MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Two people arrested in Minneapolis during a weekend protest against Wall Street remained in custody Sunday, while a video posted on the Occupy Minnesota website showed an officer appearing to use his squad car to push one of the men out of the way during the demonstration.

The men were arrested Saturday at a foreclosed home that was being occupied by protesters. One was arrested on charges of burglary and trespassing, while the other was arrested for obstruction of justice after refusing to move for police. A video posted on the group’s website shows the man standing in front of a squad car, as an officer slowly begins driving the car forward — causing the man to be pushed back.

“I think a police officer, using his vehicle on any civilian — unarmed and peaceful — is just wrong,” said Osha Karow, one of the organizers of the Minnesota protest.

Police Sgt. John Sullivan said no one has reported any injuries, and he’s not aware of anything nefarious on the part of police. He said he hadn’t seen the video so had no further comment.

About two dozen protesters returned to the foreclosed home on Sunday as fire officials boarded up the house. Police were on hand, but Sullivan said the protesters were peaceful and there were no arrests.

Meanwhile in Duluth, about a dozen protesters were sharing one large tent Sunday. Duluth police had told the protesters they must remove their tents from a downtown plaza by midnight Sunday night or face arrest.

But Occupy Duluth spokesman Tyler Nord said police told protesters they could have one tent. He pointed to a letter posted on the group’s website.

The letter, which is dated Nov. 16 and appears to be on letterhead from the city’s police department, says the city offered to allow “one single structure for shelter during cold weather.” The letter also says a “park special use permit” would be required.

Duluth police spokesman Jim Hansen said the group needs to get that permit and hasn’t done so yet.

“We don’t have a permit with parks and rec but we have a written communique from the police department saying everything will be fine,” Nord said. He said protesters were meeting with police Monday morning, something Hansen could not confirm.

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  1. Kevin says:

    How much news media can WCCO gives these piles of garbage? But like WCCO says…they are just like the Tea Party…….bs….

    1. IMA POS Kevin says:

      I think wcco puts up the AP wire feed on these guys just to irritate people like you. Story goes up, there is Kevin posting about it. First one. Which is more pathetic, people chasing a hopeless cause or Kevin sitting on his butt typing on a computer with child like responses?

      1. AntiTeabagger says:

        Again, another Occupy protester not having a clear agenda or objective with goals to outline the reasons why they are protesting. They are hiding behind the first amendment when commiting unlawful activities and when the police try to enforce the law, all the occupy folks scream injustice? really? How about if a bunch of people just blocked a road for no reason, do you not think the police will not use every means available to them to remove the treat of blocking the road, first peacefully, then esculating to pepper spray or water cannon or rubber bullets.

        Be thankful you don;t live in other contries, where they just shoot you.

        They are blind protesters looking at any angle to poke at anything they can muster enough people that hate it to. Go home, re-think your stradgey and then comeback with a better game plan.

        1. IMA POS Kevin says:

          I have a clear agenda of pointing out hateful *jerks like Kevin.
          To me the occupy goals and agenda are pretty much out there. The top 1% are getting wealthier at the expense of the 99% They saw the banks get bailed out and figure the government should be bailing out the homeowner. On the 1% they offer no platform for change. On the foreclosures they fail to realize the government bailed out the banks because it was good business. On foreclosed homes it would not be good business for the government to float a loan, it would only delay the inevitable. Americans have generally “bought” into the buy as much house as you can. Some are paying for that bad decision.

          1. Citizen says:

            @IMA. “On the foreclosures they fail to realize the government bailed out the banks because it was good business.” The too-big-to-fail banks DID INDEED FAIL. At that point the banks should have been broken down, once again, into smaller banks, and regulations reinstated to prevent this meltdown from happening again–the regulations that were put in place by FDR during the Great Depression and which were eliminated once again allowing banks too big to fail to FAIL!. This “recession” was created by the banks and the government (Bush started the bailout) should have used the failure to reinstate regulations.

        2. IMA POS Kevin says:

          I would also like to point out they Occupy group is correct on the social injustice, but wrong on the civil disobedience. The need to keep doing stuff to keep in the spotlight will lead to the actions seen lately.

      2. Kevin says:

        Another fan…..or as I like to call them “casturated liberal”…..spewing bs with no substance…just attack…..anger…….ignorance……big govt……me….me….me….free…free…free…..Good Lord its like Groundhogs Day….

        1. IMA POS Kevin says:

          You describe yourself perfectly
          spewing bs with no substance…just attack…..anger…….ignorance…

  2. Kevin says:


    They should have followed their leaders…..they should have broke into the Hilton…..Wusification of America…..

    1. Realist says:

      Did you seriously link a Fox News article?

