MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Occupy Minnesota protesters say Hennepin County is trying to force them out of Government Plaza in downtown Minneapolis.

Hennepin County began enforcing new restrictions Friday morning at Government Plaza, where protesters have been gathering for nearly a month. The restrictions require protesters to move for plaza maintenance and to refrain from sleeping on the plaza when winter weather arrives.

A spokesperson for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said the county’s new rules are censoring the protesters and infringing on their free assembly rights. The ACLU has asked the county to rescind their restrictions. But the county has refused.

The county said protesters need to move so that maintenance work can be done on the plaza’s sprinkler system before winter. The sleeping restrictions are in place for the protester’s safety, the county said, so that they don’t suffer from frostbite or hypothermia.

Despite the restrictions, protester Sam Roberts said he isn’t going anywhere.

“I’m going to stay here. They’re staying here. If they do kick us out, we’ll be down the street somewhere else,” he said.

For the past few days, protesters have talked of moving the protest to somewhere else in Minneapolis. However, no plan has yet been put in place.

The county also said that protesters won’t be able to let their things sit freely in the plaza during winter.

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  1. Consider being reasonable says:

    Enough is enough. Your defiance (and your mess) doesn’t help your cause.

    Would you like it if people started occupying your property, or your parents’ property?

    If you feel the great need to keep your “message” in the public’s eye, why not have a few people standing in the courtyard during the day holding a sign or offering to talk with people or whatever.

    You have options to “persevere” without being rude, offensive, or breaking the law. Plus, you’ll stay safe and warm over the winter and, bonus, have an opportunity to bathe regularly.

    1. Realist says:

      My property and my parents’ property is private. Public property belongs to the public, or did you forget that? Whether you agree with them or not, they are will within their constitutional rights to peaceably assemble. You don’t like it? Ask your congressional representatives to abolish the first amendment.

      1. ryan says:

        What in the hill of beans is so special about this public property? Seriously, now you people are just being stubborn.
        Seriously, if you walk a block away from the area, no one has a clue about you.
        Why don’t you let your friends, neighbors do their jobs and perform maintenance on the place?

        1. Realist says:

          You answered your own question. Thanks.

      2. You don't have to be a jerk to be a realist says:

        Yes, public property. Partially owned by every resident in the state. What percentage, in terms of square inches, do you think is owned by the occupiers? Probably not much, right?

        So, you’re infringing upon the property rights of everybody in the state who is not a participant in your occupation. If they don’t want you there, you’re trespassing.

        If you chose to take a tone and get all huffy about it, you’ll have your butts removed and won’t be allowed to return. What does that accomplish other than to tarnish your message and provoke confrontation?

        Why push it? Do you think you can accomplish more by being belligerent?

        Nobody’s trying to kick you out … at least not yet. Other people just want to set some reasonable guidelines so the property can be maintained and kept orderly and to prevent anyone from being injured.

        Please display a little maturity and show a little consideration for others – just as you expect them to do for you.

        1. Deb says:

          They can have my portion of the plaza, I don’t mind and I know my Kids don’t mind if their little part is used either. The rest of my family doesn’t care if they use their share and I have some friends who say they won’t need their share either.

    2. Gina the Lez says:

      It’s time for the Fire Trucks to show up,break out the fire hoses & spray these bums off the property..

      1. A Voter says:

        Who’s going to pay for your fire trucks? Everyone wants to bellyache about what this is going to cost the taxpayers, but they will spare no expense to satisfy their anger.

        1. Matt says:

          Don’t forget the lawsuits for the assaults from the fire trucks. Just another Republican that wants to waste tax dollars. At least when a Democrat wastes tax dollars it is usually for the greater good.

          1. Matt's Older Brother says:

            LOL, wow that is a brilliant comment. “At least when a Democrat wastes tax dollars it is usually for the greater good.” Is that your best argument?

            How about we just stop wasting money period.

      2. Deb says:

        “The sleeping restrictions are in place for the protester’s safety, the county said, so that they don’t suffer from frostbite or hypothermia.”

