EAGAN, Minn. (WCCO) — The phone is ringing off the hook at Eagan’s Animal Control. They’ve taken nearly 15 calls in the last weeks from people spotting coyotes.

An animal control officer took video just yesterday near Highway 13 and Silverbell. Patty Pardo’s yard is usually tranquil, but that changed this week.

“This time, instead of seeing Bambi, we saw seven coyotes,” said Pardo.

Her next door neighbor spots the animals so often, she gives the City of Eagan pictures.

“They have kind of taken over to some extent no fox and I haven’t see a raccoon for a couple of years now,” said Pardo.

Animal Control says coyotes can be spotted year-round in Eagan, but it’s this time of year when they’re easiest to spot because the leaves have fallen off the trees.

“In November we always have a bit of an uptick in coyote activity with daylight saving time, our schedules start overlapping the coyotes schedules and so people start calling with more sighting,” said Community Services Officer Karen Grimm.

The biggest concern is the impact on pets. Animal control officials said the only way to ensure the safety of your pets is to keep cats indoors, and your small dogs on a leash and near you while on a walk.

Big dogs? Flip on a light before letting them out at night and if you don’t want to attract them into your yard, animal control said to clean your grill and get rid of the bird feeder.

Comments (4)
  1. Mary Byzerko says:

    I see them every morning in Eden Prairie. Good size too.

  2. Ole says:

    I just saw one on Wednesday night coming off the Columbia Golf Course, on 34th & Central Ave NE, Minneapolis. This Summer I heard them yippying too.

  3. JMJ says:

    We see them in Cottage Grove. But is this really a surpise when we keep tearing down their homes to build more houses. Which is stupid because we have hundreds of homes empty on the market.

  4. Bugs says:

    Yuppies living in fear!

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