MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This month, the WCCO Morning Show is helping women over 40 update their look. Four lucky ladies have been selected for makeovers.

This week, Natalie Kane teamed up with the people at Bloomingdale’s for this Over 40 makeover.

Maureen “Mo” Allen recently lost a whopping 40 pounds. With her body made over, she was after clothing to match. Here are three takeaway tips from Allen’s makeover.

TIP #1: “Gentle” Shoulder Pads Are OK

“Mo’s body challenge is she has narrow, sloping shoulders so I wanted to build up her shoulders,” explained Mall of America trend specialist Sara Rogers.

Rather than going 1980s with full-on shoulder pads, Rogers found something a little more subtle.

“I wanted to build up her shoulders with a jacket with gentle shoulders pads and a lapel to broaden look,” said Rogers.

But that’s not all the jacket does.

TIP #2: One Button Jackets Hide Problem Areas

“I went for the one-button silhouette,” said Rogers. “I love how it nips in the waist and really celebrates and defines the shape of the body.”

TIP #3: Draw Eye to Smallest Point on Waist

For a more casual look, Sara found a printed shirt with the perfect cut to accentuate the good, and camouflage the challenge spots.

“The style of this top is very flattering for her.  It’s a top that’s a cross-over neckline. It’s like a wrap style without the tie on the side,” said Rogers. “It’s really nice for girls that have a bust and a tummy.  You have that wonderful draping here that draws the eye to the higher part of the waist, which for most of us is the smallest part of the waist.”

Rogers’ goal was to create a balanced hour-glass. If you already have that, maintain it.

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