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Pick-A-Side: Who’s The Best Choice For The GOP?

NEW YORK (AP) — Jimmy Fallon’s house band the Roots didn’t have a warm welcome for Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann when she appeared on the NBC show early Tuesday.

As Bachmann strode on to the stage at Fallon’s “Late Night,” the show’s band played a snippet of a 1985 Fishbone song called “Lyin’ Ass B****.”

The song begins with a distinctive “la la la la la la la la la” refrain — the only words audible before Bachmann, smiling and waving to the audience, sat down.

The song itself, about a relationship gone wrong, isn’t political. Among its cleanest lyrics: “She always says she needs you, but you know she really don’t care.”

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Bachmann’s campaign had no immediate comment.

Fallon joked on Twitter that Roots bandleader Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson was grounded. The show itself didn’t have any comment.

The Roots frequently make sly, often obscure, song choices as Fallon’s guests are introduced.

When Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs came out, they played part of Genesis’ “Illegal Alien,” a reference to Dobbs’ frequent commentaries on the topic. Current TV host Keith Olbermann, formerly of MSNBC, heard part of Klymaxx’s “I Miss You.” Kathie Lee Gifford was saluted with UB40’s “Red Red Wine,” a reference to the drink she often shares on-air with “Today” co-host Hoda Kotb.

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VIDEO: Michele Bachmann’s Book Goes On Sale Monday

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Comments (428)
  1. Kahn says:

    Hatred isn’t pretty MB. Your ilk looks pretty fascist to me. No, it isn’t OK for the left to spew vile, hatred, insults, and incite violence.

    1. Same old, same old says:

      Criticize Miss Michelle and you get this same hackneyed, knee-jerk reaction.

      Oh me oh my!! Quick!! Fetch me the fainting couch. It’s just too much for poor little old me to bear!!

      1. Caroline says:

        Go poo on a sidewalk, occupier. Then, get the hell out of my country . . .

        1. Poo on a sidewalk? says:

          Why would I want to do that?

          1. D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV says:

            Poo on a sidewalk? Because it’s your home, liberal.

            1. LibsGaysJihadisRtheDemBase says:


              When is the band going to play NBC’s anthem, “KISSING OBAMA”S BUTT, ONE CHEEK AT A TIME”?

            2. george says:

              Never watched the mental midget nor will I ever. Funny how jealousy shows no bounds. Typical loser tv show.

      2. DJ says:

        Really? “Your black guy” who has all but abdicated the throne that you created for him (golf, vacation, vacation, vacation, golf, world bowing tour to despots, “c’mon we’re buying shrimp guys” vacation, golf, golf, fly to Brussels to receive Nobel “Peace Prize” that he earned for .. ummm .. ?? .. ?? .. wait .. ummm .. ??, golf, vacation, “it was Bush’s fault,” right after “it was Bush’s fault, inherited 7% unemployment only to give us 9.1%-10% unemployment, extra $5 TRILLION debt in just 2 years, vacation, golf, another bow-to-despots world tour, started a third war, gave billions to Brazil to drill in 2-mile deep water while shutting down OUR oil drilling in 1-mile deep water because “it’s too risky” and he’s “saving the planet” from ..?, gave now $2 BILLION to failed green companies headed by campaign donors, Fast & Furious where one of our border agents got killed by guns that HIS inJustice Department sold to Mexican drug cartels (without the knowledge of the Mexican government, passiing THE most-hated legislation in U.S. history (congrats .. more peopl hate 0BowMaocare than Prohibition in its day), vacation, golf, flying to Europe only to lose the Chicago Olympics, … You mean THAT black guy?! Oh yeah. We’re scared!

        1. Half-breed says:

          No, the one that is half white.

      3. Bonsall Billy says:

        It isn’t about someone “criticizing” MB. It is about having a little class when you invite a guest on your show. I personally can’t stand listening to her talk. Many disagree with her views. Still, that is no excuse for being rude to a guest.

        1. Fallon wants triple-dip recession for the jokes says:

          Amen! Even if you don’t agree with someone, you welcomed them onto your show (which you didn’t need to do – this is, for the time being, still a free country…), yet you show a total lack of class by degrading them from moment #1.

          Just another SNL loser.

      4. Mikey says:

        Hey Same old, looks like you’re doing the Same Old liberal thing, changing subjects. It wasn’t criticizm of Bachman, it was the insult of the song, or can’t you read an article that’s in proper English? How is saying that it was a rude into a “hackneyed, knee-jerk reaction?” Avoid the hyperbole and deal with the subject matter at hand like an intelligent person.

      5. Jeff McCabe says:

        what was the criticism? All I see are insults. And who fainted? What comments are YOU reading?

    2. ma says:

      Google Ron Paul


  2. G says:

    I love how it’s the liberals who say that republicans are such terrible, hateful people. So full of peace, love, and happiness are my liberal brethren.

    1. Those Libruls!! says:

      They are so mean to us. I could just spit!!

    2. jasperddbgghost says:

      They would devour a baby on stage just to stand up for a woman’s right to murder their unborn child.

        1. No fingway says:

          Once again, a liberal sleeping life away and expecting another free hand-out. Or is it a “been-there-done-that” kinda thing?

      1. Sheepleherder says:

        Sort of like when “pro-life” Christian fundamentalist praise the carpet bombing of 100,000 Iraqi’s in the name of “Peace in the Middle East”.

        1. DJ says:

          Sorry. Don’t know where you got your “facts,” but we NEVER “carpet bombed 100,000 Iraqis!” We DID bomb Saddam Hussein’s military targets because he repeatedly defied the 1992 Peace U.N. treaty (after he invaded a sovereign Country and killed thousands of their citizens because he wanted their oil too) by knowingly violating the no-fly zones and poison gassed his own people, the Kurds — women and children. But thanks for playing, simpleton!

          1. Sheepleherder says:

            I’m sure the 100,000 are thankful that they were not carpet bombed … or at least they would be if they weren’t dead. You should spend a little time at the receiving end of an MLRS strike and have a discussion on semantics.

          2. Sheepleherder says:

            By the way, where in the Presidents speeches did he make mention of how we were going in there to do anything about what he did to the Kurds?? Or about how Saddam was killing his own people? Or violating the “no fly zone”, or … Want to speak of “facts”?? You should learn some for a start.

            1. DJ says:

              Wow! Someone is completely ignorant of the reasons that BOTH Democrats and Republicans voted FOR the invasion of Iraq! How does it feel to be a simpleton?

              And again .. we NEVER “carpet bombed 100,000 Iraqis!”

              1. Sheepleherder says:

                Simplicity is easy, when the “facts” are on one’s side.

                And again, the dead don’t care what you call the method of their destruction.

                1. DJ says:

                  What “facts” are you referring to? I haven’t seen ONE in any of your posts. Ad hominem doesn’t count.

        2. ECH says:

          And who would order a carpet bombing these days anyway? The Obama Administration, right? What does being a conservative Christian have to do with it? By your “logic” I suppose Osama Bin Ladin ought to have been canonized as a political saint in the liberal-left hall of fame? Carpet bombing took palce in WWII to great effect over an enemy because that is what happens in a real war. And why this sudden pejorative and sweeping categorization of “Christian fundamentalist” in connection to war? here is no connection, except your prejudice. Historically, it’s political liberal leaders who are the ones who get us into war by their constant quibbling and indecisiveness, which gets them backed into a corner.

          1. Sheepleherder says:

            I see, it’s OK for the OP to make derogatory statements about women’s rights to control their own body, but it’s not OK to point out the hypocritical stance that is the hallmark of the anti-choice Christian fundamentalist?? You are right, however, in that I am prejudiced. I admit to being biased against people who call themselves “pro-life” while cheering on the death and destruction of actual living humans.

            1. Beez says:

              So, two wrongs make a right? Check.

    3. caligula says:

      TNB. they can’t help it.


      If you want to throw every one in a basket…. the grocery store is elsewhere.

    5. patmurphy1965 says:

      Liberals are the party of “love” like Islam is the religion of “peace.”

    6. Bilford Rielly says:

      Their smuggness just screams out ” SHOOT ME!’ I’d be glad too. Only watching them in their misery as BO ‘The Muslim Turd’ circles the drain is just to much fun to watch. I would rather see them slit their own throats than to do it myself.

  3. unionprof says:

    Thank God I don’t watch TV.

    1. unionprof says:

      The link in my comment was added by CBS.

    2. ShmegLeggal says:

      The internet is worse!!!

  4. Joe says:

    No one deserves that.

    1. Girl Power says:

      Fallon apologized to Bachmann, after Nita Lowey reprimanded NBC.

      “One of Bachmann’s congressional colleagues, New York Democrat Nita Lowey, had called on NBC to apologize for its “insulting and inappropriate” treatment of its guest.”

  5. Civility? says:

    This must be the civility Obama and the left believe in. The mentality seems to be let’s insult those we disagree with rather than provide an intelligent counterpoint.

    1. Not-a-Dhimmi says:

      So true Civility. They don’t practice what they preach. And like the current presidency… there own former employees say that there’s a lack of respect towards women. Similar to how muslims treat women.

      1. Herman Cain says:

        has his hand on my thigh. Make him go away

    2. Look says:

      We’re sorry. It’s just that you righties say the darnedest things and expect to be taken seriously. We really do try not to giggle, but it’s hard.

      Again, sorry you feel so put out by it.

      1. Ryan Larson says:

        If a host brought out Michelle Obama and played Queen’s “Fat-Bottomed Girls” I’m sure you wouldn’t feel offended, would you? No, you would be giggling at the harmless fun, I’m sure.

        1. inevitable says:

          No indeed, “it” would call you a racist blah,blah or teabagging klan member etc. They really are the most simpleminded of all unfortunately and should be held criminally responsible for the atrocity currently occupying the White House with his beard. There is a solution and it must be a final one.

      2. DJ says:

        I’m sorry too. That you Lefties are the biggest hypocrites on the planet by calling people like Bachmann — whom speaks the truth about your savior, 0BowMao who has made EVERYTHING worse — “hateful,” but then you go and do something like this, or manufacture “sexual harassment” charges EVERY time a Conservative black man runs for office! Aside from the fact that you Liberals are childish and hateful, you’re supremely racist too. It’s a shame that all you have is juvenile taunts like this because you lack the substance to debate Conservatives on the FACTS that Liberalism is a disease that has, quite possibly irretrievably, destroyed this Country.

        1. CW says:

          Agreed…liberalism/progressivism is a mental disorder that can only be irradicated by maturity-or institutionalism.