        Where is the outrage over MORE government? I’m guessing you are a paid troll, who is so talentless that you have no ability to come up with NEW talking points of your own.

    3. ingram says:

      Tiresome,whiny,unwashed Slackers that are unemployable and attention starved..Blew all their pocket change on follow-the-leader tattoos and sheep-like piercings..They are actually a total parody & don’t realize it!

      1. A Voter says:

        Obviously you haven’t been down there to know what you are talking about. While I’m not a protester I did take the time to check it out, and you couldn’t be more wrong. The day could come when you, and others like you may have a cause worth fighting and you will be up a creek without a paddle.

      2. Deb says:

        How do you know they are unwashed slackers? Many of these people are employed and come down after they work and many are students. Many are retired. People who have worked their whole lives and now that they are retired they are wise enough to know something has to be done and done soon.

        Why are so many middle class people so opposed to a better world, if not for themselves, for their children?

  2. Obv says:

    As much as I hate snow, I pray for a huge blizzard soon so some of these gross people will go home, earth to you people you’re not making a difference, try looking for a job, I understand some of you work but many of you don’t

    1. Realist says:

      I think what even more gross is someone like you that spits on the constitution.

      1. pat says:

        There are movements to have pride in, pride to have in movements. But this is no longer a movement. It is not going anywhere, physically, or in politics.
        Face it, just a small percentage of a percent of Americans are in your movement. It is not growing.

        1. Realist says:

          “Face it, just a small percentage of a percent of Americans are in your movement. It is not growing.”

          Surely you have some sort of source that backs this claim? I’ve only seen the movement spread and gain support. Is your source this mornings Fox & Friends?

          1. Pretender says:

            Right on Realist!

            I urge you to get on down to the protest site and resist with violence when told to leave.

            I mean resist with all you have and while your digging your heels in keep reminding the cops that “you pay their salary” that gets ’em every time.

            Let me know when you will will be resisting, I will be supporting while watching and snickering from a distance

          2. unreal says:

            Yeah, because everyone that recognizes these people as spitting in the wind with no realistic goal must watch Fox and Friends because it is so hard to figure out something so obvious on their own.

      2. molly says:

        obama spits on it everyday!!

    2. Deb says:

      Obv, what do you have against people who are trying to create a better world for all of us? You are very shortsighted and too stubborn to find out the truth. The protest have and will continue to have a positive result. Those positive results will sooner or later effect you directly and yet you can’t find it into your christian heart to reserve you tacky comments until you learn all the facts. You just repeat the same tired talking points from fox, because it is so much easier when you let a mega corporation run by the 1% do all your thinking for you.

      1. @Deb says:

        Honestly I have never watched a fox news program, the only news I watch is local news KSTP, I have no political or religious affiliation neither is important to me. You can vote for any candidate you want the platform they campaign on will not be what they represent when elected, you have to be blind or ignorant to think these protests will help, it’s hard for me to understand, maybe because I didn’t overpay for my house then over finance eveything I have, there’s work out there just stop thinking you’re to good to work for less money.

  3. numbnutz says:

    Of course Sam Roberts won’t be going anywhere – He doesn’t have a job. He wants his free hand outs.

    Good job – you guys keep your ground, and in return, a criminal record. 🙂
    Making your future even brighter with more success.

    1. Realist says:

      Argumentum ad hominem. You are so classy!

      1. numbnutz says:

        Blow me. I could give a rats a$$ what you think. For all the rest of us, we probably assume you are some lazy class act who doesn’t lift a finger, and lives in a trash-hole of a house in north minneapolis.

        I have a couple houses, a job, and a fancy ride… do you want some of that? Lick it.

        1. Orrin says:

          @ Numsnuts. You need EXLAX you are so full of it.

  4. Real Talk says:

    I hate wallstreet greed. I think our politicians are in the pockets of big business and interest groups…..of this i have little doubt.

    However, i also have a job. Because i need money to support myself. This is what i do not understand about the protesters. Dont you people have to work? The whole group does not look like a representative cross-section of our population or the “99%”. They look like dirt bag hippies with no job. These people LOOK (not saying they are) like welfare reciepents who rolled out of bed at the crack of noon to go stand on the corner.

