MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak says city leaders will meet with Minnesota Vikings officials soon to narrow a list of three potential sites for a new stadium.

The Vikings prefer a site in the St. Paul suburb of Arden Hills. But legislators this week urged both the Vikings and Rybak to work together to figure out which of the Minneapolis sites should get serious consideration too.

Rybak said in an interview on WCCO-AM Thursday that the meeting would take place before next Tuesday’s stadium hearing at the Capitol.

Rybak says he has always favored building on the current Metrodome site because it’s been proven the site can work. But he says two other sites on the western edge of downtown are also good.

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Comments (13)
  1. I'm Just Sayin says:

    a little late to the party Mr. Rybak. Interesting how you flexed your political muscle to force the Vikings to consider a Minneapolis site to build an inferior product so you can funnel money into other pet projects you have in Minneapolis. How do you sleep at night? Are you really that big of a roller that political blackmail is no big deal?

    1. Keith Stone says:

      NO problem here. Mpls already has a stadium and a team that plays there. No need for 100s of millions to build a new one. Either use the existing stadium or move to LA. NO TAX PAYER DOLLARS for a purple palace!

  2. zee the reporter says:

    No more games lets pick a site and go with it!

    1. Mad Dog says:

      LA sounds the best.

  3. Mae Johns says:

    If this state can afford to build a new stadium to play a CHILD’S GAME, we can afford better schools, more money spent on infrastructure, and more money to help homeless hungry children. ANY state money spent on a sports stadium is an absolute sin.

    1. I'm Just Sayin says:


      You are proposign giving up a long term revenue stream to fix a long term problem? How does that work? No money and we can not fix our roads, nor feed our hungry, nor spend even more on education. The real sin would be not to think this through and to let a revenue source like the vikings leave because we do not like that Ziggy makes money off of a prduct that he owns.

      1. choice: no -or - referendum says:

        You must not have seen the news over the past few weeks. MN doesn’t make any money off the Vikings, not after expenses. Zygi makes money, enough to buy a NY apartment for $19 million.

        Maybe if MN owned the Vikings I could support a stadium but they don’t and I don’t. And apparently I have a lot of company.

        Like the man says below – do it the legal way ………

      2. Noway Jose says:

        The vikings don’t produce enough tax revenue to cover their costs…they are a net zero operation AT BEST. No tax dollars should be contributed to these clowns. Didn’t Ziggy just buy an 18M condo? Ya, he really needs a government handout.

  4. They give public service a whole new definition says:

    Dayton has his prozac, Rybak has his pot, both are set on spending your money for Zygi’s benefit.

    Maybe Zygi promised them they could use the new NYC digs for a party after Zygi finishes fleecing the people of Minnesota.

    Yup, welcome to ZygiWorld and the Peoples’ Stadium. Youbetcha boss!

  5. ooompa says:

    By law any increase in tax requires a vote by the people. Do it the legal way and I have no problem supporting a vikings stadium.

  6. tan pup says:

    The bottom line: MN has no money for anything that actually helps out the majority of people; like transportation, education, some basic social services for vets and even extended unemployment benefits so families don’t lose their homes and kids don’t have to live in their parents cars when it’s -20 degrees outside; Yet these idiots we’ve elected – both sides folks – want to come up with financing for another New York locust. I think Ziggi needs to go speak with his Rabbi and ask for guidance this Hanukah season!

  7. Rybak, pull your head out of the brown zone! says:

    For our less than attentive to their constituents politicians to even entertain the possibility of using any form of public money to further enrich a private entertainment enterprise is unconscionable. Some are even advocating using Legacy Funds for a new stadium!

    If Zygi is allowed to blackmail Minnesota, is there any conceivable reason we shouldn’t give the same degree of financial contributions to Target, Ecolabs, Cargill, United Health, Best Buy, 3M, Super Value, Medtronic, Hormel, and on and on and on??? Most of these companies have been here longer than the Vikings, have paid FAR MORE taxes, and are FAR MORE involved in the community than Zygi or the Vikings ever will.

    They also employ more full time people, they offer better pay and benefits, they pay more taxes, and they contribute more to the community.

    We need to get rid of all the mental midgets we have in public office – the only thing they can accomplish is finding new and more wasteful ways to spend taxpayer money.

    NO money for a new stadium – for anybody!

  8. Mary says:

    The problem isn’t about WHERE a stadium should be, that is a distraction. The problem is how politicians can give public money to a billionaire and not get thrown out of office.

    Catholic Priest: Did you hear what Zygi’s trying to do to the taxpayers of Minnesota?

    Penn State Coach: Yes, and it sickens me.

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