ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — There’s frustration at the Capitol over a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. Gov. Mark Dayton is accusing key lawmakers of dragging their feet.

Dayton forcefully raised the stadium stakes Tuesday, accusing key lawmakers of deliberately slowing down the stadium push for political reasons.

And the Vikings? They’re losing yardage at the Capitol right now.

The Vikings stadium push in Lakeville featured the pony-tailed defensive player Brian Robison.

Their stadium fight in political limbo, the Vikes are making their case across the state.

Meanwhile Dayton called out lawmakers for focusing on their careers, rather than the task at hand.

“Their No. 1 job is more important than providing several thousand jobs to Minnesotans who are currently sitting on the bench and want to work,” he said.

The Vikings are preparing a statewide media campaign to “educate” Minnesota about the stadium, with a possible preview now running on the team’s website.

Vikings spokesman Lester Bagley says the team is frustrated.

A stadium bill appeared to be moving once, but then stopped when GOP leaders backed off.

“We had momentum toward a deal. We had people with their sleeves rolled up moving forward, you know we gotta get this done,” he said.

Attending the Chamber of Commerce event was one powerful Republican who says no stadium session until someone actually writes a bill.

“We might as well buy a 1,000-piece puzzle and work on that ’cause that would probably be a lot more fun,” said Rep. Mary Liz Holberg, R-Lakeville.

Dayton also accused key anti-stadium lawmakers of leaking reports to the media that a loophole in the Metrodome lease will force the Vikes to play at the dome next year.

Both the Governor and the team called it ridiculous.

Regarding a special session and work on an actual bill, both are still possible. Dayton said he would still like to call a special session soon.

Republican leaders say they’re caught in a political Catch-22 — nobody wants to lose the Vikings but no one wants to pay for them, either.

Comments (84)
  1. Susan says:

    Dayton is an idiot.

    There are no economic benefits to taxpayer subsidized stadiums. Anyone who tells you different is lying.


    1. idiot Savant says:

      You are right, there is no economic benefit to having a stadium, but there is an economic benefit to having an NFL team in your state. There’s the taxes on their multi multi milloin dollar salaries, hotel taxes, alcohol taxes, misc employee taxes, merchandise tax, etc etc etc. All of this adds up to a millions and millions in lost revenue if you let this team leave the state. You do not think the state will notice that gaping hole in their budget? Once they do, guess what they do, they make up that lost income in other ways that will hit you in the wallet a lot harder than if we kept the team and funded the stadium via gambling.

      so before you go calling someone an idiot, look in the mirror.

      1. Susan says:

        You should read the linked articles.

        If you are able to understand them, you will realize what a hapless dupe of the Vikings you are.

        1. Idiot Savant says:

          oh susie q, would you say such tough words if we were face to face. I’m not going to click on any links I see on a message board.

          I for one value all arts and entertainment that the Twin Cities has to offer. I use the theathers, the libraries, and the stadiums and very much appreciate the variety of choices we have. If you like to live a boring, mundane life, move to Rochester. That’s where I grew up.

          1. Susan says:

            Did you read the articles yet?

    2. Mayhem says:

      True or not….your point is mute. taxes are not being considered as a way to fund the stadium any longer since about 2 weeks ago.

      welcome to current events.

      1. oopsie says:

        Okay smarty pants … “mute?” Wanna buy a different vowel? You can use the same one twice.

        Oh how we wish you were “mute.”

    3. Idiot Savant says:

      if you can’t handle the heat of living in a major state, move to Idaho. I hear the potatoes are good there

    4. me says:

      Dayton is a Democrat … oops … sorry that IS what you said.

  2. Reds and Blues says:

    Dayton to legislators- Call your constituents, write emails, send letters, do whatever- just let these people you represent know how you feel!

  3. Joe Hanson says:

    Governor Dayton, where’s your plan for the stadium?

    You said you’d release it this week…

  4. Jason says:

    I dont want to fund a stadium. Do you?

