MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Cleaning the bathroom, making bag lunches and shoveling the sidewalk, they’re all tedious tasks.

But now if you’re looking for help, you can pay someone else to do those chores with the click of a mouse. You even pick how much those jobs are worth.

It’s through a web site called called Hello Heroic. Think Facebook meets Craigslist, but you’re in charge.

“I’m a busy guy,” said Josh Freeman, who was in need of a house cleaning. “I wouldn’t mind paying someone a few extra bucks to get my housework done.”

On Saturday, Freeman will pay someone he picked from the web site $25 an hour to clean his blinds and his bathroom.

“We wanted to empower people to take control of their life, whether that be take time by posting, or take back by making money by doing services,” said Co-Founder of helloheroic.com Dan Linstroth. “We’ve found that almost every single post gets 24 direct responses in about two hours.”

People ask for just about anything, like lunches to take to work, having coffee brought to meetings, a wedding disc jockey preform and even a charity posted needing help.

The site found those who respond to do the work are people looking for fast cash. That ranges from college students to the unemployed to the underemployed. A profile is set up like Facebook, so you have the ability to check out who comes to do the work, but other than that security is limited at this point.

“You’ll be able to see their picture and a user rating history will be on the site once we get more services going,” said Linstroth.

The site uses Paypal for transactions, which both parties have to agree to. Freeman said he’ll stick around to see the work being done on Saturday. If it works well for both parties, he plans to go back to the site for more.

Currently, the developers are not making any money but people who use it need to plug their website and three friends’ websites to get started. One day, they will charge a transaction fee. In fact, Linstroth said he’s living in his mom’s condo to get the website off the ground.

Comments (10)
  1. Just A. Realist says:

    This is an up and coming startup in the Twin Cities!?! Yikes. It’s a pure ripoff of TaskRabbit and a poor one at that. Best of luck with your classifieds task listing. Hopefully none of you users get robbed.

    1. Dan Linstroth says:

      That’s a legitimate concern and one that many others have. We’re currently building a robust security system and implementing many features to greatly minimize the risk that exists with sites similar to ours.

      We’re excited to unveil many innovative features and functions that will make us unique to our competition!

  2. FS Larry says:

    This is the most worthless idea since the Internet bubble crashed in 2000. WCCO should be more selective of the time that they give startups. And stop wasting the time of your viewers with such dribble as Hello Heroric.

  3. Leah Kaylor says:

    I’ve used Heroic now a few times and it’s great – totally cool concept.

    1. U.R. Busted says:

      Really Leah? A few or just once for a free thing? http://www.myheroic.com/author/leah-k/

      1. Leah Kaylor says:

        Yep, I’ve posted and responded to posts

        1. Dan Linstroth says:

          Thanks, Leah! We’re happy to have you aboard and glad you’ve had success on Heroic. We’re looking forward to showing you a lot more in 2012. Thanks!

  4. Jimmy W says:

    Wow ‘CCO. How is this better than Craigslist? Looking at TaskRabbit these guys have to take a couple years of work to catch up.

    1. Dan Linstroth says:

      We’ve got our work cut out for us but we’re up to the challenge!

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