MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Embattled Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is already campaigning to keep his job even though he may not face a recall vote until next summer.

A coalition of groups including the Democratic Party and organized labor are now circulating recall petitions against Walker and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.

Walker is running television advertising defending his record during his 11 months in office and Republican volunteers will soon begin door-to-door and telephone phone campaigning.

The Walker recall effort will be one of the most fiercely contested races in the 2012 national campaign and will serve as a gauge of the public’s support for the measures used by new Republican governors to balance state budgets.

About 540,000 valid signatures must be submitted by Jan. 17 to trigger the recall election.

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Comments (52)
  1. Murph says:

    If only he had created the 250 thousand new jobs he promised,he might have kept HIS job.Zero jobs equals zero chance he survives recall.Besides the Feds will have him in prison by then!

    1. Obama Care says:

      How about Obama? Thanks for the Debt, you definately beat George Bush…

      I love that Russian Reporter!!

      1. Liberal Cry Babies says:

        by the way, where were those Democratic Senators during the debate??

        Answer: Hiding in Illinois!! Sounds like a wussy pre-teen kid who lost a game! So spineless…

        1. Scott Walker says:

          Thanks for the comment. call Koch industries for you paycheck. We pay propaganda experts well.

        2. Murph says:

          GOP Gestapo doesn’t debate ! They make new rules,new laws and further enrich those who need it least! They are an embarrasment to the whole country and what it once stood for.Declare martial law and fire the whole Senate and Congress,those who took oaths to Norquist instead of their country men should be tried ,convicted an locked away!

        3. Jerry Person says:

          You support the loss of due process? That makes Wisconsin worse than any banana republic. do you also support firing squads on liberals? Your commnets supporting convicts who refused the letter of the law over a legal action by the dems. Why are allgood old pervs felons too. GOP are all sickos You must work for Penn state. Protector of the pervs.

      2. Mike Jacobson says:

        Did you thank Bush for the debt as well??? I thought not.

        1. Tom says:

          @ Mike Jacobson

          Of course conservatives don’t Thank Bush for the debt he created after being handed a surplus. Conservatives seem to think that adding debt on top of existing debt is much worse than Bush being handed a surplus and blowing it.

          Another thing that conservatives seem to forget that most of debt created was not spent here in the States, but in the Middle East with Afgan and Iraq, but to mnay conservatives that money was well spent even though we got nothing out of it.

          And another thing conservatives seem to forget that they were handed all three branches of gov’t from 2000 – 2006. And they try to make the argument well the Dems were in charge from 2008 – 2010. So conservatives try to argue that Obama and Dems did more damage in 2 years than Bush and the GOP did in 6 years.

          And the conservatives argument is out of control spending. Well Bush and the GOP went on big spending spree from 2000 – 2004 and the conservatives didn’t seem to mind the big spending then because they voted to keep the big spender Bush in office for another 4 years. Until the voters woke up in 2006.

          It will be interesting too see if those who love Walker can find enough nutjobs in Wisc to save him.?

          And the other thing is conservatives like to blame the unions for everything. Well unions don’t create demand for anything the consumers do. It is the consumer who drive the economy not unions or companies.

          And you conservatives hate unions all together. Well I would bet that any car driven by a concersative is built by a union person. And I would be there are plenty of union members who conservatives. But in their deluiosnal mind that is totally different.

          1. stubby says:

            OK Tom, try to follow along. There isn’t a true conserative out there that would even try to defend Bush. Bush never claimed to be a conserative and he proved it. The Dems took control of both houses in 06 and starting in 08 had supermajoriy and the white house. Your buddy obama, begged for the job, was going to turn things around, get us out of the middle east, close gitmo, the list of broken promises goes on. He did nothing..In the first 2 years when the dems controlled everything, all they did was waste 4 trillion dollars. Which in turn let us to unemployment going to over 9%, record forclosers (thank barny frank and chris dod..more of your buddies) food stamp usage at a record high, wars still raging, gitmo still open. The republicans have passed 15 jobs bills in the house and all of them are sitting on a desk in the senate. Did you know obama, since he’s been in office, has yet to pass a budget, even when he had majority in both houses. What has this loser done that gives you a woodie?

            1. Indy says:

              Republicans have the Blue berry pie all over their face. The ate the pie. LMAO. You Republicans deny E V E R Y T H I N G that you did.

            2. Ahhh 'CCO says:

              You guys are something else.

            3. jackactionhero says:

              Begged for the job? It’s both amusing and annoying that you insist on the childish names and ways of describing things. Begged? Really? Grow up.

            4. Tom says:

              @ Stubby

              You are delusional if you are trying to tell us that true conservatives don’t try to defend Bush. They do!

              If true conservatives don’t defend Bush who did the true conservatives vote for in 2004?

        2. Obama Care says:

          a@ Mike Jacobson

          Actually I did, George Bush created debt, but Obama smoked George in creating more debt.

      3. Jerry Person says:

        Obama care helps the people get healthcare. self center psycopaths hate thems selfs so much they hate children . Our future. Only a sick puupy does not support healthcare to buy bombs. A sick sick psycopath.

