ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – The Minnesota Department of Public Safety announced Thursday that it will crack down on drinking and driving during the month of December.

The move comes as no surprise with holiday parties coming up as well as New Year’s Eve. DPS officials said law enforcement agencies will add DWI patrols statewide as December has been a peak month for alcohol-related crashes the last three years.

The Minnesota State Patrol is partnering with DPS to offer 8,500 extra hours of DWI patrols on Minnesota roads.

In December 2009, 2009 and 2010 there were a combined 1,097 alcohol-related crashes, including 24 fatal crashes.

DPS officials urge motorists that if they plan on drinking, plan a sober ride or take public transportation to get home. Motorists are also urged to call 911 if they see evidence of impaired drivers on the road.

There have been 313 traffic-related deaths this year, compared to 369 at this time last year. The main message is to drive carefully on Minnesota roads throughout the holiday season.

Comments (14)
  1. Commonsense says:

    No Duh – does this surprise anyone – why they need to ramp up patrols is beyond me as they’ve been doing pretty well all year – my guess is some police officers need the overtime before the holidays. We all know that drunks kill people, but can they also start pulling over the idiots who just don’t pay attention – you know the ones they call distracted drivers – those idiots kill just as many people as drunks the only difference – distracted driving = Misdeameanor – drunk is a felony – Hmmm both are choices people make.

    1. Brian says:

      @Commonsense-you need to change your name. You are clearly not smart enough to have a pulse. Keep your idiotic, uninformed, meaningless comments to yourself in the future. Stick to world of warcraft, goon.

  2. @Common says:

    I think it’s safe to say commonsense has a DWI, bitter much, go get smashed and hit a tree do your family a favor.

  3. Goober261 says:

    I’ve never had a DWI and feel the same way as Commonsense.
    .Additional DWI enforcement is just a way to enhance the revenue stream to law enforcement agencies and police deparments in the form of grant money from the federal and state governments.

  4. how about DWT? says:

    Nowadays I’m more worried about all the DWT’s out there (Driving While Texting)
    You know, the ones driving in both lanes 15mph under the posted speed limit. Why don’t you give us some facts on how many fatal crashes have been related to cell phones this year!

  5. tan pup says:

    DWI and DWT same thing: however, you can shut your phone off and not text while driving and be just fine – drinking is different. Sorry follks if the state needs more revenue and does so by pulling every drunk over and gets them off the roads, more power to the state! If your not drunk, you won’t have any problems – grow up and get a designated driver so no other families have to bury their loved ones this holiday season because YOU feel insulted your tax dollars are going towards inforcement of the law.

    1. how about DWT? says:

      then DO IT!!!

  6. curious says:

    I wanna know what Amy thinks?

  7. and says:

    Ahhh the Dwi money machine once again. I guess that surplus had to come from some where.

  8. Kevin says:

    There goes my Christmas plans……

  9. Obv. says:

    I christmas wish is the people complaining on here about more enforcement are broadsided by a drunk.

  10. zee the reporter says:

    I like to drink and drive look out for me and help me get home!

  11. The Angry Walrus says:

    You people are actually upset that there are increased patrols? You can’t be serious. So the state makes some more money by keeping drunkis off the road. That is a win win.

  12. Al Coholic says:

    Ah yes,preseason for the rookie drinkers.Pros wait until Good Friday.No patrols that week-end!

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