MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Occupy Minnesota protesters are facing new rules this week — no more sleeping out and no more tacking up signs.

Some protesters said they aren’t too happy about the new rules and will try to defy the new restrictions Monday night. They’re planning a “sleep-in” at Government Plaza in Minneapolis, and plan to stay overnight, hoping that they won’t get arrested.

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In addition to those restrictions, demonstrators are also no longer allowed to leave items unattended. Monday morning many protesters organized their belongings to be taken away before the items are confiscated.

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Charles Geller said he started packing up Occupy Minnesota’s make-shift kitchen. It can’t stay at that location any longer, but he’s not sure exactly where it’s going.

“It’s been a place for us to serve anybody that’s hungry a hot meal. It’s also been a great spot to get a cup of coffee while it gets cold. It’s definitely served a lot of food to people,” said Geller.

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County leaders have decided the changes are needed because of health and safety concerns and increased security costs.