  6. Hawk says:

    Bad taste. I don’t like Bachmann and would never invite her on my show if I had one. But if I did and I did, I would treat her like a guest in my home. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Fallon over this.

    1. GozieBoy says:

      Totally agree. This was WAYYYY out of line regardless of political bent and guest. I can’t even imagine the outrage that would be ALL OVER the MSM if anything even approaching this happened to a Dem leader or candidate. Do we really need any more examples of the EXTREME and HYPOCRITICAL media?

      Sorry Jimmy, I used to like watching you, but you’ve now lost me forever.

      1. Mel says:

        There’s political satire, like SNL, then there’s outright disrespect. You can disagree with someone without disrespecting them. This shows the level of maturity and intelligence on the part of the band. And, if Fallon, who I have found very funny in the past, was not aware of what song his house band was going to play, than he is ultimately responsible as the host of the show to take action. A wise person watches over the affairs of his business. I’m glad to see some liberals seeing this for what it was and acknowledging how inappropriate it was. Thank you!

      2. fulredy says:

        So long Jimmy, enjoy your future with the democrats, you fit right in!

    2. Maverick says:

      You know, if you have to explain and explain an insult, it’s the explainer who ends up being the insulter . . . When Roots gets their own show, they can pull a stunt like this; otherwise it reflects poorly on Fallon who I thought was an intelligent, polite gentleman. He owes her an apology, I’d say, and I’ll avoid him until he does. Hey, she’s somebody’s mother. Jimmy Kimmel would not let such a thing happen.

      1. Roop says:

        GOOD POINT. Fallon seems like an alright guy who offers little political commentary and doesn’t alienate his audience. I think Questlove should make a public on-air apology to Jimmy Fallon and also to Bachman. I’d go so far to have him explain what exactly makes Bachman a Lying A– B—-?

      2. Citizen Jane says:

        Fallon has apologized to Bachmann.

  7. wjr56 says:

    That song is the type of classless liberal trash one would expect from stupid, kool-aid drinking obamabots. Hey liberal morons, do you think pelosi’s lobotomy was effective too and is that why she looks like a crazed, pshychopath on every photograph or is it why she wants to raise everyone’s taxes and keep spending us into oblivion? Of course, I wouldn’t expect you liberal cretins to understand how punitive taxation destroys jobs since you like obama’s lunacy!

    1. Caroline says:

      What should any of us expect from the National Barack Channel. They are slavishly devoted to their ongoing propaganda campaign. Why any conservative would show up for the Leni Reifenstahl left escapes me.

    2. Mnbikeguy says:

      Glad to see you are elevating the dialogue and discourse.

    3. Patrick says:

      Wow. I don’t know if I should be impressed more by how many worn out buzz words you tried to tag ‘Liberals” with or how little you actually know about how taxes work and what the history of taxes are.

  8. Citizen Jane says:

    The Political Correctness pecking order dictates that Misogyny falls far below Racism as a cause for righteous indignation and protests in the streets. So color me unsurprised that the Roots, a Philly based POC populated band, chose this “musical” interlude without fear of repercussion from the PC Police, of which Fallon is a member in good standing. Regardless of what you think of the woman’s poliitics, you could at least show some respect for Bachmann. But then again, this is the same crowd that savagely attacked Hillary Clinton – on the basis of her sex alone – to uplift their precious Barack Hussein. (Who now doesn’t even enjoy the love and affection of his prior primo leg tingler Chris Matthews.). But the Roots still gotcha back, Barack, REPRESENT!


    1. Roze says:

      Thank you. At least someone has a clue. Sexism is FINE, everything else is a no-no.

    2. CT Patriot says:

      The ONLY reason Chrissy Matthews is breaking up with Obama is because the Leftist MSM is going to try (they’re acting, it’s what they do) and usher in a third party candidate in hopes of KEEPING Obama in the Presidency. Read the tea leaves all, the hoax on you/us!!!!! Do not fall for the fake left and juke right.

  9. Jon says:

    If this had happened to Obama, Chris Mathhews would have felt a tingle up his leg and whined about racism.

  10. Kat Swartz says:


  11. cntrlfrk says:

    The democrat Party of Hate and Hypocrisy shows it’s true colors once again.

  12. PJ says:

    Remember: It’s perfectly acceptable for liberals to by misogynistic, racist and hypocritical — it’s practically mother’s milk for them.

  13. Ben Schaffer says:

    I don’t like Bachmann, I’m a conservative, but I am still ticked at how they shouted her down on the USS Yorktown. I’m ashamed to live in the same city as those people

  14. Maggie Fanelli says:

    No class.

    1. Jane Swisshelm says:

      Like the NASCAR people who booed Michelle Obama and Dr Jill Biden

      1. rambisfab says:

        though were paid customers, NOT THE NASCAR OFFICIALS AND TRACK PEOPLE THEMSELVES!!

  15. runner says:

    When liberals get on their soap boxes and scream for equality and call for civility in discourse they mean it only for non-conservative citizens and politicians.
    nobody watches this has been comic anyway.

  16. Lorenzo says:

    I long ago stopped being shocked at the depths that liberals, militant gays and the Hollywood crowd could plumb. They are at their core, joyless, bitter haters of all things that don’t conform to their fascist worldview. Ironically, they justify their hatred with the self-righteous belief in their own superiority, despite incontrovertible evidence that this belief is misplaced and undeserved.

    1. Twins FAN says:

      right back at you! All you said applies to TEA party. What is grow jobs? When your party sold out the middle class of this country to cheaper labor outside the US?Your ideas support the HAVE EVERYTHING and the HAVE NOTHING.

      1. ma says:

        Twins FAN and Lorenzo could find common ground as Ron Paul supporters.

      2. M.R.T. says:

        The Democrats tossed manufacturing out of the United States by pushing high corporate taxes, excessive EPA regulations and reviews, outrageous union demands for pay and lifetime health benefits, and scam lawsuits forcing businesses into bankruptcy. I am the victim of Democrat frivolous lawsuits. It shut down my 14 employee manufacturing and assembly shop in 2008. The frivolous lawsuits were THROWN OUT! I couldn’t afford to pay my loyal employees and pay MN taxes and pay attorneys fees and pay employee benefits. I moved my new business manufacturing to China with help of a family friend. No newspaper or television news organization would interview me. Why? It was Obama’s election year.

        Jimmy Fallon fully knew what his band would play. He is a slimy liberal. All Democrats are evil.

      3. pitter43 says:

        Uh, uh, uh YOU TOO. Haven’t heard anything like that since 3rd grade, about the time liberal minds stopped developing.

  17. imsancho says:

    I love how much people hate this woman, it is classic to see liberals all red-faced and spewing hate towards people they accuse of being hateful

    1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

      Liberals – taste like chicken.

      1. BillyBob says:


  18. scott says:

    welcome to the democratic party of America today. stop and look at entertainment today. conservative entertainers would never dis-respect a person like that. it is common for libs. the democratic party has let the liberal people in the entertainment field be the face and voice of their party and it shows.

  19. dave s says:

    I wouldn’t expect anything better from the scared children on the left. They know their time is drawing to a close and now they strike out like angry children at the adults who about to take control of the mess they’ve made.

    1. AI says:

      dave s, you are spot-on!

    2. Hah!! says:

      Yeah, I’m quaking in my shoes. You ruff tuff creampuffs just scare me all to death!!!

      1. demsvoteblindly says:

        It appears you are… 😉 Just cause we do not call for destruction of property we do not own and blocking ports and preventing honest people from making a living… don’t let that stop you crazy libs from doing it. The great thing is most Americans are seeing these acts and your side is losing much support. Keep it up, and act surprised when you are left with just California to ruin.

        1. Uhhhh says:

          Sure. Whatever it is you’re saying makes PEFECT sense. I think.

          1. demsvoteblindly says:

            Good comeback. Maybe you are waiting to be told what your response should be… good follower you are. Don’t think, just do as told. The libs love the dumb and stupid, you fit right in with them. 😉

          2. demsvoteblindly says:

            It’s a good chance you have no clue what I am talking about. The Occupy is calling to block all ports on the west cost in a couple of weeks. Cause no one is listening to them, the plan to take illegal action and stop all workers from being able to provide for their families. This will sure help their 20% support they currently have. 😉

            1. relentlessPatriot says:

              They call themselves the 99% because if they had chosen any other number, the math would have been too difficult. “We’re the 96% and the other 3% suck!, oh wait, the other 8% suck! Whatever, this isn’t city hall. Let’s go!”

        2. CW says:

          Please California is effed up enough by decades of liberal acadamia, media and politics-Moonbeam and Mayor Gangsta Tony overseeing the remainder of California swirl in the toilet. All the better to instill their socialistic fascism.

          Liberals do understand that our military is over 75% conservative-whcih is why they are attempting to decimate the military.

  20. AI says:

    Libs in the gutter, engaging in cowardly name-calling like wayward 10 year olds, because that is all they are. The article is so lame…”…must not be fans of Michelle Bachmann”…gee, ya think?? How cowardly for Fallon to invite Bachmann on his show and then subject her to such vile, underhanded garbage. If Fallon does not publicly apologize and fire his band, then you know he approves of this disgraceful behavior.

  21. Jason says:

    I can…sortof….understand the hatred of Palin. She has put herself out there in a way that makes her a lightning rod for it. The vitreol against Bachmann on the other hand cracks me up. Ms. Bachmann’s only crime is being an intelligent well spoken female conservative. Whether you agree with her political values or not, I can respect. Treating any woman, let alone any human like this on the other hand is the depravity of humanity. While I disagree with Obama’s political views strongly, if someone were to play “I’m a Loser” as his lead in song, I would strongly object. Show some class.

    1. DJ says:

      I understand the Palin hatred, just like I understand the Bachmann hatred .. Quite frankly, Liberals believe that women, like blacks, should stay on the Liberal plantation. They despise people whom educate themselves and become successful because that means they don’t need to serve and worship the “god of Liberalism” — Government. And quite frankly, they are scared to death of people who want to attack their god — Government, and cut it down to size. Liberals hate freedom. And thus, they hate and spew their vitriol towards anyone whom threatens their god. That’s why they hate Conservatives — especially if they are female or black.

    2. jackactionhero says:

      “Ms. Bachmann’s only crime is being an intelligent well spoken female conservative. ”

      You are a fool.

      Not a Liberal

      1. Tou says:

        I second that and I’m not a liberal.

