Church.
    Firstly, Eric has let you down, he has not been a good shepherd to his flock, you deserve a pastor that loves you, cares for you, teaches you, and inspires you. Eric chooses to distance himself from you on purpose. Don’t you see it? He took on a very important role as the Pastor of the Crossing, and he has failed, I am truly sad about that, I had very high hopes for eric when he re-planted the church. It’s not just about the numbers … numbers are great but it’s much more than just about numbers. You serve your guts out for eric and the church, you are tired, you are worn out trying to fulfill some vision God supposedly gave to eric. You deserve a place where you can come on Sundays or Saturdays and get fed deeply in the word of God, and not get browbeat into giving more of your time, talents, and money. You need and deserve a pastor who knows that it is a struggle to become fully alive in God. You need a pastor that walks along side of you, encourages you, and is there for you when you need a pastor. Unfortunately, when someone close to you dies, (I don’t wish this on anyone), and you need eric to do a funeral, you need and should expect him to step up and do the funeral. You do not need to be told by eric, “We don’t do funerals here.” Another example of eric not being a good shepherd.
    Eric has said, “I am not here for you, I am here for them.” (meaning others that don’t know Christ) Your Pastor has to be there for you, it’s part of the job, it’s a pastor role to be there for you. As regular attenders of the Crossing, require it! If you are convinced that you will stay at the crossing then please demand more from your pastor, insist that he has an adequately trained staff that is trained in theological matters to minister to yours and others needs. Insist that he has an elder board that holds eric accountable. Require that eric and his staff remain accountable and reachable to you when you have a question or need prayer. When you call the crossing requiring assistance you deserve to not be treated in a rude manner. When you listen to eric preach make sure you go back into the word of God afterwards, read and find out for yourselves what the Bible says. Do not take eric at his word, test what he says against the word of God.
    Second Grace Fellowship the parent church has let you down, this church is accountable as they chose and placed eric at your church. They know something is not right, this article hints at that, and they chose to do nothing but wash their hands of the whole matter.
    The Iowa-Minnesota Baptist conference has let you down, and they let eric down also. They have not stepped in like they should have. They know everything that has happened, they know the stories of people getting kicked out for questioning eric, they know the stories of spiritual abuse. If you watched the news story on Wednesday evening you need to know that they have heard all of that before, and chose to do nothing. They have not stepped in and fulfilled their role.
    May God be with you.

    1. Preacher's Daughter says:

      Very well said. It seems even people who support Erik and The Crossing are very angry in their responses. Not putting forth their support in the way God’s true followers would do, but possibly in Erick’s way. The Crossing members, please, in God’s name,, do as is done in other churches by congregation members and take notes, cross reference the Bible and question your leader!

    2. Frank Rice says:

      Don I have to ask. Why do you start Erics name with a lower case e. I belive you did start it with an upper case at the beginning of a sentence.

        1. Frank Rice says:

          I’m sorry but I don’t understand your answer.

          1. don says:

            microsoft WORD

  36. Follower of Christ says:

    Honestly you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. all of you. including me! were all sitting here arguing, debating, criticizing, or whatever when God doesnt want us to do this. if you took half the time you have all spent typing on this page i bet SOMEONE could have heard the word of God. So lets go do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Preacher's Daughter says:

      Thank you for the reminder

  37. Frank Rice says:

    I agree with you Leah. The Bible does win. It not we all loose. .J, I am not one of the 20 to 30 year old beer drinkers. I am 61 years old. Yeah there are several of us.
    Now I am going to just throw some random thoughts and things out.
    I went to The Crossing for many months before truely deciding to serve God there. There have been many comments about life change in this blog. I have seen it myself at the Crossing. Regarless of what many may say we gleefully accpet those into the Crossing that would get really odd looks at many other churches. I’ve brought some of these people into my church. We have people that are very poor that can’t afford to dress in what would be considered proper at many churches. We have people that have tatoos that would turn heads at many churches. We have people that have done their time in prison that would be shunned for their crimes at other churches. God loves these people and we at the Crossing do too.
    I guess there probably isn’t a way of preaching that fits all people. That’s why it’s good that we have variety. This way hopefully we all can find a way to get closer to the Cross. That’s really what churches are for. Let pastors preach in a way that reach their congragation. I sure wouldn’t want to sensor a pastor just because his way of preaching doesn’t touch me. I do believe the message should always be about Jesus. He is my Lord and Savior.
    I know some may find it odd that Pastor Eric moved and not everyone in the congragation know where he and his family live. Think about this once. Does everyone you associate with let’s say at work know where you live? I don’t see it as a big deal. I assure you if someone needs pastoring we will have someone available. Here is just a thought for you. There sure a lot of people writing in this blog whose names are hidden. I am in no way judging. It’s just an observation.
    I do kind of get a kick out of all of this talk about security. The most recent thing security was involved with was a woman that passed out. Did you know that all most all security people are trained in CPR and first aid. The Crossing Church paid for that training. The time before that was when a man severly twisted his knee. I thinks it’s pretty nice having people around that know what to do when these things happen.
    Let’s see. What’s next for me? Well I guess it has to do with what I think people should do. When Jesus was assending to heaven He did tell us to spread His word. I believe there are many good churches that do that. I believe the Crossing is one of them. I’m not condemning other churches but I know there are many people that will walk in the Crossing’s doors and not get funny or bad looks from some people. I’m not saying all people at other churches would do that but you know what? It only takes one to make a person feel uncomfortable. I’ve been through it myself. That one person can turn a persons church experience from what it should be into something not good. I’ve seen it in other churches. Like I say it’s not everyone but let’s say someone comes in your church and that dressed pretty ragged. This is the best clothes they have. One person gives them a snobby look and they see it. This is a very likely thing that can happen.Like I said it only takes one to do it. I honestly don’t believe that would happen at the Crossing.
    Well I guess I am done for now.
    God bless and be with you all,

    1. J says:

      Praying for everyone involved..the people that were hurt, The Crossing and the attenders. Take Care

      1. CITBOC says:

        As I am in prayer this morning, I thought it was fitting and appropriate to share from my devotional book ‘Jesus Calling’ for Nov 5th 2011.

        “YOU CAN LIVE AS CLOSE TO ME as you chose. I set up no barriers between us; neither do I tear down barriers that you erect.
        People tend to think their circunstances determine the quality of their lives. So they pour their energy into trying to control those situations. They feel happy when things are going well, and sad or frustrated when things don’t turn out the way they’d hoped. They rarely question this coorelation between their circunstances and feelings. Yet it is possible to be content in any and every situation.
        Put more energy into trussting Me and enjoying My presence. Don’t let your well being depend on your circunstances. Instead, connect your joy to My precious promises: I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go. I will meet all your needs according to My glorious riches. Nothing in all creation will be able to seperate you from My Love.

        Phillipians 4:12, Genesis 28:15,

        Phillipians 4:19, Romans 8:38-39

        I do not attend the Crossing church. Lord I pray for strengthened discernment for all of the people involved. May Your light shine through all the muck and mire of this situation. Let Your Thruth be the Shining Light in all of this controversy…in Jesus name I pray…Amen.

    2. Mary P says:


      I am happy that you still have faith. It is obvious you are not in the inner circle to see some of the things people are talking about. The main thing is to make sure that God’s word is being spoken as it was written. Changing the meaning of scripture is what is warned about in the Bible and wrong. I certainly hope someone is available when you need someone. We were at a wedding when the mother of the groom stopped at our table to tell us that her friend who left another church to attend the Crossing, then her husband died at a very young age and she asked to have the Crossing do her husbands funeral. They said we do not do funerals…really how was that supporting? She was hurting and asked for help and was crushed when she reached out to what she thought was her church family and they blew her off. I was introduced to the head of security or Eric’s body guard and told he carries a gun. Most church’s ban guns and weapons of any kind. As for why the Dykstra’s moved is there business but I know where my pastor lives and I am sure over 2000 others do and they have been there for many years. If there are people who continue to bother the Dykstra’s maybe they should talk to the people involved. It is very difficult to own two homes in this hard economic times, at least 20% needs to be in the bank and available in case something happens.that is a lot of money. Most individuals do not have that much saved and available in the bank. Especially when they told people if they had money in the bank they were not trusting God.
      You should listen to the Chris Roseborough event from September 10. Many people entered and we there to defend what was happening at the Crossing and left in tears as they were so deceived by Eric. There are copies available if you would like to see it yourself. It shows actually messages from Eric and then the scripture he has stated it was from. When you read the actual scripture and the verses before and after it has been twisted or totally taken out of context. He counts on you not taking the time to investigate and that you will not confirm. what he is saying. Blessings to you and I hope Jesus keeps you and others from the Crossing safe and I pray that you look deeper..

      1. agree with Mary P says:

        Complete Biblical truth is NEVER about pulling one or two lines from the bible. It needs to be taken in the context it was written and intended. It also makes a difference to what group of people, that is being referenced. (ie believers or non-believers back in that time)

        I once heard a very wise pastor say, “If you take the ‘text’ out of context, you get conned.” How true this is!