    When i see some respectable business men, community leaders and overall more “average” americans starting to protest….i’d probably join. However i am not going to volunteer my time and incur the opportunity cost to stand out in the cold with a bunch of bums.

  5. trash says:

    Sam Roberts – you know why you can’t get a job other than working at a liquor store?

    Because you look like a woman trying to be a bull.
    Those stupid button earlobes and that hoop in your nose makes you look like a freak. I feel sorry for your parents.

    1. Realist says:

      Argumentum ad hominem. Thanks for playing.

  6. Ugh says:

    They are NOT the 99% They are the 1% who complains really loudly. The other 98% goes to work every day…

    1. Realist says:

      Are you pulling numbers out of thin air? Yup.

      1. JMJ says:


        Ugh may be pulling numbers out of the air, but so are those morons in Minneapolis. And Realist get off you butt and get a job

        1. Realist says:

          Can you prove they are pulling numbers out of thin air? Give me one example. Just one.

          Also, I’m a small business owner of 26 years that employs 14 people. How many people do you employ?

          1. fact says:

            Argumentum ad hominum. Nice try.

            You wish you were a business owner…

            You wouldn’t be out there complaining otherwise.

            1. Realist says:

              Incorrect. Ad Hominem. Thanks.

        2. Mark says:

          The facts are for 99% of the population’s “real wages” or wages compensated for inflation have continuously fallen since the 70’s. The 99% have compensated by sending women into the workplace, then by taking on growing levels of debt and cheaper consumer goods from overseas and domestic slave labor. Now we are beginning to see the light. 9% unemployment and closer to 24% long term unemployment. Fuel and food costs are rising rapidly. Automation is replacing even cheap slave labor. The jobs aren’t coming back. Things aren’t going to just get better. This will not be solved by a single piece of legislation. This is a fundamental flaw in the current nature of our political and economic systems.

          1. Teddy says:

            You are wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to begin. First off women went into the workforce as a result of the liberal womens movement not out of necessity. Automation, fought by the unions, is why we are behind in manufacturing. Jack Welch (ex CEO General Electric) said back in the 70s “Automate, Emigrate, or Evaporate”, he was right but unions pushed against this and many companys are now gone. Fuel and Food costs are a direct result of this presidents war on fossil fuel. Fuel rising increases the cost of everything. This economic system is fine, the government is the problem.

            1. A Voter says:

              @ Teddy,
              You get an F in todays history lesson, women entered the workforce during WWII
              to take the place of our men in uniform. When that war ended and the men returned the women refused to give up many of those jobs. My ex-wifes Aunt was a perfect example, she ended up a permanent foreman for her company.

            2. Deb says:

              You really need to do some reading. Your lack of U. S. history is amazing! Are you the same guy who told me the Unions haven’t given us anything, it was the Government? What are they teaching in our schools nowadays? Sheesh.

      2. You DO NOT speak for me says:

        Hey Realist, let’s get some things straight. The MORONS protesting do NOT represent me, or other people like me who ARE GOING TO WORK everyday. Just like the MORONS have rights, WE the people who the MORONS think they represent HAVE RIGHTS TOO–like the right NOT to be bothered by the MORONS while waiting for the light rail or walking through the Government Plaza. You are proving to BE one of the MORONS There are LAWS for a reason and THEY APPLY TO EVERYBODY!!!

      3. CainTheMathematician says:

        Population of Minnesota 5,266,214
        Very generous guesstimate of 500 people down there.


        Close enough.

    2. Real Talk says:

      Look…there message is spot on. The rich are fxcking over the rest of us. Politics and business are so damn co-mingled there is no going back.

      But i also agree that us, non-rich, can have little success fighting the system. Nope, we take our lumps, get effed every day and go to work.

      So who are the real tools….us or them. I honestly am not sure anymore.

    3. Tracy J says:

      you meen “USED to go to work”…….. before all the jobs where sent overseas.

  7. StraycatStrut says:

    Its amazing to me the strength of the weak minded.

