Twins GM Terry Ryan joined Dave Lee on the WCCO Morning News to talk about returning to his old job and his plans for rebuilding the club.

Ryan also talked about his friend Bill Smith, the club’s payroll, and his first moves as the head of baseball operations.  Here is their conversation.

Comments (2)
  1. TL says:

    Just what I was afraid of…back to depending almost soley on the farm to raise the chickens. Smith had the right idea which was to spend a bit of money….just bad decisions with that and an ownership with not much tolerance of the idea.

    I wasnt much of a Ryan fan before…his lips are attached to the Pohlads behinds…and thats what the Pohlads like…which explains why they didnt waste any time in a search.

    Back to small market mentalities. Now we’ll see that Target Field was built to generate money for the Pohlads…and not necessarily for building a winner.

  2. Murph says:

    Draft Munino!There three problems solved! DH, catcher ,clean up batter!

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