MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Each year, stores seem to open up earlier and earlier to offer “Black Friday” deals.

One upset Target worker said the early openings are ruining Thanksgiving and now he’s trying to stop it by putting together an online petition.

Anthony Hardwick, a part-time Target worker from Omaha, Neb., started the petition after he found out he’d have to leave his Thanksgiving dinner early to go to work that night.

He, along with all of the other people who signed the petition, are asking Target to push back its store openings from midnight to 5 a.m. on Friday. Nearly 80,000 people have signed the petition and that number keeps growing.

Target isn’t the only store opening earlier than normal; Kohl’s; Best Buy, Toys ‘R Us and Macy’s are just a few of the other stores opening at midnight. Walmart is opening even earlier — at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

Target responded to the petition by saying that they are not planning on changing the opening time. They said customers would rather shop after their Thanksgiving celebrations instead of getting up in the middle of the night.

A ConsumerSearch Survey shows most of America agrees with Hardwick. About 87 percent think all stores should be closed on Thanksgiving Day. That’s compared to the 11 percent that like the stores to be open.

Still, 61 percent of people said they like to hit the stores on Black Friday to get the deals.

Comments (55)
  1. angus says:

    Censored again. All Isaid was Target shows its contempt for its employees. IT talks the talk but does not walk the walk.

    Target spends money at CCO, therefore does this mean they are exempt from comments that damages their public image?a

  2. Citizen says:

    It is truly disgraceful that Thanksgiving has become such a nonholiday and nontradition in America. Besides the Fourth of July, it is the one truly American holiday, and now Americans cannot put aside “consumerism” to even celebrate this family holiday. It is shameful and the retailers are shameful for encouraging this. But, I expect nothing less from the Corporate States of America.

    1. Louis Cypher says:

      When you worship money like a god this is the expected result. These workers need to realize that these crazy hours are akin to lent. Sacrificing for your god, the dollar.

  3. Olaf says:

    Nobody is forcing him to work there or you to shop there. Get over it.

    1. Mel says:

      I’m sure they would lose their job if they didn’t show up for the biggest shopping day of the year. Some people actually need their jobs and in this economy, it would be difficult to find another job. When someone is hired, there are certain conditions communicated regarding holidays, time off, and vacations that the employee understands, but when the company changes the conditions, the employee should not be punished for it. I will not be shopping at Target, Kohls or anywhere that opens before the morning hours on Black Friday. Some people actually value special time with family., so if the early opening infringes on a family’s time, then I would say it is well worth the fight. I don’t understand how a company can change its policy and expect the employees to just go along with it. The petition was a great way to get the point across to the company, and to draw more attention to the issue. No where could I just change a contract and expect the signee to just go along with it and suffer whatever consequences when they don’t. Way to go Target; creating the happy work environment as always.

  4. l says:

    problem is with the stores, they intice shoppers with extrodinary deals during certain shopping hours and force those who watch their pennys to drop and then shop. its sad, but if you feel so strongly about Thanksgiving, call in sick or dont shop. its simple.

  5. MaryJane says:

    Here’s the thing: the people who go out on Black Friday will show up if your doors open at midnight – or at 8am. And they’ll spend the same amount of money!!

    I go shopping on Black Friday – but in the afternoon or evening, when the pushy-shovey-jackholes have gone home. No deal is worth sleep deprivation & getting trampled. And besides, if you aren’t first in line you’re not getting the deal they’re offering – stores don’t load up on the doorbuster deals so everyone has a chance. They help to create this panic that results in the tramplings and pushing & shoving FROM GROWN ADULTS!

    1. djp says:

      YEP…how fun too!!!! I love to shove those fat women and especially the kids in strollers!!!!

      1. brittany says:

        wow shove kids in stroller! thats pretty low! you must be trash

  6. Mag says:

    I enjoy the shopping experience with my daughter on Black Friday. We enjoy mapping our route and hitting the stores before dawn! Then it’s out for breakfast. This year my Daughter in law will be joining us. We will not be out at Midnight but will go at our “normal” 4:00 hour. There is nothing that great in any of the ads anyway so we’ll just have our traditional morning together. I think the stores should go back to early morning hours and let the employees spend the WHOLE holiday with their families.

  7. Michele says:

    First of all, quitting is “not that simple,” especially when it’s so hard to get a job. These people are being forced into working these hours, because Target knows it can.