    3. Ryan Larson says:

      Bachmann is easily our best chance at real change to the right in America, as she would really do something about the border, china, taxes the deficit, etc. The way Obama moved us toward communism she would try to swing us back. Most of the rest will skate if they win. She doesn’t have much of a chance, but that’s who she is.

  22. babblerouser says:

    Jimmy Fallon has a show? Huh…. Guess they are throwin’ around time slots to any no-talent havin, habitual 4th wall breaker, laugh-too-much-at-own-joke hacks like him these days…. And backed by the oh-so-creative Roots? Wow — blending live music with hip hop is just as tired as their support for a dying leftist agenda. Nielson ratings won’t be the only measurement in play soon, as I’m sure just like their ad revenue, the-ahem-“traditional” way of thinking in Hollywood will see a rapid decline; hopefully to be matched only in the increase of logical thought by the voting public. Hope/Change – Turn/Channel – Switch/Off.

    1. wfjag says:

      Of course Fallon has a show in that time slot. Otherwise NBC might have had to offer the slot to Obermann instead of getting rid of him entirely. Fallon’s few viewers are more than Obermann’s no viewers, and unlike Obermann, he’s not the only one to ever laugh at his own jokes.
      But, Jimmy had better watch out. After the first of the year, Joy (“I’ve got the 2d highest rated show on HLN”) will be looking for a new home. So, he really shouldn’t aleinate any viewers.

  23. Jon says:

    I might just support her now to get a good laugh watching the liberals cry and squirm. At least she has held a meaningful job prior to politics. The same can’t be said for the organizer and chief.

  24. Cmon says:

    Late night shows are supposed to be funny and I don’t care what you say, that is hilarious!!!

    1. enoughAlready911 says:

      Would you say the same if it were Michelle Obama?
      Hillary? Pelosi? Nope, there would be protests and requests for boycotts.
      Cmon, tell the truth for once.

      1. Cmon says:

        Yes, I laugh at Hillary and Pelosi jokes. I like to laugh. I guess I’m a crazy liberal cause I laugh! HA! Bunch of crazies posting on here.

        1. DJ says:

          There is a HUGE difference between laughing at satire or even joining in with the joke and this stunt pulled by a liberal hack. I predict his departure from his job soon.

        2. To says:

          People are so serious. It part of the job of being a public figure.

  25. jimmythejames says:

    Quest Love is a ganja smoking refugee. I would consider it an honor to be insulted by trash like that.

  26. susan says:

    Where are the 2 self ordained reverends?????? They should be forcing CBS to fire these people!!!!!!!!!!11

    Where are you Rev. Jackson and Rev Sharpton????????????????????????????/

  27. Ken says:

    Imagine if this happened to a Dem candidate or Michele Obama? The entire leftist media tricycle would be screaming racism at the top of their lungs.

    The leftists are such hypocrites because they always cry the GOP are mean spirited, etc, etc.

    If you listen to the leftist media, all they do is engage in name-calling, derision and scorn. I’m not a Bachmann supporter, but this is one more example of a complete lack of class from the left.

  28. Kansas Girl says:

    I wish politicians would just avoid appearances on the late night shows, or shows like The View, which are pretty crass and gross. Appearances on such shows really trivialize public office. They glorify the show and demean the politician. The higher the office one holds, the more such vulgar shows should be avoided. Nothing good comes of a politician’s appearance on such gutter-quality entertainment media.

    1. Citizen says:

      @Kansas. Well said. If M.B. understood the song and appeared anyway, she helped with the demeaning image. If M.B. DID NOT understand the song, and appeared anyway, she made herself an object of ridicule. Most of the commenters here have totally missed that point.

      1. DJ says:

        Do you really think they review the walkon song with each guest before the show? I do agree that if I were advising MB, I would strongly suggest she avoid these types of shows for a variety of reasons; some of them outlined above by Kansas Girl.

      2. Girl Power says:

        You’ve totally missed the point if you don’t understand that Bachmann was mistreated and deserved an apology. Fallon got the point, he issued an apology at the urging of Nita Lowey, female Democrat member of Congress.

        (check your pantleg, your misogyny is showing)

        “she made herself an object of ridicule” –

        Classic blaming the victim behavior. Proof once again that the so-called proponents of women’s rights are woman haters.

  29. Jon says:

    Somewhere on Wall Street, a tent is missing its unkempt, unemployed hippie.

    1. robert says:

      they’re all down in the tv production facilities…and obama supporters watch this stuff – no wonder he got elected

  30. Sean in Ca says:

    Hopefully when Pelosi goes on they’ll play “Everbody Knows”

    1. Sean in Ca says:

      Everybody Knows…..

  31. squinn says:

    Who is this “Fallom” of whom you speak?

  32. babblerouser says:

    wanna know what is funny? The only name needed to insult someone who embraces a liberal ideology is to call them a “lib”…. The libs? Well, they need to use oh-so-creative words like “tea-bagger” “nazi” etctec…Cuz for them to call someone a “conservative” or a “con” is met with pride from the one who embraces conservative values.
    neh-neh-boo-boo libs….stick yer head in doo doo.

    1. Boy!! says:

      I guess you told me!! Sorry for using a word longer than three letters. I’ll keep it simpler next time.

  33. Paul says:

    He has a point. It was rude to invite her and do that, using a reference that she wouldn’t undertand…so the staff could bask in their superiority.

    1. nilochsaloob says:

      Superiority? You call people listening to hate-spewing-swearing trash music superior? hahaha

      Just look at how insensitive these libs are… they invite her away from her busy schedule only to make fun of her and insult her. What a nasty thing to do.


      1. Nice!! says:

        Communists? What is this? Back to the 50s?

        1. DJ says:

          Yes. “Communists.” Like the unwashed unemployed (don’t-want-to-be-employed but rather, suck off the government teat) losers that camped down in NY and elsewhere. Perhaps you didn’t notice that THEY WERE CARRYING SIGNS THAT SAID THEY WERE COMMUNISTS?!?!?! Communism didn’t die in the 50’s you know. Or is that what your college professor at your Liberal indoctrination camp University told you?

          1. Why says:

            yes, Comrade. It was. Your turn is coming.

          2. Hmmm. says:

            Communism didn’t die in the 50s? Don’t know about that. Let me check with the Chinese.

            1. JWS says:

              And the Cubans, North Koreans, Vietnamese, & Laotians.

        2. Christina Bdba says:

          No it isn’t but what you all are supporting is communism.I guess they stopped teaching about it’;s principles in school and started the feel good good for everyone stuff not telling you it’s real name…..which would be communism.

        3. Seguaro says:

          Yes, communists,fool. What the hell do you think “redistribution of wealth” means? Marx dreamed up his disruptive little idea at the beginning of the last century, and it continues to wreak distruction and death everywhere stupid people can be tricked into voting for it.

          Don’t think so? Look up Rhodesia. Contemplate Cuba since 1959. research how many people were slaughtered under Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Mao Tse Tung, Josef Stalin, and Robert Mugabe. If you think Your boy Obama isn’t communist as taught him on his mama’s and grandfather’s knee, you probably ain’t as well informed as you think.

    2. Citizen says:

      Paul, we still don’t know if M.B. understood the song or not. No one has responded to that query….still waiting…..

  34. Robairto says:

    Completely lame Jimmy Fallon. Why would you fall prey to the ways of Hollywood idiocy? Really sucks, your a terrific personality for your ever growing position. But this is a major crack in your structure.

  35. huh says:

    Wait a second isn’t the house band all bl@ck? What else did you expect. Who’s going to take care of the baby mama’s if someone like MB put a halt to the generational welfare? If I was a progressive and most people I knew were on the dole, I’d probably hate her too.

  36. Dave says:

    why are Liberals so afraid of women…maybe because most of them are GAY!

    1. ha, ha says:

      Boy, was that not funny!!

      1. enoughAlready911 says:

        Mocking someone unfairly in one case is funny but mocking others is not?
        Why not?

    2. huh? says:

      Most women are gay? maybe most liberal women.

  37. rawheadrex says:

    “Homi soit qui mal y pense!” In either case, whether MB was not aware of the imprecation, or was but did not acknowledge it, she elevated the entire environment she entered.
    Such juvenile behavior so characterizes those who cry most vociferously for civility, but seem incapable of practicing it themselves.
    Children rarely understand shame.

    1. My!! says:

      How loquaciously condescending!! Bravo!!

  38. Paul says:

    Can’t stand her…but whoever’s idea it was to use that song is as bad as her…rude, but feeling undeservedly superior I’m sure.

  39. Marc says:

    Cain and Perry were on Letterman; Romney was on Leno; Bachmann was on Fallon. Says all you need to know about both Bachmann and Fallon.

  40. babblerouser says:

    typical libs – invite someone, call them a “guest”, then insult them behind their back as any tangible dialog to address the failures of their own beliefs is useless for them

  41. Phid says:

    Reverse this for a moment. Hillary is invited to a talk show and comes out on stage and a band plays the same song. Liberals would accuse them of being misogynistic, would demand an apology from the band and the show’s host, and would organize boycotts of the show’s sponsors.

    1. Uhhh. says:

      Yeah. Sure they would. You bet.

      1. TomB says:

        Seriously, Uhhh? You doubt that? Not only would it happen, they would get the apology from a cowed host. Remember Tracy Morgan? Kind of like that.

        1. TomB says:

          Dang, I forgot Don Imus. Nutshell example right there.

        2. caligula says:

          .TNB. no big whoop.

        3. caligula says:

          TNB… no big whoop.

      2. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

        Uhhh…stupid liberal.

    2. Cmon says:

      I think 10% of the US that are the crazy liberals would be offended just like the 10% of the US that are the crazy conservatives are offended from this MB thing. Meanwhile 80% of the US is giggling because it’s hilarious that the Roots went there!!!

      1. Christina Bdba says:

        Seeing NBC ratings and Fallon’s in particular I’d say 80% giggling is very high.Shows on the Food network have higher ratings than he does but don’t let facts get in the way of your liberal ideas….

      2. Ankle Grabbers says:

        What a disappointment to find out that Jimmy Fallon is just another un-hip, sissy-conformist Obama throne-sniffer. What a shame.

      3. chris says:

        So, is it now hilarious to be rude to an invited guest?

        Where is the curtesy, civility and humanity? Another example of the fall of a once great nation. End times my friends.

      4. Zara Rolon says:

        How about a little respect for a person who is putting it on the line and running for PREZ. A joke now and then is fine but this is below the belt and snide. Liberals always hit a little harder and a little dirtier. You don’t like her for some reason so you throw a punch every chance you get.

