ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A Minneapolis man has been sentenced to six months in federal prison for assaulting an 83-year-old Somali man.

George Thompson was sentenced Tuesday on one count of violating a federal hate crimes act named after Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr., two well-known hate crime victims.

Thompson pleaded guilty in August. Court papers say the 64-year-old former employee of the Transportation Security Administration told the older man he was going to kill him and chased him into a Minneapolis street on May 4, 2010.

Thompson admitted targeting the victim because he believed the man was a Muslim Somali. During the assault, prosecutors say Thompson told the man to go back to Africa and yelled ethnic and religious slurs at him.

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Comments (33)
  1. rocky says:

    He would have got a lighter sentance if he had ran him over with his car and left the seen……

    1. No Doubt says:

      It’s sad, because that’s true. It’s also sad that this guys will serve more actual time than Conrad Murray

    2. Here we go says:

      He/she would have gotten ZILCH if the last name was Senser too
      just sayin’
      It’s great to be white and have some cash in America, isn’t it !
      I love my toys and my boys and I am Amy

  2. Rags says:

    Was George drunk or high? That usually gets you off in Minnesota.

    1. George was says:

      drunk as a skunk, as they say.

  3. Billy has a gun says:

    It is only a Federal Hate Crime if the victim is black. Reverse it and its just an assault……

    1. Uhhh nope. says:

      That would not be correct. For example:

      But hey, your fact-free opinion’s good as gold by me.

      1. Kevin says:

        Amish dont count….they have been probed by aliens……not fair!

    2. max says:

      You obviously don’t know the law.

  4. Chris Stumpfl says:

    While we should never condone violent acts against others. It is not suprising to see this . How many in the somali community have already been prosecuted for ties to terror groups, or have been recruited to perform acts of terror. The state gives them an EBT card, free medical, a place to live, and special places of worship at work and public schools. While the rest of us struggle to get by. As a Veteran I am digusted, what have they done to deserve all of this? Nothing…

    1. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

      Your my new hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well said….

    2. redneck purist says:

      No kidding. Have you noticed that the media tends to call a Somalian a “Bloomington man” or a “Minneapolis man” when a Somalian gets busted for a crime, but a “Somalian man” when they’re a victim? Their ethnicity is never mentioned when they’re the perp, just when they’re a victim. Start watching for it, and you’ll see what I mean. Pretty soon you’ll have to move from Minnesota to Somalia to get away from the Somalians.

      1. ticked says:

        YOu are so right, am I to infer from this article that he was sentenced because he called the guy names and told him to go back to Africa? He has every right to express himself and say what he wants, it is freedom of speech. If he is condemed because of his speech, shouldn’t the Occoupy Wall Street and everywhere else crowd be arrested for their speech too?
        Why is an 84 year old Somalli here anyway? He is too old to be produc tive, is he only here to recieve endless benefits?

    3. ann says:

      You are so RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. PrimumNonNocere says:

    Color-blind racism. “while we should never condone violent acts against others. It is not surprising to see this”. A lot of white Americans have been, and continue to be tied to a terrorist group- the KKK. Being Somalian doesn’t grant you a special place of worship at work. Somalia is a country, not a religion.

    It’s sad to me that none of the comments have expressed how terrible it is that an 83 year old man was treated the way he was, regardless of race, ethnicity or any other factor other than being a human being.

  6. dustin says:

    It should not matter if he’s Somalian or not. Would you ever read a 83 y/o white male was assaulted? I think not…

    I think an “83 year old man was assaulted…” is fair enough. The man is African American. Would we ever read Russian-American? No…because he would be white.

    1. max says:

      In this case, the motivation for the attack was the victim’s ethnicity and religion therefore his ethnicity is completely germane. If a Caucasian is attacked because of their race, then that would also be germane and a hate crime. On the other hand, if a Caucasian is attacked as say part of a robbery, then their race isn’t necessarily germane.

  7. Buster says:

    Didn’t realize Kevin was 64 years old!

  8. who cares? says:

    Toss out the race – the dude was 83 and was assualted by a perp who’s going to jail. done
    BTW-hope he gets his uranus and others palnets packed full of love too while he’s doing his days. 2-3 times a day ….. anyone goes off on an 83 , regardless , deserves things sore

  9. who cares says:

    Toss out the race – the dude was 83 and was assualted by a perp who’s going to jail. done
    BTW-hope he gets his uranus and others palnets packed full of love too while he’s doing his days. 2-3 times a day ….. anyone goes off on an 83 , regardless , deserves things sore

  10. Tired Vet says:

    Listen, it’s not because they are Somali- It has everything to do with their religion. It is a hateful religion, regardless of how “they” try to spin it as being peaceful. I have witnessed it first hand in Iraq and it is pure evil!! My opinion is when “they” get caught for funding terrorism or anything to do with it, “they” should be hung from a street lamp for the world to see. It is treason, and treason is met by death right?? Also, on top of that, this statement hit the nail on the head- ” The state gives them an EBT card, free medical, a place to live, and special places of worship at work and public schools.” I have also seen this first hand and it is down right ridiculous!!!

    – A tired VET

    1. You falling into the cesspool yourself says:

      I’m a tired Vet too, from Nam and the 60’s
      And in my mind you are suffering from PTS or similar Tired
      Not a word has been referenced where the victim said he was Muslim. Not a word stated there was anything said except the perps
      “Thompson admitted targeting the victim because he believed the man was a Muslim Somali”
      Ok – you hate Muslims because of what? You directed us to nothing in your comments. You hate them – that’s okay by me. It doesn’t give you or any other sick SOB the right to attack anyone just because you find it to be your daily dose of fun.
      Can I simplify this for you? Some of my ancestors have died in every war this country has fought dating back to day #1. I don’t hate the Brits, Spanish, French, the Confederates, Mexicans, and Lord knows whom else I am not including….and I am not a Christian in maybe your sense. I am a Native American. Should I run around stomping older people than myself because I happen to think most religions in some way promote hate against those that don’t believe in things “their” way ?
      This is bs and racism at it’s finest and you have no defense, outside of pure ignorance that is, to defend it.
      Hate them all you want but leave this bs for the battle fields outside our homeland. Acting like a POS like these bastids proves nothing

      1. disagree says:

        You are an idiot.