    Thanksgiving is the one day – the ONE day – when everyone in the U.S. takes time to be grateful for its blessings, and corporations are slowing eroding it, just as they have Sundays (the so-called day of rest and worship for Christians.)

    1. Morgan says:

      Ask for the damn day off like the rest of us do. If you have blown your vacation it is your problem.

      1. Jim Flaschberger says:

        I work for Target and they have said EVERYONE works no exceptions. You can’t use your time off on that day or the day after Christmas.

        1. randy says:

          SO there are two whole days out of 365 that you HAVE to work? Boy, do I ever feel sorry for you..

        2. Matt says:

          be happy you have a job. there are tons of people out there that are willing to work.

      2. Give thanks! says:

        This reply doesn’t make any sense.

      3. marge says:

        It’s cute that you think retail workers get vacation.

    2. Reailty says:

      This person lives in Omaha they have unemployment rates around 4%. I betcha that this person would not have that hard of a time getting a job down there if he put a little effort in it.

  8. MAJ says:

    I enjoy going w/ my daughters on Black Friday, but after the crowd has thinned out.. If a person chooses to work retail that is what they get. The whole Christmas shopping deal turns me off as we are in such a poor economy and people are out spending $$$$$$ they don’t have.

  9. Anthony Hardwidk of Omaha says:

    Are you kidding, retail is supposed to be the armpit of jobs. We all had to do it in some way, shape or form. I fondly look back on the cr@p jobs I had in college. Without those types of jobs, to what would we compare today’s success? Good luck Anthony Hardwick of Omaha, NB in getting a real job you fool. I certainly wouldn’t hire this guy. Be lucky you even have a job in this economy. The entitled crow just doesn’t get it

    1. Molly says:

      You went to college? Your writing skills are consistent with Jr. High school. I wouldn’t hire you to cut my grass!

      1. me says:

        Why on earth do people always have to bring up writing skills, english skills, and typos? Seriously, is that what we resort to these days…cutting each other down based on their written skills? Maybe this person has some off the chart math skills and an engineering job, that you could never get. We don’t all have to be english majors to be intelligent. Good effin grief.

        1. Molly, you forgot my fries says:

          Please point out what is wrong with my post. Then I will judge your corrections in the real world where people pay me a large sum of money to do my job. The thing is Anthony is all over the internet now and every future potential employer will google his name and see his entitled mentality. Yes I went to college, yes written communication is important but, Molly, judging my post by its grammer errors in light of the big picture of the story is reall prett silly. I bet you make a good employee never an employer. What gets me about these posts is I’d bet maybe 10% of the posters actually are successful individuals in life or are currently striving to get there. People like Molly are looking for the hand out from anybody else but from their hard work.

  10. Meow says:

    Holly, thanks for this story. I had no idea. Personally, I think it might be a wise if Target give it’s employees a bonus or some sort of ‘extra incentive’ to want to work those horrible hours. For the holidays, the adults in my family only give gifts to the kids and then we all pitch in to put together several shopping bags to give to the food shelf. One year we adopted a ‘needy family’ and gave them a huge box full of food. Having a nice meal and spending time together is now our gift to each other. Oh, and we save money. Novel idea.

    1. Give thanks! says:

      This is a great idea. Were you able to bring that box of food to that family?

  11. Kevin says:

    He works part time? You are viewing the wussification of America….

    1. Give thanks! says:

      I have a feeling that you are familiar with Brad Stine. He’s hilarious.

  12. randy says:

    Quit WHINING, it’s only one day…Try working at Menards or Home Depot where they now open at 6AM every day and stay open until 9 or 10……

    1. mel says:

      They open that early because of their patrons; contractors who need the materials for their work day ahead of them. And people who apply to work at Home Depot or Menards know that they open early when they apply for the job. Target changed their hours of operations for Black Friday and now expect their workers to just suck it up.

  13. OH No! says:

    How about at a movie theatre? We never get holidays off. During the giant snow storm last year when the metrodome collapsed, we closed early at 1pm and people were irate with us for closing the doors when it was suicidal to try to even be out on the roads.
    Suck it up Target workers.

    1. Mike says:

      Your logic is boundary for ultimate stupidity and a race to the bottom. Hey genius, if I make a dollar less than you, than you should too. If I work an hour free each day, so should you. If work seven days a week, so should you. See where this is heading knucklehead?

