Why does every holiday gift article you read start with “It’s that time of year?” For foodies, “that time of year” is every day. There are always new ingredients to try, new gadgets that supposedly make your life easier and new techniques that might make your food taste better. But in the end, it is the holiday season and people need ideas for gifts for the foodie that has everything. Listed below are some gifts I found interesting. All of these products can be found at Cooks of Crocus Hill, which by the way is a local company.

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Aunt Else’s Aebelskiver (made in Minneapolis)
What the heck is an Aebelskiver you might ask? Unless you are Danish, you probably have never even seen one. Basically they are a pancake in the shape of a ball, and usually have a slice of apple baked inside. If you aren’t Danish, you need to try this.
Pan – $38.50
Mix – $11.25
Aunt Else’s Aebelskiver

Emile Henry Pizza Stone (made in France)
Let’s face it, if you are a foodie, you probably already have a pizza stone. If not, get one, you will never bake a pizza in your home oven any other way. Pizza stones, if treated with love, will last a lifetime and continually give you that “brick oven” pizza taste at home.
Comes in three colors:
Black, red, Figue & Red – $50.00
Emile Henry Pizza Stone

Artisan Pizza In 5 Min A Day (Local Author Zoe Francois and Jeff Hertberg)
Local authors Zoe Francois and Jeff Hertzberg have done it again. Their first book which solely focused on bread was a success and now they are on to pizza. I have tried a few of the recipes in this book, and they were well worth the 5 minutes it takes to put them together.
The book costs $27.99.
Artisan Pizza In 5 Min A Day

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Wusthof Classic 5 Piece Studio Set
Every cook needs good knives and if you have ever tried using an under par knife you know what I am talking about. Cooks of Crocus Hill is running a special right now for this knife set. So if you are sick of not being able to cut through a tomato, I would look into this set.
5 Piece Studio Knife and Block Set:
Pairing knife, utility knife, 6” chef knife, shears and block – $149.99 (regular $320)
Wusthof Classic 5 Piece Studio Set

Stirsby Cutting Boards (Made in Edina by John Danicic)
A good cutting board is a must for every kitchen, so why not support a local business and buy a real artisan product at the same time? John crafts beautiful products and I have a few in my home. Great gift for the chopper in the family.
Large 15×20 – $54.75
Medium 11×15 – $38
Small 8×10 – $25.25
Stirsby Cutting Boards

Vinturi Wine Aerator
If you know anything about wine, you know that wine needs air. It’s the reason why people swirl their glass of Pinot before taking a sip, or decant their bottle of Merlot before serving friends. Vinturi makes adding oxygen into your wine easy and quickly with their wine aerators. Perfect gift for the wine lovers.
Reg – $39.95
Travel – $39.95 (comes with travel case)
Vinturi Wine Aerator

Chef Sleeve
This is a fun gift, if nothing more than to pour pizza sauce all over your iPad. With more people using their iPads in the kitchen, this local company developed this product to keep it safe and clean. Oh yea, and it caught the attention of Oprah and she put it on her “list of 30 things to upgrade your life.”
25 Pack – $19.99
Chef Sleeve

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Adam Estrem is a writer, photographer, foodie and cook. After traveling the world and tasting the cuisines and wines of Mexico, Spain, France and much of Europe and the middle east, he has gone local and focused on restaurants and food producers of Minnesota. When he isn’t working you can find him in his kitchen, creating recipes and entertaining friends. You can follow him on Twitter (@mspfoodie) or email him (atestrem@wcco.com).