        I believe Mary is 100% correct when she says you need to read the complete passage. I personally liken it to reading a letter someone has written to you, would you only read 2 paragraphs of a 10 paragraph letter? Of course not! You would read the letter in it’s entirety. The bible should be read in the same way.

        Continued prayers…please lean on God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for your answers…not on man.

  38. reader18 says:

    What’s in water in Elk River>?

  39. Krby says:

    I am posting one thing and then I’m never looking at this site again. Eric is by far the most passionate speaker of the Word of God that I have ever had the honor of listening to, who has insisted that if he ever strayed off his path that we were to call him out on it. He’s being called out – because I think he’s lost his way just a little bit. I’ll be the first to admit that things have changed and I don’t always agree with Eric, but who am I to judge?! Pull the plank out of your own eye before pointing out the speck in someone else’s. No one is perfect – the only perfect man was Jesus, and I am certain none of us are HIM – not even Eric. The “mother” came up to my 15 year old child in the parking lot of Walmart and told him the whole story of her 18 year old son and the 26 year old he chose to marry – I’m sorry, but although I’d be concerned if that were my child, I think I’d focus my efforts on repairing my relationship with him rather than bring down a church who truly helps people each and every day. She told many people that night in the Walmart parking lot how to stay away from the Crossing. I’m saddened because she didn’t think about the fact that she may have intercepted a person who was about to commit suicide or looking for another drink or another hit, but maybe had a seed of an idea to try the Crossing first the following Sunday and instead may have found Jesus – she destroyed that for them – at least the potential is there. She very possibly may have steered a person who was seeking Jesus to run the other way. Eric has nothing more than many of us have – cars, houses, many of us have them…his new house is less than the value of mine and his “new” truck is the same year – and I’m not living life high on the hog – I’m living paycheck to paycheck to put food on the table. Was it in poor taste after a big campaign? Yes, it probably was. But I also know that there were times when they would get a pizza delivered and the delivery person would say something along the lines of, “Oh, so YOU live here…” They needed to move because of the bad publicity – some deserved, most not – and NONE to the point of all the BS I’ve read in this blog. So here it is – do not judge unless you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is…listen to Eric – visit the church – and if you’re going to buy the Book, buy the whole Book – you don’t get to pick and choose. No, we no longer cut peoples hands off for stealing, and men get to wear their hair any way they want, and yes, even women have a voice!! So just live your lives, let Eric live his life with his wife and kids, and let those of us who choose to attend the Crossing live ours. Over and out!

    1. See the whole picture says:

      So if someone is suicidal, looking for another drink or on the edge then the Crossing is their only hope? If “that mother” warned them of the Crossing then they now won’t find Jesus? God is much bigger than that and wants no one to perish. We were called to share the Good News but people’s ultimate fate does not rest on our shoulders. If it did we’d all burn. I applaud that you have the critical thought left to see what’s happened to Eric & the Crossing as most of their followers don’t have that left and walk around like mindless drones spewing Crossing-talk. The full picture of what is happening there needs to be looked at as a whole. Egos, power trips, manipulation, kicking people out, taking scripture out of context, submission, and spiritual abuse. Let me also say “that mother” is trying desperately to rebuild her relationship with her son. No one speaking out is saying that any of us are any less guilty of sin. For all have sinned. Yet we will continue to warn others of what is happening there and pray for their repentance and change. The Crossing, more than anyone, needs that life change they promote.

    2. CITBOC says:

      F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real…Fear is of Satan…it is demonic.

      “Lord, open the eyes of the people, show them that God is bigger than ANY problem the Crossing or them personally, will ever face. God is in control of ANY and ALL situations. Remind them that Jesus’ blood was shed at Calvary for all of us. Continue to enlighten the people to the ‘worldy ways’ vs God’s ways…as there is NO comparison. In Jesus name I pray.”

      God’s wisdom is foolishness to man, and man’s wisdom is foolishness to God.

    3. Katie says:

      HI Krby,

      I am the mother who spoke with your son. He was a very nice and sincere young man, he approached me (drove up to me in his car, or his friends) and asked what my concerns were, I spoke to him about my personal testimony as I am not a Crossing attender….I spoke with your son and his friend, we had a short but respectful conversation. He is a nice young man and I was happy to speak with him, the choices are his/yours but I answered his questions, that is all.

