By Jason DeRusha

Here’s a handful of your best Good Questions.

What’s On Top Of The IDS?

How Much Is The Government Watching You?

What Do Reality Stars Get Paid?

How Do Hot Toys Get Picked?

Comments (10)
  1. barbara says:

    how many Hotel operators left in the untied states in the hotel industry or corparate america? Hyatt Hotel is recently going through a renovation are hotel operators still be used or is automation going to take the place of that hyatt touch also?

  2. missed one says:

    How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

    1. Big Woody says:

      You dang Wood chucks! Stop chucking my wood!

  3. OldDirtyHippie says:

    Why won’t Canada let Fox news in(google it)!!!!!!

  4. roger Tyler says:

    howcome wcco has such bad reception I have a 7 inch portable tv
    and I bring it over to the community center every morining to whatch
    the early show and it sputters lika a machine gun. but it dont do it very much
    on other channels..

  5. Roter tyler says:

    howcome wcco has such bad recption
    I have a 7 inch portable tv and i bring it over to the community center
    every morning to whatch the early show. sometimes it’s good and
    othertimes its just terrable.
    (Roger tyler from north st.paul.

  6. Glen Huff says:

    Guess, why does diesel cost a dollar more than unleaded gas when diesel is a by-product of gas? Gas prices are going down and diesel is going up, pay more for food, cloths,ect. WHY???????????

  7. OldDirtyHippie says:

    Hey Glenn It’s called Greed!!!

    Free Assange!!
    Free Manning!!
    Go Unions!!

  8. James Schrantz says:

    Why is it that we say ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS’ while all other special occassions are ‘HAPPY BIRHTDAY, HAPPY THANKSGIVING, HAPPY EASTER, etc.?

  9. patricia swenson says:

    what happened to kerry mcnally i really liked him.

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