DETROIT (AP) — Police agencies in the Midwest are among those planning stepped up enforcement of seat belt and other traffic safety laws around Thanksgiving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says state police from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Ohio are participating in a holiday period mobilization. The “Click It or Ticket” effort is scheduled to begin Thursday and run through Sunday.

More details about the seat belt enforcement campaign are posted online by the traffic safety agency.

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Comments (10)
  1. JIM says:

    They need to do a check on texting – I cant believe how many people I see every day texting and driving doing 60 miles an hour- like someone said – its the most dangerous thing we do in our lives and no-body can keep their eye on the road- its more important to be on their phone. HANG UP AND DRIVE ALREADY !!!!!!!

  2. SO SAD says:

    Isn’t this what should be done everyday????? Not just at particular times of the year?????

  3. Al says:

    How about focusing more on distracted driving and aggressive and tailgating drivers!!

    1. red says:

      I am with Al and Jim. The distracted driving is out of hand! I saw 2 accidents happen from that just this past week. AND the tail gating OMG. with the first snow when people do not know who to drive, I saw 3 happen on Saturday. The seat belts should be worn for safety but crack down on on the frickin distracted driving and tailgating!!!

  4. I'm right says:

    Get off the seatbelts already. Freedom of choice. Seatbelt reform now!!!

  5. Ted says:

    Ah, the good little Nazis need more revenue – nice of them to give a heads up first

  6. The Right To Be Foolish says:

    You guy’s have your helmets on backwards.

  7. Klancy says:

    This is like a pack of wolves that prey on a herd of sheep. A $140 fine is a shake down.

    If cities want to cut budgets, police

  8. markH says:

    Unbuckled fellow motorists aren’t a threat to me and my family like the morons who text, talk on their phones, or the drunk drivers out there. I want to see the police actually doing something to protect ME from the selfish, stupid, idiotic morons out there who have little to no common sense. Truth is, most people don’t give a $#@ about others and so we cannot rely on their personal judgment in refraining from these activities. What we need are devices in vehicles that block cell phone signals while in the car. That is the ONLY thing that will ACTUALLY work; and make them tamper proof and a criminal offense if caught tampering with the device. We NEED this because most people are stupid and ignorant. Peace.

    1. MN_Mom says:

      Sure, because when I’m a passenger I shouldn’t be allowed to use my phone either, right? Ever have a passenger holding your phone that is giving you directions on where you’re going? This article is not about cell phone use, it’s about seatbelt use. You cannot control other people’s actions, so wear your seatbelt just in case one of these idiots run into you.

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