By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Target is joining other retailers like Macy’s, Best Buy and Kohl’s by opening at midnight on Black Friday That decision has resulted in an online protest.

An Omaha, Neb. Target employee has begun a petition drive on Facebook saying the store is ruining Thanksgiving for its employees.

So far, more than 90,000 people have signed the petition asking Target CEO Greg Steinhafel to change the opening of Targets nationwide to 5 a.m.

Target may be the only store that is the focus of major petition drive, but they are not alone in opening early.

Toys R Us and Walmart are going to be open Thanksgiving night. Target said they decided on the midnight opening because of competition and customer demand.

Consumers, like Laurie Coleman who was shopping on Tuesday at the Bloomington Target, said she looks forward to Black Friday.

“I do a lot of comparing up until Black Friday and then once I see the ads, 9 times out of 10, I find better deals then I had prior to,” Coleman said.

But some Target employees are not happy about the midnight opening and having to report to work at 11 p.m. on Thanksgiving night.

Anthony Hardwick, a part-time Target employee from Omaha, began a petition on Facebook called “Tell Target to Save Thanksgiving.”

“Where will it end? If we lose Thanksgiving as just another holiday shopping day, are we going to start looking at Christmas with hungry eyes next?” said Hardwick.

Target issued a statement on Tuesday saying “Black Friday is one of the busiest and most competitive shopping days of the year. We have heard from our guests that they want to shop Target following their Thanksgiving celebrations rather than only having the option of getting up in the middle of the night.”

And while petition comments on Facebook blast the midnight shopping start as “ bizarre,” Coleman said she can’t wait.

“We will be hear at midnight, oh without a doubt … We shop until we drop,” she said.

Target released an additional statement on Tuesday afternoon about the employee who started the Facebook petition:

“The team member you are referencing is not now, and has never been, scheduled to work on Thanksgiving or Black Friday at Target. Our understanding is that this team member also works full-time for another retailer. In early November, he informed his Target managers that he was scheduled to work at his other job on Black Friday and indicated that he needed the day off from Target. We honored that request.

Target does our best to work around the schedules of all of our team members, making every effort to accommodate their requests. Target will offer holiday pay to all hourly team members who work on Thanksgiving Day.”

Comments (61)
  1. Kevin says:

    The 99% have to service the 1%…who the hel* shops at midnight on Thanksgiving? My God….commercialism 101…..give it a break! Where are the occupy Wall Street Protesters when you need them….????

    1. @Kevin says:

      Wow Kevin you never cease to amaze me at your foolish thoughts, are you implying the 1%, the millionaires are going to target at 10pm thursday to shop, the fact you support the unemployed occupy protestors seals the deal as you’re the human joke!

      1. J P Getty says:

        I think he was referring to having to go to work to please shareholders and CEOs- where the bulk of the profit of worker’s labor is directed. Sometimes you gotta think things through before posting.

      2. jackactionhero says:

        Who told you the Occupy protestors were unemployed? Or did you just decide it…

    2. jim says:

      @Kevin: No one drafted you to work at Target. You have two options (1) quit work at Target, or (2) go find another job! People like you make me ill.

      1. heather says:

        Funny….what other jobs?!

    3. Dawn says:

      Good post! You are absolutely right!

    4. @kevin says:

      maybe the loser protesters should apply for a job at Target.

    5. What Next? says:

      Kevin…you are a brainwashed fool! I know of no “1%” going shopping at this time. I am in the bottom 5% and I am looking for deals. Why don’t you go Occupy something other than this space….maybe with something positive!

      1. Reasonable says:

        Man, reading comprehension must be getting really tough these days!

        The point he made was that the Target staff is going to work to open the shop to appease the ownership. How is that so hard to understand?

        But hey, Target didn’t do this. We all did this in our apparent need and desire for cheap plastic junk from China and flashy gadgets from Japan.

        1. I hate people says:

          I like how you start with a negative statement about Target, then turned around with the truth of it all.

          The “ownership” is openning early to appease their customers. Yes, Target will make money off of this but that is why they are a retail company and not a charity.

          If workers really hate the hours they need to work to support their employer, then they need to find another employer.

          1. jackactionhero says:

            You mean to entice their customers, not to appease their customers. There’s a huge difference, and I think you missed the boat with your comment.

  2. grumpygeezer says:

    The truth, sad or otherwise, is that the retailers are focused on their customers, not their employees. While a business needs employees, they need customers more. No customers, no money. No money, no employees. Yes, Kevin, this is exactly commercialsim 101, or even capitalism 101. Without sales (demand) there is no business.

