ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — The Ramsey County Board unanimously approved a proposal to purchase the old Army ammunition plant site in Arden Hills from the U.S. government.

The cost of the 430-acre land was $28.5 million, which is the proposed site for the new Minnesota Vikings stadium. The money will take care of clean-up costs, infrastructure and road improvements.

Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett, who spear-headed this effort to purchase the land, said the county is now shovel-ready when it comes to a new Vikings stadium. Now they need to rest of the pieces to fall into place.

The purchase of the land was all contingent on receiving money from the state to help pay for it. The funds for the purchase are not coming from a property tax hike or a sales tax increase.

Bennett said the county is now ready to move forward.

“All we got to do is get the legislature to make up their mind and get this ready to go. And all the things you heard today, the jobs, the pollution clean-up, everything else can be done; we put a lot of people to work,” he said.

If this deal doesn’t go through and the state produce funding, the county can back-out of the offer to purchase the land. They can also decide whether or not to redevelop the site.

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  1. maxey says:

    Now if Walter Mondale’s kid would just get out of the way and some legislators would get a spine.

    1. N.O. Spells No says:

      How many times can we say NO. Now the Ramsey county (soon to be former) commissioners will be spending tax dollars on land that will never be used. There will not be a tax payer funded stadium.

      1. True Purple Fan says:

        how many times can we say yes? see, it works our way, too.

  2. Wakeup says:

    Can we do this already – the longer the legilators drag there feet the more expensive it gets.

    1. A Voter says:

      The longer the legilators drag there feet the more expensive it gets.
      The exact same thing they said about a retractable roof on the Metro-Dome.
      So now we have to replace it at, what double the cost,? to get it right.
      Let the Vikings play in the Dome, or send them on there way.

      1. jackactionhero says:


        The Dome is not suitable. It’s the most outdated facility in the country.

        Why can every other state find a way to finance a new, and modern facility, but somehow Minnesota just can’t afford it? Please explain that to me if you can.

        1. A Voter says:

          My point is that the Dome would be suitable if they hadn’t been so cheap to begin with. They just did the same thing with Target field, no retractable roof for Minnesota weather. The only reason the Packers can afford it is because they can sell shares of stock to finance it. They are the only team allowed to do that because it was Grandfathered in before the league put an end to that practice.

          1. jackactionhero says:

            The technology and advancements in stadium design were not present in 1979 when construction began, so no, that’s not an accurate statement.

            Also, what purpose would a retractable roof do on a baseball field? I don’t think you thought that one through very far.

            1. A Voter says:

              It wasn’t a case of technology, it was good old Minnesota Cheap, and now we are paying for it,
              Calvin Griffith wanted a roof over his ballpark. He said he couldn’t make a profit because of the weather, to many rainouts. He also said that we would never see a World Series game here because of the weather, cold, and snow.
              All one has to do is look it up in the Star Tribune archives.

        2. Jim says:

          Sure – we used that money to pay for the Twins’ new stadium.

          1. jackactionhero says:

            False statement. That is simply not true.

  3. Bob macnamara says:

    Pass a Racino and get this going , I am a out of work windo glazer , If I dont get on that job it can open up another spot.

  4. Paul R. Huisman says:

    Losse the tax free casinos not the Vikings

  5. Adrienne says:

    The Viking Do Not Need A stadium until they play like real professionals. I believe if Ramsey County need or require money o facili ncome for Jobs. Then create jobs on another premise.The Vikings have not done there very best and they do not deserve a new stadium. They should play at U of M. Allow a portion of the proceeds to go to neighboring colleges and schools in the area to educate the uneducated.Possibly open doors for educators to tutor and mentor to our youth.

    1. Rocky says:

      Yo, Adrienne. Are you serious?

      1. Rocks in her head says:

        Adrienne is off her meds.