  14. Debby says:

    Deal with it! Retail business has crazy hours and you knew that going in to the position. The stores are not there to make YOU happy. They are there to make US, the consumer happy!
    Be happy you even have a job in this economy!!

    1. mel says:

      Actually, Target changed their hours, so the workers didn’t know that was what they were signing up for.

      1. Nurse Nell says:

        Exactly Mel, and that’s why it was wrong for Target to do this. I never shop on Black Friday as I am not a masochist but surely Target could open at 6 a.m. or even 8 a.m. and make just as much profit.

  15. Richard Betts says:

    Target (or any other business) has the right to open whenever they want. This guy in Nebraska has the right to choose to work for Target (or any other business) or not. Consumers have the right to choose to shop at Target (or any other business) or not. Personally, I am a fan of that new Internet thing – maybe you have heard of it. Most stores offer their Black Friday deals online so I can stay at home and shop in the comfort of my own home.

    1. Citizen says:

      Target is open 24/7 on the Internet as are most other businesses using Black Friday as an excuse to be open.

  16. Kevin says:

    Isnt Black Friday a racist comment? Shouldnt it be Neutral Friday? Or how about just “The Friday after Thanksgiving”. Or how about “White Friday”?

    1. Tom says:

      How about you call the NAACP on your cell phone the taxpayers bought you.

    2. Nurse Nell says:

      No, it’s named black because it’s the day businesses move out of the red column in their accounting. Has nothing to do with race.

  17. G Dog says:

    Black Friday may be one of the most idiotic activities in all of human behavior. It is commercialism and stupidity rolled into one.

    1. Nurse Nell says:

      You have that right!

  18. Tom says:

    Something wrong with the second paragraph of this story. It should say “One soon to be former Target employee” is upset

  19. Retail sucks says:

    Target employee’s are lucky they at least get to have a thanksgiving dinner with their families on Thanksgiving day. Midnight opening is technically black Friday. The one’s I feel sorry for are the employee’s at Gander Mountain They open at 9 am Thanksgiving day and close at 9 pm not much time for family dinner. This is exactly why I left being a retail dept mgr. 4 years ago. every year is worse and worse next stores will be open xmas day.

  20. Betty LaRue says:

    I found the petition….here’s the link

    I signed it. You can too.

    1. AP says:

      You would have to be a complete buffoon to sign that petition.

  21. Elmo says:

    I’m not shopping there this year. They don’t need my money, plus I’m unemployed, so Christmas this year is about family and friends, not gifts.

  22. Betty LaRue says:

    AP, I am interested in your opinion that only a complete buffoon would sign that petition. Why, exactly, would only buffoons sign it? I’m always open to a bit of education, especially by someone who calls a name and then runs, without explanation. You must have some message to share. I am interested in hearing it. Enlighten me.

  23. Sue says:

    Maybe this guy needs to be thankful he only has to leave his celebration early, many serving in the military don’t get to be with their families at all. He works in retail, this is a very big day and in this economy retailers need to do whatever they can to make it. Nurses will be working, law enforcement will be on duty, doctors and many more professions. Will the news broadcast be on ? How about those football players playing on Thanksgiving ? If you want holidays off get out of retail or maybe just give thanks you have a job .

  24. Der says:

    Perhaps if you wanted Thanksgiving off you should have done something w your life, if you work a register or stock shelves lay in the bed you made!

    1. Really? says:

      Der – Should be “Duh!”

      What about the store managers that don’t get their time with their families at Thanksgiving? Have they done “nothing” with their lives as well?

      These hours are set by the Target Corporate crowd – the folks that will most certainly be with their families all week long in the islands someplace. The hours are set by those that will never work them. They just send their minions to do their bidding.

      I quit shopping at Target several years ago because of their corporate and political policies. Neighborhood mom & pop stores get my business instead. And I know they are at home with their families.

  25. Chuck Norris says:

    I think instead of a petition, he should fill out a job application for a different company. Target is a place of business designed to make money by fulfilling the demands of its customers. No one is forcing you to work there. they should be able to do what they want with their store.

  26. FJC1109 says:

    Reality check: stores feed on cash-strapped consumers’ “need” for deep discounts, some women (and men) are addicted to these type of sales (they are addicted to the rush), and we are growing more materialistic with each passing year.

    To stop the insanity, all we need to do is walk away from the “deals” of a lifetime. But, stores won’t stop any of this until consumers stop showing up.

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