      1. Matt says:

        I was thinking the same thing.

      2. Kevin says:

        Fox rocks….put your kool aid down and check it out…….walk to the light liberal boys……walk to the light….

        1. Realist says:

          Oh, and embrace hatred and bigotry? No thanks, I’ll stick with being Independent. I think you liberals AND conservatives are the problem… not the solution.

          1. Matt says:

            full blown liberals and full blown conservatives are the problems. There are things you need to be liberal about and things you need to be conservative about. Most of them focus on the wrong things. I lean more to the liberal side of the pond just because the conservatives are way too conservative.

  3. Rasputin says:

    I wish they would do their research before going into a house. The mortgage company, US Bank has just sold the house and is closing on it next week. They have no right to be there and should have all gone to jail for burglary.

  4. Jerry says:

    An officer pushing someone with a squad car demonstrates to me that their concern is for control, not public safety. The officer is just as guilty of abuse as the officer who sprayed peaceful protesters with pepper spray, and should be on administrative leave. Does anyone remember what happened to Randy Moss when he did the same thing to an officer with his car? Where is the public outrage now?

    1. Jake says:

      Well JERRY, I concede to YOU. Which do you prefer, water cannon, rubber bullets, dogs, tasers, squad cars moving slowly, police horses, pepper spray, which is your prefered method of controlling undisciplined, immature, irresponsible, non-taxpaying, military-hating, dirty, filthy, debt-loaded whiners, who refuse to work??

      1. Jerry says:

        I’m a law abiding citizen who has always worked, paid my taxes, and done more than my share of community work as a former member of the Jaycees, and other organizations. Four years ago I was assaulted by a police officer without cause because he did not understand the law, or just didn’t care. Up until then I had always taken the word of the police, but never again. The phony charges against me were dropped, the prosecutor had all she could do to keep from laughing in disbelief. These protesters have some good points that should be addressed. I wish I had a dollar for every person I’ve heard say, I never thought something like that could happen to me, until it did. There are to many bullies in law enforcement that are making life difficult for those who aren’t. The cop using his care to push a man doesn’t deserve to wear a badge, or uniform. Add him to the unemployment line.

      2. Mark says:

        Those are some hateful words, Jake. I am employed, I pay my fair share of taxes, I bathe every day, I have zero debt, and I have a master’s degree. I lost a good friend in Afghanistan, who I fully supported throughout his tenure as a Navy Seal. I also support the occupy movement. You’re essentially voicing the opinion of FOX news. They hate the occupy movement because people are actually paying attention to it. However, they can’t find any good counter argument, so they just make sweeping generalizations about their physical appearance and speculate on everything else. I’d like to call your ignorance astounding, but it doesn’t really surprise me. I’m starting to get used to the dumbest people having the loudest mouths.

        1. Blah Blah says:

          Thats great Mark, I’ve been used to it for years… There is a name for those loud mouths, they’re called “progressive liberals”

          1. Citizen says:

            @Blah Blah. As opposed to regressive reactionary conservatives?

        2. Unreal Mark says:

          You still supporting the occupy trash Mark. If so, I would put you in the class you mentioned. The dumbest people

          1. Mark says:

            Ha Ha! Okay, thanks “Unreal Mark”. Just keep on ignoring your own privilege and pretend that you earned everything you have because you worked hard. If we lived in a meritocracy as undereducated conservatives like yourself seem to believe, we’d see fewer and fewer white males in the top 1%.

      3. frozenrunner says:

        @ Jake
        Goebbles said it was better to tell a big lie than a little one. I see you are still following his advice

  5. Gene says:

    Cops are given incredible powers and since they are human, it goes to their heads and most end up abusing their power.

    Sadly, instead of being held to a higher standard, judges lower the bar and give them a free pass. I refer you to the Metro Gang Strike Task Force.

    1. Ted says:

      Gene… please tell me you aren’t putting into the genepool. For god sakes you offspring are going to be almost as stupid as you are. Please, please the general public insists you do not breed. You breeding is like dumping bleach into the genepool.

      1. who cares says:

        I was praying the cop would have got out and gave the vermin a savage beat down

  6. Eyeforaneye says:

    Well the MN organizer of occupy wall street throws glitter on peaceful people he doesn’t agree with so there you go.

    1. Realist says:

      And that means what exactly?

      1. Blah Blah says:

        Well, the “leader” believes in violent assult to get his point across, so…

        1. Realist says:

          Explain to me how he’s violent? Are you referring to the glitter? If so, you don’t know what violence really is.

  7. Tracy M says:

    THATS RIGHT!! THOSE WHO PROTEST NEED TO BE “watercannoned!! OR” Rubber bulletad!! OR “Pepper sprayed!! Dam Hippies!