        1. GN says:

          Another free luncher making smoke.

          1. Jerry Person says:

            A free luncher is David Koch or Rockwell international who gets billions in corporate welfare. To say people are free lunchers just shows how out of touch the morons are. Moron

      4. Tom says:

        How about you grow a brain…instead of sitting on it…?

        1. Jerry Person says:

          What ever self center psycopath. Chioldren first GOP are last. Good old pervs

  2. Crystal Ball says:

    Walker sees the writing on the wall, that’s why he’s starting to circle the wagons now. It’s going to be a fun few months watching him scramble to stay in office. Good luck, buddy. You’re just like all of the other GOPers who are starting to fall by the wayside ala Pawlenty, Bachmann, Palin, Cain, etc. Most Americans are smart enough to see through your line of B.S.

  3. Jerry Person says:

    The recall is all about the children. The generations of children scott walker has already ruined for personal , religous and party again. Websters dictionary says to change what is norm for personal, religous or polical gain is an act of perversion. So walker and all his supporters are acting like perverts. They should be arrested not contested. If not for double standards they would not have any. The last 11 elections in Wisconsin were determined by the Waukesha County clerk. In Wisconsin it is who counts the votes that counts. She count 22,000 more votes than were cast when GOP Van Hollen won as attorney general. First election fraud by the GOP must be addressed. Bribery of the preety boys must end.

    1. stubby says:

      get off the planet…now

  4. Scott Walker says:

    I will prevail. I have MR koch and the Waltons with billions. The liberals can not by the corporate TV propaganda I can with my open checkbook. I have smoke and mirrors that can not be stopped. I am the law . I am above all law. I have the FBI afraid of me. I am KGB. I have created elections like in Mother Russia our mother country. Davey Koch is Joe stalins nephew. he has given me Joes play book or bible. It is now law in Wisconsin 1920 Russia. the peopel are my SLAVES AND WORK FOR NOTHING.

    1. Pro-UNION MAN and proud says:

      You forgot that only you can walk on water and part the seas and feed millions and millions on flying asian carp. Now go catch some.Oh wait your busy trying to find votes. But you will have plenty of time in a few months.

      1. GN says:

        Another free luncher.

  5. Scott Walker says:

    THis my job creation. My own who cares about Wisconsin. I have bankrupted the state right in front of the idiots eyes. I will create the largest prison state in the world. Incarcerate not educate. Wisconsin status of the largest prison state per capita is nothing. I ruin people just for the kicks. I started a cult called children for jesus at 8 years old. I have been harming children sinse I was 6 years old. I have harmed millions this makes me a hero in my eyes.

    1. GN says:

      Sick individual you are.

  6. Mike Jacobson says:

    What a complete embarrassment!! You know you’re a wreck of a public servant when they want to recall your authoritarian keester at the get go! Look at his pictures and his record…just a little weasle who’s about to feel the end.

  7. Saw it coming says:

    Gotta love that the lazy dems amongst us think somehow getting something for nothing is going to last forever. Vote him out but the walls will come crashing down whether by choice or austerity. The house of cards can only stay up for just so long. It’s like lazy and entitled is the new norm with no shame attached.

    1. Scott Walker says:

      How could the people see it coming? I never told anyone. My meetings with Davy Koch and the waltons are always top secret. I have the journal sentinal and garnnet publications as public relation firms. They will hide the truth for me. They never exposed me before. I left the grease home. I am known for operating out of the closet. I never inform anyone until davey koch tells me too. I must do as I am told or else. We are all followers. Folow me folks.

  8. stubby says:

    Can someone, in a clear, to the point statement, tell me what Walker did that he needs to be recalled? Don’t give generalizations, be specific.

    1. Al says:

      The teachers are mad at him because they lost some of their collective bargaining rightts and they now have to pay a very small part of their medical benefits. Much less than the private sector.

      1. Stien says:

        My wife works in the private sector, she pays nothing for single health and dental. You need to find a new job Al! Or stop being so stupid!

    2. Murph says:

      Three months to send a small token force of National Guard and less than a dozen prisoners to cut a few trees.After people endured days with out electric,sweltering heat and spoiled food.He stopped the Red Cross from coming into some of the worst hit areas completely.He promised 250 thousand jobs and has created absolutely zero.Largely because he turned down free federal money that would have created some.So those funds and jobs went elsewhere.The guy is a geek and power hungry little monkey on the organ grinders chain! I hope he gets real close and popular with his new friend in the federal penetentiary!He’ll be somebodies steady girl friend!

    3. Scott Walker says:

      Number 1 He took 2 billion from the schools because the budget was short. then he gave 2 billion in tax breaks to huge monoploy corporations harming small businesses. This is theft for campaign money. Walker NEVER told anyone because he had no idea until the koch bros told him he had to billions from the schools for them. Walker admits it will be hard on the children. Number 2 walker has pushed vouchers. These are direct conflict with the state constitution. “No sectarian schools allowed”. This is a crime in any civilized land. This helps Walker push his CULT IDEALS. Number 3 Websters dictionary says one who changes what is norm for personal, religous or politcail reasons is an act of perversion. I do not support perverts. Why do you. Number 4 I got 100 more. I hope you can comprehend what I am saying. Then you will not support a street walker perv either. Todays GOP are good old per vs! Drunks support drinking only a perv would support another perv.

