MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Occupy Minnesota plans to build a longhouse structure on Government Plaza Sunday afternoon, protest organizers said.

From 2 to 5 p.m. protesters plan to gather and learn how to build a longhouse, which is a large, single-room structure. Protesters plan to use the longhouse as a winter meeting place for its assembly and various committees. The longhouse is necessary for their participatory democracy, occupy organizers said.

But if Hennepin County authorities ask the protesters to stop building the longhouse, organizers said they would stop construction.

Protesters said the longhouse symbolizes their constitutional right to assemble peacefully – something that protesters feel Hennepin County infringed upon when it put in place new protest restrictions earlier this week.

The longhouse is also a throwback to the 1983 Minnesota Women’s Camp for Peace and Justice in St. Paul, occupy organizers said. In that demonstration, which protested nuclear weapons, women slept all winter in an insulated structure on government property.

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  1. Rags says:

    These liberal losers and union agitators need to be sent packing. Enough is enough. Go move in with Marky Dayton on Summit Avenue. Better yet, go get a job making burgers, Subways, emptying trash, or cleaning MTC buses. Anything. The jobs are there. No shacks on public property.

  2. Kevin says:

    Blame Congress, Bush and Obama! Why do these people blame the banks. They broke no laws. Congress, Bush and Obama protected Wall Street and the banks. GO PROTEST CONGRESS! Then I will stand by you.

  3. Obv. says:

    Blame yourselves for buying homes overpriced and refinancing them, and over extending yourselves on credit, if you people bought things you could afford you’d be able to take lower paying jobs. When I see you people downtown I say bums to myself.

  4. FromTheInside says:

    While MN companies like Ameriprise continue to ship off more and more jobs to India or bring in employees from India on trumped up work visas, I can totally see why people are outraged. College tuition prices are off the charts. CEO bonuses continue to grow to unsightly new horizons. Banks like BoA and Wells Fargo continue foreclose fast and furious. Republicans and Democrats alike have fallen into bed with PACs, no longer caring about the people, only their own careers and wallets. And you great “conservatives” want to stand around judging them? I am proud as can be of the protestors! I am the middle class. I have a job. It’s not enough and we have to start caring about everyone. Not just ourselves.

    1. anon says:

      Get your facts straight before lumping all banks together and I guess there is no such thing as personal resposibilty anymore, the only reason a bank would foreclose on a property is if it was not being paid for as aggreeded in a contract, but many people decide not to make the payments, not because they can’t afford them, but because the house is not worth what it was, that’s a sad fact of life, so stop blaming everyone else and get over it.

  5. M says:

    Well, the 1983 longhouse for Peace and Justice sure was effective. it sure had a great effect on Clinton who waged a war and Obama who maintained two wars and started a third. These people are ineffective, clueless, and harmful to the middle class of the US.

  6. Career Guy doin very well says:

    These unwashed,tattooed,pierced & unemployable losers need to be sprayed away with firehoses.

  7. What Next? says:

    Why is this allowed? I think I am going to find some public land in the Cites and teach my children to “winter camp”. Maybe we can dig a latrine while we are at it. This is just dumb.

  8. Barney says:

    Are they planning to get the necessary permits, or are they just going to say, “We’re doing things in an illegal manner and we dare you to stop us?”

  9. Jackie Du Charme says:

    A longhouse huh? I do believe its time to leave and yes, find a job to keep you busy. Find a good book to read. Help some other people out. ( I agree it didn’t get much attention in 1983. ) You are making the tax payers pay more out of their pockets to clean up after you. Time to leave. You should all be charged rent!!!

  10. helpmakeitbetternotlayblame says:

    It is easy to tell someone to get a job when you have one. I have a job that I’m thankful for but I have countless college educated friends who get shipped temp job to temp job and then cant even find work. It’s easy to say go work at McDonalds…but have you ever applied? They won’t hire you if they feel you’re overqualified.

    1. what ever do you mean? says:

      You mean if you are able to speak English to some degree?

  11. be fair about it says:

    Wait a minute here! This is unfair. These people may be in the minority but they are very vocal and they deserve the public’s help – both financial and emotional.

    If we can afford to collect upwards three-quarters of a billion dollars for the Vikings, we can surely come up with a measly $500-750K or so for the deserving folks at OccupyMN.

    If we can fund Zygi’s private enterprise, we certainly ought to be able to contribute to a local group.

    Let’s get this included on the agenda for a special session there, governor sold-us-out.

  12. Ralph Spoilsport says:

    These retromingents who are decrying corporate greed are busy humping and stealing from each other.

    If they are breaking any laws they should be told to leave, and arrested if they do not comply. They want laws to cover “the banks” then they need to follow the laws too.

    BTW if someone signs a mortgage they are liable for the payments. Banks should not have offered loans that they knew wouldn’t be paid, but the greedy home buyers should not have signed such loans either.

    1. need more data says:

      I take it you are not in favor of offering financial support to OccupyMN then?

      That would make you “anit-OccupyMN” and the vocal minority is going to crucify you for not being in their camp.

      So what’s your thought on the Vikings stadium? You wanna give Zygi some money?

  13. Julie says:

    Good news. One hour ago WCCO posted the opening of an Obama campaign office in Mpls. All now have a place of warmth and want.