MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The announcement that Herman Cain is suspending his 2012 presidential campaign may be good news for Michele Bachmann.

“This creates a huge opening for both Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and probably, most importantly, Newt Gingrich. Because these are individuals who will probably stand to pick up the votes of Herman Cain supporters who are looking for someone else,” said David Schultz, law professor at Hamline University.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Samantha Smith Reports

Schultz said it’s no surprise that Cain is withdrawing from the race. After sexual harassment and affair allegations and weak performance on foreign affairs, Schultz said many expected this announcement to happen.

As for the choice to “suspend” his campaign rather than just drop out, Schultz said it’s basically the same thing.

“Candidates have done that in the past, in terms of saying they’re suspending their campaign. It’s really become sort of a foreshadowing for eventually stopping their campaign, or eventually withdrawing.”

During Saturday’s news conference, Cain also said he plans to make an endorsement in the near future.

“If he’s gonna make the argument and say that Republicans need to rally behind a likely winner, then it would be Mitt Romney. If it’s somebody who’s ideologically closer to him it’ll be somebody like Newt Gingrich,” said Schultz.

Schultz said Republicans have not necessarily lost a candidate who looks electable against someone like President Barack Obama, but clearly they’ve lost a candidate that an enthusiastic part of the party stood behind.

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  1. Swamp Rat says:

    If Michelle Bachmann is the smart pol she thinks she is, she should either withdraw or just plain keep to herself and keep doing what she is doing into oblivion. The last thing she needs is another flub or political goof otherwise she will be next victim or target of a media frenzy. That’s all she needs at this point.

    1. LifeDontWasteIt says:

      People who make these vacuous comments show they don’t actually read or watch whole interviews, just snippets that make sound bites. She only praised the UK and said IF we were in that situation she would do the same thing as President here. DUH…. Scary that people believe this tripe actually get to vote. Please do you own thorough vetting. Bachmann is easily the best candidate if you’d bother to do your own homework.

      1. Hahahah!! says:

        Bachmann is the best candidate!! That’s pretty funny!!

        You were joking, weren’t you?

        1. The Best??? says:

          And we have an embassy in Iran.
          And oiur Founding Fathers fought to end slavery.
          And Acorn is part of the Census Bureau
          And a seven-foot doctor told her the IRS had to approve medical procedures.
          And Obama released the oil from the strategic oil reserve

          Man, gimme a break. Anyone who thinks Bachmann knows what she’s talking about is a tool

      2. Swamp Rat says:

        Sorry chum, but I have followed Michelle Bachmann’s comments from Day 1 and I find her brand of political euphemisms scary as Hades! Taking her remarks at face value; after thoroughly making sure not to take anything out of context; makes me shudder at her off the charts reactionary politics and ersatz GOP/T-Bag philosophies.

        She is in a politic genre of her own, it’s scarily makes me shudder when I think she wants to run this country and be C-in-C of the US armed arsenal. Before you get your dandruff in a tizzy, I am not a radical liberal nor reactionary conservative. I am a middle-of-the-road{MOR] American moderate trying to survive in a screwed up economy while keeping my family safe and secure.

        Michelle Bachmann offers me no hope or answers on how she is going to change this country with a concise plan of action or how to correct an economy run amok by the big financial institutions. At this point Bachmann is all hot politically air and no substance except trying to futilely campaign against other GOP contenders who have more money and more political hot-air than she does.

        Bachmann may have her good qualities and her rabid supporters but she should sell her political wares elsewhere. Sorry to have gotten carried away here about Bachmann but after a “thorough vetting” Bachmann “is easily the [‘worst’] candidate”!!! Yes, I did my homework.

  2. No says:

    Brought to you by simple answers to simple questions.

  3. What the ... says:

    Cain suspends his campain…I didn’t think that was doable. Suspending your campain is about as chicken–it as is gets. Does he honestly think he can return at a later date. This is nuts.

  4. Little Tin God says:

    It means she can be the 3rd “major” candidate to quit following Pawlenty and Cain (which is what he is doing despite his “suspending” statements).

  5. Murph says:

    Hermie ,like Pawlenty before him had way too much baggage and not anything good to say about anyone but himself.Wether it’s bedding babes or taking away little sickly babies food supplements and those of their ailing grandparents.Cain with his 999 plan and Pawlenty with his 666 plan will never again attempt to be POTUS! That is itself a very good thing!

  6. Just wondering says:

    Why? Is there something Cain and Bachmann have been doing together? Just a thought.

  7. Ordinary Guy says:

    I think the local favorite is fading going into the backstretch.