MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A coalition leading the effort to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says its website was the target of a cyber-attack.

United Wisconsin says its servers were flooded at about 2 p.m. Monday.

The group says the source of the alleged attack on its website, , is unknown. But the group says it is reporting the incident to the FBI and the Wisconsin attorney general’s office.

Walker, a Republican, is being targeted for recall because of his moves to significantly curb union rights in Wisconsin.

A spokeswoman says in a statement the Republican Party of Wisconsin “does not condone or support” any misconduct by outside groups or “rogue individuals” to interfere with the recall process.

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Comments (12)
  1. Pat says:

    Gov. Walker has an alibi … but I was home alone all night.

  2. Sue J says:

    Talk to ACORN, they were looking for extra names to put on the recall list

    1. Lori says:

      you just dont quit do you?

  3. Citizen says:

    Quoting the article, “A spokeswoman says in a statement the Republican Party of Wisconsin “does not condone or support” any misconduct by outside groups or “rogue individuals” to interfere with the recall process.” WINK, wink, snicker, snicker. Unsaid is that they are having a good laugh and are happy with the cyber attack! Murph is right, the FBI is going to get Walker sooner or later.

    1. Murph says:

      Citizen,the Repugs are incideous little creeps.They don’t condone interference from “outside” groups says it all! It’s a group within the GOP who probably did it!! Too many slimey lawyers in politics! Say stuff that reads well ,but means more mayhem!

  4. angus says:

    Censorship live on CCO. Attack the Republicans, it doesn’t get printed

    1. Lisa says:

      You’ll get your breakfast, lunch, and dinner fill if you go back to your FOXy channel. They’ll give you what you crave. All of it without the full truth. At least twisted a little bit. Kinda like having your sugar and sprinkles on top!

      1. Patty says:

        mmm hmm. And you don’t believe that you’re misled in any way, that you always get the truth with your CNNy channel? Just keep burying your head in the sand. Don’t bother with any variety of news sources besides the tv, then everything will remain right in your world and you won’t have to confront your ideas about the world and others’ views that are conservative. Your sources like to paint a broad picture that conservatives are hate filled, biased individuals – not the truth. We do believe in a sense of morality however and want to teach our children what we view as correct and not have the government and it’s workers do it for us.

  5. Jackel says:

    Republicans are the blind leading the blind… Little ignorant children who should stay in their home schooled little houses… Geez, these people live in a bubble!

    1. Steve W says:

      Just like you… Meanwhile you’re lapping up the liberal BS that the news stations and liberal colleges feed you like a thirsty dog. We republicans would say the same about you liberals – the blind leading the blind. It’s all a matter of perspective. You think you’re enlightened and in the end you’ll see that the liberals are a mess and don’t know what morality is therefore they cling to whatever feels good to them at that moment in time. It’s really quite simple.

    2. sam i am says:

      I will hire home schooled kids before public school kids any day of the week.

      Look at the test scores and you will see why teachers unions have something to worry about.

      1. truth hurts says:

        Yes, the teachers teach for tests while home school teach concepts. Funny what trouble “No Child Left Behind” gave us. Unions need to stop this Bush b.s.

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