    3. Marie Bennett says:

      I don’t know why we should be surprised. This is how liberals treat Republican woman. Fifty years ago if these same people were disrespectful to women and said the horrible things they do, their husbands, brothers and male members of the family would have a nice little talk with them. Now you can say whatever you want to a woman. And I blame this on the women in part also. Do not put up with rude, filthy language from anyone. Demand respect, give respect and you will receive it.

      1. rottdogge says:

        Great point. Isn’t the double standard interesting? Funny how all the bleeding hearts who have historically blamed those of traditional values as being the root of discrimination against women, are the same who will be the first to hurl degrading venom at silly women who dare to think as conservatives. We should be so lucky to have Bachmann replace this current farce,

      2. Citizen says:

        So, Marie, if M.B. knew what song was being played and put up with it and appeared on the show anyway, it was her own fault. Right? Just checking, because no one has answered the question yet as to whether or not M.B. knew what song was being played…still waiting…..

        1. DJ says:

          It makes no difference whether she knew the song or not, the classless and ultra-political joke was played on her for the liberal’s snarky entertainment. Chances are, a tax attorney and full-time politician does not know who this so-called band leader is, or the song and the orginal artist. There is right and wrong, and this is just plain worng and no where near as bad as the harmless examples that were cited to try to defend this thug’s decision to play this music for the reasons he did.

          1. Citizen says:

            @DJ. It makes a great deal of difference if M.B. knew the song and picked it out for publicity purposes, now, doesn’t it. We need to know the truth if she was inadvertently degraded or the “brains” behind the degradation to bolster her “victim” image and the support of her “base.” It’s only wrong if she didn’t know the song.

            1. DJ says:


              Thanks for quite possibly one of the DUMBEST retorts in the history of the intertoobz! “She picked it for publicity?” This is a Christian woman whom I quite possibly doubt hand-picked a filthy tune by the biggest bunch of bong-sucking slackers since the “Insane Clown Posse.” I think she’s made of quite a lot more substance than to be picking, or have her staff pick, a “song” (if you can call tribal grunting a “song”) that is derogatory towards women. Now .. if she was a shallow Liberal, then you might have a point! Now .. go back to your bong before your mommy calls you up from the basement because your Chefboyardee raviolis are ready.

              1. djdumb says:

                Tamie Faye Baker. Christian values extolled for personal gain. It is quite possible for Bachmann to have to resort to something like that for attention

                1. patrick says:

                  Have you looked at her record? my guess is no.. most drones bypass actual facts – they simply rely on emotion. My guess is the scrutiny is missing for the One – Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Obamacare lies (remember how Obama opposed indivual mandates from the government when running against Hillary?), etc.

              2. givemeambiguityorgivemesomethingelse says:

                What’s wrong with canned ravioli? A little hot pepper and Italian seasoning could be added, but what a treat!

                1. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:


                  An intelligent post in this blog!

                  Hot pepper, Italian seasoning & canned ravioli?

                  Sign me up!

              3. Citizen says:

                @DJ. If she picked out the song HERSELF because she knew it would cause a ruckus, make her a victim, and give her some political publicity, perhaps for her book, well, we know what that makes her.

        2. No fingway says:

          Seriously, a Fishbone song. I’m pretty sure that 99% of people reading this can not name another Fishbone song. And you expect MB to know it? But hey, you never know, they could be in he cassette player right now.

    4. caligula says:

      TNB. no big whoop…

    5. The Truth says:

      Well, in Hillary’s case, it wouldn’t be accurate. In MB’s case, it is accurate. Therefore, complaints would be more valid in that instance.

  42. DJ says:

    You lost all credibility when you started with the oh-so juvenile, stuck-in-junior-high “Teabaggers.” Now, point your prayer rug to D.C. and go worship your 0bama.

  43. Brian Goettl says:

    Who is Jimmy Fallon? Or is it Fallic? Why does anyone care what he thinks? Oh yeah, he is the one doing the Capital One commercials and relating to the 99%ers and OWS. Being a liberal means not having any class, never having to take responsibility, being utter hypocrites on just about any topic and getting TV shows without actually having any talent or even being mildly funny. (and for all you lefties who don’t know sarcasm, I am well aware that Jimmy Fallic is on SNL).

    1. jackactionhero says:


      Pretty sure that is not a word in the English language, sir… Might want to up the study time to 12 minutes per week.

  44. Hank says:

    I’m sure all the high fidelity, hipster, record snobs are high fiving each other after this one. Sick burn there, guys. You showed her.

  45. Well says:

    What name would you prefer?

  46. califkid says:

    Sorry to say, I’ve been in the music business for 25yrs ( ascap & bmi) I could give a #$*@ less about roots, it was a sign of disrespect, I can understand you people not knowing about that ,you treat your own mom & dad with disrespect, if you know who your mom & dad are.

    1. Jsmith says:

      I agree. Regardless of anyone’s political views, it was unprofessional of them for playing it and Fallon for allowing it.

    2. Citizen Jane says:

      no one gives a rat’s behind about the roots, that’s why they’re fallon’s house band. They’re yesteerday’s news.

    3. QuestlovesHeadUpObama says:

      Rude musical ghetto rats never know their real mama or daddy (dem just know how to be cold dissin while they bury they head way far up Obama’s booty).

      1. jnealer says:

        I’m assuming they’re ghetto rats because they’re black, right? I just want to be clear that black people are ghetto rats that don’t know their parents. It’s good to know racism doesn’t exist anymore now that we have a black (er, ghetto rat?) president, because otherwise I’d figure you’re a racist prick.

    4. Kevin Fodor says:

      Exactly correct, califkid.

      It was a poor choice on the show’s part…but does not surprise me.

      I work in broadcasting and know that the networks want to seem “hip and edgy” in all of their shows. Today, you can read “hip and edgy” as “left and liberal”. Hell, it was that way in the 60’s and 70’s, too. But, Carson (who was anything but right wing), would never have thought of having the band play “Liar” (Three Dog Night), if Richard Nixon had been a guest.

  47. stark says:

    I worked with their drummer in a recording studio, with a female artist. A bassist and he were trying to flex their “fame/power” over the room/vibe and started playing “It’s a man’s world” in an impromptu fashion…leaving no doubt about what they thought of the woman paying their fees.

  48. porchhound says:

    What a JOKE..as LIBERAL talking about boning up on the “FACTS”!!! Do you mean the 15 trillion dollar debt…or Obama giving over 80% of those billions in Green Stimulus money to his contributors? THOSE facts? Or maybe the anti-gun lefties putting thousands of weapons into the hands of drug gangs?

    Clue me in here Lib…which FACTS were you talking about…OHHHHH..I GET it..facts like knowing which songs ROOTS has recorded…now I understand the level of your comprehension!

    1. Bill says:

      You forgot to mention the Obama administration electing to have a Brazilian company construct U.S. Air Force airplanes instead of a company from Kansas. That’s a $1,000,000,000 contract given to someone overseas. This also means a company outside the U.S. has control of how our planes are constructed

      1. Robby says:

        Our media and our schools have clearly come under the contorl of Marxists who have no manners, no morals, and no decency. They use their positions of power to further their depraved, evil agenda through indoctrination and propoganda.

        America is in sad shape thanks to the insane left wing Marxists, but there is hope.

        Support the Council of Conservative Citizens at http://www.cofcc.org

        1. RGoodfellow says:

          Ahhh, the CCC, the spit-polished adjunct to the KKK.

    2. GV says:

      Careful now,don’t confuse the libs or they will leave and I won’t have anything to laugh at. RESIST WE MUCH!!!!! again

  49. Wondering says:

    How is this different than the ranting of Rush Limbaugh? Glenn Beck? etc.

    1. Gene Basye says:

      They don’t invite someone on their show and take a cheap shot at them. If they have someone on their show they disagree with, they engage them in debate…see the difference?

  50. Walt says:

    Stay classy liberals…

  51. Game over it seems says:

    How come ya’ll find it okay to shout and boo down the First lady at the NASCAR track ????
    wait – I forgot. The KKK and the GOP Party…….why else.
    I am not an Obama lover nor a Bachmann lover.
    That said – since when it is okay to shout down the First Lady, a person in the WH, and this is/was acceptable to people, but to make fun of a “wanna be” office holder causes some to freak out and spew venom….. one does not have to look any further to see why this country is on the brink of collapse. You play to the party and frankly – it gets you where it is today.
    Sad to see America becoming a second tier country when it comes to politics – and it’s citizens. Grow up people

    1. PC Police says:

      Actually I think they were both pretty funny…. Grow some thicker skin America

    2. demsvoteblindly says:

      Game over… you do realize the KKK was started by the Dem party… right? At least learn your history before you come on here and make a fool of yourself. The first grand wizard of the KKK was even honored at the 1868 Democrat National Convention (look it up), Dems voted 100% AGAINST the 14th amendment to give blacks the right to vote. Wasn’t Abe Lincoln a …. Republican… what exactly did Abe do??? 😉 Heard of Robery Byrd? He was a Dem senator from WV… guess what he was?!?!? A grand wizard from the KKK, and he just passed away so you had a KKK member as an elected Dem just as recent as a couple years ago. 😉 So look in the mirror if you want to see which party the racist group KKK came from, but before you post online, know your facts before you get schooled.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Since 1868, the values and mindsets of Democrats and Republicans have switched. They are the opposite for each party since then. Do your research.

        It seems that you didn’t even know that. How funny.

        1. demsvoteblindly says:

          Let’s see if the delete this post…

          Really so when did the “switch” take place? Was this just this past year cause just as recent as a few years ago the Dems had Robert Byrd who was a KKK Grand Wizard represent them. Did he not get the memo that they had switched? Do you know who he is and the fact that Bill Clinton had this to say about him and why he was a racist?

          “He once had a fleeting association with the Ku Klux Klan, what does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means. He was a country boy from the hills and hollows from West Virginia. He was trying to get elected,” former President Bill Clinton said of Sen. Robert Byrd.

          “And maybe he did something he shouldn’t have done come and he spent the rest of his life making it up. And that’s what a good person does. There are no perfect people. There are certainly no perfect politicians,” he added.

          Too bad facts do not support what you say. 😉

        2. demsvoteblindly says:

          So as you can see, I did my research, and im sure that isn’t really what you wanted me to do.. I can go on to show you the Dem currently running in Fl who is openly KKK and has been linked to a couple lynching’s in his town. He must not have gotten that memo either. 😉

          Look up Paul Rogers… Democrat John Paul Rogers, 70, was not only a member of United Klans of America. According to Retired University of South Florida Professor Darryl Paulson, an expert on the Klan, Rogers was the was the head of the organization in Florida that was part of one of the largest and one of the most violent branches of the KKK.