    1. Citizen says:

      The truth, grumpy, is that employees are ALSO customers. I never shop on black Friday. If you want deals, there are better deals online and a lot of free shipping. I will boycott all retailers open before normal working hours on Friday.

  3. Reality Check says:

    Um hi, Im a low skilled cashier or shelve stocker, or $11 an hour manager, I can’t believe I made so many smart decisions in life with my career and now I have to work Thanksgiving night, you did nothing with your life pay the piper……

    1. K says:

      Yet, you need that low-skilled cashier to ring up the items you’re looking to get a great “deal” on. When you didn’t read the return policy and wants to throw a fuss, that $11/hr manager you reference will be the one trying to make you happy.

      How dare you look down on others. You are absolutely disgusting with your comments.

    2. Sam says:

      @Reality Check
      That cashier, stocker, or manager is very likely a college student who needs a job with a flexible schedule in order to be able to both afford college and attend college.
      Or perhaps the “stay at home” parent in a couple who needs the extra paycheck, but can’t afford the exorbitant rates of daycare.
      Or perhaps someone who has an excellent degree and work history, but can’t get a job because very few businesses are hiring in droves.
      Instead of presuming that everyone is inferior to you, try spending a moment contemplating yourself in their shoes.

      1. Thats Life says:

        Thanks for proving my point, they need a flexible schedule job which they have, but on 1 of the busiest days of the year they’re needed at an inconvenient time, oh the travesty of having to face responsibility, guess what most business are open Xmas eve mornind and day should every1 quit or protest them also because its inconvenient?

      2. heather says:

        YES! conveyed perfectly!

  4. Randy says:

    I have one word Unions

    1. The 1% says:

      Good luck with that. One of two things would happen if Target unionized. Or maybe both. They would either raise their prices to compensate for the chunk a union would take from their bottom line, or they would lay people off to make for the extra labor costs. If you don’t want to gain or develop marketable skills, then you better get used to retail. Suck it up and smile. And be prepared to scamper up that ladder and fetch me that sale priced wok on the top shelf next Friday at 12:05 AM.

  5. K says:

    I enjoy that Target took means to bash their employee, in a non-obvious way, of course.

    I think all the retailers are getting out of control with the whole black friday nonsense. It is ridiculous that retail employees miss their holiday so someone can fight over a $3 copy of Twilight. Its gotten to the point that some stores need to have actual security on black friday because customers get out of control. No offense, but no amount of profit is worth that.

    If Target really wanted to be offer consumers a great deal, why not respect that and have great deals leading all the way up to christmas? Instead, its a great deal on a item….for one day….and they only have ten in stock. Good luck to the consumer,
    who Target is supposed to be helping with their specials.

    1. the 1% says:

      Silly ignorant liberal. Target isn’t in business to help anyone. They’re in business to make a profit and stay in business. And by doing that, they can keep employing people and offering their customers some good deals most of the time, and really great deals once in a while (like next Friday). Don’t like it? Tough titty. Don’t go. I don’t. But get off your altruistic unicorn and quit pretending “no profit is worth that”. Because though you may not wish is was worth it, it is. In fact it’s REALLY worth it. And some customer really like it. Maybe you should get on the Target board of directors and offer your ideas and see how that goes. Too funny.

      1. Citizen says:

        You, the 1% won’t be there. And people can still have all the sales hype at 6 or 8 in the morning. This type of merchandising denigrates a national holiday of giving thanks at the founding of America. Guess that’s not important to you…..

  6. Newcraft says:

    It’s a myth that they’re getting better deals on black friday, and while the article has people saying there’s “demand” for shopping on Thanksgiving night, the truth is that black friday sales have been lower than anticipated for the past few years.

    The problem is that the retailers are lisenting to the 1% of the customer base who would stand outside in a lightning storm to save 15 cents on frozen burritos. The majority of the shopping is over and done within the first half hour as the few “loss leader” items they stock get taken. The majority of their customers are finding their bargains in the sales they’ve been offering the weeks/days prior to black friday. People are getting tired of risking injury and mayhem to save one or two dollars. Most are simply not spending the money, period.

    It hasn’t been the case since 2008 that you’ll find a better deal on black friday. They just want people to believe that it is.

    1. Get educated says:

      It is not a myth. Not sure where you are getting your info from, try citing and you would be more believable. They have amazing deals on black friday, but they might only have 10 in stock. That is why you need to wait in line for the great deals. Last black friday I saved over $200 on a 42 in= Sony HDTV.

