MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Winter is almost here, which means the end to most outdoor workouts and a move back indoors. Luckily, there’s a new type of stationary bicycle that feels more like outdoor biking.

RealRyders are a new type of bicycle that features a 22-degree range of motion from left to right.

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“As opposed to being a stationary bike that’s 110 percent stationary like a regular spin bike, (here) you can move side to side,” said CorePower Yoga manager Leah Getsinger.

Yes, the stationary bike has come a long way since its inception in the 1980s. It eventually evolved to the indoor cycling bike with adjustable seats and pedals to replicate a real road bike.

But RealRyders give you the sense that you’re steering the bicycle as if on a regular road.

“It simulates the real ride experience and really fires up your core,” said Getsinger.

When you first get on a RealRyder, it feels like a normal stationary bike until you have any movement side to side. As soon as you add in that lateral movement it goes straight to the core, not only in your abs in the front, but also in your back.

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We talked to some people who used RealRyders in a class, and they assured it was one of the most intense workouts they have experienced.

RealRyder instructor Katie Jasper said she had the same experience after her first time on the bikes.

“That was kind of the revelation the next day was, ‘Wow, this is a full body workout,'” she said.

“The way the bikes work mechanically, the pivoting action, I mean — phenomenal core workout,” said Kathy Bertram. “You get so sick of doing crunches and planks. This is such an awesome way to target the core in a really fun way.”

Since bringing the bikes into CorePower Yoga in Highland Park in May, they’ve doubled the number of bikes available, and most classes are full.

There are just a few locations in the Twin Cities offering classes on the RealRyder bikes — CorePower Yoga in Highland Park and Uptown, 501 Fit in downtown Minneapolis and Pedal Wild in Spring Park.

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Class prices are dependent on the gym, but run in the $10 to $20 range.