          Guess you may want to take back that whole thing about me doing my research… I will provide other cases if you need this embarrassment to continue… 😉

        3. patrick says:

          follow the mob you moron.. do some research yourself dronebat

        4. wgsj says:

          here’s one for you jacka$$. which party has a member of congress serving presently who was impeached from a federal office, covicted of perjury, a felony, and then elected to this office by the people who convicted and impeached him? After you discover who, pull up his bio and see the type of people we have representing us and who elects them……

    3. HDGJOHN says:

      Maybe instead of booing they should have yelled profanities. Come on what is worse.

  52. Caroline says:

    Which implys you know anything about unemployment and economic statistics, educational non-competitiveness, artifically created high energy costs, inflation, exploding deficits, foreign policy submission and deference to dictators and assorted socialist failure nations. Pot, meet kettle . . . .

  53. GetAJobAfterYouTakeABath says:

    lol @ knowing the roots cover of an obscure song as “boning up on the facts.”

    Sadly, while you’re ‘boning up’ on music annals, we’re earning money, and paying taxes so you can keep sponging. You’re like kids that never move out of the house.


  54. Hacksaw says:

    LIbs – bring it on. I agree with you, our goals are irreconcilable. You want to destroy the USA and replace is with a USSA. You want a leviathan government with extremely limited freedoms. Your TOTUS has called not just for free murder of unborn babies, but for murder by exposure of born babies (BHO vocally opposed BAIPA). So let’s get this done, it’ll only take a day or two. Pull your thumb out of your mouth and put on a pair of sweats, cuz I know you’re sitting in your mom’s basement in your underwear. Then march out the door and get it started. I look forward to the war. The country cannot move forward when weighted down with the useless, parasitic Leftist baggage.

    1. Da says:

      That is correct, Comrade. Resistance is futile; you will be assimilated.

  55. robert says:

    too funny. just goes to show that to be in a house bad on a tv show you don’t need no:

    common decency
    common sense

    or any of the other things that made america great. the fact that so many viewers watch this kind of drivel and think it is humorous doesn’t bode well for the nations future.

    aah the product of liberal public schools – schooled in ignorance

  56. LibsAreAJoke says:

    Libs set the standard for hypocritical life styles – on the one hand preaching tolerance and understanding … as long as you agree with their point of view.

    “Meanie Liberals” ???

    Grow up already and switch your brain to the “on” position.

  57. malcom says:

    I hope an illegal alien beats his ass. and then he finds out he has AIDS and Cancder. liberal jerk

  58. Frackin' down under says:

    I wish the ’50’s were back.
    Living in this friggen messed up place that still holds the label USA is tragic
    Once the USA lead and people watched and adopted parts of the ideaology.
    Today it is one of the last places to look for anything. Well – not true I guess. We are the greatest when it comes to crooks, street level and white collar. Politicians that define corruption.
    A country of me and I’s.A sick sick sick country that soon will collapse. Hope you enjoyed the ride lol

    1. Good times, eh? says:

      Ahhh, the 50s. Back when black folks couldn’t sit at the lunch counter, couldn’t go to State Universities.

      Why they even had they’re own drinking fountains. Don’t know what the problem was with that.

      1. very good times says:

        nothing at all…

  59. Joe Blow says:

    Low class liberals dominate the media and entertainment. Hopefully the next terror attack will be in LA.

    1. Uhhh yup. says:

      It’s interesting when people die, isn’t is.

  60. TV is for morons says:

    I had no idea what the “Roots” was and I didn’t even know there was a “Fallon” show on TV. But I am fairly certain I am smarter, more educated, and more informed than you. Pop culture is mostly for losers and a waste of time including this loser Fallon and that pathetic show SNL. And Bachman and Palin are idiots for appearing on these shows that only make fun of them. If you are watching the Fallon show and listening to “Roots” you are most likely a loser.

    1. rottdogge says:

      I agree with everything you said. And it’s especially true that these candidates are absurd for trying to take their message to a bunch of drooling children. Thannks for having the seeds to note that pop culture is for the vapid, the shallow, and not the thinkers. That said, liberals are quick to resort to juvenile behavior when someone they fear confronts them….it’s their nature.

      1. llp says:

        that’s funny seems like Pop culture have been aroung probably longer then you’v been alive.

        1. deniser55 says:

          Pop culture=here today gone tomorrow only to be replaced with some other immature behavior.

          1. hooray for everything says:

            Bachman, eeeh, she’s pretty much room temp now. Unless the media decides to give her a second chance spotlight.

            Jimmy Fallon, isn’t that the SNL reject that replaced the guy that replaced, the guy that replaced ole what’s his name?

            The Roots had that song back in the 90’s, you remember it went do da da da de or something like that. They’ll be backup band for Weird AL at Andy Williams Dinner Theatre in Branson, MO when this network collapses.

      2. OHMYGODUIDIOTS says:

        “That said, liberals are quick to resort to juvenile behavior when someone they fear confronts them….it’s their nature.”

        “And it’s especially true that these candidates are absurd for trying to take their message to a bunch of drooling children.”

        Anything but ad hominems?


        No one gonna comment oh why she thought it was a good idea entering satans realm that is NBC studios.

        No ones gonna call her out on making use of the machine she claims to resent.

        Go ahead pull up next to me on the freeway and yell to me how unsafe it is to drive on freeways while your at it…

    2. Wooshman says:

      he smart but woosh

  61. CommonSense says:

    They also know what Libya is and can name 3 different areas of the government.

    1. BO stinks says:

      Not to mention they know how many states there are (57 by BO’s count) and that Hawaii is in Asia! hahaha FOOOOOOOOOOOOLs

    2. Bonsall Billy says:

      Mind numbing, ignorant response……..

    3. Christina Bdba says:

      I can even find Libya on the globe/map in less than 5 seconds too! Even if they aren’t marked.Try that on a Liberal they fail every time.

  62. Eric says:

    I don’t know about the b*tch part, but she’s undoubtedly a liar of the first order. Or maybe she DID discover America, develop the polio vaccine, walk on Mars and pitch a perfect game in the World Series.

    1. CRYMEARIVER says:

      Something like Al Gore- Inventor of the Internet,Inspiration of Love Story, jetting on private plane to get his Nobel prize all the while moaning about Global Warning- sorry Climate Change etc, etc

  63. Robert MacDonald says:

    Fire his butt. Period. It is shameful to treat anyone like that.

  64. RightinMN says:

    Right. You are truly informed if you know songs by Fishbone. That’s right up there with Mozart. How enlightened you must feel just to be a Lefty.

    1. You mean says:

      As opposed to an unenlightened Rightie?

      Oh wait. You didn’t really have a point. Sorry. I misunderstood.

      1. demsvoteblindly says:

        And you had a point… 😉

      2. Christina Bdba says:

        Oh wow what an insult unenlightened…you really mean un brain washed because that is truly what it is.Your idiot in the white house has nearly turned us into Greece and you call us uninformed?Good lord grow up people.

  65. Blob Simcoe says:

    Classless Liberals

  66. run26mi says:

    Fallon owes Michele Bachmann an apology!!! Just have liberal losers on the show from now on Jimmy!!!! Both your viewer probably wouldn’t mind that!!!!

  67. Dave says:

    I attempt to read through these comments trying to get a good sense of the variety of well-thought out opinions we develop and are allowed to express in this country.
    However, I quickly realize what a fruitless effort it is, and finally conclude that ALL of you are a bunch of NASTY zealots.

    1. Brian Goettl says:

      Dave: That ringing you hear is the pot calling.

      1. dave says:

        like…..roll a joint pot…a joint full of pot that gets you soooo high that it actually speaks to me…..or a magic pot that knows my name and is calling out to me….cause it wants me to cook something in it…??

    2. Michelle says:

      I agree with you Dave. I don’t think it was very nice what the band did, and I’m liberal who is not a fan of Michele Bachman. I see all these hateful comments on both sides, and all these haters are exactly what is wrong with this country. It’s why nothing is getting done in government. I have conservative friends and family whom I love dearly. When it comes right down to it, we agree on most things. Where is the love, people? We’re all Americans,we all love our country, so let’s not demonize each other.

  68. jasperddbgghost says:

    Seriously. Can’t wait until the adults are in charge again.

    “Hey we are going to play a song that calls MB a “bleach” …. meanwhile we don’t have jobs and have no idea about how important it is to invest in our future, that’s grown up stuff. I’m going to my mom’s basement room now to smoke a joint and watch some Phallon. I’m 46 going on 12.”

  69. Hacksaw says:

    Well said DJ. The Left trembles in fear that their slaves may learn that they need not be slaves. Therefore the Left tries to destroy every example of a should-be slave livng successfully off of the Leftist Government Plantation. They cannot tolerate the example of ‘minority’ individuals finding success on their own merits.

  70. jasperddbgghost says:

    Salad tosser says what?

    1. DJ says:

      Now there you go. Are you 7 years old? Oh? You’re a Lefty. Well, all Liberals’ brains stop development at 7 years-old, so no surprise there.

  71. Joe Loiacono says:

    Typical liberal (i.e. CBS) focus on the superficial. Not a word about what Michele might have said. Nope, are you kidding, substance is boring!

    And that’s how we got to debt/gdp = 100%

  72. gto582000 says:

    This is so easy. If they’re doing that for her, they can play Camptown Races for the Liar in Chief.

  73. Gunny Joe says:

    Typical of a bunch of left-wing pinko doper diaper-babies… playing a song behind the back someone so they can have a chuckle afterward. As a Marine I can guarantee that if I ever have the opportunity to meet Roots I will stand eye-2-eye and tell them what I think of them in words they can clearly understand. It is plain they are craven cowards with a case of terminal dumba55. To disrespect a woman like they did deserves an extra frog punch to the nutz. These guys couldn’t drink a gallon of beer, rub their a55e5 together and produce a decent beer fart. They are pathetic! Fallon, you need to fire ’em,

    1. Zowie!! says:

      I luv it when you talk like that!! Whatta manly man!!

      1. Gunny Joe's woman says:

        More than you will ever know…

      2. Gunny Joe's boyfriend says:

        I’ll second that. He’s a hunka, hunka burnin’ love!!

  74. ExLibris says:

    Just means more work for the attorneys…sigh.