    1. Idiot Savant says:

      then don’t gamble. instead, go protest wall street and ask for more handouts

    2. Mayhem says:

      Then dont gamble……..

  5. Jeff Nelson says:

    Getting a Stadium Built is a good start to getting this Economy up & running again, Expand Gaming, People can help pay & maybe win some $$$ at the same time… Go Dayton keep the push, You The Man!

  6. Gov Stupid says:

    Hey Gov stupid. We don’t want a stadium. We don’t want our money going for a Zig penthouse. We don’t think the money made from an increase in gambling should be used for the same purpose. There is a better use for such fund. So Gov, Shove your stadium where the sun doesn’t shine

    1. Idiot Savant says:

      It must be your study hall time at good old *insert high school name here*. Perhaps you should go back to studying so you don’t end up protesting wall street asking for handouts.

    2. Mayhem says:

      Hey punkin’head….then dont gamble.

      better uses? tisk. like what? your welfare recepients?

      and whose “we?” Speak for yourself.

      1. jordanjay29 says:

        How about education? Read anything about Anoka-Hennepin’s financial issues, especially if their levy doesn’t pass? The biggest district in the state is facing class size increases to 50 students, and the State wants to put money into a Sports team?

        What’s more important, Minnesota, your kids or professional athletes?

    3. Seer says:

      Who is this “we”? Don’t speak for me. Me, and all of my friends and family that I talk to about this, DO want a stadium with money from gambling revenues. Keep the Vikes here another 50 years, at least, and get this stadium deal done. Dayton does need to get that stadium plan or bill written, though, so he can present it for a special session and not just talk about it.

  7. johnnycmoun says:

    I want to see each congress person who says Yes to the stadium bill and no to the stadium bill. The revenue from the Vikings and all the local businesses that make money off the team is a big deal to this state. Why are you just talking about the taxes to build it when you should be talking about what it will cost the tax payers if we don’t have them in this State? Downtown Minneapolis and all the local business through-out MN will be affected. Get it done now! I’m tired of your lazy, BS agenda’s and scared to tackle this issue because you might not be elected again if you make a choice but it’s time to do what’s right for Minnesota citizens and vote YES and build it! I will move out of MN if they move and I will personally make it known who voted againts it on all social media!

    1. tan pup says:

      I agree! Weather they vote for it or against it, at least they would actually make a decision. I have news for those worried about not getting re-elected – too late; you’re done anyway. Maybe Dayton should just apply a “fee” just like Timmy did on everything, then he can say they didn’t raise taxes.

  8. chris says:

    I am to the point of saying who cares. Its not like we won’t still have NFL games to watch on Sundays, if anything we should have built the Vikes a stadium instead of the stupid Twins.
    I don’t object to using Legacy funds and gambling revenues to pay a portion but I highly doubt that building a stadium is a slam dunk proposal. Otherwise free market forces or even the Zygster would do so himself. He can pack up and go to Los Angeles, but he won’t be playing in that stadium for free. He will be sharing revenues and likely giving up part of his ownership stake too.

  9. DougT says:

    1) “Legacy funds” are a joke – a sales job on the people to extort … more money for the state – in a pleasant way……

    2) Why is ‘our” governor still acting like the stadium is anything the Majority wants? (is not a democracy about the will of the Majority? ) And have we not said NO to public funding time and time again?

    3) Gambling and sports stadiums add no new money to anything – they just take money away from other things – why does the gov think (again) that they have the right to pick the winners and losers and spend our money for us? Do we now live in a centrally planned command economy?

    1. Seer says:

      Majority DO want a stadium done using gambling money. Stop making stuff up to support whatever lame agenda you have, unless you work for Fox news.

  10. Have you lost the few brains you were born with? says:

    Anybody who thinks the state is made or broken by the revenue 8 – count ’em ladies and gentlemen – 8 home games a year brings in doesn’t have enough brains to blink their eyes without an instruction book.

    There is absolutely NO REASON for the public to subsidize a private ENTERTAINMENT enterprise whose main employees have annual incomes in the multimillion dollar range and whose owners are billionaires.

