MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Hennepin County authorities have removed tarps and chairs used by anti-Wall Street protesters from a plaza outside the government center in Minneapolis.

The county’s director of property services, Judy Hollander, says protesters were told to remove unattended items. But Hollander says crews found the protesters’ property on the sidewalk when they tried to shovel snow last weekend, so the county decided to clean the plaza.

County facilities staff removed tarps, chairs, tables and bedding Tuesday morning. There were no arrests.

Organizer Sam Richards says the protesters are not leaving. Members of OccupyMN have been at the plaza since Oct. 7.

Last week authorities seized about 30 tents after protesters defied a judge’s order and set up an overnight camp on the plaza, then took their demonstration to Minneapolis City Hall.

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Comments (13)
  1. Reailty says:

    Have fun losers. Its going to be a cold long winter.

  2. i am in says:

    Maybe they can auction stuff off to raise some money. 🙂

  3. Mike says:

    Boo hoo, life’s just not fair. I’m an average looking guy, who wants to help me start protesting all those beautiful women that won’t date me?!?!?! Maybe, just maybe, they’ll change their mind! LOL

  4. Carl says:

    Your 2 minutes of fame are over, please go home and shower!

    1. me says:

      And use the RID (lice removing) shampoo … and some of the dog’s flea powder too…

  5. redneck purist says:

    Maybe they could move into the governors mansion. He’s got the room. The lights are on but nobody’s home.

  6. Jake says:

    At first, I was hoping for a mild, relatively snow-free winter. Now, I’m hoping for a brutal, snow-filled, RECORD BREAKING one. I’ll be sure to pray tonight for such a season before I go to bed tonight.

  7. Reality sucks says:

    Are you naysayers ignorant or blind—or both? Is the state of America– or the world– not of concern to you? Do you think its “right” for the 1% to grow and accept income raises of 265% while the 99% shrinks to a meager third of the pie and remains stagnant at the same time? Do you think we’re over the hump in this recession? ARE YOU NUTS? The fun is just beginning and you may want to sit up and take notice. We all need to belly up and pitch in to this monster since the 1% needs us peasants to buy their junk and pay the bill so we can continue to survive.

    1. Callina says:

      Do you want a law to dictate what kind of raises are given, and to whom? If one company earns more than another, can they give better raises? Exactly how is this to be regulated, and who decides what the “right” numbers are?

  8. A Voter says:

    Tarps are cheap, keep them coming.