    Now before every show appearance, (smart) guests will require in the contract that they get to approve any songs played immediately before, during, and immediately after they appear onstage. Any deviation will be breach of contract with specific penalties (e.g. monetary damages plus required ON-AIR apology during monologue, etc)

    It was unprofessional, underhanded, and poor taste, regardless of the guest.

  75. PHP87 says:

    Liberals engaging in childish behavior?

    I’m shocked I tell you – SHOCKED that they would do such a thing.

    Obviously, this a lie concocted by the right-wing, corporate media.

  76. yaba do says:

    This type of hate speech is what contributed to the shooting in Arizona, that ruined Gabby’s life. NBC is nothing but a pathetic joke, and a tool of the extreme left wing wackos.

    1. the truth happens says:

      You’re an idiot… hate speech didn’t get Gabby shot… it was a left leaning demon possessed nut! Didn’t you see his mug shot… the look on his face…

  77. Honest Abe says:

    So REGARDLESS of how you feel about any candidate isn’t this just disrespectful and “baby-ish”? Really, people are just disrespectful in every day life. To be HONEST with all of you, isn’t this a pattern with the behaviour of Democrats? Ask youself honestly if you have EVER seen/ heard a Republican carry on in such a childish manner. Really. Think about it. Really.

    1. Mike says:

      It’s popular culture in America. Where were all you crybabies when Joe Biden and Michele Obama were booed at the NASCAR event? Which begs another question; Where is the outrage over the woman with child that was beaten by two policeman in Seattle at a OWS event causing her to miscarriage?
      Most right wing supporters are two faced, immoral hypocrites……………

      1. Christina Bdba says:

        Man do you lie much? Incase you did not realize it but cops are on your side they are union employees so clean your own house they don’t belong to us.

        1. Mike says:

          It doesn’t surprise me you don’t support the police, most street walkers don’t.

      2. DJ says:

        Did you defend Glenn Beck when he was attacked at a free movie in the park in NYC recently when he took his wife and daughter for a nice evening out? He was minding his own business, enjoying time with his family, when a bunch of drunk and classless liberals verbally assaulted and harassed them. I remember hearing people say things like, “Beck spews vile garbage on the radio so he deserves it”. Really? Is that what we have become? How low will our standards devolve to? Remember when republicans were booed and verbally assaulted at Paul Wellstone’s FUNERAL service about 10 years ago? Your side has a horrible track record on tolerance, civility, and class.

        1. CJ Mack says:

          How low will our standards go? As low as they were in the Days of Noah. We all know what happened then. Shape up America!

      3. DJ says:

        @Mike .. Well, if you actually WATCHED the video from the race (rather than repeating the lies that pMSNBS told you) you would have seen that (1) the crowd cheered loudly for the vet and the kids, (2) very obviously directed their boos at Moochelle and Plug’s wife, and (3) the boos were actually not very loud and came from a small group scattered in the stands. Maybe, however, they were directing their displeasure at a woman whom, along with her husband, have made every effort to denigrate (“Americans have become lazy”) and attack the working American people, have taken 7% unemployment and turned it permanently up to >9%, and tell us “little people” how we should live and eat vegetables while she and her husband dine on taxpayer-funded no-expense spared weekly blowout parties at the White House with high-fat Wagyu beef and burgers (every chance they get, they’re out eating high fat meals). So .. maybe SOME people are sick of the hypocrisy (and really .. “Left” and “Hypocrites” are one and the same). As to the woman at an “Occupy” .. what the h-e-double toothpicks was a PREGNANT WOMAN doing at an illegal (they could have easily gotten permits for their protests .. the TEA Party always did) occupation?! I swear . you Lefties are the dumbest tide of humanity that has ever roamed this planet!

        1. liljohn says:

          Americans have become lazy. Make no mistake, there are young people in India, China, and various countries in Africa that don’t want to attack the U.S. with a military, but with their ability to do complex work faster, cheaper, and much more efficiently. They will beat our lazy tails if we let them. (please don’t respond with a teacher’s union rant because laziness comes from the home.)

          You point to the unemployment rate and believe that the Obama’s are elite. Obama was basically raised by his grandmother in a suburban neighborhood. He is not like the Bushs and Clintons with family money. He is the little people. He had to take out college loans to pay for his education, just like a lot of people do today.

          Finally, you refer to our first lady as Moochelle which I find to be disrespectful and without taste. I didn’t agree with George W. Bush, but I sure was not going to let anyone talk about my leader. Mrs. Bush’s push for literacy is just as relevant as Mrs. Obama’s push for healthy living. The fact that she eats some fries every once in a while shows that we don’t need to be hippies to eat correctly.

  78. John D says:

    Hate speech by a black racist. Nothing new here.

  79. Citizen says:

    No one here has answered the question as to whether M.B. knew about the song being played. If she did, she went on the show anyway for the publicity, no doubt. If she didn’t, she went on the show stupidly, and didn’t check out the music beforehand or Fallon’s agenda. No matter, which M.B. is to blame for her actions–either way it went down.

    1. DevinDenver says:

      Why should this question be answered? Did MB bring this on herself somehow?

    2. mel says:

      So Michelle should somehow be responsible for the song they play? I don’t get it. Are we blame-shifitng again? “This is Michelle’s fault. Or maybe it’s Bush’s fault. I don’t know, but it’s not the band’s or Fallon’s fault, that’s for sure.” Is that what you are implying? I couldn’t understand what the band was playing in the clip, and with the applause, I doubt Michelle could hear or understand what the band was playing.

  80. blancojoe says:

    Liberals and their henchmen in the media and the “entertainment” world are so incredibly classless and immoral. They can’t even have a female guest on their shows without a base, disgusting display of their “cool”. Yes, how very cool.

  81. Beenaroundyaknow says:

    Who ever heard of Roots or Fishbone for that matter. Both in the R&R Hall of Fame? A typical “cute oh I’m so clever” liberal comment yet they don’t have the guts to say something to her directly. Liberals only insult people behind their backs.

  82. jaked says:

    And all the time I thought it was Stupid Ass Band….. dang,

  83. barackem says:

    It used to be that most entertainers, especially musicians, used to use their craft to bring people together. If anything, artists used to be anti establishment. For some reason, the Hollywood left, who usually know very little about what is going on in the world, have become the biggest hat mongers around who for some unknown reason now embrace big government control over our lives. If they ever opened their minds the tiniest bit they would realize they are this generation’s Archie Bunkers. But nobody expects Archie to se beyond his own nose.

  84. cccc says:

    Just like classless clueless liberals always do they show their true co,ors while middle America cringes.You all may think you are too cool and all that but the people who matter know that al that has happened in the past 3 years is all your fault.Do you all realize that since 2009 an average of 42 manufacturing facilities have closed taking the jobs with them.I hope the first people who are dumped off the unemployment rolls were the idiot Obama voters you deserve it.

  85. John says:

    The Roots be ignorant. I was just thinking that Fallon had some talent. Now I will not watch and will actively bash Fallon and his Roots.Dumb move,Losers!

  86. JJ says:

    Who is Jimmy Fallon?

  87. JeddMcHead says:

    Of course, we’re all told how little class NASCAR fans displayed for spontaneously booing Moochelle the other day but Fallon PLANNED to show Ms. Bachman disrespect — an act for which we won’t hear a PEEP from the LEFT as to how this was inappropriate.

    It’s called “situational ethics” and it is the CORE of liberalism in America today.

  88. JJ says:

    Jimmy who? Sorry never heard of him

  89. RGoodfellow says:

    Actually, as the article says, it’s a Fishbone song. But, yes, generally people who listen to the Roots (and Fishbone back in the day) are cooler than average — certainly cooler than, say, people who listen to Justin Bieber or Beyonce. Sorry, but the GOP is many things, but “cool” is not one of them. And I say that as a conservative.

    1. MCGIRV says:

      If cool is what gets you an Obama president, than cool sucks!

  90. semus says:

    If Fallon doesn’t fire the band, I’m never going to watch the show again. Oh wait a minute I never started watching the show. These lefties are filth don’t take it from me, they prove it very day.

  91. Mike says:

    It’s popular culture in America. Where were all you crybabies when Joe Biden and Michele Obama were booed at the NASCAR event? Which begs another question; Where is the outrage over the woman with child that was beaten by two policeman in Seattle at a OWS event causing her to miscarriage?
    Most right wing supporters are two faced, immoral hypocrites……………

    1. None of you get it says:

      Joe wasn’t there but Jill was. And it was wrong. Judging by all the cross-party fighting on this message board, it is apparent that the USA is doomed.

  92. mrrationalhbg says:

    wow that was a reach… drudge must have sent his lemmings here.

  93. Not-a-Dhimmi says:

    I wouldn’t have known what the words were either. Bachmann is highly intelligent and it’s puzzling that the Democrat’s put down women so hard. Why? I guess the bad type of submission (muslim type) to men is growing so deceptively that democrat women are blind to the fact that their freedoms as women are being reduced by the party that formed the KKK.

  94. TD says:

    >> “Wait, check that. We are talking about M.B., after all.”

    Christ. Seriously, man? It’s an obscure track from an obscure EP released more than a quarter of a century ago. It’s not like we’re talking about “Hey Jude” here.

    1. dancingbrave says:

      She probably wouldn’t know that either. Come on. Let’s be real.

      1. TD says:

        And who cares if she would? Rock ‘n’ roll is supposed to be anti-establishment. I don’t need politicians — Republicans OR Democrats — to be tied in to my music, and I don’t need my music to be tied into politicians.

      2. DevinDenver says:

        Why, because she is sooo stupid? Really, you believe that? If so, then you are the one I we all should think is the moron.

  95. James 4:14 says:

    Just more monkey business. We should have picked our own damn cotton.

  96. DJ says:

    Not only do we know where Libya is, but we also know (unlike 0BowMa0, or President Zer0 if you prefer) that there are NOT 57 States, that Hawaii is not “here in Asia,” and that the Austrians don’t speak “the Austrian language.”

    Yes. President Propellerhead is the “smartest man” to ever serve as President. (/sarc)

  97. Mike says:

    It is a little disingenuous to say that the Roots band was mistreating or disrespecting Michele Bachmann when it was the truth……………..

  98. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

    CommonLiberalSense…you are clearly one of the 82% of black children from a broken family. But you know Roots. Good for you. Now tell us who your dad is. Best of luck.

  99. Mike says:

    It is a little disingenuous to say that the Roots band was mistreating or disrespecting Michele when the song title clearly stated the truth……………..