      1. Reagan says:

        @ get educated. The same TV you could have waited until January to get at the same price or cheaper right before suoer bowl????

        1. jackactionhero says:

          Reagan speaks the truth. “Get educated” has been taken in by the trick.

          Saving $200 on a 42 inch TV is NOTHING, and those types of savings can be realized at virtually any point during the year if you’re paying attention.

          And waiting for 6 hours in line to get an item is paramount to paying full MSRP when you consider what your time is (or isn’t?) worth.

          Sorry, but 6 hours of my time costs my employer $250, so standing in a line doing nothing to get a good deal on a $150 item seems assinine to me.

          Not to you?

          1. bobby says:

            Wow…I can’t beleive this is happening.

            I actually agree with jackactionhero on something.

            Did He!! freeze over or something. This is amazing. I agree with jack on NOTHING(so do most people)

            I guess our differences aren’t that big, jack-

  7. Johanna Pinckaers says:

    Those Target employees can get over it. I work two retail jobs at a mall that is opening at midnight and I have to be there too. They will live, just like I will.

    1. boohoo says:

      Wah! My life sucks so everyone else’s has to suck too!

  8. gina the lez says:

    big fat women in nascar jackets and sweatpants shop on black friday..i shop online

    1. Hook me up with one of them says:

      Oh I like the sounds of that, hook me up will ya gina the lez????? They probably don’t look like a man though and are comfortable with the body parts they were given…..Why do some people even make a comment…

      1. @Hook Up says:

        FYI : I’m a smokin HOT lipstick lez..way more woman than you’ll ever experience..Maybe you should just continue to “hookup” with your hand,as usual.

  9. Joe says:

    I used to work for tar Target and they told all of us overnight workers that we had a choice for working the Holidays: We could either have Black Friday or Christmas Eve off from work, but not both. I thought that was a fair compromise.

    Besides, most people eat Thanksgiving “dinner” at around 1-3 pm. You still have plenty of time to visit with your family for a few hours, and then take a nap and be awake at 11pm to go to work. I really don’t see why this is such a big deal.

    1. Citizen says:

      Obviously, Joe, you don’t care about honoring a national holiday. Do you remember why we celebrate Thanksgiving? One of two truly American holidays–the other being the 4th of July–you remember that, don’t you! Our country’s independence day? Retailers are open then, too. Those holidays are a big deal for those of us still loyal to the ideals this nation was founded on.

  10. Sandy says:

    This is ridiculous, nothing like putting a bunch of people on the roads with the stupid drunks who hit the bars Thanksgiving night. I am with these people, let them enjoy their Holiday and start the next one after 8:00 AM, the NEXT day. Greed for the bucks.

    1. I hate People says:


      Oh wait… DAMN TARGET!!!!!

  11. For every 1 person that don't like the job there is 100 that would like it says:

    I am sure that anyone out there that doesn’t want to work on Thanksgiving that we can find 20 that would work that day in a heartbeat. No one says you “have to” work those days, quit your job. Yes you probably need it, so if you do then don’t complain about it, at least you have one because you can be replaced no problem. By the way I am a Target employee and I think what they are doing is fine; they have to stay with the competition that is what it is all about. Where there is demand there will be supply, if there is no demand then there won’t be any supply and then there will be over 350,000 workers out of a job at Target. Why do I not see a headline story about Best Buy or Wally World on cco? They are opening at midnight.

  12. Robert says:

    I used to work retail when I was in college. Worked Thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day. It sucked, but it was a job that paid double time for working the Hoilidays.

  13. Corinne Braun says:

    Customers WANT to be able to shop at midnight, rather than staying up all night, standing in a line in the cold, getting no sleep and possibly even being trampled or killed (Walmart 2008).

    That guy is an instigator and an idiot.

    1. Citizen says:

      So, Corinne, you can shop for better bargains, no sales tax, and free shipping on the Internet. You’re the idiot–just returning your namecalling….

  14. Phid says:

    Note how the people who don’t have a voice at the Target workers who enjoy the opportunity to get holiday pay so that they can support their families. So for every person who claims that Target doesn’t care about employees because it is opening on Black Friday at midnight, I point to all the other employees who are benefiting from working at that time.

