MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Vikings season may be all but over, but there will still be a lot of national interest in their opponent this weekend.

The Denver Broncos are coming to town and with them comes “Tebowmania.” Tim Tebow is the Broncos quarterback, and he’s known for celebrating his faith as much as Bronco victories.

Katelynn McBride is a Broncos fan and a Colorado girl living in a Minneapolis apartment. She’s got a Broncos jerseys dating back to the early 1990s, but her favorite of all-time is already her pink Tebow jersey.

“I think the reaction in Denver is that if the Broncos can continue to win like this, any of us would be happy to personally hold a Bible study every week,” said McBride.

Maybe that’s what Tebow wants. He’s 5-1 since taking over as Denver’s starting quarterback. This despite averaging just 85 passing yards a game with an unorthodox throwing motion- something critics have pounced on.

But the most controversial thing about ‘Tebowmania’ may be his faith. An extremely devout Christian, he talks about his religion at every press conference and his genuflecting on the field is now known as “Tebowing.”

“I think people are attracted to values that are similar to theirs. I think people are happy to see a religious person succeed on the field without being embarrassed about it. I say good for them,” said McBride.

Love him or hate him, Tebow’s popularity has soared even outside of Bronco nation. At Pro Image at the Mall of America, his jersey has surged into a top-five seller.

“We will probably sell-out by 2 p.m. Saturday. We have all day tomorrow and Saturday morning. It will be early Saturday,” said Jesse Fronek, manager at Pro Image.

To some he is the best and worst thing that has happened to the NFL. To Greg Coleman of the Vikings Radio Network, he’s comparable to Tony Dungy, a coach who also put God before football. Despite the critics, Dungy won a Superbowl.

“We would much rather trade records with the Broncos instead of being 2-9. Is he good for the league? Absolutely. And he’s even better for the Denver Broncos. I hope he continues to be strong in his faith, but I hope he flounders like crap at the Mall of America on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings,” said Coleman.

Comments (25)
  1. God Is Good says:

    Oh No, He’s gonna offend the liberal pinko athiests in the crowd…you know the ones, their god is “un-belief”.

    1. Sorry!! says:

      But I traded in my superstitions a long time ago. You want to believe in God, Goblins and Ghosts? By all means. Have at it.

      I don’t care. But please quit bothering me about whatever it is you believe in.

      1. Torrath says:

        Say what you want, believe what you want. I couldn’t care less about you. Your inability to comprehend something doesn’t negate it’s existence. Either way, when we die, if I’m wrong you’ll never know but if you are wrong….lololololololololol

        1. So says:

          because you think you “comprehend” something means it must be true? Gimme a break. You guys used to think the sun revolved around the earth. You still think cavemen and dinosaurs lived together.

          That and believing in this stuff makes you intellectually superior somehow?

          Ok then!! Whatever you say. Though give some thought to getting back on the meds.

  2. Robert says:

    I’m so tired of these Christians forcing their beliefs down everyone’s throat! I don’t push my religiouious and I don’t want to hear your’s Tebow.

    1. Torrath says:

      Nice example of tolerance there ol Robby-boy. I’d pray for your pitiful soul but I doubt you have one. GiG is right. “un-belief” is a faith unto itself and we are tired of you and your media friends and politicians shoving your garbage down our throats. God bless Tebow for not knuckling under to your empty way of life.

      1. Rocks in her head says:

        Ohhhh, we are all so worried we don’t have one of those things made up by a bunch of old men eons ago, a soul. Oh no, now I may go to that made up place that has fire and pitchforks.

        1. Torrath says:

          Hey Einstein, see my reply to “Sorry” above. It applies to you as well. Maybe even with twice the lol’s.

          1. Jeepers!! says:

            You sure told him, didn’t you!!

    2. N/A says:

      “Forcing beliefs”? I don’t see him walking into the stands preaching or telling everyone on national TV to become a Christian or else. All he does is talk about it. It’s no different than anyone else talking about any other religion on TV.

      You might want to plug your ears when someone says the word “Christmas” because you’ll probably choke on it.

      1. Well then says:

        Why would you think anyone would choke on the word “Christmas”? Because they don’t believe in the same thing you do?

    3. Jack Parker says:

      Comments like yours are the EXACT same thing, Robby. You’re forcing your non-belief (not to mention intolerance and hate speech) down everyone’s throats.

      1. BooHoo!! says:

        Poor babies!! Just because folks tell you to mind your own business when it comes to religion doesn’t mean anyone is forcing anything down your throats.

        It’s just our way of telling you to go bother someone else with all your religious claptrap.

        1. Ummmm... says:

          Why can’t you just ignore it then? Like how I may choose to ignore what ANY person says about ANY topic? People can speak up. People can voice whatever opinion they want. So Tim wants to chat church after the game. Fine – do you really care what they say after the game anyway? Would you care any more if he thanked Allah? Any less? Does it really flippin matter? Do any of you throwing barbs around at each other think the other person CARES what you think?

          Wait, what am I doing responding to this…

          1. Uhhh says:

            That’s the point; I don’t care. Guy said “You’re forcing your non-belief…/down everyone’s throats.” But that’s not true.

            On the other hand, a lot of Christians do care. And they want me to care too.

    4. J says:

      What if Tebow was genuinely sharing his faith because he loved people?

  3. T says:

    If there was a god he would have nothing to do with football. I certainly don’t believe in any of the sillyness in religion but praying in sports…..are you F-ing me.

    1. A says:

      I think Ben Folds wrote a song about that – called Effington – hilarious really, and asks exactly that question – would he care about your football team anyway?

    2. J says:

      True but He would care about all the men, their families and the fans that surround the game because he cares deeply about his creation 🙂

  4. T says:

    If the Vikings win, the event will prove that my God is more powerful than Tebow’s god. Skol Lord Odin!

  5. Cry me a river says:

    Pretty sure Minnesota has had faith and football long before this weekend. Stupid title to this story.

  6. SO SAD says:

    Doesn’t matter to me….the Vikes are stil going to lose!!

  7. mike says:

    Pray real hard Tebow, Jared Allen does lead QB sacks in the NFC North so pray hard you don’t get sacked too hard.

  8. who cares says:

    If Tebow wants to let people know he is a Pagan Papist, by all means. let him. Genuflect all you want.(that’s what Catholics do)

    That’s what freedom is. His choice. Doesn’t hurt you. Might bore you, but it’s harmless.

    Get over it.

  9. No!!!! says:

    He’s a Pagan Papist!!!

    Say it ain’t so!!!

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