WILLMAR, Minn. (AP) — Two Minnesota grown turkeys get an official send-off at Willmar High School on Monday before going to Washington to be pardoned by President Barack Obama on Wednesday.

They come from a flock of 30 potential presidential turkeys raised and socialized by FFA members in Willmar.

The White House tradition dates to 1947. Minnesota is the country’s top turkey producer, and the lucky tom comes from the farm of National Turkey Federation Chairman Richard Huisinga, who’ll present it to the first family. Four students will also travel to Washington.

Minnesota turkeys have starred at White House pardons 11 times, most recently in 2005.

Both birds will live out their days at George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. The remaining 28 will be processed and the meat donated to Willmar area food shelves.

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Comments (6)
  1. Jim Essburg says:

    Great use of tax money!

  2. teapartier says:

    That is why state and fed govts are broke-paying for dumb things like this!!!

  3. Gene says:

    Two Turkeys from Minnesota in Washington?

    Klobuchar and Franken?

  4. And i makes 3 says:

    Then they will join the turkey in the whitehouse.

  5. WatchmansWarning says:

    As he has done before, Mr. Obama will protect another turkey from being killed this Thanksgiving. HOWEVER, MR. OBAMA HAS NEVER ONCE……I REPEAT…NOT ONCE voted to protect the lives of children in their mother’s womb!

    (And he calls himself a Christian!)

    Be Not Deceived….


  6. PITA1 says:

    exporting of turleys….

    What a wast of money. It’s funny how the economy is doing so bad, yet the big man on campus seems to be living lavishly in more ways than just a stupid turkey. When I see a humble President live like the general population then we may have a better economy.

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