  15. Lex Shepler says:

    Um… major typo.. ” We will be *here* on Friday” not “We will be *hear* on Friday”
    As a major news station, this should be caught.
    As for the story, I agree with @Phid

  16. KM says:

    I find it interesting that KMart has been open throughout the Thanksgiving Day for at least the last few years, but I have yet to hear a fuss over that! Although I have made the choice to not shop on that day does not mean that everyone else has to also.

    1. Jennifer says:

      Thank you for displaying intelligent thinking. I also had thought of KMart when Target became news. To me this is a non-news item. Shop if you want to, don’t if it offends you.

  17. redmoon says:

    Target should be government Union jobs. Where are all the government Union people to make Target a government owned business. Everyone would get a life time pension and there would be “Workers Rights”. Prices would be low through tax subsidies. Every public union person should support this. There would be so many more union paying due people and that would help keep poiticiation who support government public unions in power. All gov public union members support this or they are crazy!

    1. reagan says:

      @redmoon. That is moronic

  18. Pavel says:

    Another town crier! THis employee has another agenda!

  19. Simple says:

    Wow – Look, those of you who don’t want to shop on Black Friday stay home,no one cares Target willl survive. The employee who started the petition and the employess who support it – if you don’t like your employers position – QUIT- and QUIT COMPLAINING.

  20. Citizen says:

    I can remember when ALL, and I do mean ALL, stores were closed on Sundays in our Christian nation so that families could attend church and worship. Well, we see how the “camel’s nose” under the tent of starting to allow retailers to be open on Sunday has metamorphosed into 7 days a week and soon to be 24 hours a day. If you need that kind of shopping, there is the Internet with great bargains and free shipping. As I previously posted, the national holidays are all about honoring our great nation. They, too, have mutated into honoring our corporations. Hence, my belief that we are now the Corporate States of Amerika!

    1. Why says:

      @citizen – My family didn’t attend church and worship on Sunday. Because yours did I should not be able to shop on the weekend or on a holiday? Thanksgiving is another family holiday (like Easter and Christmas) show up at 2:00 eat at 4:00 leave by 6:00. On the 4th you eat outside instead of the dining room. No big deal. Why do you deem online okay/better than in person? No one is forcing anyone to shop. No one forced someone to accept the job at Target (or other business open for the public). If you are working some type of retail you were informed when hired that some weekend/evening work would be required as needed. I know it was when I was in college and cashered. I agree with previous comment – double or triple time – I volunteered for the hours. If corporate America offends you, don’t do business with them. Simple solution.

      1. Citizen says:

        Christmas is a “Christian” holiday, but Muslims & Jewish people and people of all religions get the day off in America. So we all benefit from Christianity. If you’re not a Christian, do you volunteer to work? You missed my point that it is a NATIONAL holiday to honor our country’s founding and as such we should be able to take a day to do that. And, yes, I’m pretty old, but my town had no open stores–even gas stations–on Sundays.

        1. Why says:

          @citizen – I was raised non-religious, but taught to be open-minded, tolerate and respectful of others and their beliefs and this is how my kids were raised. This background is obviously different from yours. You are missing the point in that no one is being forced to shop or work on Thanksgiving. You want to spend the day honoring the country’s founding (not sure how/what is involved in that) but you can do it. If you disagree with your employer’s rules you have the right to quit. When hired there is training/orientation. You agreed to their standards/rules. I am semi-retired, but I have worked on holidays, including Christmas, I worked international for many years and was expected to be available 24/7/365 (most of this time was before cell phones). I got phone calls and faxes at home all hours and spent many weekends, evenings and holidays in the office handling something. I was told this was the standard/rule when I was hired and I agreed to it when I accepted the job. We live in a 24/7/365 diverse world. Some of us have adapt to it.

          1. Citizen says:

            Again, Why, you have missed the point of honoring our nation’s heritage. I would rather be a bag lady on the street than work for some of the corporate stores/dictatorships. I have a friend who works at Target and tells me all about the predatory treatment of employees which varies in severity from manager to manager. Glad you enjoyed your job. I am a pagan, so am just pointing out the hypocrisy of religion, country, and corporatism.

    2. Wondering says:

      @ Citizen How old are you? I am a senior and worked on Sunday in local supermarket in the mid-1960’s. As a kid (1950’s) my Dad had a gas station and I remember he worked on Sunday. When were ALL stores closed on Sunday?

  21. SO SAD says:

    What ever happened to family values? Oh, yeah, people forget about them until it comes to issues like gay marriage.

  22. Chuck Baggett says:

    In the phrase ““We will be hear at midnight” “hear” should be “here”.

  23. more traffic to your website says:

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