ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Was Minnesota’s 20-day government shutdown a money saver or budget drain?

The Department of Minnesota Management and Budget plans to answer that question Tuesday with a report detailing costs and savings during the July standoff.

The stoppage was prompted by a budget impasse between Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and the GOP legislative majorities.

The shutdown idled 22,000 state employees, halted road work at the height of a short construction season, suspended lottery ticket sales and some services to the vulnerable and even interrupted the flow of alcohol to some bars.

The report was expected to analyze the amount saved from withheld paychecks versus revenues in other areas.

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Comments (11)
  1. StraycatStrut says:

    Working money bets the shutdown cost $$$. Any takers? All “for a better Minnesota”…… Gov Datyawn……

    Pass me another cigeratte.

  2. ItNeverEnds says:

    As long as they include the cost of the Department of Minnesota Management and Budget report on how much $$$ was lost during the shutdown!

  3. What's the point? says:

    How much will it cost the taxpayers for this report? What is the point?

    How about they just do the job we elected them to do and focus on getting an agreement on the budget in the time required?

    Government nevers seems at a loss to spend tax payer money, they just can’t get anything done.

    Vote em all out…

    1. Connie W says:

      The point is… that the government Unions said what ot shut down to cause the most pain hardship and for us, the people who pay their paychecks and lavish pensions. Ha HA jsut wait until they go on strike in a year or two… GET UNIONS OUT OF GOVERNMENT! THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS USING TAX PAYER MONEY TO BUY VOTES.

  4. Brandy says:

    The governmnet public unions (with full support from Dayton) planned what to shut down to cause the most hardship for the taxpayer and all people in general. Why would anyone in their right mind shut down things that are making money? It was done for their own political gain. The picking of what to shut down was done by al the Wonderful government public union leaders and Dayton went along with them as payback for votes. GD public Unions.

    1. Connie W says:

      Yes I heard that Gov Dayton has said point blank that he did what the public government Unions wanted. So when yo all see these number keep in mind it was the public unions who works so hard to make you suffer and waste your hard earned tax money. They should be going ot jail!..

  5. Ali says:

    …and do you this the new agency will ever talk about the insane shutting down of money making parts of the government because public government funded leaders told Dayton what to shut down… no, they wil jsut show the “gasp” numbers and never say a workd about the government public unions calling the shots at the taxpayer expence.

  6. Ralph says:

    What ever the cost, it should be taken out of Dayton’s trust fund.

  7. Clark says:

    I think we have come to a point in our politics that we must choose one or the other and stop half stepping. Its a very clear decision between capitalism and socialism and we will never get anything done as long as we keep some of each. Make up your mind Minnesota and America and stick to it.

  8. jimmy says:

    State shut down brought to you by Minnesota Tax Payers league.

  9. Murph says:

    The only good was that with the St.Croix State Park shutdown,lives were probably saved.It was a miracle that more lives were not lost.There was little warning and you had mere seconds to get under cover if any was available.Parts of Minnesota forests are now treeless prairie because of it.Those state park campers and canoers would have been tossed around and broken just like the trees were.Nearly 3 months later GOV Walker of Wisconsin sent some ‘token” help to the area of Wisconsin that was devastated!Be glad he ain’t your Gov!

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