MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minneapolis SWAT Team is getting national recognition this week.

Eight officers headed down to Oklahoma in October and took part in a three-day competition.

They went head-to-head against 23 other teams from all over the country in various situations.

In the end, scores were very close, but Minneapolis ended up winning over all other teams from the U.S.

They finished second overall, losing only to a team from Canada.

It was the second year the Minneapolis SWAT Team has competed.

Comments (7)
  1. Kevin says:

    The moral problem with a SWAT team is whether society is really prepared to allow them to make life and death decisions.

    It seems that in many of the situations one reads about there could have been, and therefore should have been another way out than to kill somebody!!!!!

  2. TL the alligator says:

    really?…….is this the same team that errantly invaded an innocent asian families home, shot up the place and cost the taxpayers millions?…..or is the swat team made up of any members of the mpls gang task force of criminals?….or are any of the members party to any of the other countless criminal acts by the mpls police dept.?…..personally i dont give creedence to ANY awards that the police give to themselves regardless of the forum…..the people of mpls have no confidence in the police dept. because of their undeniably corrupt system and actions that have needlessly cost the taxpayers MILLIONS, and the distrust also includes some judges. i stand representing the vast majority of mpls taxpayers.

  3. SnoopZ says:

    Congratulations MPD SWAT! You made Minneapolis and MN Proud. Nicely done.

    @Kevin: Are you the same guy that keeps bltching about “ain’t diversity grand”? SWAT fulfills a purpose which is to protect other innocent lives in high-risk situations. It is unfortunate that they have to make those decisions but those decisions are only made when other options are exhausted.

    @TL: Don’t blame SWAT for that. It would be like your boss telling you to drop a package off at a particular address and you find out later HE gave you the wrong address. SWAT was told the house they were to hit. They rely on the recon and information given to them which is also laid out in the search warrant. They did what they were told. Unfortunately it was the wrong house and it was NOT their fault. Not all cops are corrupt – yes there are a fair share of them all over. It would be like me saying “TL the alligator is a killer because I have read that some gators kill people and defenseless animals”

    Peace Out

  4. BLAHblah says:

    I wonder how much the city spent for this little outing for the shaved headed goose steppers?

    1. Yadi yada yada says:

      not enough – they still need to bring them back to find you and put you away.

  5. jean says:

    good job SWAT team ,keep up the good work, clean up mpls/st paul areas 🙂

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