    We don’t even ask the public for that kind or degree of support to feed the hungry, cure disease, care for the infirm, or any other such endeavor or undertaking.

    Why would we as much as consider opening our wallets for Zygi and the Vikings – a team that has never even won a Super Bowl game in its entire 51 year history?

    Why have our governor and legislatures devoted more time and effort into bringing a gay marriage referendum before the public than they have expended towards resolving our state’s $5+ billion deficit? And why do they refuse to allow a referendum to decide if a new stadium is wanted or should be paid for by the public?

    We don’t need a new stadium, we need responsible, productive, and effective politicians. The Vikings can fund their own stadium or they can leave Minnesota and take our governor, legislators, and board of commissioners with them.

    1. Mayhem says:

      ho hum, another blah blah blah needs to be brought up to speed on things….

      taxes are not being considered as of about 2 weeks ago.

      dont gamble if you dont want to pay for it. simple solution for even a GOP’er.

      1. Yup youbetcha says:

        If you want to gamble, go to Las Vegas. The majority of Minnesotans are honest, hard-working, church-going people who will eagerly help people who are in need but who are otherwise not so anxious to provide a hand-out to people who don’t need it.

        We don’t need any more drunks who live for beer and tailgating and there’s already enough or too much gambling in the state. Drinking and gambling are a lot like smoking – not really very good for you and they up costing the public a lot of money.

        So, since you’re not exactly up to speed as you like to say, here’s the concise message: NOTHING for Zygi or the Vikings. They can pay their own way, just like most Minnesotans have always and still do.

        1. Mayhem says:

          OMG…I think you missed UTAH at a turn somewhere in your life time….I was waiting for you to say “I’m yup youbetcha….and Im a mormon.” Damn, if you want to preach, go there.

          welfare has already taking care of people who dont need handouts…on my dime…and I didnt get to decide that issue. Well, guess what…this is what I and many other God-fearing, church going, beer swilling and tailgating for a good time peeps want.

          Thats reality check, rev.

          1. raiders.freak says:

            To me the NFL is a religion that’s why its on Sundays. There are always negatives with positives and there are so much more positives to get this team the desired stadium and keep them in Minnesota. I am not a law maker or a some sorta financial assistance ad-visor to the woes of Minnesota but in the grande scheme of things here.
            THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS NEED TO STAY IN MINNESOTA AT ALL COSTS PERIOD. A stadium has to be done. So many people have love and passion for their vikings. Not all Minnesotans care but the ones that do need this to happen.
            They are a culture that attract many its what brings families together for a special occasion, friends over for that big ball game, kids replicating in the street throwing the ball around, the team supporting the needy in the community, the hope and will of companionship’s for the city/state and I could go on. They are a historical landmark to Minnesota and like NFL VP Grubman said ” its what defines great city’s like Minnesota what puts your state/city on the map the way you want it on the map with arts museums sports franchises. He releases people struggle he said his young sons are struggling in this economy in that context” but if you do it now it will pay later not with just money but with love for the game and a tradition.

            1. Seer says:

              @raider,freak – Great post and well said.

            2. Guy says:

              Chris Cook – beating his gf.
              The WIlliams bros – drug use.
              Everson Griffen – DUI
              Randy Moss – felony vehicular assult
              Bret Favre – sexting pervert

              Great role models all… just what we want our kids to imitate

    2. Idiot Savant says:

      You sold me. You should run for Governor, heck, President!

    3. randy says:

      We should consider it because the people of MN will use it a LOT more then the Vikings. How quickly some forget the hundreds of high school and college baseball games that had to be cancelled last spring at the Dome. The high school football championships would be played there. Concerts and other special events would also be held there. And Ziggy would not make a cent from those endeavors.
      A stadium may not be a cash cow but they do pay for themselves over time. Met Stadium did, Met Sports Center did. The Dome did. And a new football stadium would as well.

      1. jordanjay29 says:

        The Dome’s not going anywhere, only the Vikings.