        I agree with Tired VET 100%

      2. Tired Vet says:

        First off, thank you for your service-

        I apologize if I lead you to believe that I hate Muslims in general, that was not my intention. My intention was to try and point out the obvious of everything being handed to them and my dislike for “radical” muslim extremists. Funny too, how the majority of muslims wear their head garb or pray 5 times daily here in MN- (but you are right, I shouldn’t presume they are Muslim just from that) I too do not hate the Brits, Spanish, Etc. What I do hate is these EVIL people called terrorists (mainly muslim) going around blowing up and injuring innocent people around the world, and for what??? I can go on all day about this, but back to the point- you are correct, no one has the right to attack anyone just for the hell of it. That I agree with you on, however, in this instance, I am sure I can relate to the “perps” anger- I am sure he is retired receiving social security if he’s lucky that barely helps him with anything and no assistance from the government; and on the flipside we have this elderly Somalian that probably never worked a day in his life in America, yet I bet he gets full benefits to include money, medical, housing and stuff like that- and why??? Which leads me to my next question, being that you are “Native American” how much does the government give you a month because of that simple fact?? or when you turned 18 ? Just curiousity, not racismn leading my argument.

  11. Ode to The Kev -- The Kev Reacts says:

    The subject’s part psychology
    and part cryptozoology.
    From whence the Kev’s moronic burble?
    Because his father was a gerbil.

    ‘Tis true, for us it is a bane,
    the filth from his half-gerbil brain.
    Projections all, of a self-hate
    his appetite insatiate.

    Self-loathing, too, you’d find provoked
    if mentions of your dad evoked
    from your own mom amorous sighs,
    then plaintive moans, then sobbing cries:

    “But how I miss his marble eyes
    and I between his furry thighs!
    And oh! That pointy nose that twitched
    those times he scratched my carnal itch!”

    So pray, forgive Kev’s frenetic babble,
    the stuff of his genetic scrabble;
    ‘Tis known to suffer from dementia
    mammals of the order rodentia.

    Kevin furrowed his protuberant unibrow. This was the second time this guy had posted this poem. Who was he? The Realist? Citizen? JackActionHero? And how did he know about his nickname? He had always thought “the Kev” was kind of cool. But now he reconsidered: “The Kev” was half a name, and that seemed fitting for half a man. Half a man who was also half a gerbil.

    That was nonsense, of course. You didn’t have to belong to the master race to see that. He glanced at his own reflection in his monitor. Two fat cheeks, a long narrow nose, and a pointed chin scowled back at him. A rather triangular face, he suddenly realized. He sought diversion and found it in his most prized feature. He stroked this carefully cultivated mustache now. What gerbil had ever worn a Hitler stache? He peered at the mustache more closely. Some trick of lighting, or possibly the ‘CCO website color scheme, was giving his mustache a strange appearance. Kind of like a black bowtie, he thought. Or… wait. No. What? A pair of whiskers? Come on!

    1. Kevin says:

      Wow….you either need to get a hobby…..a job……or get la*d……..nice poem though….thanks…..

      1. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

        Dude I think he wants to touch your private parts with his hitler mustache. You might want to get a restraingin order on this glitter throwing freak!

  12. please says:

    Sorry but Muslims don’t like us and we don’t like them.

    This guy should be free to go. I applaud his actions. 🙂

    And for the hate crime act: Sheppard was gay. Byrd was black.

    Can they add in a name of a white guy who was killed by a black guy?
    We never hear of hate crimes when blacks assault whites in the media.
    Just like all those race riots that have been happening at fairs. Not much coverage.

    1. silly baby boys says:

      How did the perp know he was a Muslim??? Called assumption. I also happen to think you are one so watch yer back there snotface.
      I get why 90% of the world hates you American freaks, I really do. Ye reap what ye sows I guess. cheers ya redneck puny boys….ya got no junk the world knows too. lmao

      1. ask and you shall recieve says:

        You talk as if you want to bury your face in the laps of the men of this country… is that so?

        1. Not my taste there says:

          Learn to spell you moron. 😉
          Hmmm – so are you cruising around here looking for dudes ???? 😦
          No lady in your life I guess – is your last name Fine?

    2. LMAO says:

      Why do we need to use the term-name-expression “white guy” when in America the vast MAJORITY OF US ARE IN FACT white ?
      Seems even dumb this needs to be pointed out but it seems to have to be done.
      Any other race-sexual orientation, etc I guess they do and maybe need to if it is relevant to the story.
      I admit I am racist when it comes to Somalians – maybe I shouldn’t be but based on my experiences I am. I have no problem with Muslims but I have a helluva problem with extremist Muslims.
      And I also have a helluva problem with perverts who like young kids, rapists, sadists, most drunks and abusers and any and all red necks who get their rocks off beating people up. I will pretty much guarantee any one in this latter group will avoid me for their own safety just doing a visual (6’6″ 264# ex-US Army Sgt) but if not lets dance. Any time and any place.
      I am always available and ready and willing to assist anyone who is the underdog or victim. Always willing to party and never will run from a conflict. It’s in my gene pool.
      You bad sounding little men hiding behind you keyboards make me laugh. I flick fleas like you off for breakfast. lol

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