MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Thousands of dollars, electronics and even a car were all stolen from some college students while they were away on Thanksgiving break.

At least five homes were burglarized around the University of Minnesota in the Southeast Como and Marcy-Holmes Neighborhoods.

They were welcomed back from a short Thanksgiving break in the most unwelcoming of ways. Jill Rollins lives in an apartment that was targeted.

“This was open to about here just letting cold air in for who knows how many days,” Rollins said, referring to her window.

The thieves walked through taking two TVs, a Wii gaming console and a backpack with expensive books and electronics.

Nearby, another apartment was broken into. This time, two laptops were taken along with a car they found the keys for inside.

“Just kind of an eerie feeling knowing someone was in our apartment when we weren’t,” Rollins said.

A few blocks away, police aren’t sure if it was the same burglars who climbed in through a window last Wednesday night. All of the cash Callie Rose stored as a server was gone.

“Between $500 and $600, I think,” Rose said.

In this case, someone was home. Lane Schlickman thought it was another roommate goofing around.

“It was definitely a scary experience especially now that I know someone else was in the house,” Schlickman said.

They are doing things a little differently now, locking windows and doors. They are hoping Christmas break will have a better ending.

Police said when anyone leaves, especially students, it’s important to still make it look like you’re still home. Leave the lights on, have someone pick up your mail and don’t keep expensive items like those big TVs near windows where they can easily be seen.

No suspects have been arrested in connection with the thefts. Anyone with information about the incidents is asked to call Minneapolis Police.

Liz Collin

Comments (4)
  1. Ben says:

    Are the roommates ruled out? I had a roommate that used to live with me and claimed that he didn’t steal something, so I automatically assumed someone broke into my room, which in fact it was him.

  2. Darren says:

    Two Tv’s and a Wii and other electronics. Glad our college students don’t have any money!

    1. Petester says:

      Momma and Daddy probably paid for it.

  3. MeanJeans says:

    In the article,It said they are going to do things differently and lock windows and doors. Were they not doing that before? It sucks having your stuff stolen but Leaving windows unlocked is just asking someone to try and break in.