  100. Stan says:

    Ah the liberals or rather the progressives are coming out of the closet by the millions…and all they can do is show their hatred of others who have a different opinion or thought. They are so diverse and intelligent. Nice…but alas they are the still the minority, the jesters, if you will, for those who herd the flock of fools that have received more than just one dose of propaganda during their short life time.

    Public education, gotta love it…started going down hill faster in the 70’s.

    Quantum leaps are now in vogue.

  101. Mike says:

    It is a little disingenuous to say that the Roots band was mistreating or disrespecting when the song title clearly stated the truth……………..

  102. Christina Bdba says:

    After the collapse comes I guess we will actually get to watch just how smart these liberals really are.No one is going to allow them out of the cites and I doubt most would know what to do once the grocery shelves are empty and the restaurants all closed.It sure will clean house of all those who thought they were oh so smart!

  103. Marcus B says:

    My pee pee is stuck in the opening and ‘chelle is late for a book signing. Can anyone help please…… dang it hurts and she needs to go soon. plzzzz help

  104. Beth says:

    Ugh. As a democrat, I’m completely ashamed and embarrassed for Fallon. Downright pathetic. Now I remember why I don’t watch this show.

  105. Jasonn says:

    Just what you’d expect from a low class, low-life, OWS supporting POS like Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson. You’d think that with Thanksgiving right around the corner these turkeys would be keeping a lower profile.

  106. steve says:

    i think we’re missing the point here. Fishbone is a great group and it is a great album. unfortunately, they didn’t play Land of the Freezed Dried Godzilla Farts or Party at Ground Zero.

  107. caligula says:

    TNB. no big whoop.

    1. Mel says:

      What does “TNB” stand for?

  108. Joe Bidenn says:

    Sure are alot of people that hate NBC these days.

  109. caligula says:

    TNB. no big whoop..

  110. Joe Drager says:

    If Republicans are stupid enough to go on stage with these narcissistic pricks, they deserve what the get.

  111. Chris says:

    Well, good for them. She is a lying a** b****. Eff all of our politicians!

  112. DigitalBob says:

    Really Jimmy? You’re better than that.

  113. to much says:

    209 posts – MN jobs are hard to come by huh?

    You people sound like a bunch of girls in a locker room smoking some dope and gabbing about nothin’ at all. You crazy little kids

  114. Hammer says:

    That’s funny, my question is could this obvious liberal genius Questlove cohernently explain what MB has said to prompt this ‘artistic’ statement. Doubtful.

  115. Darth Bladder says:

    Very humorous…wait until Michelle Obama is a guest and have the band play “The Waltz of the Big A$$ Wookies,” now that’s funny

    1. desperado says:

      right on. and lets get Mr. Obozo on and when he walks out lets play Mr. Bojangles

  116. JLin says:

    So she’s not intelligent? I’d bet a paycheck she has 40 points more IQ than you dimbulb, and 1000x your accomplishments in life.

  117. R H says:

    Playing “I miss you” for Olbermann, if there every was any credibility to the bands “statements”. Totally GONE. The Roots are a good band, no surprise on their views however.

  118. betsp says:

    A little juvenile, but ok as long as they play Punk A** Commie when Obama comes on the show.

  119. brad says:

    Fallon is a typical Hollyweird lefty – a total gutless pantload with no class.

  120. betsp says:

    Nobody watches this stuff anyway.

  121. Baggin on Dems says:

    Only liberal watch those shows anyways. Conservatives have to get up too early to go to work.

  122. aa says:

    Pretty classy to invite someone on to your show and then insult them, isn’t it? I didn’t think it was very classy of the NASCAR crowd to boo the First Lady either, but it wasn’t NASCAR themselves who did it. I don’t watch your show or those of the other bitter leftist hacks that call themselves comedians who are in your business these days, so I didn’t even know about this until it appeared on Drudge, which was the point all along, right? Nobodie’s watching are they Jimmy? I didn’t even know what Johnny Carsons political affiliations were, but he didn’t need to make cheap but “edgy” attacks on people to get airtime, he was actually funny. Stay classy, Fallon.

  123. Popeye Doyle says:

    Jimmy, you’re an Idiot.. and your hardly funny.,. I don’t support Bachmann either.

  124. JLin says:

    Obama steals or blows $5T taxpayer dollars and Michelle Bachmann is the “Lyin A** B*tch?? You are some dumb Liberal mofos is all i can say. Wow. Slow Joe really is smarter than you. LOL.

  125. Craig Britt says:

    Wait, you mean Jimmy Fallon has a show??? Who would’ve thought…
    I wonder what the National Organization of Women think about this. Oh that’s right, they don’t care unless it’s a liberal.

  126. Craig Britt says:

    Wait, you mean Jimmy Fallon has a show??? Crazy… I wonder what the NOW thinks of this. Oh that’s right, Bachmann isn’t a liberal.

  127. Mark Carlton says:

    No; there’s no way she would have recognized it. How would she? She has too much class to listen to that kind of cr@p.

  128. jimmyfallonsconscience says:

    Fallon is a gutless, ball-less, unfunny desperately politically correct little wannabe.

  129. petosi bill says:

    Michelle Bachman..
    gets that song while Jimm Fallon laughs…

    Yea bring on Hillary the doting girlfriend of Weiner’s wife of convenience and married to accused Rapist Bill Clinton

    They will probably play all hail the Chief…such a load of it..but at least we are all in on the joke now..
    Hte rich white people..conservatives I mean..
    Hate White Conservative Women…
    the protected class is well defined…Communists know who their brethren are..

  130. jnsesq says:

    Gosh, I wish I were a hip liberal. How do I learn to be a rude know-it-all? Do I have to go back to college?

  131. Big Papi says:

    Roots is an all Black band—Fallon is constantly Uncle Tomming to them in a pitiful pathetic guilty white boy kind of way. Suddenly Jimmy isnt so cute anymore. A mean spirited, vindictive Massachusetts suburbanite with a brain syndrome—he reminds me of a Tears of a Clown kind of guy now. Not happy when alone with his own thoughts. They medicate kids like him now. May his show be remembered with the likes of the John McEnroe show, the Magic Johnson show, and the immortal Chevy Chase show. He and Tina Fey should lead us all.

  132. DJH says:

    Ah yes, the class and tolerance of the left.
    Funny – as dumb as some of the things bachmann has said are dems like pelosi, wasserman-schultz, murray, boxer et al have made some grossly ignorant statements but the left and the clowns in the media seem to miss those, odd – it’s almost as if they ignore it when someone like obama makes an idiot of himself, naaahhh, can’t be.
    Yet more proof of the morally bankrupt media, no surprise here.

  133. vicky bennett says:

    If you want to see dumb, look in your mirror.

    M.B is a true patriot.

    1. vicky bennett says:

      But yet you overlook all the liberal lies…. You libs on this website are hilarious.

      M.B is a true patriot.

  134. bob says:

    Who is Jimmy Fallon?
    Isn’t this the talk show equivalent of ” if a tree falls in the forest and there is none present, does it really make a noise?”

  135. Jake says:

    democrats have proved without a doubt that they are murderers, with support for abortion on demand; degenerates, with support for any kine sex prefs; robbers, check that slimmed down paycheck or Nancy P or J Corilonemeyourmoney-fool; and of course, liars, cause they try to deny it all!

  136. Frank says:

    WHO is Jimmy Fallon?????

    1. DJ says:

      He’s a failed comic who isn’t funny enough to put on the air until AFTER the 2:15am Farm & Tractor report. I swear, “cutesy” juvenile humor like Fallon’s got old about ten years ago. Just ask Adam Sandler.

  137. sauntom says:

    By the way, Red Red Wine is a Neil Diamond song which UB40 co-opted and ruined. A little fact checking goes a long way ….

  138. Vic Livingston says:


  139. Tim says:

    Most people wouldn’t have recognized that song. That’s because most people have better things to do with their time than pay attention to obscure bands and music.

  140. Spuchy says:

    Jimmy Fallon has a TV show!? And he has a left-leaning chimp band too!? WOW!

  141. edwardo says:

    Count on blacks as Obama lovers and conservative haters, they are all marxists as is hollywood, and NYC media.

  142. Kate says:

    Who the heck is Jimmy Fallon and why would he have a show?. Was he not one of those Saturday Night Live jerks? What happened? Did he get fired?

  143. caligula says:

    TNB. it’s to be expected

    1. Roze says:

      TNB, you said it.

  144. Kent says:

    What did she lie about? Name one thing. I can name lots of stuff your hero Obama lies about – the unemployment figures, to start. Just part of the character attack on any Republican candidate.

  145. Citizen says:

    Of all the comments on here that are nasty and derogative, good old ‘CCO picks my question to await moderation. It is quite possible, although probably improbable, that Bachmann got to review the show’s format beforehand. Would be nice to know, wouldn’t it. Guess I should not be questioning what information the media wants to let us know.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    So, my question is, did Bachmann hear the song and understand what was going on? Wait, check that. We are talking about M.B., after all.

  146. caligula says:

    TNB. they are like children. they can’t help it. less CCs in the brain. scientific fact.

    1. Big Bear says:

      Liberalism is an infantile philosophy.

      1. OHMYGODUIDIOTS says:

        No – saying your opinion with out justification is ‘infantile’.

        Jesus was socialist. Heal others for free… OMG!!!!

        1. vicky bennett says:

          So you think JESUS IS A SOCIALIST…. Have another drink of Kool-aid.

          Jesus wanted the widows and orphans taken care of, but I don’t remember reading where he wanted able bodied men to sit on their duff and collect.

          John 3:16

          1. jimmy says:

            I know he hated jews.

            1. mel says:

              Jesus was Jewish, Jimmy.

            2. tome says:

              quote where it says that. Vipers, Pharisees, maybe—you have no credibility. little demon—small “d” for you

            3. Linzertorte says:

              jimmy, jimmy, jimmy — Jesus WAS a Jew! Try not 2 b so stooppiiddd. K?

        2. biffula says:

          Nice try omyidiot. Jesus wasn’t too keen on kings/governments either. Dig a little deeper. He was about personal responsibility. You’ll be judged on how YOU treated fellow man, not if you voted socialist. You=epic fail. Please try again….after getting a better education.

        3. Commonman says:

          Jesus isn’t socialist, he’s God, uidiot. It was by faith they were healed. Jesus wants us to be good stewards, not poor decision makers.

          1. Morgan says:

            Jesus… Keep reading fairytales.

            1. tome says:

              i will take fairytales over your pornography any day—and twice on Sunday

        4. Chimp City Charlie says:

          Jesus was a socialist? LOL! Jesus said (paraphrasing) that if an able-bodied man doesn’t work, he should not eat.