    1. Frankie says:

      So many of your comments are such proof of that statement.

  8. You do not repersent the 99% says:

    Who wants to go down to the Government Plaza tonight with Supersoakers and spray these dirty hippes down. Or better yet the city could get the fire hoses out and spray these folks down. I bet they will leave then.

  9. Ida says:

    Come on kids, join the navy and see the world. Its getting to cold to beg in Minnesota.

    1. Realist says:

      “too cold”

      1. Reals5thGradeTeacher says:

        So now you are the grammar police?

  10. Pretty earring says:

    Is that a boy or a girl in the picture above?

    Does it even know?

  11. DougT says:

    Himm – 99%? Where do they get their numbers??

    And lets move away from such arbitrary words like “rich” – what the heck does that mean and to whom? Money makes the world go round and capitalism is the fairest way to distribute the money – work you get some – dont and you wont…

    But lets rather call people Contributors and the Non Contributors – And us contributors are kind of getting fed up with the nons milking us for their every whim….

    And let these fools stay out all winter – the weather will solve so many of their issues – they will just fall asleep in a snowbank and we can remove them after that. 🙂

    1. Orrin says:

      Since you either lack the capability

      Would a person being overpaid for what they do be a non contributor as they are taking far more than they earn?

  12. RetroDude says:

    Realist – Why don’t you leave your nice, warm keyboard and join your moron comrades on the street. You could really show us how smart you are!

    1. Realist says:

      I’ve actually been out numerous times. Thanks!

  13. cdbigman says:

    All they have to do is move down to the Dome!

    NFL is just as corrupt as Wall street.
    National exsposure weekly for the next month or so.
    When the Vikinings move out, they can have the building turn it in a commune.

    A win win for all.

  14. Schae says:

    Does anybody think that the Occupy protesters have proven their point? Oh wait, that’s right–THEY DON’T HAVE A POINT TO PROVE except to WHINE when Hennepin County tries to ENFORCE the law. The laws and rules APPLY to them and if they don’t like it, then they can deal with the consequences when they do get arrested. The protesters should be the ones RESPONSIBLE for paying the county and the city of Minneapolis for all of the expenses THE PROTESTERS have run up!

  15. JimRockford says:

    So much hate for fellow Americans!


    1. FailFiles says:

      Because hating the 1% is ok?

  16. Protest DC not corporations says:

    I guess I don’t care where these gross people gather. I’d rather have them far away in downtown away from neighborhoods. The funny thing though is they should be protesting Washington DC not Corporations. DC is the problem while any perceived issues the gross people perceive with corporations are the side effect. The fact they are protesting against corporations to me just removes any and all legitimacy they could have had. It is sad that I view them as the lazy, entitled within society and I dislike the lazy and entitled.

  17. Citizen says:

    No, protesting the corporations and the wealthy means OWS IS addressing the problem at its source. Washington DC and our politicians are just the bought and paid for servants of the corporations and wealthy. Anyone who does not support OWS supoorts the demise of our democratic republic….or what’s left of it anyway. Do all you apologists for the wealthy and corporations think you will be rewarded by them for your support when they are fully in charge? Are the sycophants every rewarded? Or are they tossed aside….think about history.

  18. Uncle Rico says:

    Everyone needs to look inward. Everyone’s insatiable greed has gotten us to this point. It’s personal greed, nothing more. If you want to make a point and make an impact, stop buying things you don’t need, and stop WANTING. This is materialism across the board and it’s pathetic. Go to a store and look at the insane amount of inventory and worthless junk. It’s disgusting. This anger is so out of line and so mis directed. We only have ourselves to blame.

  19. MN Voter says:

    People why waste your time protesting the wrong way…. remember this is the Promised CHANGED that we heard in 2008…. 2012 is coming… you know who wanted to bail out AIG and GM so those companies can give their leaders some serious bonuses…. Just remember don’t waste your vote, vote wisely… Campaign speeches and slogans are liies and deception designed to fool the voters… At the end, they will be loyal to their party and lobbyist…..
    V O T E W I S E L Y