ST. CLOUD, Minn. (WCCO) — Vandals keyed derogatory remarks Friday on a 19-year-old St. Cloud man’s car, which bore a bumper sticker naming the man’s birthplace, police said.

The keying happen on the 700 block of Anderson Avenue, and the victim called police about the incident shortly after noon.

The victim has no idea who would have keyed his car, but he feels that the act was racially motivated, police said. Police did not mention the man’s birthplace.

If you have any information about the keying, call St. Cloud police at 320-251-1200.

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  1. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Racism and xenophobia was a problem when we lived there during the mid 1990.s. I blame the problem to ignorance.

  2. Yeah!!! says:

    All them dagnab Germans. Why don’t they move back to where they belong? All they want to do is freeload off our health care system!!

    1. Obv. says:

      Actually its the unemployed Somalians ruining St. Cloud.

  3. Provin My Point says:

    Just proves my point:

    @Ted Marsh:
    Does the huge sudden influx of Somalis deserve a response like having slurs keyed on their cars? Assuming you are from St. C (or wherever), if I don’t like you moving into my neighborhood, my inference of what you said, can I key your car and call you any name i want? Would that be ok with you?

    Not one comment from anyone (except #1) that says that the act was criminal or that it should not have been done. The Minnesota racism… oops sorry “Nice” shows its true hidden colors again.

    1. Ted marsh says:

      You don’t have to worry should I ever decide to become your neighbor..I am not a terror threat and I assimilated to American culture as part of my upbringing.

    2. Jake says:

      It was an incredibly STUPID idea to dump thousands, if not TENS of thousands, of third-world, dirt-poor, non-english speaking people in a nice, civil, peaceful town like St. Cloud IN THE FIRST PLACE. Whoever proposed it, supported it, and who constantly comdemn the locals there should have their collective HEADS EXAMINED.

  4. Jon Mellberg says:

    Here’s my point of view. No one is immigrating to Somalia or Yemen or Iran and plastering their car with American flag stickers. Well, they’re not immigrating there anyway, but how stupid would you have to be to start flying the flag of the armpit hell-hole of the country you fled from? It’s not xenophobia in the least to take offense. People see that and wonder why the heck you don’t just go back. A foreign national bumper sticker on the car of an immigrant to America is very insulting and offensive to me and to many Americans. It’s bad form at the very least, and unwise in the extreme. You’re inviting a confrontation. I wouldn’t key his car, but the guy shouldn’t be surprised. Maybe that’s what this guy wanted. Then he could get on the news and be the poster-child for racism. If you come here you should be singing our praises, not insulting your host.

    1. back at you says:

      @ Jon said that “If you come here you should be singing our praises, not insulting your host.” You mean just like how the early European settlers sang the praises of the Native American culture???

      1. Jon Mellberg says:

        No. I don’t mean that. What I mean is that now after those Europeans have built this country into what it is today (a clean, ordered, prosperous, decent, opportunity filled place that everyone seems to want to come to), that those who come here at least act like they appreciate what we offer. The European settlers didn’t come here for the indoor plumbing, public schooling, paved streets, welfare checks, and a chance at prosperity, simply because none of that was here then. They got here, then built it! All of it!. Everything these ungrateful immigrants have come here for, including freedom of religion, which they don’t have back home, is because of those early European settlers. Look around you. What do you enjoy about this country which was brought about by native Americans? What did they invent? What great part have native Americans played in the building of what America is today? The answer you arrive at is probably why no one is sneaking onto the reservation. The res has no border patrol.

        1. josie says:

          I second all that Jon. Immigrants are taking, I f all money earned in the USA would stay here, it would help our economy. I see so many Immigrants clinging to their Mother country flag, fly the American flag and if you want to fly your homeland flag, go home!!!

        2. back at you says:

          @ Jon Mellberg..Europe was becoming an increasingly polluted hell-hole with diminishing resources when the early Europeans came to this continent. The continued environmental degradation in Europe led to wide-spread disease like the world had never known. The North American continent was an amazingly pristine environment until the settlers, like some invasive species, came in and began their destructive practices. In my home state of Michigan, all of the majestic white pine were eventually cut down in an amazingly short time span. The Great Lakes, the largest fresh water body of water in the world, was treated like an open cesspool for years. In recent times, when the water levels were low and ships couldn’t make it into some of the Great Lakes ports, they couldn’t even dredge the lake because it would re-introduce all of the heavy metals that had been dumped into the lake. Sure the Europeans introduced some good things but they didn’t know squat about protecting our natural resources which I’ll take any day over most of the useless garbage that is produced these days to keep us entertained. By the way, the Europeans took what they thought was all the good land and gave the Native Americans what was left.

    2. Mike says:

      did you say the Irish bars, holidays, restaurant’s and other European originated culture are not putting their own thing including your stupid flag sticker ideology. Go back where you came from. And also Just speak for yourself and not for other Americans. Land of Freedom.

    3. Asking for it says:

      So you’re suggesting that this guy “asked for it” in two ways: By having the temerity to exercise his freedom of expression in the form of a bumper sticker that is “very insulting and offensive” to your oh-so-tender sensibilities; and then by him hoping that this bumper sticker would lead to a keying and him getting on the news and becoming “the poster-child for racism.”

      As for your first claim, it seems to me that his ability to exercise his first amendment protected freedom of expression in a form of a bumper sticker that some might have a problem with “sings our praises” as a country at least as much as the flag waving content of your post does.