          You probably don’t even believe in God, you lying marxist O-hole.

          (The ‘O’ stands for Obama)

        5. Rizz917 says:

          Jesus was not a socialist, what are you smoking? The Bible teaches that a man has to work and earn his keep, quite different from what you OWS mudd people are crying for. You are the socialis, not Christ.

        6. Crazy Eddy says:

          So you think that jesus advocated government dependency?

          1. shaun says:

            this thread so dumb – jesus was a man at best, get over it

        7. Calypso says:

          You haven’t the slightest clue! You must be a liberal!

    2. John Steele says:

      Michelle should have turned around and WALKED OFF THE STAGE. They would never to that to a lying ass Democratic

  147. Citizen says:

    Of all the nasty, derogative comments on here, ‘CCO picks this to moderate? Are you kidding me? I can’t ask a question for information?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    So, my question is, did Bachmann hear the song and understand what was going on? Wait, check that. We are talking about M.B., after all.

  148. Willis says:

    How would ANY body understand that song unless they heard it before in its entirety. It was a passive aggressive dig at a guest. You unwisely assume she is “dumb” because she just would not understand what was being played? There’s your prejudice, and the liberals’ at large. And I’m a liberal, sad to say these days. Double standard, hypocrisy within my voting base is a turn off. I don’t support Bachman at all, really what did she ever lie about of note? Even as a crude inside joke, it doesn’t make sense.

  149. no1specialjustrefular says:

    Just more liberal, gay fascism.

    Nothing new to see hear. Just move along.

  150. HairyHarry says:

    I can’t wait for this president to get his f-ing a### kicked from one end of the country to the other in 350 days. Then maybe little Jimmy Fallon can play ‘Na na na na, na na na na … hey hey GOOD F-ING BYE!!!!!!
    See ya liberals ….. you’ve done a bang up job of ruining this country in 3-plus years.

  151. CJ says:

    Never heard the song in my life. Who cares.

  152. ReachRenee says:

    Liberals are some of the most hateful and intolerant people in America. They are clueless on what made and makes this country great.

  153. Thomas Jeffery Egleston says:

    I’m so glad I’m a Libertarian because I hate the game of Divide & Conquer created for us by the global elites to play as they rip us off of trillions of dollars while destroying our country.

  154. vikesmike says:

    Jimmy Fallon has a TV show?!? Wow, anyone can get on TV now. CBS, America’s most watched network, as long as NFL football is on, otherwise we are number 234,859.

  155. Albert Finney says:

    Lyin a** B**ch??? They must have been paying homage to Michelle Obama…

  156. cindinator says:

    the jimmy fallon show is such a clASSless act, ‘nough said….

  157. Crosscut says:

    Fallon’s show sucks.

  158. Rick says:

    Wrong. Then why doesn’t the show or network admit this? because they knew exactly why they meant this disrespectful act. But I’m not surprised. I have found that the left is the most arrogant, ignorant, self indulging, ruthless, immoral creatures on earth. I never believed in the theory man evolved from ape until I met a liberal . I think I just discovered Darwins missing link.

  159. mvp says:

    I have noticed a pervasive trend in Conservative talk radio. Rush and his ilk spend each day describing problems (real or imagined) in our country and then build up “The Other” to blame it on: “Liberals.”

    Rush’s logic is thus: You first have to “know” that ANYONE who does not agree 100% with the official party line is a “Liberal.” They are “Liberals” even if they expressly do not self-identify as such. Get it? If you’re an independent and you don’t believe exactly what Rush tells you to then you are officially a “Liberal”.

    Second, you have to “know” that ALL “Liberals” are: Stupid, Lazy, Pompous, Arrogant, Perverse, and Want to Destroy America. Once you have a firm grasp of (A) and (B) then you are officially equipped with “GOP Logic Power”. Anyone who disagrees with you is thus a Liberal and cannot be taken seriously because everyone knows that all Liberals are stupid lazy perverts that hate America.

    I listen to “El Rushbo” on a regular basis. This is not an opinion or a supposition. This is how he approaches each and every segment of his program each and every day. The caustic side effects of this daily propagandic vitriol are clearly evident in reading the comments on this web page.

    1. HDGJOHN says:

      First I don’t think you are a regular listener to Rush and your not a independent. Rush is not a spokeman for the republican party.As for the blame game who has been in charge for the last three years. Now to propaganda who controls Hollywood,the colleges,the public education system, NPR,PBS,ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN, and I could go on. One word liberals

  160. Jim in Houston says:

    Who’s Jimmy Fallow?

  161. Gooodness says:

    MB is servicing any and all right now backstage at the Depends home show. It been said she is an even bigger sucker than her herd of sheep that follows

    1. HDGJOHN says:

      Sorta like Hillary and the first lady.

  162. Yes they are!! says:

    They make fun of conservatives and such. That’s just not right.

  163. Yes they are!! says:

    They make fun of us conservatives and such. That’s just not right.

  164. Alex says:

    So, why is his band all Black?

  165. Denise says:

    The word in the inner circles of Hollywood is that Fallon is the dumbest dude on television. Sarah Silverman left him because he can’t string three coherent sentences together.

  166. Dave says:

    Where’s the outrage from NAG (National Association of Gals)?

  167. Slappee says:

    But nobody watches Fallon. Nobody. Now he and his home boys in the band just proved they were all punks and confirmed what we all already knew.

  168. NCMike says:

    Classless, juvenile, and downright loathesome. Fallon is neither funny nor interesting. This ignorant act has cost him a viewer. His mug will never again appear on my TV. What a slug.

  169. Jack Reeves says:

    I think it’s a shame when any person, no matter what the party affiliation defames another person or group. Bachmann deserves a fair shot, you may not agree with her, but every voice deserves a chance to be heard without having to be ridiculed. Look at the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Here we have a group with numerous grievances, yet there are people cheering when peaceful protesters like those at UC Davis get pepper sprayed. The right denegrates the OWS movement like the left does to people like Bachmann and the Tea Party. We need to fight together to stop this sort of behavior. We are Americans. We are better than this.

  170. shane says:

    I still dont understand why ANY legit presidential hopeful would appear on one of these types of shows. Why not give the Enquirer an interview? And then be astonished at the lack of respect they receive.

  171. Seguaro says:

    Just as anyone could expect from a twinkie like Fallon. I had him sized up as a peter-puffing little fruit with the maturity of a 12 year-old the first instant he appeared on my TV screen.

    His rudeness and vapidity scream volumes about himself and his upbringing but nothing about his intended target.

  172. Climp Jones says:

    another example of some of the principal behind the scene forces involved with the ‘Media Machine.’

  173. leo says:

    as others have probably mentioned already, if this had happened to Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama you’d never hear the end of it. newpapers and periodicals across the country would give it front page coverage. NOW would be outraged! Chris Matthews(in tears) would have an hour long expose’ about it and Nancy Pelosi would DEMAND and apology.

  174. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

    Bachman is a moron.

    1. Crazy Eddy says:

      But a decent honorable person. How ’bout syourself Buscuit(sic) boy?

  175. biffula says:

    I guess Fallon’s band must be pleased as punch with dumb and dumber that they all voted for.

  176. patmurphy1965 says:

    it’s a mental disorder.

  177. itsdamotion says:

    Jimmy who?

  178. arnoldripkin says:

    Being a liberal is easy. Just mouth the words and go about your business. Just preach to the choir and don’t even move a muscle to actually help those you claim to care about.

  179. Liljon says:

    Wait a second. Wasn’t Michelle Obama booed at a NASCAR race for just saying “gentlemen, start your engines”? I think being rude is not a monopoly owned by one specific party. Questlove was out of line as was the people at the race that could not respect the first lady

  180. Chimp City Charlie says:

    Jimmy WHO?

  181. Gerry says:

    Jimmy Fallon is a punk-a@@ liberal little bitc$ like most of the clowns from Saturday Night Live. Just laugh at their good stuff but then realize what useless, irrelevant little tur#s they really are and forget about them.

  182. Jim Locke says:

    Michelle Bachman took a planeload of her friends to Spain on vacation; then she left on her own jet 4 hours before her husband left on his for the same destination on vacation. Oh, wait…. that was the other Michelle…. ….. nevermind.

    But you gotta love the intolerance of the tolerant!

  183. what!?! says:

    WOW 300 plus comments about what a washed up band did on a no name late night talk show – guess they struck a nerve – the truth really hurts

    1. potvin says:

      What truth? Liberals are a-holes? We already knew that.

  184. potvin says:

    They can play the Who’s “Won’t get fooled again” if Obama ever comes on.

  185. Cj says:

    used to watch him a lot. he’s funny. But now just a shill. Adios Questlove. LMAO, Questlove. Really?

  186. cj says:

    bachman has 23 foster kids, Questlove prolly sired 23 kids. Get the Sterotype you moron. Embrace your “Roots” band.

  187. fouroohe says:

    Jimmy Who?????

  188. Sal says:

    Limbaugh calls Michele Obama uppity and the media is livid. Bachman gets called much worse and no response. And of course the mainstream media isn’t biased.

  189. Drake says:

    Who is Jimmy Fallon?

  190. KickTheKenyanOut2012 says:

    Who are “Roots?”

  191. Deserttrek says:

    another reason no mature peson watches late night tv they suck up to barry and mochelle but smear others

  192. sigsauer says:

    What do you expect from CBS. I do have one question, Jimmy who?

  193. Hugh says:

    Hmmm–inviting a guest onto your talk show–then, like catty little school girls, conspiring to show how clever you are by playing an uncomplimentary song when the unwitting guest is introduced. That is sooo cool. The Jimmy Fallon show people are SO cool—and hip. Wow. Cool. So clever.

    How utterly puerile. They make Michelle Bachmann look like the only grownup in the room.

  194. Tim Crowley says:

    Without a doubt, the truth hurts. Bachmann is a liar. Fact. And come on now, people. She knows she can’t be President. She is only here to sell books.

  195. John says:

    Jimmy Fallon is a spokesperson for some kind of credit card, isn’t he? I wonder if they will continue on with him being their mouthpiece.

  196. Murph says:

    Aside from all the hullaballo.Just maybe Michele is starting to realize that her constant battle with the truth has dragged her image to the bottom of the commode! It’s time she took her toilet paper and retired from politics.In reality the real flush and scrubbing doesn’t start until 2012.Until then even the Tidy Bowl Man would puke after getting a small whiff of Congress and the GOP POTUS pretenders!

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