PRIOR LAKE, Minn. (WCCO)WCCO is ‘Unlocking the Twin Cities’ and going behind the scene to see some cool luxury places in Minnesota. This week we tour a luxury lake home for sale in Prior Lake, Minn.

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We live in the land of 10,000 lakes and that means we have quite a few lake homes — many of them luxury, million-dollar houses with views to match.

There is one amazing house for sale at $3.5 million in Prior Lake that sits on a peninsula. It has nearly 360-degree views of the lake and sits on 380 feet of lake shore, has two docking areas, a fire pit and a beach.

It’s an 8,900-square ft. home with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, but lots of cozy spaces too.

There’s the staircase anchoring the center of the home and there’s even an exercise room, wine cellar and craft room.

Take a tour of home by watching the video above.

Comments (12)
  1. Bigcat says:

    That is a whole lot of house but not too much taste.

  2. Keivn says:

    I just joined the Occupy MN group! I want to have this house! I deserve it! Why should only the rich live like this!!

    1. joe says:

      You better work harder. I’m not paying for you because you didn’t make the decisions I did. Drop another order of fries. The line in the drive thru is getting long.

    2. MrOnePercent says:

      Got news fer you fellers. NEITHER of you are EVER gonna come close to being able to buy this place.

      I’d rent one of the outbuildings to ya, but I doubt you could afford that.

  3. Billy Has A Gun says:

    Say….lets just move all the occupy MN to this house and let them clean it!

  4. This house is a joke. says:

    This house doesn’t stand up in comparison to homes in Germany (every home in Germany) that are made of stone and have real clay shingles. This house has walls you can punch holes through, a roof that will last 10-15 years (IF YOU ARE EXTREMELY LUCKY), and cheap plastic siding. Laughable. I wouldn’t even pay 500,000 Euros for that monstrosity.

  5. CCO sucks. says:

    I didn’t know that WCCO is now Edina Realty.

  6. MrOnePercent says:

    Look upon my wealth, you proles and despair!

  7. Kevin says:

    @kevin….I agree….its great to see how the rich live……when you know unless you win the lottery…that CCO is the only way youll ever see it……does the rich owner really work that much harder than me or us? I have worked 7 days a week for most of my life to get where I am today….but I must not have worked hard enough…..I get the occupy crowd…..but instead of busting up a Bachman speech…they should go after the real problem….not to mention that obami took more money from wall street than anyone else during the last election….

  8. YoMaMJ says:


  9. Swamp Rat says:

    Who cares when there are a lot of decent folks who need work to support their families and their ‘underwater’ mortgage payments! Why is this over priced home part of the news? Come On, ‘CCO! you can do better than this for news!!!!!!!!!!

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