MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Occupy Wall Street movement moved to West St. Paul Saturday.

Protesters marched down Robert Street South and demonstrated against big banks, which they blame for the foreclosure crisis.

The nucleus of the Occupy Minnesota moment has settled on Government Plaza in downtown Minneapolis. But when Hennepin County enforced new, stricter protesting regulations Friday, some protesters talked of moving the main Occupy Minnesota center to some other part of the city or state.

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  1. Pate says:

    Why West St.Paul?

    1. Rags says:

      All the Diversity stands to gain from socialism.

  2. MN Voter says:

    What a waste of human energy…. they should wait for 2012 and voice out with their votes…. Remember this is the CHANGE that was promised in the 2008 elections and help bail out AIG and GM, then the company execs got bigger bonuses. Just remember to vote wisely, don’t waste your vote… All they preach are lies and deception..at the end their loyaty is to their PARTY and Lobbyist, not the people who voted for them….

  3. Uncle Rico says:

    Everyone needs to look inward. Everyone’s insatiable greed has gotten us to this point. It’s personal greed, nothing more. If you want to make a point and make an impact, stop buying things you don’t need, and stop WANTING. This is materialism across the board and it’s pathetic. Go to a store and look at the insane amount of inventory and worthless junk. It’s disgusting. This anger is so out of line and so mis directed. We only have ourselves to blame.

    1. Callina says:

      I agree, Uncle Rico.

      Greed is a human condition, not a corporate one, or a union one, or government one.

      Protests are fine, and legal. Not sure how much will change, though, unless they can change hearts and minds of individuals.

      1. frozenrunner says:

        Well indeed that is the point. Follow the story and the comments and you will see how ready people are for change

        1. Callina says:

          I will. However, so far, I’ve seen a lot of ANTI-protest sentiment.

          The same thing happened a couple years ago when tea party rallies began. Nobody liked those, either, at the time, and they won people over gradually.

          Different ideas between the two groups, but the idea of wanting radical change is present in both.

  4. Kevin says:

    Say keep marching to me in Maplewood…I have a baseball bat with your freakin name on it!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jesus Saves says:

      Big talk from a big man. You can change your underwear now.

    2. HA says:

      Kevin, big talk. Stay behind your keyboard and type more threats. Some people’s children, I tell ya.

    3. IMA POS Kevin says:

      More moronic statements from Kevin. Those times he is gone for a few days do you suppose he is in Detox?

      1. Kevin says:

        You know when I am gone…how sweet. I have a fan club….full of casturated liberal tree huggers…..

    4. @Kevin says:

      Maplewood gee that’s a real nice suburb, you and 150,000 hmong, old houses and apartments all thats there. Oh yeah dumpy townhouses also.

  5. Obv. says:

    Please stay away from my suburb, it’s bad enough section 8 has slithered its way into my commnuity, I don’t need another group of people wanting more for doing less in my community.

  6. OldDirtyHippie says:

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”


  7. Ordinary Guy says:

    Import, Outsource, Downsize!

    It’s the perfect plan to destroy America.

    They’re demonstrating against Wall Street financiers that are determined to keep this deal. They want a new deal.