MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A protest on Nicollet Mall Friday morning was tough to miss.

Tracy Patton, a PETA campaigner, wore not much more than earmuffs and snow boots as she demonstrated against clothes with animal products in downtown Minneapolis.

“Fashion is supposed to be fun,” Patton said. “And there’s nothing fun about animals suffering in the name of vanity.”

The nearly-naked activist was part of PETA’s Bare Skin Don’t Wear Skin campaign.

“Peta is calling on fashion enthusiasts to make compassionate choices this season and not wear fur, leather, wool and exotic skins,” the activist said.

Patton turned more than a few heads as she braved the mall’s chilly breeze, and the reaction to her demonstration was pretty positive, she said.

Patton encouraged shoppers to buy synthetic alternatives to skins and fur.

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  1. Bill says:

    :Shows how dim witted you Liberals are ,as well as perverts. Try watching the video stupid.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      What’s your definition of a pervert, Bill? Someone who is naked? Let me guess… You’re catholic?

  2. GO PETAPEEPER !! says:


  3. Kevin says:

    I have numerous fur coats in my garage….send them over….with some Jamison……

  4. See BS says:

    They seemed to make a big deal out of some guy who stands naked in his own home by a bus stop in Saint Paul — how is this different?

    If she is completely nude — isn’t she suppose to be charged with criminal sexual conduct?

    Or is that only meant for ugly and misfit people?

    1. wrote bs says:

      Does the article say she was nude, NO.

      1. See Bs says:

        It would be fun if she was in my house wearing a cowboy hat — and we were listening to the “Rodeo Song” by Gary Lee.

  5. Kathy says:

    How about a protest against the clothing industry for manufactuing clothes that are made so cheaply to exploit greater profit. which is also true for the throw-away goods that line every store shelf.

    North Dakota is an example to follow. Small business thrives with food and goods made by each business. They call it the Pride of North Dakota.

    1. Get educated says:

      Agreed! I recently finished a research paper about this. I know refuse to shop or buy at many places in malls where I know they uses sweat shops to make their products. I have a list that I actually bring with me when I go shopping so I know. I may just be one person, but I hope someday that this issue will be more known and others will follow in my steps.

  6. Mouse says:

    Eh, it’s PeTA. They LIVE for shock value and “look at mee look at mee I’m so EDGY aren’t you all totally STUNNED out of your complacent bourgeois lives?!” publicity stunts.

    I refuse to give money OR time to that bunch of borderline-insane hypocrites. My resources are better given to organizations that actually, honestly HELP abused, homeless and exploited animals, instead of doing ridiculous nonsense like “liberating” seeing eye dogs from their blind “oppressors.” Or worse, euthanizing the majority of the cats and dogs that are entrusted to their shelters because finding those animals homes would take away from their “controversial ad and funding ELF and ALF nutters” budget.

  7. Get a life - no, a REAL life... says:

    That woman has the typical mindless dork look and sound – the kind where ya just wanna’ back-hand ’em upside the head because they’re so irritating. Yo baby, we have furs in our family, and we love ’em. PETA – People for Eating Tasty Animals. Get a life ya’ll – they’re ANIMALS, not people – there is a distinct difference, or didn’t ya know? Rolls eyes…

    1. jackactionhero says:

      So testing makeup products by sticking them in dogs’ eyes really isn’t immoral afterall?

      Hmm, thanks for letting me know. I’ll readjust my moral compass accordingly…

  8. scott says:

    show a hotter girl wearing nice red fox underwear i bet our fur sales will go up!

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