MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Sports broadcaster Bob Costas said he was offered an interview with accused child abuser Jerry Sandusky just minutes before he was to interview Sandusky’s lawyer.

Costas was a guest Tuesday on WCCO Radio’s Michele Tafoya, less than 24 hours after he snagged the first interview with Sandusky since the former Penn State football coach was charged with sexually abusing children.

WCCO’s Michele Tafoya Interviews Bob Costas

The controversy surrounding the accusations have tarnished the Penn State football program and led to the dismissal of legendary coach Joe Paterno.

Costas told Tafoya that he had agreed to an interview last week with Sandusky’s attorney Joseph Amendola. But Costas said moments before the interview was set to tape, Amendola offered up his client.

“Amendola himself said to me, ‘What if I could get Jerry Sandusky on the phone, would you be interested in that?'” Costas said. “The answer was, ‘Of course.'”

As to why Sandusky would do such an interview given the case against him, Costas said he asked that question to Sandusky’s attorney.

“He said he felt his client had already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion,” Costas said of Amendola’s response. “Anything that might potentially, at least he hoped, humanize (Sandusky) would have to be an improvement over the atmosphere that was out there before (Sandusky) went on the air.”

Costas said it’s doubtful that it was successful based on Sandusky’s responses.

Comments (4)
  1. Poor Job says:

    If this sort of thing happened at the top of a major media network (probably has), how much would the media be dwelling on it. Guilty or not, the interview implied certain guilt as well. Do teh pauses really mean he was guilty or was his attorney gesturing or distracting him? That’s not good reporting CBS. I was disappointed.

  2. CJ says:

    Your facts are incorrect. Paterno was fired, he did not “retire” as the article states above. Firing and retirement (or event “encouraged” retirement) are vastly different situations.

    And in response to “Poor Job” your point is weak. It is an important story and that is why it is getting extensive coverage. It did not happen at a media network, it happened at a college athletic program – those are just the facts. The pauses in the interview do not influence the facts and the statements Sandusky made. He was in appropriate with those kids. Why are you trying to cover for him and deflect the blame to “major media networks”? Your argument does not make sense.

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