  9. John says:

    Scott Walker is a hero to everyone that pays taxes.

    1. Jerry Person says:

      So children do not pay taxes so attack them? Why because they are easy prey or it is the traits of a psycopath? To change what is norm for personal, politcal or religous reasons is an act of perversion. You support perversion says it all. Let those children out of your closet. You badge may scratch the kids.

  10. stubby says:

    I assuming everyone posting on here has a job. At the end of the week, or every 2 weeks, you look at your pay stub and shake your head, Almost a third is held out in some form of tax. Sure would be nice to have a few extra bucks each week….So all of you non-public union employees, explain to me how you can defend a system that takes money out of your check and gives it to the retirement fund and health fund of your neighbor? How much money is your public employee union putting in your retirement account? Let me help you answer that..NONE. How much of your heath care are they paying? Again…NONE. This is all about the public unions members crying because they have to kick in a little to their own retirement and health costs. Unless you are on the public dole, defend this system. Not one dime of my retirement fund or health care is paid for by taxpayers, I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have this power-hungry unions kick in a little.

    1. WAAAAAAAAAAH says:

      Does your name refer to your brain? Instead of wages the state workers negotiate a retirement plan and a health care plan. What is so hard for you to figure out. Of course if the politicians were not looking out for their buddies, they could have given a middle class tax break. Unfortunately for you that wouldn’t have helped as you have no class. Cry your little eyes out about what someone else gets and you don’t. “WAAAAAAAAH Billy gets this and I don’t “

    2. Stien says:

      Stubby! Stubby! Stubby!

      Not one dime of your retirement fund or healthcare costs come from the tax payer? Really? You must be self employed. If not, you just lied to us all! Company benefits do come at a cost to the tax payer. You should know this!

  11. Bill says:

    Scott Walker = Klu Klux Konservative.

  12. G Dog says:

    Nice “Sieg Heil” salute in your picture Guv!!!!!!

    1. desert eagle .50 says:

      It’s not a salute, he’s waving buh bye to the stinking unions.

  13. Troy says:

    Walker is toast…..get out loser!!!!

  14. WCCO's says:

    censors are at it again here

    1. frozenrunner says:

      Can’t tell too much truth about the _ __ __ party or your comment mysteriously goes away

  15. Bubba says:

    Just the mere fact that there is going to be a recall should be enough to show that what he is trying to accomplish isn’t taking into consideration half of Wisc. He may not lose the recall, but he’ll most likely be a one and done governor.

  16. Citizen says:

    From the Dismal Political Economist’s Sunday blog:
    “When Are Conservatives Going to Quit Whining About Public Employee Union Contracts
    Do They Just Not Understand That Management Has to Sign Off on Any Contract?

    One of the many things Conservatives are united about is that public employee unions have imposed huge unmanageable costs on state and local governments, and that is the reason why those governments have financial problems. Even worse, from their point of view, it is the reason why those same government cannot enact big tax cuts for the wealthy.”
    “Wow, public employee unions who in most cases do not even have the right to strike are more powerful than government, who has very deep pockets and can withstand a strike far better than a private company. Who would have thought that state and local government officials are so pitiful, so impotent, so lacking in basic management skills that they cannot engage in successful collective bargaining.
    When the contract expires and a new one is being negotiated management just says we are changing that and reaches agreement on what management wants. It’s called collective bargaining… and with government at the table it is far more powerful than any union. If you and your fellow Conservatives are not up to it, the thing to do is not destroy collective bargaining, but for you and your ilk to cede political offices to those who are.”
    In other words, Walker & his crowd have admitted that they do not have the stones to stand up to the unions (or the smarts), so they get rid of them. Talk about wimpy!

    1. jerry person says:

      This big drain is not the teachers or fireman. It is the out of control judicial branch. They waste billions. thats why they support Walker because they are the real schemers. They have ruined generations of our youth for personal and agency gain. It is the criminal just us systems. Private prison industry buying Walker. The John Birch Society does ten times the harm of the kochs. They make billions on prison security sysytems ect. Big money ion jails. what a sick society stealing liberty so a greedy few can prevail. Guess who Mr & Mrs walker had breakfast with the morning after his election win? You guessed it the president of the journal sentinal a several other tea party john birchers. His ringleaders.

  17. Scott Walker says:

    I do not have to debate. I am King. I have Kathy Nickolaus my favorite clerk
    to count the votes. She has been great so far. Otherwise many of the GOP would not have won elections. In my state it is who counts the votes not who votes that counts. thats why Ia am KING and your all peasants. If you do not obey I will incarcerate you and your children and your childrens children. My bible told me so. I will be out walking on the water watching you. I am very vendictive as many people know.

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