    4. Seer says:

      For the last time, there are more than 8 games played. There are concerts, truck and motorcross rallies, prep sports, special events, and so on and so on… seems like someone has no brains at all.

      1. I wish says:

        If only it WERE the “last time” but it won’t be.

      2. Guy says:

        All played in the dome now … and can be in the future.

    5. Jake says:

      This is probably the BEST GD arguement that I have EVER READ about opposing a new Vilkes stadium. Yes, most of us watch and root for the team, but only the 1%ers really get the best access to it. When did you ever hear about a vikings player going to some outstate bar and mingling with the ‘fans’??

      The point is, I can root for ANY TEAM that I want, and I wouldn’t be any richer or poorer, whether they were from Minnesota or NOT.

  11. Paula says:

    Dayton, you should “step down.”

  12. zippy w says:

    GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR MONEY RIGHT NOW POOR PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (of course I don’t expect any wealthy folks to be involved in my little welfare handout) GIVE ME YOUR MONEY OR I WILL THROW A TANTRUM AND LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Harleymanmn says:

    How about keeping this discussion about the issues and not name calling. Let’s get real, nothing would ever get done if every issue were put up for a vote. Everyone that pays taxes, pays for something that they would not support given the option, it’s part of the greater good. A funding mechanism has been proposed that allows you to participate in paying for a new stadium or you can pass and it is not a tax. As a generally conservative voter, I have to give Dayton credit for showing leadership on this issue. I would like to see some of the other politicians step up and help support getting this done for the good of our state culture and sports enthusiasts.

    1. Guy says:

      We would be better off if “nothing would ever get done ,,,” – we would have MUCH less waste going on.

      Government should concern itself with establishing Justice, insuring domestic Tranquility, providing for the common defence and promoting the general Welfare – not with trying to be mommy & daddy.

  14. DougT says:

    Me thinks “the greater good” does not exist in a mulch-cultured utopia that soo desires to be more (self defend ) moral than thee

    The mythical Volk really did not exist in germany and they do not exist here

    Once upon a time when democracy existed and the will of the majority was how things were decided there might have been a “greater good” for all – not so much anymore

  15. kellbell says:

    What’s wrong with the stadium we already have? Why are we letting one team owner hold us all hostage over this. Now is not the time for new stadiums; it’s time to address budget issues before the next biennium, unemployment rates, the housing market, etc.

    1. Idiot Savant says:

      oh kellbell….shouldn’t you be at some after school activity?? He has a right to hold us hostage. he knows what a valuable asset this multi-billion dollar franchise and league has to offer a state. Our budget would be worse without the millions of tax revenue from all businesses that prosper from these Sundays. He is pitching in a very large chunk of change and will not own the stadium. The state would.

      1. me says:

        You should have stopped tying your handle after the FIRST word – you would be much more accurate

    2. shaddup says:

      you don’t think if Target was threatening to leave MN that the government would try their hardest to get them to stay too?

      1. jordanjay29 says:

        Target is a successful business with stores nationwide and a strong symbol of Minnesotan pride. They contribute to charities, get involved in the community and invest money back into their home state.

        The Vikings are a second-rate team who barely ever make it to the Super Bowl and have NEVER won. They charge exorbitant rates for tickets, their players cause disruptions in the community and they demand money for a stadium from their home state so they won’t go elsewhere.

        Which one would you fight for, hmm?

  16. Jeff Nelson says:

    The Vikings are Minnesota, they have been and we need to keep them, Building a stadium just is not for them it is for all Minnesota. think about the Money that would help if we Hosted another Super Bowl in our new stadium, lets keep Minnesota on the Map.

    1. kellbell says:

      Don’t we generate any money if we host a superbowl in our current stadium? What’s wrong with it. Nothing, this is just an excuse to boost an owner’s ego.