    2. vesta44 says:

      Right, and look at the Twins – they got their new stadium and they’re really World Series material, aren’t they. If you’re going by that, the Twins are just a farm team for the rest of the Major League ball teams and should never have gotten a new stadium. At least the Vikings bring in a lot more revenue to the state than the Twins ever have.

      1. 12 men in the huddle says:

        Well, at least the Twins have WON a World Championship and with the exception of the past year, are usually in contention. The Vikings are a lesson in futility. Yes, go ahead and build them a new stadium. Then we will be able to watch the embarrassment that is the Vikings on a grander stage.

      2. Frankly Right says:

        False. The Queens bring in about 1/4 the revenue of the Twins. It is true that they bring in more per game, but only play 10 home games a year versus 80. Neither team deserved/deserves a tax payer funded stadium. Build it yourself pro sports teams or move on!

    3. tailgunner says:

      What have your Gophers done in lets say the past 20 years? You WHACKO..!!!

    4. jackactionhero says:

      “The Vikings have not done there very best and they do not deserve a new stadium.”

      This is a nonsensical comment.

      No team in the history of the NFL has won a Superbowl and then started the next season in new stadium. It’s never happened.

  6. 180° from brilliant says:

    Incredible arrogance, irresponsibility, and a complete disregard for the people of Ramsey county. The entire board is comprised of mental midgets who don’t share a half ounce of brain power among them.

    1. tailgunner says:

      If they banned trailer parks..Ramsey County wouldn’t have any people……

  7. Jason says:

    Wow $6,000,000,000 in the hole. Perfect time to build a stadium. Racino and pulltabs huh, lets do this to pay off our current debt. It will never happen.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      False. You might be in a hole, but the state isn’t. You don’t seem to understand what a budget deficit actually means. The state is never “in the hole” and to say so is either disingenuous on your part, or you just don’t know the difference. Care to cop to either?

  8. Paul Bunyan says:

    One step forward , good the Minnesota Vikings have been in this state longer than most people on this blog!! They are as Minnesota to me as ice fishing and lutefisk. SKOL MINNESOTA VIKINGS!!!

    1. A Voter says:

      I was at the first pro football game played at the old Met Stadium in Bloomington, and the Vikings didn’t even exists at that time. The game featured the Packers, vs the Cardinals.

      1. Blahblah baabaa says:

        Very interesting. And you walked to school uphill both ways in a snowstorm, we get it.

  9. Not done yet. says:

    Fortunately there is a back-out clause for WHEN the vikings leave.

  10. Jackie Du Charme says:

    Wlhy would anyone want to build on the contaminated land? I would like to see a complete report on what is still in this land that can cause people harm or lillness/cancer.

    1. A Voter says:

      You’re not interested in Glow in The Dark Football?

    2. jackactionhero says:

      What makes you state that it IS contaminated land?

      What exactly is it contaminated with?

      Or are you just entering wild speculation and random paranoia into the conversation?

      1. A Voter says:

        @ jackactionhero,
        Did you just fall off the turnip wagon?

  11. Jackie Du Charme says:

    Let them build the stadium in Mpls. If they have to have one. . They have more hotels and restaurants down there and easier access to a stadium.
    Give our Minnesota people education and jobs, not the big thrill of watching the Vikings losing all the time.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      “Give our Minnesota people education and jobs, not the big thrill of watching the Vikings losing all the time.”

      That’s already happening. The jobs also come WITH the stadium plan. Not sure if you caught on to that part.

      Also, what is it you’re suggesting? That they fleece the taxpayers and then give the money to the generic bin of “education” as if that’s the magic key for improving education?

  12. Sue J says:


    1. Bob Hunstlover says:

      You must really have some education in your background?

      1. piggy says:

        Grunt grunt, build me stadium, grunt, me watch football game, snort.

  13. Jill says:

    “Would you favor or oppose using public money for a new Viking’s stadium?”

    Favor: 22%
    Oppose: 74%
    Don’t know: 4%

    These people have nothing but contempt for the taxpayer and should be removed from office.

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