MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Sony Pictures is seeking Somalis in Minneapolis to appear in a new Tom Hanks movie, “Capt. Phillips.”

Auditions will be held Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Brian Coyle Center. The casting call is for black actors or non-actors, preferably born in Africa.

The roles are for men ages 15 to 45, women ages 20 to 30, and boys ages 7 to 10. Those auditioning should bring a current photo, if available. Photos will not be returned.

Hanks is slated to play the lead of Richard Phillips, a cargo ship captain held hostage by Somali pirates for several days in 2009. Phillips eventually was rescued when a Navy sharpshooter picked off three of the pirates.

Minneapolis was chosen for auditions because of its large Somali population.

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Comments (21)
  1. sad says:

    The world is full of hate everywhere. It makes me sad. 🙁

    1. wally says:

      Yeah well too bad! Hate to break to youu but the world isnt all rainbows and libt ards!

      1. sad says:

        You need to go to church and confession.

        1. sad but true says:

          ….and you need to go to Somalia and volunteer!

          1. sad says:

            No thank you, weirdo.

    2. sad but true says:

      ……sad, but true

  2. Obv. says:

    Just do your casting in those 3 Somali chitstacks in Minneapolis, I just hope he can find a few who can take a day off from work.

  3. Bacon says:

    we need to start having neighborhood pig roasts in every Raghweed housing pocket. let it burn to a crispy bacon like skeletal finish. I can smell ot now ……. how about you ragweed? nuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

    1. Chicken says:

      So why don’t you, p****y.

  4. Kevin says:

    The only Hmong movie “Grand Torino” focused around a Hmong gang and the violence they bring. Now the second Somali movie ( the first of course being Black Hawk Down) is about a bunch Somalians that take over a boat. Again all based on the violence. ANYONE SEEING A FREAKIN PATTERN HERE!!!!!!!!! I am sure the next movie casting in Mpls will be Somalis for a movie about Muslims that leave MN and blow their brains out in Africa….cant wait…..

  5. we'll see says:

    Wow – I will simply decline even watching this movie. Like I’d want to support somali welfare living people.

    They’ll probably use it to their advantage and do something to Tom Hanks during the set, after all most of them don’t like this country!

  6. Superchik1017 says:

    It’s dissapointing to read all the negative and racist comments. Not all Somalis are anti-america just as I’m sure not all Americans are pro-america. There will always be a rotten apple in the bunch but that doesn’t mean the rest of the apples want to blow up the basket.
    For all of the Somalis who are reading all these comments, please know that not all Minnesotans feel negative about you.

    1. Superchik1017 says:

      That’s why I said not ALL Minnesotans feel negative about you. I’m talking for the Minnesotans that don’t feel hatred or bigotry toward Somalis. And BTW, no, I do not belong to a religious group. It’s just common sense. You don’t have to be religious and belong to a church to understand bigotry and ethnocentricity is bad.

  7. max says:

    I wonder how many of these people spewing their bigotry are even aware that a hundred or so years ago, many “good Americans” were making similarly disparaging comments about their immiorant ancestors? Probably, not too many since bigotry is generally born of ignorance.

    1. josie says:

      It was a different time for America. We will be overpopulated if we continue to alllow as many Immigrants in America as we have in the past. If more than 50% of Americas are on the “take”, our economy will never recover. I have heard from Muslim Somalians who have more than 1 wife, and the second and third wives are collecting welfare because they have no husband legally and stay home in the head coverings to take care of the kids. I talked to a 70 year old Russian woman who wanted to become a citizen, she had just come over a couple of years ago. I asked why would you want to become a citizen at your age. She replied then I can get social security. My mouth dropped and she said I would be a citizen and that’s my right. Stop all immigration.

  8. Dme says:

    This is Somalia!!! Go back to norway or whatever. WE RUN THIS NOW!!!

  9. Samira says:

    I never knew how racist and Somali-hating Minnesota was. Just so you know it was natives that lived in the Americas before you all “immigrated” here also. I hate ignorant Americans you all need to educate yourselves. By educate I don’t mean watch the news, read some books and be open minded. We pray because its apart of our religion just like christians go to church and jews go to the Synagogue. We don’t eat pork because its bad for you so read up on that also.

    1. sad says:

      Samira, Thank you for speaking out and standing up for yourself. There are some real haters on here who don’t want to take responsibility that “hating” is what is causing the problems from both ends. I’m an American and I mentioned one thing on here that all the hate everywhere in the world makes me sad. Then, they want to beat up on me about that. Because I’m for a peaceful world?

      All of the haters from wherever they are from, here, there, anywhere and whatever religion or political group should just realize that hating is not the solution. They just want to blame everyone else but they should realize that if they stop “hating” that could be the solution. It’s a personal journey to stop hating and if they just start with this motto within their self first, that alone could truly make a difference in the world.

  10. Rashid says:

    It’s sad to see all the hate towards Somalis in here. I am Somali and I never hate anyone, regardless of their race, religion, or their culture. I see people as a human being who has same needs as I do. You have to remember though, whenever the community gets large as Somalis in Minnesota are, there will be good people as well as bad once. And usually the one gets more news coverage’s are the bad once. My point is, we are not as bad as you guys describe us in here. We are here as same reason as your ancestors came here, which is to seek better life for themselves as well as their children. I am sure your ancestors have gone through what Somalis are going through now, which I think its misunderstanding. I suggest you to talk to Somalis in your area and get to know them better before you judge them. I am sure we aren’t going to bite you. I personally believe we are better and strong when we tolerate one another as human beings regardless of our race, culture or religion. Peace out…..