MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two men have been charged in connection with an attempted robbery at gunpoint in the University of Minnesota area.

According to the criminal complaint, Abdulkadir Ahmed Farah-Hassan and Tarambi Abdi Dahir, both 28, were arrested on Nov. 6 along with a third person.

Police said they were called to the 700 block of 8th Avenue Southeast on report of a robbery.

The criminal complaint says the victim was walking in the area when three men approached him, asking for directions to McDonald’s. They followed the victim and asked for directions multiple times.

Eventually, once the victim arrived at his residence, one of the men, later identified as Farah-Hassan, pulled out a gun and demanded the victim’s wallet and phone.

A motion-sensor light switched on and the three fled. The victim called police.

An officer in the area stopped the three near 9th Avenue and 7th Street Southeast. They were taken into custody.

A pellet gun was found nearby.

Farah-Hassan was charged with first-degree attempted aggravated robbery, and Dahir was charged with attempted simple robbery.

The arrests happened amid stepped-up patrols in the University of Minnesota area, due to an increase in the number of robbery calls there.

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  1. Kevin says:

    No way! Really? Are you sure?

  2. Billy Bob Has A Gun says:

    Hey keep them coming! I love it when we bring immigrants to America, saving them from starvation and war. So they can say “Thank You America” by shoving guns into our faces and robbing us. USA! USA! My dog wants to be a liberal, so I am off to get him casturated.

    1. Special Agent Dale Cooper says:

      Yuk yuk yuk…. That’s um…..original Scott. Although I admit some people should not reproduce because they’re stupid. Your attempt at humor? I’ll give you an “B” for effort and spare you liberal label I was prepared to stamp you with. I say this because I love you….I have a keyboard……and about 15 minutes before my lunch break’s over. Have a good day precious. You’re adorable…..

      1. Pearly Sweetcake says:

        Dale, be honest. You’ve been drinking, no?

  3. sad but true says:

    I think I just vomited in my mouth!…..burp!

  4. DHM0207 says:

    Don’t these idiots learn some people are carrying guns? What would have happened if they would have tried robbing someone with a CCW PERMIT? It could be another Cub foods incident. don’t these worthless pos know that people are packing Heat. and you could lose your life over a few dollars

    1. me says:

      Not enough people with CCW’s to clean up all the chit that was imported from So-smelly-a

  5. dhanson says:

    Can anyone help me with more info on the story back in August where a woman either fell or was pushed from a 3rd story window in Minneapolis.

  6. va172 says:

    How surprising. 2 Somalians.

  7. March113 says:

    If you are upset about all the Somalis here go to your local Lutheran church and ask why they sponsored the exodus from Somali. I personaly have no problem with anyone coming to this country. I do howver agree with the comments “I love it when we bring immigrants to America, saving them from starvation and war. So they can say “Thank You America” by shoving guns into our faces and robbing us” . I say, sure come on over. However if you commit violent crimes you will be sent back to your place of origin. it’s pretty simple.

    1. March113 says:

      Correction : Yes I see I misspelled however in the third sentence.

      1. ahem.. says:

        You also mispelled misspelled.

        1. SeeandSay says:

          Are you sure about that Copernicus?

          1. lol says:

            I was kidding around. 🙂

  8. Hotnike says:

    I agree. Deport them. Now we have to pay for them while they are in jail and they will be back to robbing as soon as they are out of jail.

  9. G Dog says:

    Send every Olson back to Norway!!!!!!!!!!

  10. J says:

    I’m not an Olson – But at this point I think I’d gladly go.
    Libs are turning this place into cess-pool with my tax dollars real fast.

    1. obamasux says:

      Thinking about leaving too. America isn’t what it used to be and it is only getting worse. Thanks Obama!

      1. teabag_medicaid says:

        Ummmm…..isn’t that thanks Little W and his Daddy? Thanks for blaming it on the black guy.

        Much like the two women who sent money to terrorists. If you break our laws we send you back to that sh@thole you came from.

  11. G Dog says:

    Send J back to Kenya!!!

  12. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

    Are there alot of Somalians in the U area? I know there took over Lake St, and Cedar area, oh and they now own St Cloud……You know they say there are only 30,000 Somalians in MN…..so if there are only 30,000 in MN….how can 25% of St Cloud be Somali? And why is it that you can not anywhere without seeing a Somali?

  13. J says:

    Apparently “G Dog” was kicked off a somali pirate ship.
    Now sadly – he’s disgruntled.
    Let’s band-aid his sorrow by thowin’ some money at him.

  14. G Dog says:

    Send J back to Nazi Germany!!!!!!

  15. G dogs mom says:

    Momma wuvs her lil G spot

    1. askin says:

      Does the G mean Gay?

  16. good guy says:

    these guys are frightening. Their eyes look cold and dead. like the eyes of a doll. I am sure there are a lot of nice people from somalia, but for the most part, the seem to have no interest in the melting pot theory. for some reason, they seem to think they are owed something.