      1. johnnycmoun says:

        Hey Kellbell, there will never be another Superbowl in MN with the Metrodome. Think before you talk – go to a game and find out it’s the worst experience ever for a fan at a stadium. If you don’t stay downtown, gamble, party, drink then be quite and go back to do what makes you happy and leave us Football fans talk. The money in 8 games to person above is more than 85% of businesses in this State and when you throw in the salaries of players here in MN and players who come here for the weekend (get taxed) it adds up to a lot of money. Branding Minnesota costs a lot of money and believe it or not this is a tourist state with all the lakes and streams, hunting and parks. Minnesota Vikings brings a lot of marketing to this state and people come here because of it. The only ego that needs a boost is yours and I think you need a reality check too.

        1. beer builds better brains says:

          Wow, you just proved the point I’ve been trying to make for months. Thank you.

          To the rest of you, do you see how the beer swilling over the top Vikings fans think – or, more accurately, don’t think?

          Golly Mr. Carter “leave us Football fans talk.” Yup, drink, talk, drink, gamble, drink, party, drink, etc.

          Yes sireeeeeee, you iz won smart fella you iz you iz. Brilliant even.

          Bet you voted for Dayton, didn’t ya? Go have another beer.

        2. kellbell says:

          I did think before I spoke. I am a Vikings fan so don’t pretend to know me, because you don’t. What I am more than a Vikings fan is a person who lives in reality. I have been to the games and I enjoyed my experience everytime. I hardly think that any lack of ticket sales (if any) are due to the metrodome. I think it’s more likely due to the team’s poor performance. No stadium is ever going to change that. And I’ll say it again, there are more important things going on in this state than a stupid stadium that just isn’t NEEDED. Maybe you need to learn to recognize a want vs a need. A lot of people out there agree with me so don’t act like I’m the only one. I think it is you who needs that reality check.

    2. Rand-McNally says:

      Minnesota will always be on the map

  17. Todd says:

    There is a reason why we elect public offiicials! We hire them to make the tough decisions the rest of us are incapable of making. The Vikings are an asset that we must do what it takes to keep in this state. Zellers, Koch and all the other dumb politicians need to stop listening to pulbic opinion polls and do what is right by passing the bill to build this stadium in Arden Hills. Let’s turn this munitions dump into a prime piece of real estate and let’s give Ziggy every reason to keep the Vikings here while allowing him to make a profit on his investment.

    1. kellbell says:

      Why do we need their tax dollars? To keep our over-spending government afloat? How about we reduce state spending and then we won’t feel the need to be held hostage by Ziggy. I love the Vikings but their demands are ridiculous.

    2. Susan says:

      We hire them to represent us. That’s why they are called representatives. And here is what we want:


      “Would you favor or oppose using public money for a new Viking’s stadium?”

      Favor: 22%
      Oppose: 74%
      Don’t know: 4%

  18. Paul Bunyan says:

    Keep pushing the stadium on the G.O.P. leaders Gov. Dayton. Your stance on keeping the Vikings in Minnesota is one of the reasons you got my vote.And you’ll get my next vote if you retain the team in Minnesota for the next 50 years.

    1. Guy says:

      Actually; I have to agree with this – keep pushing Dayton. YOUR pushing the GOP is the best way that I can think of to get them to say “NO!!!!!” loudly … and hold to it

  19. kellbell says:

    I understand what you’re saying but where do you draw the line. Are we going to be bullied into things we don’t need by every tax generating company out there? I mean why don’t I just hand them the dollars right out of my pocket? And no he doesn’t have a right to hold us hostage. He has a right to make a demand and our government has the responsibility to say no. My comments aren’t so much about my opinion of us not needing a new stadium as much as they are about Dayton’s press for other elected officials to make this a priority. There are bigger problems in this state than a stadium to replace a perfectly good one for a team that could barely get enough tickets sold to avoid a blackout at a playoff game a few years back. NOT A PRIORITY in my book. And just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I’m in high school. I’m not and am probably older than you. So your attempts to belittle me only magnify your ignorance.

  20. Jason says:

    Vikings can build with thier money. Not mine.

    1. johnnycmoun says:

      you don’t have any

      1. broke says:

        Thanks to those like you.

