ROSEVILLE, Minn. (AP) — State Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius is introducing 12-member committee charged with evaluating the use of state funds to integrate K-12 schools.

The education bill passed during the 2011 special session required the task force to study the state integration aid program and then make recommendations back to the Legislature.

Cassellius named six of the members. The House and Senate each named three more members. The committee will have its first meeting next Tuesday.

Among members are William Green, the former superintendent of Minneapolis schools; state Rep. Carlos Mariani, D-St. Paul, and Katherine Kersten, a fellow at the Center for the American Experiment, a conservative think tank in Minneapolis.

About 140 school districts receive funding under the program.

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Comments (5)
  1. leroy says:

    Another waste of money. I thought everyone was running out of money?
    This is crazy, people chose to live where they live. Then everyone else has to pay so their kids can go to a different school.
    Why does anyone try to get ahead in this world any longer?

  2. M Ringwald says:

    I think this money would be better spent of trying to get the cool kids to mix with the nerds more. Or maybe the jocks with the brains. Or how about the burn-outs with the preps? I’m sure we can all get along better if we just throw a little money at it.

  3. Forest says:

    stupid is as spupid does

  4. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    I was bussed as a youth for the same reasons. It was so politically charged tha they had to bus kids from way out in the sticks to inner city schools. So I spent half my day on a school bus. Not only a waste of tax payers money, but also a waste of my time. All for political correctness folley.

  5. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    also, earlier I posted that I was bussed because of my race, which is what this is, but of course politically correct WCCOHOE only allows post like that if it makes the white folks look bad, not the victim.

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