    (unless its something that I agree with…like hunting…or firearms….or…you know) Then they should respect our rights. (the ones we have left.)

  8. One of the 99% says:

    I am more than willing to use a water cannon on these hippies.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Yeah… I doubt it, tough guy…

  9. Cindy says:

    I’m still trying to figure out the Occupy movement…

    I understand the frustration involved, but what is the plan? Have they posted ideas somewhere of new laws, or created a petition for something, or advocated a boycott?

    What is happening other than people watching them protest?

    1. Frankie says:

      You were at a computer on the internet. You got the first step right.. Mow try using a search engine to research a topic. It will not fit nicely into a paragrapgh.

    2. Kevin says:

      Lets see…no…no plan….no ideas…..no…no petition….they blame the “evil” banks and Wall Street for everything. They want redistribution of all wealth….they want bigger govt….they belive that their beliefs are those of 99% of the country….they believe that the income gap is just too great…..they belive that the govt should bail them out. So….instead of going after the criminals (Govt) they go after the criminals great aunts (wall street and banks)…..although I am sure if a GOP was the president….they would have burned down the white house by now….

      1. jackactionhero says:

        “They want redistribution of all wealth”

        “they belive that the govt should bail them out”

        False. Neither of those has never been stated.

  10. Citizen says:

    @Cindy. Try reading Jim Hightower’s latest edition of the “Lowdown” newsletter. He details the focus of OWS quite clearly. And as Hightower states, “The USA actually evolved from a very amorphous and disjointed movement at the start. (It didn’t even have a clear starting date or event). Various colonies and groups of colonists within them began protesting about difference grievances they had against the arrogant, aloof, and abusive aristocracy of King George III–very few of them even thought about breaking away from England, nor did they have any spoecific governmental structures in mind.”

    1. Betty says:

      Huh, I didnt see anything in the Lowdown about breaking and entering, trespassing and obstruction of justice. The man holding back the police car had no idea if they were there to interrupt the protest or if someone really needed police assistance. Didnt seem to matter as his agenda was more important than any police business.
      At what point do you say, this is illegal, I shouldnt be involved?

      1. Citizen says:

        @Betty. Do you remember that people are INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty? Just because people get charged with an offense, doesn’t mean they committed it. Try to keep that in mind when you accuse someone of crimes. I don’t believe any OWS protesters have been convicted of anything.

        1. Betty says:

          I guess a video of a man obstructing justice is not good enough for you. Yes, they have a right to due process, but its like the murderer who has already confessed. The proceedings are just the required steps to conviction.

          1. Citizen says:

            No, a video of alleged obstruction of justice, is still just a video. Note that eyewitnesses are most often mistaken in identification, too. I’ll wait for due process and justice, if you don’t mind.

  11. Citizen says:

    Sorry for a couple of typos. A poster has to type fast to keep this website’s refresh rate from cutting the post off.

    1. Cindy says:

      Thank you for providing a respectful and helpful answer.

      1. frozenrunner says:

        You could also try Robert Lenzer’s column at Forbes. Tidbit information, but a perspective.

        1. Kevin says:

          You could also read “Green Eggs And Ham”…..I think it will explain the protesters much better…..

          1. frozenrunner says:

            Lenzer’s articles are about the real world, not occupy. Perhaps rather than just attack everyone you would like to contribute something meaningful to the conversation.

  12. joe says:

    Continue to pepper spray these idiots. If you could shoot them that would be even better. I hate lazy people.

    1. jackactionhero says:


      Yes, shoot them. Brilliant.

      How do you even find your way to this website with how much of an imbecile you are?

  13. yes says:

    We should distribute fresh doggy doo bags to keep their hands warm. I’m sure they don’t smell any different.

  14. dan says:

    It wouldnt hurt to take a few lessons on how to act from the TeaParty Protest. I wounder how many politicians will run on the “Occupy” theme, I doubt any are looking for political suicide.

  15. bobby says:

    I just watched the video, by the looks of it, the police were in their car ready to leave, and this guy is just standing in front of the car. The cop car was going very slow, just trying to get him to move…not trying to run anyone over.

    If the police were leaving, and you don’t let them go, you should be arrested. (and in my opinion, the officers showed great restraint by not clubbing him, and most of the other people out there that were antogonizing them.

    1. Reality sucks says:

      “The cop car was going very slow” —-so was the tank at Tiananmen Square.

      1. bobby says:

        1. This is not Tiananmen square.
        2. The car is not a tank.
        3. You are not making sense.

        1. Reality sucks says:

          Well, I’m sorry you can’t correlate. I realize it’s extreme but your use of words complimented the scenario so nicely that I couldn’t resist.