  21. Kellbell and Jason..... says:

    You are right on! If gambling money is in play, there are bigger problems to solve with the money than a stadium for “some” to use and Zygi to get richer. The world does not revolve around these sports entertainers that run up and down on their stage getting huge salaries.

    Zygi–build it yourself or leave. Lots of us will help you pack your trucks.

    1. raiders.freak says:

      I wonder how the players feel I don’t think they all have lavish homes in Minnesota but the ones that do will have to worry about their livelihoods there also.

      I know a lot of players have have temporary residence during the season in the city they play in but if you start seeing some players homes up for sale headed to the The Golden State well….

  22. Lori the Lez says:

    Stadium supporters love to respond with name calling,insults & well-worn,tired cliches..It’s part of the reason this deal is losing traction..There isn’t any intelligent debate with them.

      1. Exactly says:

        That last comment proved Lori’s point perfectly.

      2. the pluperfect subjunctive says:

        The grammatically correct way to say and spell this is:

        “You is dum.”

      3. what stinks says:

        your jockstrap

  23. raiders.freak says:

    Another thing though I don;t know how peoples money is actually calculated but if Ziggy really wants this thing done in Arden Hills he has a net worth $1.3 billion according to celebritynetworthdotcom.

    I am sure he can;t spend it a;; because of other factors but I’m sure if he pushed the envelope the investment later would be well worth the risk.

  24. NO STADIUM!!!!!! GO TO L.A. says:


  25. jordanjay29 says:

    I love how our politicians sit in St Paul and talk about a new stadium for a sports team while the state’s finances are in the hole, the roads are falling apart, and the public education system is overcrowding classrooms.

    When will Minnesotans stop caring so much about sports and start caring about our State?!

    1. kellbell says:

      The point I was trying to make exactly! This is just not the economy for Ziggy to be making such demands. Clearly he doesn’t give a hoot about this state or anyone in it. He cares about filling his pockets. And that’s fine; it’s his right. But it’s also our right to start making financially sound decisions before another lock-out at the next biennium.

  26. Taxes & Jobs dont mix says:

    Republicans say it themselves more then any party, Taxes kill Jobs. Please raise taxes an build the stadium and kill more Jobs republican controlled house & senate

  27. Iron Ranger says:

    Thank you Mark Dayton. I am so glad we have a Governor that will get this thing done. Do you you think Emmer would save the Vikings? This is going to get done. the Vikings are not leaving Minnesota. I hope I never see all you name callers at a Vikings game. The Vikings will stay. I know you people might not like it but the Vikings will stay and a stadium will be built. We have the best ballpark and we will have the best stadium.

  28. mike says:

    Just a thought? Is Dayton capiable of speaking without using his hands?

  29. Mike says:

    Let me correct myself before the spelling police jump on me.

  30. GO TO L.A. NO TAXES !!! says:


  31. Al Schwarting says:

    Here’s one:
    Do the gambling, if you don’t want to pay for the stadium then don’t gamble!!

    I like the idea of selling stock in the team, if the team makes money…the stockholders make money. Get Ziggy out of the picture.

    For you people who rip on the new Twins stadium….granted it’s been a while but which team has actually won a championship and which team has choked….4 times!!!

    I’m all for a new stadium, but I don’t want the cost driven down my throat!! Nobody pays for the tools for my job except me.

    Finally…..what if you were to take 300 million bucks and remodel the dome and use that for another 15 years……

  32. DirtyOldHippie says:

    Billionaires & millionaires asking people with MUCH LESS to buy them a new home!!!!!

    1. Theycango says:

      I wish there was a like button here.

  33. StraycatStrut says:

    Dayton comes thru again…. as a loser who cannot lead on this issue but only play the blame game the Democrats are so use to. Just listen to our lame duck Presdient blame Congress on everything….. another idiot politician afraid of losing his job. Dayton…. get your motor runnin and do something before its to late. Start THINKING and be creative. For a BETTER MINNESOTA remember your promise and quit being a weeny dufus.

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