MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Vikings officials say they are focused on Arden Hills for a new stadium, but that isn’t stopping a group of Minneapolis business leaders.

On Tuesday night, an organization called 2020 Partners put a face with two potential stadium locations: The Farmers Market and Linden Avenue.

Supporters of both sites made presentations to a group of city and county leaders.

“We love the Vikings and we want this to be a win-win all the way around,” said Chuck Leer.

Leer is a fan of the Farmers Market. Not just because of what can be bought there, but because of what he thinks can be built there.

Leer, along with ESG Architects, are proposing a 34-acre site on the current Farmers Market location. There would be 63,000 seats in the stadium and that could expand for major events — like a Super Bowl.

The stadium could be similar to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, with parking and tailgating. It would also include an elevated bridge that would connect the stadium to downtown, but how much it would cost and how it would be funded is still a major question mark.

“It has to work for the Vikings but it also has to work for the public,” said Leer.

It’s the same philosophy for the Linden Avenue site.

“We are in downtown Minneapolis which means there are a lot of facilities available to us,” said Mic Johnson.

Linden Avenue is looking to combine a new stadium with a new park. It would be built on 33 acres and would include an event plaza and eventually a mixed-use district. But like the Farmers Market, the total cost is unknown.

“It has to do with what they want to do and we have to support them. We want them to stay in Minnesota,” said Johnson.

In the Famers Market proposal, the market would actually be moved just north of its current location to Lyndale Avenue and Highway 55.

Supporters of a new stadium at the Metrodome site were also supposed to make their presentation Tuesday night, but were unavailable. They will present to 2020 Partners at a later date.

Comments (11)
  1. Pavel says:

    At least this puts to good use the already available transit system on the Metro area. Let’s move on one of these reasonable offers.

    1. Reply to Pavel says:

      Just as long as taxpayers do not have to foot the bill

      1. Reply to Reply to Pavel says:

        Sush, please. Let’s get this stadium done.

  2. Ordinary Guy says:

    The Vikes ought to spend more time on how to play football, and less time on how to build stadiums. Minneapolis ought to serve real public needs, not entertainment.

  3. Jay says:

    It has already been reported the Vikes want the Arden Hills location, yet it seems there are some that cant understand that. In recent reports the Vikes have already invested millions onto the preferred site, what do these people propose b done with that site? The Vikes KNOW how to play football, they just dont have the best leaders. A team is only as good as its trainers!

    1. Joe Jakubik says:

      If the Vikings “want” the AH site that bad, they can foot the billl themselves. The NFL can kick in half. If this thing has to be built, better in downtown where the roads, light rail and Northstar line already exist.. The AH site can then be used for low-income housing.

  4. Jill says:

    This is an attempt to confuse the issue.

    The issue is which politicians can the Vikings coerce, bribe and fool into giving them taxpayer dollars.

    “Would you favor or oppose using public money for a new Viking’s stadium?”

    Favor: 22%
    Oppose: 74%
    Don’t know: 4%


    1. Skol says:

      A poll of 807 people? That’s what you’re going to base an argument on? Where did they take that poll? Heck, I did a poll of 58 people that I know and 95% percent are favorable to gambling money for the stadium. There, that’s about as scientific and accurate as the star-tribune poll.

  5. confusion reigns eh says:

    This Viking stadium issue is worse than the ancient Swaleenaland Water Torture … it never stops. Zygi will happily spend a dozen years begging conniving for a public handout rather than one year working to earn the money to pay for it himself.

    Another thing we can absolutely count on is Zygi and the politicians always having beans in their ears so they somehow miss hearing the continual “NO’s” that are shouted at them from the MAJORITY of the public.

    And then there’s Dayton, the Ramsey county board, and the legislatures who seek public referendum or other public support for important issues like a union for (is it really “for?”) day care providers, banning gay marriage, voter ID, and a water pistol for the dog catcher. Yet they ignore an enormous budget deficit, repayment of money basically stolen from an education fund, and public outcry for a referendum on whether or not public money should be used to benefit a private enterprise billionaire.

    This is political “spin selling” at it deceitful worst.

    Oh, and who is this Jay guy that’s making the claim that the Vikings “know how to play football?” Has he been locked in a closet for the past 51 years? Did he not hear about the latest Vikings/Packers game? Ahhhh, I wonder if he’s one of Zygi’s long lost and long forgotten direct descendents or something close to it – appears to have the same delusional genes as Zygi.

  6. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    We do not need no Stadium, we need more free artistic water fountains.

  7. A Voter says:

    The cities of St. Paul, and Bloomington tried to submit bids when the Metro-Dome was built to no avail. They even tried to block it with lawsuits with no results. Why does the city of Minneapolis think their late effort will be anymore successful?