    2. jackactionhero says:

      Clubbing him?

      People should be clubbed by the police now? On whose authority? The police were not in any danger, so they should just start dishing out violence anyway?

      Bobby, you are an idiot.

      1. bobby says:

        Jack- You should be clubbed. You are an idiot.

        You are right. That feels good. 🙂

        1. jackactionhero says:

          I’m the idiot, but you think cops should randomly club and beat people who are doing anything they disapprove of, right?


          How do you find your way here at all, bobby? I mean honestly, how embarrassing for you.

  16. Desert Eagle .50 says:

    If the squad car and tank were going slow enough for the protester to leave then he should have done so.

    So we should allow demonstrators to control the police? Next time you’re in trouble, call a hippie if you don’t like the police.

    1. Reality sucks says:

      The point is Mr. Eagle that the use of intimidation and force (the cop car) against the right to protest…
      I understand this was public(bank–saracasm there) readied for private sale property and so on but there was no need for that. Arrest him–fine. Use of the tactics here—no. Just like the cop from another OWS protest where the cop is spraying down peaceful protesters with pepper spray as if her were fertilizing plants. That cop got suspended–so should this one. And to answer your question with a question: So, should we allow police to control the demonstrators?

      1. bobby says:

        @Reality- Your right to protest does not mean you have the right to stop the police from doing their job. The Police were LEAVING. And this guy decided he wanted to get arrested, so he stood in front of the car. The police gave him plenty of opportunity to move, (and even tried to help him move), but he refused.

        Let’s not start attacking the cops here, they were doing their jobs. The protestors tried to stop them.
        Again, if it were me, several of those protesters would have been clubbed. Kudos to these officers for acting with restraint.

        1. Reality sucks says:

          That’s right, go ahead and arrest him. The choices are many, interfering with police, public nuisance etc. I don’t need you to spell this out to me, it’s not complicated. The cop should not have “used” the vehicle and I’m sure he’s hearing about it today! Just like the other cop shouldn’t have sprayed peaceful humans like plants. Arrest them, do not intimidate or use force if not needed. In this case, forcing him to the ground and cuffing him may have saved this cops job.

          1. Citizen says:

            You are wasting your breath, Reality. bobby doesn’t understand correct law enforcement procedure and never will. Proper procedure is NOT using a car to push a protester, is getting out and arresting that person. Proper procedure is not spraying protesters like plants, but getting them to their feet and arresting them. Oh, well, can’t fix stupid!

            1. Reality sucks says:

              Well Citizen, if all the posters here were sane like you–I’d probably be enjoying an intelligent back and forth written dialogue— but we are on CCO, so to seek out a more prestigious and evolved brain…well, there’s always you.

              1. Citizen says:

                Thank you, Reality!

                1. Reality sucks says:

                  No, THANK YOU!

        2. jackactionhero says:

          “Again, if it were me, several of those protesters would have been clubbed.”

          Somehow I’m sure bobby is the least capable of beating anybody with anything.

        3. Reality sucks says:

          @ BIG BAD BOBBY—Look, your crazy rant is making you look silly. I’m not a cop but I did spend 4 years getting a BS (literally can use either form, that’s how I qualify it) undergrad degree among them—- so I understand their legal education, their profession, and, strangely, their personality profile. This was not warranted. They have plenty of tools in the tool box to deal with these situations—none of them include the tactical use of a squad car on a stubborn human when not personally or professionally threatened. Police are required to follow the rules and practice the least restrictive restraint—they are supposed to be the adults in the room. “Serve and Protect” not “Control and Defy” So, to cut this short…whether you like it or not, it is what it is. With your attitude—I hope you never find yourself disadvantaged/disgruntled and called to action in your right to protest whatever you think is an injustice. Seems to me, you wouldn’t take police brutality or excessive force against your person too lightly. You’re a little clubbin’ happy, don’t ya think?

      2. Desert Eagle .50 says:

        Yeah, and if the cops arrested him, you’d be the first one whining.

        1. Reality sucks says:

          No, I wouldn’t. There are plenty of good people down there acting appropriate. There will always be some bad apples that upset the cart. They are the ones that make the news and get all of YOU geared up for blanket opinion.

  17. Desert Eagle .50 says:

    The ones acting inappropriateLY should be arrested. I am not “geared up for blanket opinion” whatever that means.

    1. Frankie says:

      Next time you’re in trouble, call a hippie if you don’t like the police.
      That was your line. An attitude about a situation came through A blanket opinion means it is a situation where you want to have a bad opinion of a group as a whole. You take the behavior of one person and apply it to the whole group to justify you opinion of dislike for the group as a whole..