      As for your second claim, you’ve no evidence for it. None at all. Of course it MIGHT be true. But then it also might be true that this fellow shows this bumper sticker for any one of an enormous number of reasons that have nothing at all to do with the hope that he might make a name for himself as a victim of racism. Why promote the “key baiting” motivation over a more benign one? That you should promote the “key baiting” motivation over a more benign one suggests to me that a xenophobia, and possibly a xenophobia tinged with racism, informs your perspective when it comes to the immigrant community. You’re denigrating the character of an individual based solely on your assumption that this man is an immigrant, which is to say that you’re honking and hissing at him on the basis of his race and/or ethnicity.

      You’ll deny this, of course. But given that NOTHING in the story points to your “key baiting” explanation for the bumper sticker, perhaps you can explain to us where this explanation came from?

    4. wilkow says:

      jon u so right and i agree 100% only if you are native Indian. but . if u aint then u will be the joke of the week

  5. ted says:

    Well if you don’t like it… be gone!

  6. See BS says:

    Saint Cloud Students have been busted for staging hate crimes, I have a hard time believing the stuff that happens up in that area.

  7. Dorothy says:

    I’m Swedish and Norwegian. Whether I was born here or not, if I choose to put a bumper sticker on my car of the flags from those countries, or one about Lefse or Lutefisk, it doesn’t mean that I’m not ‘loyal’ to the USA, it means I’m proud of my heritage or having fun. Not all Somalies are criminals! Some may be trying hard to hold on to their heritage and may be proud of the good people back in Somalia!

    1. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

      That is moronic! We are not at war with Sweden. Sweden is not a garbage hole full of violence! When your family came to America they did not go on welfare! They put away their clogs! They assimulated into America! They did not sue every business for not bending over for them! The Swedish did not return to their homeland to blow each other up, or take collections for terrorism, or sell teenage girls. They loved this country! I work with hundreds of Somalians, they hate this cournty and well tell you flat out that they are going to slowly take over this counrty. They know how to use the welfare systems and will tell you flat out how to get everything for free. They treat their women like dogs! They beat their women! Sharia Law leads their life! They demand American law be changed to Sharia Law. So dear Dorothy….you are a huge part of the problem. You have no clue what these people are about. So dear Dorothy why dont you go date a Somali man. You will will see reality fast. I can not date a somalian woman, they would kill us both. No go put your head back in the sand. I live in St Cloud! I have to deal with this cr*p everyday! So come visit me and I will introduce you to the Somalians here…….they would love to own you.

    2. wilkow says:

      Dorothy u too smart for this crowd plse tell em they need to travel and see the world just tell em get out of the big box. vote for for Dorothy

      1. Kevin says:

        No need to travel the world moron….I see 25+ cultures everyday at work… about you wilkow? How diverse is your liberal casturated life?

    3. Jake says:

      The trouble is, Dorothy, or the DIFFERENCE IS, is that Scandanavia isn’t, nor has it ever been, to my knowledge, a HOTBED of TERRORISTS, LAWLESSNESS, and primitive in terms of culture and thought. Many of today’s ‘immigrants’ could care LESS about the USA, they only use our generosity to send monies back to their lawless countries of origin, and badmouth this country DAY AND NIGHT, failing to APPRECIATE the GREAT OPPORTUNITY that has been offered to them.

      1. max says:

        Jake, my friend who slept through history class, ever hear of the German-American Bund (Nazi sympathizers)? How about those Irish-American organizations that sent money to the IRA (a terriorist organization)? Who do you think brought us Organized Crime (think Mafia, Cosa Nostra, etc?)? Yes, Jake, European immigrants.

        For the record, my intent is not to bash German-Americans, Irish-Ameticans, Italian-Americans or anyone else. I understand that it was a small percentage of those folks who participated in the activities I mentioned, just as it is a small percentage of today’s immigrants who participate in “un-American” activities.

  8. Richard Head says:

    Bravo Jon Mellberg! Well stated! But for “back at you”, where might you be from?

  9. josie says:

    Americans, take care. I never thought I would see help wanted ads for bilingual workers, mainly Spanish. Could be in the future, the ads will read Spanish speaking or another language as Russian only. Then, where will you be?

    1. back at you says:

      Good point Josie…this is an especially bitter pill to swallow for all those European Americans who barely know English.

  10. j speedbag 64 says:

    michele bachmann is alive and well in minnesota…

  11. g8bbgg says:

    I was cut off on the freeway this morning it must sexism since I am a woman. GET A LIFE ON THIS TYPE OF ISSUE……

  12. max says:

    A number of posts here reflect an astounding level of ignorance regarding European immigration to this country, as well as the immigrant experience in general.

    I am also astounded that anyone would categorize an entire group of people. I assumed that type of ignorance died with Adolf Hitler. Apparently not.

    1. Jake says:

      Really? So, since you are so smart, enlightened, and non-ignorant, perhaps you can tell all of us how many from the Somalian/Liberian/Bosnian/Iraqi/Afghan communities have volunteered to serve in our Armed Forces, to potentially fight against their religious ‘brothers’, and show their TRUE allegiance to this once great country.

      1. max says:

        What does military service have to do with what I posted? I didn’t realize that serving in the army was the only way to demonstrate one’s loyalty to this country. That said, I understand approximately 5% of those currently serving are foreign born.

        Question for you: Are you aware that Liberians are primarily Christian? Just checking your bigotry-meter…..

  13. Of course its racisim. says:

    Maybe he’s a lousy driver and took up two spots.

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