MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 29-year-old Eden Prairie, Minn. woman has been charged with giving her husband the dose of heroin that, mixed with alcohol, led to the man’s death last summer.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County, police were called to the 15000 block of North Hill Crest Court on a “drug-related injury” on July 6.

When police arrived, they found Razo’s 42-year-old husband unconscious on the floor of the basement. He was taken to Fairview Southdale Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Razo admitted to police that she had given her husband a heroin injection before giving herself a dose from the same syringe. She told police that she was the one who had bought the drugs for $40.

Razo’s mother was in the house at the time. The criminal complaint says Razo asked her mother to leave her and her husband alone to discuss “marital problems.” She later went down the stairs to find the victim lying on the floor.

Coroners determined Razo’s husband died as a result of the toxicity from the heroin as well as his 0.10 blood alcohol level.

At the time of the incident, a friend of Razo’s described her to WCCO-TV as a caring, sympathetic person. She also said Razo’s family had been struggling financially.

Razo and her husband had a daughter together who was 18 months old at the time of her father’s death.

Comments (17)
  1. me says:

    stupid wife…shoot to kill…

  2. Deq says:

    you people are ugly

  3. Kevin says:

    White trash……is she white?

  4. wake up says:

    How truly tragic for all parties involved.

  5. Kevin says:

    My Mom used to make herself available in any way possible to drug dealers when I was young..Alot of the Northside Thugs kept her busy.

  6. jean says:

    so sad what people do with their lifes , sure a wast,and the drug thugs will give them a big assis,yep they dont give a rats ass….

  7. Bugs says:

    So many beauties on WCCO’s site lately.

  8. Coolbreeze says:

    Who proofs this stuff? No mention of “Razo’s” first name.

    1. Bugs says:

      Nobody in the professional journalism field proofs anything anymore. They barely use spell-checkers. It’s called being progressive, just like in the skools.

  9. Mike Jacobson says:

    40.00 dollars worth of heroin killed this guy? Not likely…especially since she said she gave herself a dose. She’s lying about something. Hopefully Grandma can raise their child or another family.

  10. just sayin says:

    Look at her cry… what a loser. Maybe you should have thought about it before you decided to do this… IN YOUR MOMS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOSER

  11. Amy says:

    Addiction is not a choice, it’s an illness. What awful things you say, she is destroyed by this. She is sick, what’s your excuse. Love ya Mel

    1. Cry us a river says:

      Oh Christ, we have a brainless rehab in the house ya’ll. Go ahead and coddle those tormented souls, sweet pea. Personally I’ll continue sticking my boot right up the keister of society dropouts like that…

  12. ChelseaLauren says:

    Just continue to assume that you know the whole story.

  13. ChelseaLauren says:

    Wow. Some of you think that from reading this short article you have all facts? Huh. It’s too bad that this article doesn’t mention that this horrible drug took away her goals, her creativity, her friendships, her love, and her compassion – which she once had. It also doesn’t mention that although the outcome is extremely sad and unfortunate, she was in an emotionally abusive relationship. Her friendships and her support systems diminished because of this relationship and her husband’s controlling ways. And turning to drugs was probably one way of coping with the emotional abuse. And all the while, Mel loved her husband more than anything. I wish they both could have received help before any of this had to happen. This article also doesn’t mention that Mel had to live at her mother’s home because her mother has an extreme mental illness and without Mel’s emotional support, she would not have gotten by each day. And now this woman’s home is empty.

  14. ChelseaLauren says:

    She was taking care of her own mother, being a mother to her 18 month old child, finding time to love an abuser, and all the while being completely controlled by this drug. “maybe you should have thought about it before you decided to do this…” Really? As if someone who has been through all of this and is being controlled by this horrible drug has the capacity to rationalize. Do you have any idea how addictive this drug is? It has ended and ruined many lives and this is just one example of many. It is very difficult to see this picture that three years ago none of her friends and loved ones would have recognized. This drug has ruined her life. Please don’t assume you know the entire story. Melanie and anyone else whose lives have been ruined by this drug deserve treatment. Stay strong Mel.

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