MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police said a man responding to a Craigslist ad for a 50-inch TV was instead robbed at gunpoint and left with nothing — not even his clothes.

Officers said it happened in the 3700 block of Logan Ave. North on Oct. 29.

A 36-year-old man responded to the online ad and was told to come to a home at that address to purchase a TV. A man between 17-19 years old answered the door then pointed a gun at him.

The suspect said he didn’t want to kill him, but he needed the man to give him everything, including the clothes on his back.

The man took the clothes, cell phone, wallet, then a second suspect, another man between 17-19 years old, pushed him onto the couch and the two ran off.

The victim was able to call his girlfriend to bring him clothes and then he called police.

Officers checked the house which they said appeared to be vacant, but full of trash and old furniture. They weren’t able to find the man’s clothes or belongings which included $420, a $100 cell phone and a $100 leather jacket.

The man wasn’t injured.

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  1. Shanene says:

    If you’re meeting anyone in North Minneapolis on a CL transaction, good chance you are going to get robbed.

    1. baqualley says:

      At least this victim got to keep his life. The guy in Lake Elmo, whose car was stolen a year or so ago, lost his life. So it doesnt have to be North MPLS, it can be anywhere- even ‘nice’ places like Lake Elmo.

  2. KM says:

    The man’s first mistake was going by himself! You would think he would have known better!!

  3. dlm says:

    See, you should never go alone to make deals. Just a bad idea.

  4. Goshgolly says:

    So we can no longer go to a private house to buy something without an armed guard. And what are the people downtown protesting about???

    1. obv. says:

      37th and logan, no human being lives near there.

  5. CCW says:

    Two Words: Conceal Carry…..you pull a gun on me, your gonna get shot!

    1. Don_J says:

      Right… and they’d have you gun AND your Conceal Carry Permit as well as your clothes and your money.

      1. JCC says:

        I doubt they would be skilled enough to accomplish that.

        1. CCW x2 says:

          When ever I am making a private party purchase, or someone is purchasing my goods, I am always armed and prepared for the worst. It’s a sad world we live in that makes this acceptable or even common place, but it is reality. If you are able to get the drop on me and point a gun, you better be prepared to empty the magazine, or I will.

          1. Dale Gribble says:

            Not good enough. People are robbed and murdered in their cars and in their homes every day in the Twin Cities. Unless you want to be a victim, you must be armed at all times and prepared to kill ANYONE who comes within 50 yards of you. Anyone could be a murderer or thief. Trust no one.

    2. @CCW says:

      Yeah right! You’d hit em with your purse & wet yourself on the spot.

  6. Sq says:

    Hope they track their IP # and bust their door down.

  7. U ben craiged mofo says:

    I bet he could have found some new cloths on Craigslist!!

  8. Floop says:

    Yup, it’s gotta be Liberals fault. g8, you’re dumber than the frying pan that hit you in the head that made you so dumb. Or maybe it was your inbred “Dada and mom” that procreated you in that dumpster. Idiot.

    1. Idiot says:

      If your gonna try to insult another poster, lets be sure that you own posting makes sense. Idiot.

  9. TL the alligator says:

    yeah….too bad the guy didn’t have a cc permit so he could have shot both of them in the face……shouldn’t be too terribly hard to identify these two clowns with a little detective work and persistence.

  10. angus says:

    Review: They had their guns drawn. He is to pull out his gun and shoot them while they just stand there. It isn’t going to happen. This is real life, not a Dirty Harry movie. Watch Grand Torino for what happens when people are forced to kill, more realistic. William Manchester wrote of his reaction the first time he killed in war. Lost all body control, had dreams for years of his experiences.

    Better procedure, check out the other party beforehand and verify what they tell you. If not true, immediately walk away or tell the police that something smells. Also have back-up a distance away. If I hang up without giving a code word, call 911 and sound the trumpet

  11. Kevin says:


  12. Nancy Aleshire says:

    I don’t trust Craig’s list at all now. I haven’t heard about any problems with Angie’s List, though.

    1. Funny says:

      Angies list is not the same thing as Craigslist. In fact the only thing they have in common is the fact that their name has the word list in it. You can not sell your merchandise on Angies List, it is for reviews of businesses. So chances are you will not hear of anything like this happening on Angies list.

  13. war correspondent jobs avail. says:

    37th and Logan? I won’t even stop for a light in that war zone. I’d rather buy a TV in a bombed out building of Beruit from an al qaeda operative. Dig a moat around Mpls and let it burn.

  14. Jason says:

    Hey everyone, I have a great deal on a 63″ LED 3D TV… message me for details! haha…. seriously, craigs is great…for the amount of transactions that go through this one off one you hear about is like 0.0001% of the tally. And who is to say he is telling the truth… sounds more likely the dude went to that neighborhood to get his jollies and the player got played.

  15. nudie by robbers from the top 1% says:

    Let them shoot and kill. A couple more fugitives on the run. Who are the police going to find first, a nudie, or a couple of fugitive on the run? Chances are the nudie. Let them shoot, it might be better that way.

  16. robbed by the top 1% says:

    The top 1% robbed me also, Those gay gunmen shouldn’t have been allowed to purchase those guns in the first place.

  17. rob says:

    Look at your phone records. apparently you called him before you went to pick up the tv. the phone company will have record. Your jacket is probably at a local pawn shop. and what the hell are you going into North Mpls for?

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