      I also spoke that night with a very stoned young man (again, he approached me and again he was in a car) and told him my personal testimony, his response, “don’t they know there is a commandment about honoring your parents, this just isn’t right”…I pray I intervened on behalf of him and he NEVER walks into that “church”.

      Peace to you,

  40. JR says:

    krby, I was with “that mother” at walmart and we were passing out flyer to the “double crossed” event. YOUR son asked what it was all about so “that mother” told him…..You should be thankful that someone warned your son about false teaching. Young people are “lured” there by the worldly music and Eric’s brash talking on stage and bribes. Also we are not called as Christians to “just live our lives” we are called to protect and “sharply rebuke” false teachers! I am not sure you would be pleased if ‘Eric and Kelly Dykstra conviced your son to marry a 26 year old woman because they might fall to sexual sin. Marriage for that reason is a sin in itself. It is unreal how this world has become that people want others that were hurt and destoyed to just “get over it” and close their eyes to the hurt and destruction that is going on at The Crossing. If it happened to you or someone in your family then yoiu might be singing a different tune. God Bless.

    1. Annonymous says:


    2. Really???? says:

      Again, having a site for people to “boast” about the crossing is NOT biblical……Jesus said we would know his followers by their fruits, The site give no glory to Christ, another tactic of Dykstra to “boast” about what he thinks HE is doing, or what THE CROSSING is doing. Most of the people who wrote on there are in the inner circle “click” as well……Christ is NOT about what church you go to and about how “cool” you think your church is, I also find it sad that Dykstra has to CREATE an image of God and protray that we need to BRIBE people and play WORDLY MUSIC to keep people in the seats to honor him……I do not understand how you do not see the truth…..I pray you do….

  41. Preacher's Kid says:

    Cult or Not?

    lifechange is claimed by all who worship, whether it be God, Hitler or Eric, Scientology or Charles Manson. Lifechange is the what people who follow are seeking..

    Throughout time the churches, Catholic, Baptist, Protistant, Lutheran, etc. have all said what they preach is the true word and the other is not good. They all teach from the Bible and it depends upon what version of the Bible you are reading. They DO NOT preach the word of their Bible in part or twist what is written If they do people complain, they are investigated and “kicked out” themselves.

    “A cult is a religious sector that is considered as a rebel by the society. Its followers are under the leadership of a dictator. Cult demands complete devotion by its followers and at times they may ask you for your life.”

    From what I understand Eric is being investigated and without people speaking up more people will be hurt. As in mnay other cult like communities when they are exposed the followers who believe are usually hurt the worse, some get out, some commit suicide. In many cases the few who actually get out require emotional help which can be achieved in various ways.

    Eric is not preaching the true work of God, he is using the Bible in part and twisting it to suit his needs and keep his followers following. This is evidenced in the mnay videos shown on The Crossing’s website with Eric as the “star”. Mot heresay.

    I admire his strength in speaking and capturing the attention of his followers if only he would use his power to teach people the true Word….

  42. Robin says:

    Are we really supposed to believe that Eric has done nothing wrong but hundreds of ex-church members are against him to the point of going to the news, writing blogs, and posting things on facebook? If that many people are trying to save others from going through the pain they have experienced then the pain must have been pretty substantial. There is another cult leader in Elk River. Here is the link to the news story about Pastor Bill Matthews of Solid Rock Church.

    Do you want to hear something funny? The Pastor’s son, Bill Jr. actually attended the event that was supposed to see if the Crossing was a cult or not then Bill Sr. wrote a letter to Eric to tell him that he supports him. Two cult leaders joining forces. I guess misery loves company. Solid Rock Church is happy to have another church in the news because now they use the excuse that the Devil is targeting Pastors. I’m sorry but Eric and Bill are not experiencing an attack of the devil. What they are experiencing is the effects from bad choices that they made.

    1. Jen says:

      I was visiting Solid Rock during the service he announced that he had written to Eric. I was able to hold my tongue for about 5 minutes before I had to get up and walk out. Turned. My. Stomach.

      1. Robin says:

        I agree it was sickening to hear how he twists any situation for his gain. He has never cared about any Pastors in Elk River before and has never joined in any community religious outreaches but now when another “cult” is being attacked it takes some of the attention off him. Do you visit often Jen? Do you see similarities in the two churches? Just curious about your opinion of Solid Rock and Bill Matthews

        1. Jen says:

          I only visited once. That was enough. It has been added to my list of churches to never enter again. I didn’t stick around enough to compare the two.

  43. Saddened says:

    It is about more than greed and manipulation…there is the neglecting of sheep.

  44. Reading says:

    I found what I had been searching for. excellent post, thank you

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